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During weekend, i met two old friend separately~
Alice's bridesmaid fittings~ which is pretty much still discreet *shhhs*
And a simple lunch with nyu sama!!! *dakko dakko*

I wore the pressie Misa*chan gave me!!
Couldnt determine if this is a usagi*mimi or neko*mimi :(

/space out a little/

as the decopic-ed piccus says, its my TSUKEMA RANKINGS!

I take alot of time after removing my makeup to...
clean my fake eyelashes~ because it makes them last long!!
Each pair with the right care, last me for at least a month.
That is of everyday usage basis~

almost cannot live without them :3

№¹ Daiso False Eyelash
my all-time favourite, never fails me.
suitable for literally ALL kinds of events~

№² DollyWink No.16 Upper Eyelash
Natural yet not dead natural~
So lovely for dress down events & work

№³ Spring Heart No.14 Fake Lashes
because of the hard band that creates
so easily... my fake double eyelids~ lawls~

2nd used to be Luminious Change lashes...
But it got replaced by dollywink no.16 *kyahahaha*
I do rotation of these lashes and clean them everytime i used it.

Super uber duper time consuming YET inevitable step!
oh, when will a machine be invented to help wash falsies?
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