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MISA • 仲間

A few days ago~ I met up with my Misa chan!!
It has been a year since I last seen her around~
We went for taitai lunch the last round too :p

Had lunch in newly open MUJIcafe at Paragon~
I had a 3-deli set and ordered a Iced Ryukyu Chai Tea for $18.90
My choice of Veggie Gratin for hot deli is super nice!!! *yums*
I like the Pickles Salad too but the omelette is quite futsu~

There was so much to talk about so lunch was totally not enough.
We bought desserts set slightly after we finished our lunch...
Misa chan can really eat alot for a girl!! Hahaha~
Had the Mugicha Pudding and Earl Grey Chiffon Cake!
Mugicha Pudding is sweet but a very creative dessert imo~
Replacing sweeten mugicha as caramel in normal pudding...

We chatted over a good 3 hours about everything a girl can think of~
It was a good catch up with her, it's good seeing her living well!
Feels great to have a small handful of real quality friendship at this age!
I am thankful for the people who stayed with me *emos*

*wipe tears*
LOL! the pregnancy hormones
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