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Hihi!! ^ ^*

Today, Misa and I met up for sushi!!

Photo Credits: gourmet traveller
All thanks to YOSHI san for the invitation!
We had a wonderful omakese lunch :D

SHINJI by KANESAKA located in Raffles Hotel lvl 2~

We were warmly welcomed by the staff and YOSHI san.
And I am totally in love with the kind of service they provide.
it was more then just awesome, they make sure your tea is hot
by changing it regularly even when it's not being requested.

The waitress take cares of every small little details
like clearing even one small peice of unwanted paper,
replace your ice ocha before you even finish your last sip.
I am touched by the standards japanese can go all out to give.

Singaporeans, learn it!

Back to my osushi~~*
Photo Credits: gourmet traveller
Our first dish was this! Misa's favourite!
Appetiser. it's ika and uni, we were told to mix and eat~
This was my first experience with uni, it's sweet! and it melts.

Then we had some baby maguro, 6 months old tuna.
YOSHI san says it tastes best during winter cause it has fatsss!

and here, monkfish liver, ANKIMO!!!!!!!!! *smirks*
i have never tried ankimo before thou i sell lots in kazu~
Another first experience, it was sooooooo awesomely good!
Unlike kazu serving it cold with ponzu, this is slightly warm
with a bit of teriyaki taste, it literally melts in your mouth too!

Next comes the fried puffer fish! FUGUUUUUU* first try too!

Uniuniuniuni sushi<3 shiawase!

Aji! the green thingy is shiso leaf~

This buri sushi has a heavenly aroma! like no joke!
Cause it's seared so the "bbq-ed" smell and taste lingers

Conger Sea eel~ I perfered tare, Misa likes shio! ><
Oh and, the wasabi is (Y)! Cause it's nama, grinded on shark skin!
(grinded from real wasabi, not those artificial looking kind like play dough in sakae sushi)

I couldn't remember what fish is this but i know it's cheek.
Part from the fish cheek and also seared...
and it mix together with the rice so perfectly<3

Had some Shijimi Miso Soup...

Then came Negitoro Maki!!! MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!
this was so so good, look at the amount of negitoro in it!

Photo Credits: gourmet traveller
After maki, YOSHI san brought on some tamago yaki~
this doesnt no even feel like tamago, it's like pudding!!
Very soft and smooth and also sweet & juicy! (Y)

Lastly, we were served some desserts!
Homemade maccha ice cream, shiratama & azuki with melon!
The melon melts too, LOL! and the shiratama is so chewy<3

We had more sushi then the picture i have!
All because it was too yummy that i'd forgotten to take piccus :(

I think the most abused word today is: IT MELTS IN THE MOUTH!
LOL! but that is a perfect description for the food we had<3

It was a wonderful meal! YOSHI san, ごちそうさまでした!

Thank you lovely Misa for inviting me as well!! ^ ^*


PS: Oh! randomly, i curled my hair today! :D
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