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JB Trip! • 隣の国へ

Ohayo! It's a JB trip post! Me in JB doesnt need make up! Will kena robbbbb!
At first I was really skeptical about going into JB to source for furnitures.
Although many raved about the super economical price you can find~
One thing for sure, it's not going to be easy for a pregnant me to cross custom!
I cannot take the heat while waiting for bus and the squeezing part 😭
But after much consideration, we decided to do it before my tummy gets bigger!

A few photos of items we got~

A dining set for $530 inclusive of transport and taxes~

Bed set with mattress for $1120 inclusive of transport and taxes!

Other items we got includes 18 lights & 5 fans in total!
8.5ft Sofa, Coffeetable, TV Console for our master bedroom~
And we ended up saving more then 5k as compared if we buy here.
After seeing what the huge savings it makes, I think the trip is worth!
We stayed at the parent's house and drove their car around.
If we didnt had this support, I doubt we could managed this saving!

And and... How can a JB trip be less of good cheap food?!
We had so many dimsum in 2 days!! LOL!✨
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