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Little Rei 👧🏻

Some long time back, in August after I came back from Hokkaido.
We had a picnic! And the main star was little rei!

She was still wobbling when she ran, she was just a year old!
Now she is no more little, she is a toddler *wipes tear*
Got her own thinking got her own preferences got character!

I love this photo! Three angels!

Last weekend, we met up again! Rei is so grown up now!
She can munch on a sugar bread now! And drink packet milk!
And you know 3 woman makes a market, we have 5! Haha!

I so wish I have a daughter! I can dress her like this!!!
Photo courtesy of the dad who edited her into a little princess~
The dress itself cost $60 from hongkong disneyland!!

Photo courtesy again from the mum~
Aww this little cheeky thingy! I wanna pinch her cheeks!! *punipuni*

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