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Gynae Trips • 妊娠検査

It has been a long time since I talked about my pregnancy~
This is gonna be a long post I think 🙊🙉🙈

On 19th November, we went for our routine check up...
The doctor did an ultrasound scan as usual and showed us his little xxx again!
In this scan, we can clearly see his tailbone (cartilage)!!
It's said that he has hands and legs and eyes (thou closed) already~
Doctor also said that he is very active! He kept tossing around while we scan!
He is such a monkey! (It's the year of monkey in 2016!) hahaha~

As for my diet and appetite now, everything got on track!
I have stopped feeling nauseous and started to eat well enough!
Making sure I have green veggie, tomato, onions, cucumber for the greens~
And they appear almost everyday in my either lunch or dinner...

This is how I chew my everyday tomato! Haha~
I grew to really like tomatoes alot nowadays, never think I would~
They are so tasty! Especially when I dip them with ketchup!! 🍅🍅🍅

That's one of our weekend dinner, we made Gyudon! Hehehe~
So I also take chicken, pork-bone soups, red meat and fish for meat intake~
Included in my diet at least once a week not forgetting dairies.
I have a cup of Meiji Milk everyday now and drink lots of plain water~
Also plenty of fruits or fresh fruit juices, my fav is Red Apple with Lemon!
I am indeed feeling better for now, before the baby is big enough~
Thou, going to the toilet every half an hour is a plain nuisance!! Very annoying!
And sleeping flat on my back is a problem now, I can only sleep side ways!

On the 3rd December, we had a routine check up with scans again...
Here's the little one laying sideways too with his elbow at the face!
Little one is now 14cm long, that is bigger then my iphone 6 already!!
And weighing 280grams! Haha, growing well the doctor says...
Though he is still shorter then the chart says he should be~ Maybe is my genes 😛😛😛

Being in the 20th week (5 months) marks the start of many privileges~
Like the obvious baby bump would give me priority to reserved seats LOL!
Thou I dont normal run for it but I feel safer seating there 名正言顺-ly~
And with many nice peeps giving their seats on train to me.
Also when we dine out there are some very kind service crew who take note
They would pull tables out for me to enter or help me when I stand.
Very kind society I would say, Singapore is still not too bad lah afterall~

The doctor also said I have dry skin at the belly! But lucky me, no stretch marks~
I have been using the Olive Oil le bestie got me, not diligently thou :x
But now I will! Haha~ sometime I just spam my hadalabo lotion too~
Hopefully I can be stretch mark freeeeee! Muahaha!

Recently, I have been drinking this caffeine free herb tea Misa bought me~
Adding some sugar and milk to it makes a good milktea! Good for rainy days!
It's said to revitalise and makes a pregnant woman feel fresh~
But I just plainly find the taste yummy to my likings~ LOL~

Speaking of rainy days... It has been raining so much recently!
I have been trying to sun dry some green beans since a month ago~
Until now it's not dry enough, the colour still looks green :( *le sighs*
Having in mind to make my own bean pillow for the little one~ My fabrics are all ready!
And many said that I should use taugeh (bean sprout) husk cause it's lighter~
But I also heard that older generation uses sun dried green beans~ So I did!
Looking forward to the day my beans are ready for the pillow making... :3
I have 4 more months to sun dry it! Haha~

And what have I done for my little boy?? I have so many plans~
But only his blanket is complete! Hehe~ I am so proud of myself!
It is made of 2 layers of swaddle cloth-like fabric with furry stars~
And the marine printed fabric which both I bought from taobao (cheap cheap)
I also got some other fabric to make teething pad, mattress covers etc...

Then then, since it's my update on my pregnancy...
Here's the load of baby stuffs we already bought, so fast right? Haha!
We already have Baby cot, pram, carrier, breastpump and clothes!!
About 50pcs of new plus hand-me-downs Newborn-3mths clothes~
About a dozen over pairs of mittens, booties and beanie!
All stuffed into the space above our wardrobe! Packed max already~ 😂😂😭
But it's not too early imo, if not it will clash with our new house renovations~

So... This is my pregnancy journey for the past month! 😎😎😎
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