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AAAHHH! I'm so excited about tomorrow i cant sleep!!
I pray for good results and i know a few loved ones are praying for me too!

and so...

Doing a bit of homework before i go for SDN48's stage tomorrow~
since i cant fall asleep after rolling much on bed...

and after listening to a few of their stage songs...
I came to a conclusion that, maybe i need to see them in person
to sparke my interest~ LOL!

weak me. attention shifted away to:
she sang a rock song with the pop idol feel! totally<3
But amazingly, she has a good voice, better then i thought! :)

and amina looks awkward... but still <3

this is the reason why sasshi climbs up so fast!!
grabbing every chance she has to make herself known...
left deep impression in me by doing the whole "i'm-in-a-concert" thingy
Not afraid to show that she wants to move up the rank<3 I like!
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