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There was this day we headed down to IKEA on Tampines~
With intention to source for suitable items for our new home!

Christmas is coming! Everywhere are xmas decorations~

Twintail for the day~ Simple 10mins make up without falsie...
I hope the weight gain never appears but sadly, its a wishful thinking on my part :(
My face now is like a pear shape, like ham ham!! :(
So pardon me for the heavy editing! :p

It is always fun to walk IKEA, i think IKEA boss is a genius~
And now they have delish curry puffs other then the so famous meatballs!
Since young I have fantasised about my future home while walking ard IKEA~
Kind of want to buy every nice stylish stuffs in there!!! :p
I like this dining set! The colours goes perfectly with the house~

Also looking at having IKEA curtains too, they are so damn cheap!
Even getting JB contractors to come in for custom making is not that cheap~
Then again, I know cheap things all has it's down side by nature!
So well, wish me luck!! 🙊

Other stuffs I've seen and will likely buy... Laundry Basket!

Considering Sofa Set! This grey looks so sleek!
And honestly cheap lah, le husband feels it's quality is not as good~
But I really like the colours they have for choice!

And Place Mats! Le husband says this is so redundant~
But I dont really care! Hahahahaha~

Ended the trip with some 50cents Ice Cream Cone!
Now we're only waiting for our revised 3D drawings to make decision!


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