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There was this day, I read through my entire blog~
And realized how nice it is to re-live the emotions years ago...
Those memories, those feeling still vivid running through my mind!

So, I have decided to pen down my honeymoon trip before memories blurs out...
In years to come, I would be able to feel my honeymoon trip again!


>>15/02/2014, Sunday, Singapore/Osaka
Traveling Day, Osaka Day 1

 photo IMG_3048.jpg
Right after our solemnization on Valentines...
We are on the way to our 10K / 16DAYS Japan Honeymoon!
5am early wee hours, we arrived at the Changi Airport for our flight
Flying delta, is always this early T_____T our plane's flying at 6am!
and I think I saw ryouko on the same flight

 photo IMG_3049.jpg
After 6/half hours of flight, I am back to the land of rising sun!!!!!! *spazzes*
No one will ever understand my love for this country and culture!
I cannot even express through any medium how thrilled & elated I am being there!

 photo IMG_3051.jpg
We had gotten our JR Passes in Singapore way before our trip~
All we had to do was to exchange for this with an ticket issued to us.
It cost us approximately 24,000yen per pass, but it's totally worth because
we have been travelling so much place during the first 7 days...
-though, only on JR trains, as widely known-

When we arrived at the ticketing office to exchange our passes in Narita Airport
There were notices saying train schedules are not estimable due to the snow
Yes, it was the exact heavy snow period, we worried as we queue~
But eventually, we were lucky maybe, we got on a train 20 mins later!
The Narita Express brings us from airport to Tokyo station in 60mins~

 photo IMG_3050.jpg
While we waited, le hungry husband eats onigiri! First food<3

 photo IMG_3054.jpg
HELLO JAPAN!!!!!!!! *spazzes incoherently*
It has been 4 years apart from this trip and the one before.
That is why I am especially excited, and it feels so different...
Probably because I am with my soulmate! So glad he loves Japan too!
It was his virgin trip to my favourite country and I hope he enjoyed~

Anyway, here's a picture of le vainpot waifu doing makeup on train~
Yes, I know it is considered rude to do so in Japanese culture but...
I cannot bear to be suppin in Japan, NO, NO, JUST NO. haha!
At least, I was quick! makeup done in 10mins~ Well trained already ;p
I'm experienced drawing eyeliner on racing buses in Singapore hor! LOL~

Then came the train pushcart!
Has food (Ekiben), snacks, beverages & even JR mascot goods!

Then came the ticket officer, to check on your tickets~ I always adore them!
Like in Japan, you can almost make a professional in any line of career~ hahaha!

So, we were on Shinkansen Hikari, going to Osaka from Tokyo.
Shinkansen has reserved/non-reserved seats, so he is checking on them.
Having a pass does not guarantee you a nice comfy seat, unfortunately...
It was easy to reserve thou, follow the signs and find the JR Pass ticket office
Show them your pass and tell them where you are going, they will arrange you a train!
Especially for Shinkansen, they dont come every 5~10mins or so, it's wise to reserve.

 photo IMG_3125.jpg
I realized I have stopped the habits of taking photos of train station ;p
After 3 hours, we arrived at Osaka Station... HELLO OSAKA! (first visit)
Our hotel [REMM SHIN-OSAKA], as name suggests, is located in Shin-Osaka
We had to change a train to get there, it took approximately only 10 mins!
Our hotel is just above the station! It's convenient max!!

REMM Hotel has very small western rooms, the norm because it's rare...
Or rather expensive to find big international hotels in Japan (space constrain ne)
But for the SGD$100++ per night we paid, this hotel was great~
It's clean (most impt point), it's cheap, has good location & quite a view too...
Only thing not so awesome is the kinda less smiley staff, but still acceptable :)

After we checked in, the hungry us went out to search for comfort food~
-red coat borrowed from the sis-in-law, camera borrowed from my awesome boss-

We both had some hot udon to warm us up!
It was freezing, for us who live in this tropical island, 5 degree is COLD!

So, after a day of traveling (total travelling + waiting time = 11hours)
We bought some alcohol back to our hotel room and called it a day...
Btw, it's so freaking cheap to buy beer/cigarettes in Japan! Oh, Japan!

>>16/02/2014, Sunday, Osaka/Nara

Second day in my favourite island, we woke up early...
Me in the LIZ-LISA inspired coat! Cost me only SGD$40! Damn cheap!
But I think I am petite much it looks like a bathrobe on me instead T^T

We traveled to Nara by Shinkansen (making full use of the JR pass!)
It takes only 25mins by the bullet train...

 photo IMG_3064.jpg
Le husband is so eager to try out all the weird/amusing things in Japan!
And Ekiben (Station Bentos) became the first! Eating food in trains leh...
Dont get to do so in Singapore, hahaha!

 photo IMG_3066.jpg
HELLO NARA!!! (Yui's first visit...)
After reaching Nara station, we try to make our way to a park...

Even le husband is feeling cold! It was 5 degree too like the night before~
I commented that he looks like a terrorist! w

 photo IMG_3067.jpg
There was quite a distance (maybe 15mins) of walking to do...
But it was too cold that every step we took seems like forever~~

We just had to hide in buildings for warmth! HAHA! Noob us!
So we jumped into the next building that was an acarde! HOHO! PURI!
Almost every arcade in Japan has purikura machines, of course.....
Took our first purikura in Japan!!

Then le husband spotted the legendary cigarette vending machine!!
I had always talked about it at home, tehee ;p
We wanted to try a purchase but TASPO card was required...
It's a card to identify whether you are of the legal age to smoke (18)
So we gave up and decided we're warm enough to head out~

 photo IMG_3071.jpg
After warming up, we are ready to continue conquering the cold~
On the way there, le husband spotted senbei shop with crowd, so we try!
-le SG spirit! Anywhere with queue is good!-

 photo IMG_3072.jpg
Arriving at the park, Nara Kouen~

 photo IMG_3077.jpg
The park with lots and lots of deer! Yes!!! I looked forward to this so much!
Deer are deem as sacred in Japanese traditions so they are important~
They can roam freely around the park and we are not supposed to disturb them...

 photo IMG_3074.jpg
But we could feed them! *spazzes*
These deer are accustomed to people feeding them so much that...
They come crowding around once you turn your back, close your purse,
from the deer-biscuit selling obasan, looking at you eagerly with shiny eyes!

 photo IMG_3076.jpg
Such clever creatures<3

 photo IMG_3075.jpg
We also read online that these deer does headbutting to people holding food!
True enough, le husband received one! LOL! It was interesting~ he said!

 photo IMG_3078.jpg
After feeding 4 portions (one portion was 150yen with 6 palm-sized biscuit)
We had enough of our share of cutesy deer & doe (they were really adorable!)
So we walked around the park, typically, there were lots of shrines!
And it was a tranquil atmosphere, enjoying such peace and scenery...
with my soulmate is just... so fortunate!

We were also lucky enough, to still see clumps of snow like this...
Far cry from the fairy tale, these snow were dirty because it's on the road.

 photo IMG_3079.jpg
Using this map we got from the tourist info counter at the Nara Station.
It was pretty useful because le husband is good at map reading!
While I am better at recognizing directions~ LOL, we're a perfect match<3
Heading out of Nara because deer park is the only thing we came here for...

The hungry us took the trains back and alighted at JR. Temma Station...
For the Tenjinbashi-suji Shotengai! (Shopping Street 2.6km long!) OH! SHOP!

 photo IMG_3082.jpg
But first! FOOD! We randomly walked into a gyoza shop...
It was a small but cosy and clean place with a relatively cheap menu.
Not to mention their popular gyoza was really good *slurps*

And what I really like was the chatty & smiley boss!
It is pretty obvious from his working aura that he loves what he does!
We even had a chat... he congratulated us on our marriage<3

After pampering our stomach, it's pampering the wife time!
But I am keeping my funds for Tokyo, so we window shopped only :)

And my only buy was this 1,000yen (SGD$12.50) coat!
SO CHEAP LAH! Good quality & pretty buttons, I love it~

Then we spotted some oden along the way...
HOW TO NOT GET FAT?! Just an hour ago we had our lunch T^T
But oden is to die for, cannot dont eat in Japan! hahaha...

 photo IMG_3085.jpg
Le husband buying them, I was just taking photos...
He can survive there with his couple of recently picked-up japanese vocab!
I mean... without his beautiful translator waifu lah ;p

 photo IMG_3087.jpg
I love Daikon (white raddish) like how I love Japan...Indescribable!

Shortly afterwards, we headed back to our hotel (for a nap before dinner)
It was really tiring to be on the go for most of the time, it's just exhausting~
On our way back we saw people queuing for what's in this bag!!

 photo IMG_3090.jpg
Its Takoyaki from KUKURU! (food before nap)
How to not get fat again??! Haha! I ate 3 times in 6 hours!
Kind of a record for myself~ but it was so heavenly!
Having ate these, no one will be interested in those selling in singapore!

 photo IMG_6263.jpg
After reenergizing ourselves from the power nap, our legs are most happy! w
We headed out to the night of Shin-Osaka!! To Yodobashi-Umeya~
We were trying to buy some prepaid sim cards with data plans~
But they cost about 4,000yen (SGD$50) for a week's usage per card per pax!
Too expensive! We can eat a good meal with that amount of yens~
So we decided to stick to our hotel / Starbucks wifi...
Glad that we did because we really didn't get to use much :)

So we went back to the hotel right after a simple hamburg dinner~
Rested early because... We are going to USJ the next day! :D

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