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Little Dress up Dates

After having a baby... it was almost impossible to have dates!
All down to earth SAHM will know, it's impossible to dress up your baby...
and yourself as well in a short time span of 1 hours before the baby fusses...
without having to leave the baby in lurch for your own vain measures to dress up!
And even more impossible to go out nearby dolled up to just grab coffee for?
For some instagram worthy photos! Ha, maybe sour grapes, but nopes, not possible! *nods*

The first time I truly get away from baby duties was last July...
For a dear friend's wedding lunch, for less then half a day, only 4 hours!

The second time was this March when I had to dye my hair for Japan!
My mum again, came over to take care of my koala bear...

My pretty curls that Sone san did!!
Anyway, hubs and I even had late lunch outside and it was a good 6 hours off time!

The third time was also the last time that was recent, we were out for half a day!
My mother in law offered to help us take care of the koala bear so we date!

Went for lunch and then karaoke!!

I think, as the baby grows older, it gets easier for the care taker.
And I feel less guilty of having help for half a day or so...

Other days where we go on dates with the baby! This was when baby was 1mo!
We went out simply just for dinner at Paragon~

Taiwan holiday! Hahahaha

One of the days, we went to town for dinner and visited Misa!

Then came my birthday! Le hubs took leave from work and we went out strolling!

I lugged the baby with me to pokemon cafe and met up with Nyu-sama~

One of the days when we head to town with my in laws~

Some "taitai" dates, playdate for the kids!

Good rare days of motherhood when I am not tired!
Dressed up and went out for walks, and waited for le hubs to end work!

Valentine's Day date with my boys!

CNY dress up! Cant say it's a date thou... haha!

And and... taadaa! Our recent Japan holiday!

On normal days, there's nothing as near as what I just posted.
It's hectic day with messy hair, loose PJs, dark circles and poor complexion!
Slowly, all self worth and confidence really does drain off as time passes...

Sometimes... I find effort to try and go somewhere in town for weekends.
So I could dress up, make up, doll up and stay connected to the world!
In the life of a SAHM, what people cannot see is that social isolation is real.
My feeble attempt to keep myself sane is to feel confidence thru dolling up :(
Is that too shallow? I dont really care for now, hahaha~

My aim is to stay sane and happy while sahm-hood last!
I am happy that I might be able to find back some self-values very soon!
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