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Baby Food Stage 1 ・離乳食初期

Ello Hello!!! *dust blog*

I've been wanting to record my baby's growth here but...
A SAHM with no helper basically has no luxury time to even poo in peace.
Less say, penning down thoughts!
So, after much procrastination, le baby is already 14months old!
And his journey into solid food has already passed by 9months!
To summarise it all, I think it should be categorised into a few parts:

First Foods: Puree Stage

Sho-chan's first ever food out of milk is very lightly mixed veggie rice cereal!
And it is so diluted that we can almost feed him through a bottle! Haha!
He was barely 4months old that day he had it and reacted fine.
In Japan, most mama start their babies on solid food from 4mo.
However, in the SG community, many mums are skeptical about it...
As for me, my heart and soul is on Japan so.... you know~ hahahaha!
But a bigger part of deciding factor is that he seems already ready for it as well!
He was able to open his mouth to spoon, support his head straight
And also his milk feeds are no longer filling him up enough to last more then 2hrs!
So I read that these are signs, but that was the only time I tried cereal.
Solely because I didnt want to break his routine since 2 weeks later we're travelling.

Le baby was a week to 5months old when we sat him into our Ikea highchair!
I started him off puree one meal a day once we came back from Taiwan!

First ever meal substituting one milk feed!! *milestone*
Starting with a total of 4 or 5 teaspoons of puree per day~
He had the same veggie rice cereal but this time, a little thicker.
Some Gerber's carrot puree we got from SQ flight (haha, very kiam siap parents)
And Pigeon's baby mugi (roasted wheat) tea I got from Taiwan, sho loves it!
Speaking of which, this is what SG mums in general cannot accept too~
But why? They don't even know the benefits of Mugi Tea you see!
Thou it's named TEA but it's for baby consumption so it is totally caffeine free!
And it helps with constipation which is a nightmare for most new mums!!
I wished more SG mums becomes acceptive of baby teas~ it's good!
We're currently on Wakodo's baby mugi tea and it's a part of sho's regular diet~

After almost a week's of commercial purees, I felt like I needed to change it!
Commercial purees are good as starters and convenient for travel~
But if my baby's diet comprises fully of them, it does make me wonder...
Just how much avoidable chemicals gets into his little tummy yo!
So... I did some reading online and decided to mass make my own puree!

Blend, cube and freeze them!
Each cube is approximately 3 teaspoons so I just have to take it out and warm when needed!
I know the process of blending and freezing causes nutrients losses~
But however it may be, it is gonna be ever healthier then commercial ones.
And the best part is the variety of food my baby could try in a month!
Yes, that lot of stuffs lasted me for a good whole month! I was so happy :)
And there suddenly was so much accomplishment filled up in me!
First time I felt like I'm doing it right in motherhood!

Gradually, increasing the quantity and it became 2 feeds by the 3rd week~
I follow the rule of introducing new food one by one on a 2 day gap to test for allergy.
We are lucky that sho-chan is allergy to basically nothing!
Here's a couple of combination I do...

Yes, I made him fruit juices too! Hehe

On a side note, I am sad that this plate broke :(
This was bought specially for him while I shopped for household items...
When he is still in my tummy! Haha

And did he like his first foods? YESSSSS!

The only food he showed strong dislike is avocado! Haha well, yucks!
Both me and hubs thinks it sucks too! So it's ok baby... we understand! Haha!

His puree days didnt last that long... only for a month!
One of the reason being, he has many teeth at 6months old for stage 2 food.
And I thought one month is a good enough transition period...
For his little tummy to get use to solid food instead of only liquid intakes.
Also it is a painstaking process to churn out your very self made purees!
Especially clearing up of the kitchen mess is... erm... annoying haha!

So we took him to stage 2 of baby food that is porridge and small chunks veggie!
Oh and! SNACKS! yay to baby biscuits!!

Okays! 1:25am time to sleep before baby wakes for milk!
I think the next post is gonna be a whole lot longwinded then this! Wahaha!

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