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First Swim! • 泳げた🏊🏼

Last weekend, le husband suggest that we head for a swim!
Such impromptu date! Hahaha~

So I dug out my long kept swim wear~ surprisingly, I can still fit!
Everyone says it's good for pregnant woman to swim~
That there is less pressure of the belly felt in the water...
Since we're pretty free over the weekends, we decided to go swimming!
At the sister's new bought condominium~

Look! Haha, still fits! Only difference is my belly!

Still passing off as a shoujo ne? Hahahaha!

Glad that I still have my waistline after a 7kg weight gain~
I am now weighing 52kg! Never before in my entire life~
And the little one is only 400 grams out of the 7kg I gain!! Orz Orz Orz

But but! I still feel good in my bikini~ hahaha!
Not sure where this high self esteem came from~ I just felt good!
It's weird how pregnancy can change some views and beliefs I used to have~

So thankful to the most caring husband! He deserves a best husband award!

He didn't swim and only went down the water to aid me swim~
To be precise, aid me in kicking the water only loh! Hahaha!
It was indeed very comfy to go into the pool, it eased the back stress!
And le baby likes it when I am in the water! He kept tossing around~ lol~

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