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Baby Creations • 子供用、手作

Making full good use of my $100 sewing machine, I SEW ALOT! *smugs*

I've made a couple of baby bibs! 2-sided~

A few pairs of mitttens 🐱🐱🐱

Knee pad protector for baby rei~

The little one's bean pillow with 2 pillow cases!!
Just in case he spill he milk and needs to change for laundry~

Matching cover for his sleeping pillow~ Because his blanket is marine too!

Sewing up his head cushion for pram and carrier with my starry cloth!
Because it's a cheap one so the original material is kind of horrendous~
Now it looks so much more decent 🙊🙊🙊

A couple of teething pads!
Which probably still has half a year more before he needs them~

And other then baby stuffs, I've made a tissue holder for my mum!

Sanitary Pad Pouch for the girls~ 👯👯

Altering my pre-wed shoot gown into my maternity shoot dress!
And with plans, to make a fluffy red skirt too!

Anyway, enough of my sewing~ le grandma (my mum)'s first present for baby!
One piece of apparel is more expensive the. My one dress from taobao!
Parent's money are so easy to earn these days~ hahaha 😂😂😂
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