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XMAS '15 • クリスマス

It's Christmas again! Time really does flies!
I was invited by my very kind boss to the company's Xmas Party!!
Thou no longer working with them, I am glad she thinks of me! 🎉

As usual, The Pressie Exchange!
I bought 2 thermal bottles (500ml) from Taobao which makes exactly $20 :p
Cause we were supposed to buy within range of $20-$30~ Call me taobao queen!

We finally have a christmas tree this year~
And no, I had none of those alcohol 🙊🙊🙊

The best bud at work~ 👯👯👯

The best boss I've ever met~ 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻

My loots from the party! So many presents!!!
It has since became a tradition that most of us will prepare a small gift for everyone~
So in return, everyone has quite some loots to bring home!

I received so many Loccitane products!
Thou I really love this brand but I only have a pair of hands! 🙊

Gave one to le bestie and using the rest as a moisturiser on my belly!
So 奢侈 right? But Singapore really doesnt require handcream~
And I no longer am the OL who stays 8 hours in the air con room so.... Lol~

On the actual christmas day itself~ we had steamboat at home!
When everyone is having turkey 😂

And then in the night, we had a family dinner to celebrate my mil's bday~
So it calls for MAKE UP! Hahahaha~ and selfie!

That pretty much sums up my Christmas for 2015!
🎁🎄 Merry Christmas Peeeeps! 🎄🎁
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