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Hospital Tour ②

It's hospital tour day again! 2nd of my pregnancy~
Today, we went to Mt. Elizabeth Novena Hospital!
Located just behind Square2 Mall at Novena MRT station...
Was totally impressed by them and their high price too lol~

Photo of the ward taken from their official website.

Firstly, it was so not easy to get a spot in their maternity tour!
Had to schedule it 2 months in advance, managed to book their last of the year~

When we got there, surprisingly late at 5mins we're the 2nd couple who arrived.
So the warm and friendly receptionist (YES! LIKE A 5-STAR HOTEL RECEPTION OKAYS!)
Guided us to the private blood bank room to wait for other participants.
Meanwhile having the people persuade us to bank our baby's blood cord with them~
I did my homework on that so... I'm not the easily persuaded one!

Then the host of our tour came in after everyone arrived.
Brought us to their delivery suite which is not much of my concern :p
Even so I listened carefully to what they say ya... and imho, Thomson was better~
Thomson has better facilities in the delivery suite then Mt. Elizabeth has.
If I opted for normal delivery, I would probably choose Thomson despite their bad reviews!

After touring the delivery suite, we're sent to the single wards.
Their lowest grade of maternity ward! Which is what I really liked.
Having in mind that this may be my only pregnancy, I want a comfy one!
Will not be able to stand sharing room especially at my weakest state!
Imagine my neighbour's relative and family comes and visit day & night??
And you cannot control elderly from talking like they are in the market right??
I, too cannot control mine from disturbing someone else...
So ya, a single ward is the only pampering I give myself in this pregnancy! *nods*

But having that said, it is going to cost me 6k before deducting medisave...
To have a caesarian section operation, 4 days 3 nights stay (LOL STAYCATION!),
have my husband stay with me (includes his 5 meals a day! STAYCATION!!)
Compared to 5.3k in Thomson, who has pretty high ratio of bad reviews :(
Convincing myself that I pay 700 bucks more to not risk having a bad nurse!! Haha!
But well, we still have time to think it through...

After the tour, hungry me brought le husband to MUJI cafe!!

Tried their curry rice! I like the muji concept!
Le husband tried a 4-deli set meal and I'm glad he like it...
It's really happiness to find someone alike you in little things like this!
Maybe puzzle-like people in this sense are meant to be together 🙊🙊🙊

Random selfie to end because MAKEUP IS SO RARE NOW!!! 😆
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