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to the beach...

Oh~ It was a pretty tiring day today...
We went to the beach with his family!

The mother in law, cooked a pot of curry and green bean soup~
Brought along breads and the whole rice cooker!
We were like malay families who drag the entire kitchen to the sea~

Halfway through, we rent a bicycle and cycled our way to starbucks!!
Chilled there with the little brother~
While the parent slept on the pinic mat near the sea...

Then we played sand with the sister's kids~
Slacked for a little while enjoying the sea breeze...
And we saw the helicopter flying our flag for the national day parade!

Missed half of it but le boyfriend managed to stream the other half!
I still cannot accept this year's NDP song :(

Then we all went for dinner and head home to rest...
And my karaoke is starting soon!!!
10pm to 1am~ woooohoo!

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