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2016 • あけおめ!🎑

Hello Future Self!
I knew you will pop by to read the yearly resolution written by a younger you!

This year started off with us moving back with my in laws!
Thou we're housed in a balcony converted room with blaring hot sun...
that never fails to wake us up every 9am during weekends without an air-con!
But still, it's a good experience living with the in-laws before our new house comes!

Went on a company trip to Chiang Mai in May!
My first time planning for company overseas excursion!
And it's a damn tough one *sweats*

Chopped off my long hair, shortest ever in 10 years since I was 13!

Visited Hokkaido in August for the first time!! JAPAN ❤️❤️❤️️

Watched Takki in Singapore for the first time!!

Prayed for a baby shawn or baby yui in Hokkaido~
And he came! We got a BABY SHAWN! And it's MIJ 😝😝😝

Bought a sewing machine and learnt a new skill: sewing!
First garment done! Baby Yukata for le baby rei!! *wipes tears*
I'm so proud of myself! Never thought I could do that~

Officially turned 27! 3 more years to 30 😭

2015 was a good year in general~ or that I learnt to appreciate life more.
The best of it is fate bringing the little one to us, after much tries! :p

Wishing 2016 for...

- A healthy baby's arrival in April
- Moving into our new house
- Motherhood! Lol, hahaha!
- Healthy parents, family and friends
- Cheesy-ness to never end btw le husb and myself 😂

Not too much to ask for right? Hehe...
I hope the future me reading this is nodding with approval~
That's all, HAPPY 2016! あけましておめでとう!♡
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