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The Caesarean Joy!

Hello World, little shane is more then 150 days old now!
And I seriously dont even have ample time to sleep, less say blog :(
But I really wanna document my elective caesarian section process!
So here we go!! ..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。

On the 10th April evening, we decided to have a good meal to end our last alone time!
We went to SHINJUKU at Cuppage Plaza for some authentic Japanese food.
Afterwhich we chilled at a Starbucks to pass time!

We checked in at 11pm, admission took us 30mins in a room behind reception.
Think it's considered fast, middle of the night and 2 more couples were with us.
Thought we had many barangs but sorry hor! We weren't the most kiasu one!
We had two bags, one backpack and one side carried but!!
Another couple had a luggage, a backpack and a handcarry!! Lol~
Paid in full of $5850 of the estimated amount as deposit! Oh my moolahs~

We were led to ward by the administration staff and handed over to a nurse.
The nurse on duty then took my weight before I headed into my room.
I was 65kg! OMG! That is like a 20kg weight gain for the pregnancy~
But it's okay... we can worry about losing those fats & weight later on.
My room was right beside the nursery! Which initially I didn't like!
Thought it might be too noisy because of the traffic but then, it turned out good~
I guess the room is extremely sound proof! Didnt hear much footsteps.
And it is very convenient for us cause we keep sending baby back!

The nurse who came in and took my blood pressure gave hubs an ipad to order food!
We paid $97 (inclusive of gst) for 5 meals a day and +1 accommodation~
Which according the le hubs, food good sofa bed also good! Haha!
That marks the start of our 4D3N staycation with Mt. Elizabeth Novena!
Really... Is... So.... FIVE STAR HOTEL-ISH! hahahaha!

There's a wall mounted television~ and a mini fridge underneath.

A wardrobe with drawers and a safe box!
Just like a hotel ya?

I changed up a while after and settled down but cant get to sleep until 3am!
The reason why we came as early as it is opened for admission is just this
I know no matter where we stay thru, it is going to be a sleepless night.
So I'd rather come early and not have to rush in the wee wee morning!

My safe delivery amulet from Asakusa Shrine! Tied onto my ward bed :)
Woke up at 6:30am and had my last shower but not because of superstition.
I was just unsure if I could take the pain and go for shower after ops.

At 7am sharp as per told the previous night, the nurse came in to give enema.
That is to clear the bowels fyi! Lol! And its effects almost immediate! Lol!
My mum then came and shortly there after alice came too~
We chit chatted for a couple of mins and the ops team came in around 8:30am!!
The lady from the operation theatre team checked on my medical condition.
Took about 5mins before I was pushed out of my room, down to ops floor.

Hehe, Shawn changed into suit that looks like astronaut at the wait area too.
We were chatting, giggling totally enjoying the wait!

Shortly I was briefed by the anaesthetist on the what is going to happen next!
My feelings? Excitement was topping all of the mixed emotions then.
Fear was really minimal at that point, I trust Singapore's medical advancement!
Le hubs was not allowed to come along until after the ops started.
So yes, I was alone the whole of my epidural process :(

Why did I chose epidural over GA (general anaesthesia)??
I don't know why but I begin to fear waking up in pain after the ops!
And I would actually like to have le hubs with me witnessing the birth~
But then, little did I know he wasn't allowed during the injection of epidural.

When I was wheeled into the ops theatre away from them~
The nurses informed me that the system was down, things are going manual!
I don't really understand how manual but it did create some nervousness!!
Then the next moment I am inside and under the ops table~
The nurses were all really kind and encouraging which is so important.
It was rather painful when the anaesthetist insert the needle for drip on my hand. But I survived!

I was then held to sit up and given a pillow to hug, bending downwards.
And I was told umpteen times to not move an inch during the jab!
By this time, I was already shivering so much I couldn't keep my teeth close!
May be the cold temperature or I was just very scared already~ haha~
The needle went into my spine and it was OMG PAINNNNNNNFUL!
My anaesthetist, Sean was super encouraging that I appreciate so much!
He gave me a hell lot of emotional support when le hubs is not around.
It took 2 go and about 10s to finish inserting the jab *sweats*

When we were done, with what seems like forever epidural process~
It was pretty fast that the meds worked on me, soon I couldn't feel my legs!
Then I hear my gynae Dr Hii's fatherly voice coming over my head.
Next thing I know he is probably cutting me up cause he asked if I could feel!
Soon enough, I saw le hubs beside me, it was all blurred~
The epidural made me a little dizzy a little sleepy and weak...
But the mind is very very conscious! I can hear the team chit chatting!

A little while later, the team of nurses started pushing my tummy~
Le hubs and I were in the midst of a conversation when they start pushing!
It was sounding like some commotion going on, noisy and tense!

Then yes! Next moment we hear our little boy crying, kicking well too.
According to the nurses, it was a good first cry and he was kicking all over~
He looks like a piglet ya! Lol!!

Skin to skin time! Le hubs carried him to me from the nurses who wrapped him up.
We were given a good 5mins to have some family time.
Then the baby was sent away to the nursery, hubs had to go!
From there, I can only remember being really tired! I even dozed off!
After Dr Hii done with stitching me up, I was sent to the recovery room.
Was in the recovery room for an hour! And all I know is it is coooold!
I shivered so hard I had 2 warm blankets on me! But still feeling cold!
Then later part I realised it was probably the side effect of the epidural~

While I was in the recovery room, le baby was cleaning up in the nursery!
Weighing 2.975kg, 52cm long, kicking like a kungfu panda! Lolol!!

The little piglet boy! Muahaha! This is his favourite pose now too~
Before he came out, he was a small baby and I was kinda worried.
But turn out still has 3kg, still small on graph but normal for a healthy boy!

Freshly done up! Pushed into the room once I return from recovery room~
It's feeding time! OMG, talk about breastfeeding is another whole chapter!

This little guy here managed to latch properly at the beginning...
But from the second and third day on, lol, the engorgement nightmare comes!
Lets save the breastfeeding drama for another post! Lolol~
I can write another 10000 words essay post on that! Hahahaha!

Papa Shawn's first few photos with his son! Hehe.

Some photos of le tiny baby the bff took!
Alice took half a day leave to come accompany me! So grateful!!

The grandma who doesnt bear to go home!

My dad seems happy too :)

My grandma with her great grandson!
It's a blessing to live to see your great grand children i think :)

My in laws, one new family member added!

The girls who came!

And brought me some pretty flowers plus balloon!
Btw, the flowers are dried in my living room now~ hahaha!
See, I look fine ya? I really am quite fine by the first night~

After the first feed, which was guided by a nurse, the baby was left with us.
As for me, I am starting to feel my feet!

The nurses keep telling me to wriggle my feet and legs~ I did it diligently ok!
Wanna prove to people all around that cesarean mums can recover fast too.
Nurses also gave me some milo saying that I can try to have some if hungry.
Though I am on drips, but the hunger pangs still comes yah~
Somewhere mid noon, I tried the milo!
But I threw them up so nurses say my stomach's not ready for food yet!
Haven had solid food for a good 40 hours! Lol~
By dinner time, I didnt throw up my milo intake already!! YEAY FOOD!
So they grant me some fish veggie soup for the night!
The food there was actually very decent! Some even yummy!!

One thing about caesarian section is the inconvenience to move around.
I was off the drips on 2nd day noon, before that I can only lay in my bed~
So there was the urine cathedral, no poop cause no food so thats ok!
But! You know there are blood flowing after delivery that is called Lochia.
So it's like heaving an extremely heavy period and not able to change yourself!
The nurses will come in every few hours to check and change you!!
Yes, change your pad, wipe your vaginal clean and clear your urine bag! :(
That said, I initially thought it would be quite awkward but... Surprisingly not! :)
Speaking of which, I am so super grateful to the team of nurses who took care of me!

And and!!! OMG, they need to clear excessive blood in my uterus~
So they had to PRESS HARD ON MY WOMB where the wound was!!
That was OMG PAIN! Pain! Very painful! 2nd to engorgement still...
Anyway, I didnt stop them from doing so because I kept telling myself...
They are doing what is good for me and I want to recover ASAP! So yup! Suck it up!

After they removed my urine cathedral after Dr Hii came and check on 2nd day~
I was pretty eager to walk around! I could sit and stand up the night before.
So I tried to GO TO THE TOILET MYSELF! with le hub's supervision!
And I did! I am so proud of myself, I underestimated myself so much!
Not sure if it's a mother's instinct or what, I just somehow managed it~
By the end of second day, my pain was only a mild 6/10 or so~
Because I was on painkillers, I decided to be nice to myself and just eat it!
If they can give it to me and still super encouraging of breastfeeding then...
I am sure it's perfectly fine to eat them and still give my milk to the baby~
So, It was all easy on the wound, but damn hard on the engorgement pain! :(
I guess I'm lucky, I am one of those speedy recoveries cases of c-section!

This is taken on the 3rd day morning after we discharge from Mt.E Novena
We were heading for a tongue-tied release surgery for my baby in town...
If you ask about the pain level, it has gone down to a light 2/10 (with painkillers)

2 weeks after we discharge, I am already doing light housework and fit enough!
My husband did my confinement, he just cooked me confinement foods~
Neither I nor hubs believed in more then having confinement (good nutritious) food.
Like some old chinese saying, cannot shower, cannot this cannot that *sweats*
So I did quite alot during that one month! I am happy to be doing so!
I bathed my baby, cut his nails, cleaned his nose, burped him and washed his clothes!
As if the wound never affected me! Lol, no lah, first two weeks were still tough!
But moving around more rather then just lying down in the bed helps so much!

Now if you ask, if I am to have a 2nd baby would I chose caesarian again?
Totally yes! And I would again choose to have epidural despite the pain!
It was kinda fun to go thru birth in this manner (my honest opinion~)
And if you ask me, would I try out natural birth? Still a firm NO! Hahaha!

8 more days to a 6 month old baby shane!

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