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Baby Updates • 坊ちゃんの事

Last two weeks, we went to TMC for the FA scan~
The fetal assessment scan was arranged by Dr Hii with a choice of TMC or MNH.
It took a good half an hour and $200 approximate I guess...
It was a very good experience because it's like a live streaming of his life!
Thanks to his activeness ya~ we're like peaking into his life! 🙊🙊🙊
And end up we received a CD with lots of his scans in it...
I'm surprised TMC actually print my name on it!

With him at 5 months old, I am sure of his movements now!
All the fluttering butterflies and hunger pangs, just like what I read on google!
Despite me eating like a cow, the baby is still slightly smaller then usual.
But Dr Hii says he is very healthy, assured us ti worry not 😑

Foodwise, Lots of fibre lots of tofu calcium for the little one~
And my MIL is starting to make chicken essence, black chic soup for me~
I have no specific cravings yet, lucky le husband hor?
Even my previous addiction for coke died down already~ back to healthy plain water!
Now, I have a very good appetite! I can eat 5 small meals a day!
Of course, my weight! I am 10kg heavier then before pregnancy! Orz
I know I shouldn't be bothered by these but seriously? A vainpot like me?
Will definitely run my ass off after delivery, expecting alot of hardwork 😭

Btw, the green beans are still sun drying 🙊
Now in our room instead of the corridors, lolol~
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