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Done! • ベビー浴衣完成

So after my sewing machine came, I was preparing to start!
And it really doesnt just take a few days :(
The pregnant me gets tired and backaches easily now...
I started with measuring and cutting the fabric I want.
Then I sew the inner sides to make it look pretty on day one!

Day two started with completing the Obi.
The cloth was a free gift from the fabric seller and it is really of good quality!

On day three, the yukata somewhat took shape already!!
I am so happy with my progress, although it's not consecutive days~
With some help from my mother in law who is a professional seamstress.
I think i made it quite fast for an amateur in sewing, wahaha!

Day four was completing the yukata itself and the start of ribbon making~
The ribbon was a challenge! Racked my brains to made it look so~
It has many handsewn parts to do, I am happy with the end product!
I hope little rei looks good on it 😍😍😍

Topping it up with a ribbon hair clip!

And mini uchiwa from DAISO!
My baby yukata project is finally completed!!
Now we are left with putting it on on little rei for photoshoot!
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