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AFASG2015 • イベント

Le husband and I have been talking about going to AFA for ages~
Ever since we know each other, I have been trying to go with him.
I am so lucky that my husband is a otaku in a way... HAHAHA!
He is literally a manga encyclopaedia, reads manga every free min he has!
He likes Japanese food, culture and me who is crazily in love with Japan~
So this year~ we finally went together!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

One big push for me to decide this is the year mainly due to Kyudotsg!
They had a space in a booth to exhibit some of his amazing works~
And I am hanged on the wall! Wahahaha~ of course must go support!
Since it's such a huge exposure, a great stage to show his photos~

His has one of the few very exquisite Japanese photobook-like works!
Good that many people realising his talents and asking for his service~
Please keep up the decent great job so far!! You'll be famous soon! Haha!

Here's the boss of Kyudotsg~ 🙊🙊🙊

After AFA, we were so hungry we can swallow cows...
So that's us with our already empty plates at Tokyo Soup Stock.
Initially wanted to bring le husband to try Mujicafe at Paragon~
But they ran out of food at 8:30pm! So we had no choice :(

Here's a Makeup of the day!
Photo edited obviously, lolol~ I am too fat now you know!

And my Hair of the day!! French Braids!
It took me 45 mins to complete my hair and make! Thats long!
I used to be able to finish my full gyaru make up in 15mins~
And a simple french braid in 10mins at the very most! Now all rusty!
Especially the make up part, I've slowed down quite abit...

But it's ok! Practice makes perfect! I'll practice harder in future!
When I am ready to head back to the society~ maybe 3 years later?
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