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how? how?

*grabbed photos from alice*
Should i complain? Or they deserve a second chance?

the burnt imo...

the slightly better one! D:

The three staff working there is simply very free...
checking constantly on their phone and fb-ing openly! i dont get it.
How can they have the cheeck to want me to accept the burnt one!


and koreans should just stick to their GEEGEEGEEGEEGEE~
and stop making a fool of themselves trying to do animation...

it's Japanese's forte and idk what went wrong with the management
of beelzebub's production~ Maybe a new approach thou i dont apprehend!
the KOREAN animated ED has just spoiled everything D:

i *hearts* the song thou, TSUYOGARI! by shokotan~

*off to do make-up!*
Am going to support WGSSB for SYF today!
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