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Girls Talk!

When the boyfriend is out of town~
us, girlfriends get their time off! <3

I met up with alice while paul is away in thai...
Decided to head down to Freshness Burger in Causeway point!

As you can see from the poster...
Yes, this is a Japanese Fast Food chain.
I've never heard of it, TBH and it is my first time trying

the little deco they put up, but i bet from experiences i have
that these flowers on everytable will eventually cease...
cause they use real flowers and they are bound to wither
Time consuming to change the water everyday and flowers every 2 days

Well well, let's see if i'll be right!

Alice ordered GENMAI cha, which i personally love too!
When i was with the japanese restaurants, i drink this everyday
and that is really the key to slim down! Genmai is very healthy!

And as for me?
I love MACCHA LATTE! i just got to try it!
But it's not as good as i expected thou it's halved the price
I would still stick to starbucks!

Alice ordered the Cheese Hotdog, it was pretty NORMAL as quote from her
And if she says normal, it is normal, she loves good food. LOL!
I just had fries, which was bad, it's cold and it's hard.

I would give them a second chance thou.
Hopefully things gets better!


Then then... finally, i got my mask!
Alice pass them to me... along with...

Mary Kay's Eye Primer! *loves loves loves*
she says it's a gift for me *huggles*

Cant wait to try! I tried it immediately after showers<3
and the effect was pretty good, the skin became really smooth!


Alice and i talked for the whole night.
and i can feel that, both of us are gradually heading towards
a next phrase of life... which is MARRIAGE. or so...

I know it's all too young to talk about this.
But what if we ARE ready and we DO want a settled life?
Why cant people not judge? hmmm...

keke... that's all for this random update!!

I'm going off for my beauty sleep^ ^

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