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Last tuesdays...
I went out without make up! to where??

to a make up lesson with alice!! ^ ^v
she bought a $22 deal from a website (original lesson $68/hr)
To learn professional make up skills from make up artist!

Professional Make up artist Ms Carina! doing alice's brows~
this is alice, with half side of brows done by our teacher<3

hehe, my turn! And my eyebrow is soooooooooo ...
yah, little and needs alot of imagination! -quoted by cher

Even before the make up, we did some skincare!
Like cleansing, doing mask etc etc, which i did learn new things:

1) Any skincare product are to be used upwards
2) Any cosmetic for make up which are tinted should be applied downwards
3) Lip has MASK too! Creates soft kissable nice effect!
4) A girl SHOULD do anti-ageing as young as 18! firming esp!
5) the technique of drawing beautiful eyebrow, there really is!!

Today, yes... tuesday.today.tuesday after a week we went back for lesson 2!
and we were taught intensive skincare treatment<3
which, i learn and see for myself the effect & results!!

anyways, the materials they use are from MARY KAY
MARY KAY is a US brand of cosmetic/skincare line...
I'm still learning so idk much but the price are so afforadable.
bought a clay mask at only $38 with alice on the first lesson!
cause the result was so instant and firming can be seen! ^ ^v
What's more? $38 dollar per tube that can last you for half a year<3

the brushes!! and i learnt that using brushes (good ones)
to apply your liquid foundation creates such time saving effect!
and that using sponge straight (which i always do) is a waste of money Orz
Now, i'm in search of good brushes that can apply my liquid foundation :)

Ms Carina taught me, as requested, how to apply purple on my eyes!
I never dared to try any other colors other then brown/black
cause of my tiny little single eyelid eye ||Orz

a closer look at it! I thought it was lovely...
Cause alice also agree it looked different from the style i always do<
But Carina managed to do it on my and pulled it off well!
They have a team of make-up artist/beauty consultants giving classes.
and they are relatively cheap...

I had always thought my make-up skills are fine enough.
But after going for lessons, i realised there are tons i didnt know
ad there are many more correct methods that could make me prettier!!
I say it's worth the money! anyone interested to go?? :D
Can drop me an email or SMS me 97523229

This pretty lady here, is my teacher! Ms Carina *ja-jaaang!*
she is a super nice lady whom taught us so much details
And she has super big watery eyes! So preeeety chuu<3

I am now, giving serious thoughts about joining them!
To join Carina and her team as a long term career prospect...
Since i have the passion, genuiene interest to do beauty line~
But still at the considering stage right now... haha.

助け~~ててて(* w *)/

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