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Ever since I downloaded Lovelive! Jp version from Japan's appstore~
I have been downloading many japanese games and...
Alot of them are so lame! I rarely use this vocab so they are really lame!

Lovelive! is purely addictive!!
Cant seems to stop once starting the game~

And I play the english version too~ le husband says I am crazy!! w

One of the game I tried, is like a practice to learn what to say in a go-con
Another practices how to check your partner's phone in seconds!
There's this game that you make takoyaki to unlock takoyaki pets
Also trying to pack osaka ojisans into a train cabin in the fastest speed! Lol!!

Well, Japanese being Japanese~ ヾ(◍'౪`◍)ノ゛

But I found this cute "LINE PLAY" alike game「ポケコロ」

Instead of a room, it is a treepot that the characters lives in~
You can change the treepot's exterior, interior and the character's clothes & style~
The tree grow fruits and they could be made into food! Haha~
POKEKORO works like LINE PLAY, you can visit random people...
Make friends with them all over the world~

And then, you have this studyroom-like treepot to throw message bottles~
You can write & throw or just read what people writes or reply them!
If someone likes your comment, they give you flower...
And they are planted beside the bottle tree on the treepot top!

My pokecoro character! I realised it looks like nyannyan (kojiharu)!!

It has so many pattern ok! Hahaha!

Its fun because people will come and press your doorbell...
When they want to make friends with you!
And the corner that people throw message bottles... is... hilarious~

*runs off to play game*
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