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When I first stopped work, I ordered TINGKAT delivery~
Mainly because I was feeling too unwell to move and get lunch...
And then the haze came so suddenly that it became bad to go out!
My choice was 3 dishes with 1 soup (4 in total), skipping rice~
The quantity was sufficient judging that I dont have a big appetite.
But the quality... Hmm, the first week was still not too bad~
Mentally, I guess it was new and interesting so I didnt reject them.
Gradually, the coldness of dishes, not well cooked hardness...
and the repeating menu is making me really turned off by it!
At the last few meals, I nearly threw all away! Rather eat plain bread!
What's more is that a 20 meals cycle is not cheap, $140 per cycle~
That makes each lunch meal a freaking $7!! Expensive caifan... Lol
So now that I am getting better, I've decided to make my own!

This was yesterday's lunch! Salad with dressing!
Dressing was salad cream with lemon & black pepper~
I would add more pepper and salt to the dressing so I'll use less!
Money saving tricks! Lol~ I scrimp and save alot after pregnancy~
Of course, I do eat meat too! And I still eat junk food like Macdonals!
Choose salad because I found out tomato, onions and cucumbers...
Contains lots of various nutrients that the baby needs~

And this is today's jumbo sandwich! Wahahaha!
With all the veggies above and cheese plus egg! It was good!!
Attempted to make it into club sandwich but it was too fat to cut~
At times, I eat sweet potato, steamed cod fish with enoki mushrooms...
Chinese snacks like chee chong fun, char siew bun and lor mai kai~
Various menus decided on sundays, le husband shops with me for it~
We would spend some time in the supermarket to plan my week's lunch!
This saves us quite alot of money too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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