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Babymoon • ベビームーン

Wayyyy before we got pregnant, le husband and I discussed alot on babymoon!
We have talked about the responsibility as parents and mutually agreed...
That we will not leave out baby alone in Singapore (with our parents)
While we go out there enjoy life, our parents bearing our part of hard work!
So we both know that of we don't go for a babymoon while I still can~
It's gonna be a long wait, of at least 3 years!

*Photo taken during the end of my Hokkaido Trip in August*

Then we talked about so many destination but I still favor Japan over anywhere else!
There are still so many parts of Japan that I have never been to!
But but but! The over protective husband says NO! T_______T
Because there is radioactive, and he deem it as 100% harmful to baby!
And I am so incapable of talking this through him..........

Le husband suggest Bangkok, but I said NO!
Like if I cant eat street food in bangkok then what is point in going?
I bet le protective husband is not going to allow me to~
He doesnt even allow me to take sashimi from a reputable restaurant.
I think we can totally strike off street food from the list now...
So we end up with no conclusion which silently meant, NO BABYMOON!

In compensation, he bought me many Japanese cakes!!
Strawberry Shortcake is my all time favourite!
We bought it from Isetan in Westgate Mall, and he even bought me milktea!

The expensive-like-drinking-gold Kirin Milktea!
I kind of just tried my luck saying I want that and he just took and paid for it!
We are never folks who spemd money like this, I guess he really wants to make it up~

One of another cake, a cream swiss roll~

We bought these from one of our weekend trip down to Jurong~
Cause le husband wants to go and look at the babyfair at bigbox.
Also to look at some mattress sales and furnitures for the new house~
We walked into Isetan and I literally started to say I want everything on shelve!
And surprisingly le husband says ok to everything single thingy!
You know how Isetan sells these Japanese products at like x3 price~
I know he wants to make me happy through getting me something Japanese.
So it makes me feel a whole lot better about giving up my babymoon.
Which is also my last chance of holiday for a long period of time T___T
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