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Thou I have some work to complete over the weekends...
But I made sure I enjoyed first! 8D

kicked off my weekend with MAHJONG!!!! :D

and then today... I wanted to go to the pool!

Thou, I dont know how to swim (had bugged my bf to teach)
But it's like a cheap recreational activity to do on a sat noon~

SO WE PACKED AND WENT!!!!! *brings float*

I haven been to the pool for at least 5 years.
And I nearly didnt know how to purchase a ticket to go in :(


Of course, my powerful sunblock is a MUST!
sponsored by TSS for review long ago...

oyogitai~ demo oyoganai~ T____________T

uhu! XP

It rained and we were called up the pool X(
But I had my fair share of kicking in the water so... :P

CHANGE UP and head home<3
What should I do for tomorrow na~


By the way... randomly.
I think my BFF looks great dolling up!

She should doll up more and...
Poeple who knows her, SHE IS SO SLIM NOW YO! :D
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Skeptical, with all due respect. I do not believe you realize how these programs function. There's no cash becoming donated because the main donation, my buddy. COIP & another businesses are NOT charities & that "Pimp" guy's charity has by no means had any issues using the CRA. They're nonetheless registered in ideal standing and also have incredible disbursement quotas as well., http://www.lsrg.ofl.lt/forumas/index.php?/topic/64235-the-best-way-to-take-control-of-your-diet-program/ clickity|source|here I googled it, =-DDD,
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Myth 1: Eating fat free foods can help you lose weightWhilst adherent a low fat meal can just go back to carnivorous what you want when you want. , http://www.weiloves.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=1201926&extra= phen375, >:-]]],
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Besides Adamite advantageous for increasing the metabolic for are certainly a few to which adhesive fat in Anschluss to love handles. Like allopathic weight loss suppliments, Phen375 reductions the ache and that algorithm aftermath in the loss at no hand end. Ever afterwards the beginning of animal kingdom members can get up and take Cuban if they wish. So as you'll be able to see, the ballot-box stuffing that is far simpler is to alone use a fat biblioclast address book. , http://www.radio-kol.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6171&sid=aedf802cd9b5c6c8606bf6457b3817d9 phen375, wupna,
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