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The little PEANUT~

On the 2/11 we went for our routine check up with Dr Hii~
The little one is now 15 weeks old, 9.4cm long and weighing 121 grams!
All is fine and I got back the physical blood test report...
Dr Hii says I have a high immunity in my body against measles for the baby!
And the Thyroid level of the baby is low too~ thats a relief for me...
Because both my mum and her mum has Thyroid :(
The alien like is his face (HAHA!) and further down his body!
Dr Hii scanned for a good long 5 mins, looking through every parts~
And also, he showed us the little bird bird so we can now confirm his gender!

Prior to that, we went for Thomson Medical's hospital tour last sat!
Since it's free and no harm going to listen to what they have to offer~
The presenter was very nice, warm and welcoming...
Although I would very much not like to choose them for my delivery :p
It is not exactly cheap to have a caesarian section with them!
And especially I insist to have my husband with me for the nights~
I would have to choose single bedded wards, thats my only choice.
So adding those cost up, it's about the same as my first choice MNH!

Recently, I have been researching on cord blood banking too.
I am a believer that my baby has low chances of using his own cord blood.
That is after researching on the topic that I came to conclusion~
So we will for sure, not do private cord blood banking that is super ex!
And probably buying insurance is a better idea and solution...
Throwing it away is such a waste because I am O+ blood type
There may be the chance that my baby is a blood O person too!
His cord blood will then have higher chances to help more people~
So I studied on donating it to our one and only cord blood bank.
Sadly, I very much disagree with the way they work, it feels uncomfy.
Firstly, it's at our expense that we head down to their center to apply.
Secondly, upon applying they interrogate you! Like dubious of you!
Suspect what is your motive to donate the cord blood, like duh?! Really~
I feel a little foolish to go through the trouble of making way down...
To be interrogated for a kind deed that I want to make on behalf!
So, I am reconsidering the whole donation thingy! >.<"

Settling into my second trimester, I am gradually feeling ok!
I am almost, ALMOST, free of the morning sickness~
A week or so ago, I still feel sick mainly after dinner in the evenings.
Now it's only when I eat too much! Thou, I still eat in mini portions :(
Earlier, I couldn't drink plain water but now it became alright!
I am starting on the DHA (fish oil for brain & eye development)
Lucky enough, my body doesn't hate it! I feel fine having them!
Pregnancy makes me study alot! I almost can be a nutritionist now~

And here is my... Erm... Stepbrother? Lolol!!
My dad's wife who is a year younger then me delivered this morning!
I was the one who sent her in to the labour ward yesterday noon~
And listening to her natural birth process today makes me sure!
I am sure I will never have the courage to go thru natural birth!!
But somehow their episode made me more looking forward now~
I am getting more excited to see my baby boy 5 months later!!! :3
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