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ETC • いろいろ

I have finally passed le bestie the Yukata for little rei~
And she tried it on on the spot!! 👘👘👘

Little rei looks so cute in it!!! *spazzes*
I am so happy and proud of myself! A sense of achievement!
We're gonna bring her out somewhere to do a shoot! Looking forward to it!

Speaking of which, I am currently making her a knee pad guard!
With daiso socks and fabric from taobao!!

Also made the girls some xmas present with my left over cloth...
It's a sanitary pad pouch! Practical right? They would need it~

A while ago, I was making baby bib and mittens for my dad's son~
These bib are super easy to make! And looks cuter then traditional ones!
Later on I'll make more for my baby boy! Muahaha!

Here's the mitten (one set) handmade by yours truly too! XD
It was exceptionally easy to made as well! Thou not very good workmanship!

So this was my gift set to my "stepbrother" LOL!!
I personally like that colourful bunny fabric very very much~

Some time ago, I attempted paddlepop nails again but failed too.
I just cannot grasp the hang of making paddlepop / marble nails :(

And recently, I made christmas nails!
Inspired by one of the set Jill & Lovers made these days~
Jill & Lover is a nail salon in Shibuya that I Have been following...
They have very creative and pretty nail designs I must say!
But nail designs in Japan are generally better then those in SG~
And also, doing a gel nail in Japan is generally cheaper then Singapore!
Unbelievable ya?! I did mine in Japan for only $45 (with designs & stones)
Not sure if it's the skill or what, I can never find a good nailist in SG.
Recently I think I found one near the standards of Japanese!
Amellia Nails that is located in Sembawang! But! She is expensive...
So... do it myself :p Decent enough lah, judging I am not skilled.
I like the Snowman drawn by my right hand! The xmas tree is a bit cui thou!

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