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Takizawa Hideaki, 滝沢秀明

The name that every girl in my class 15 years ago would know!
He was the "in" idol when the j-wave swiped us in my schooldays~
One drama 魔女の条件 and he is the prince of so many girls of my age!

I had never been very much into takki, honestly...
Because my level of "into" an idol is damn high!! Lol~
But if TAKIZAWA KABUKI is coming to Singapore, I WILL GO!
Hahahaha~ no lah, already buy ticket so I'm confirm going!!

Weeeeeee! I am going with my nyu-sama!!!

In February when they announce the show to be staged here~
I was praying hard that he will bring Yabu here!!!!!!!!! *nosebleeds*
Then, I got to know HSJ is hosting 27hr TV (charity) along that date!
Am quite sure Yabu is not coming now, yabucchi T___T.
Thou I am quite a kisumai fan but kitayama is my least favourite *hides*

Well well, I am still going to see takki so~
Oh, tickets are selling crazily fast!!!! I checked sistic at 6pm just now
Almost all the VIP seats and all the center seats are GONE!
It's only the first day selling!!! :(

Like aint all you fangirls on the kpop boat already?!
Why come back and snatch tickets with us T_____T
Still still, I think I got quite a good seat~ high high up first row!

I am so excited!!! Cant wait!!!
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