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Last saturday, baby and i went to JUMBO for dinner
with my brother, my mum and her italian (santa-look-alike) boyfriend.

See! Looks like santa? My dad says he looks like the Kentucky man.

we ate super good food. super ex as well...

to eat that crab~ We had this!!! :D


And after dinner, we walked around clarke quay...
Had dessert! Hagen daz! We ate Strawberry Cheesecake :D
my mum and her bf had the new flavor called Caramel cream with biscuits.
and it was horribly SWEET! luckily i didnt chose that which i nearly did!

after which,I suggested we should sit down and have a romantic night.
I haven actually sat down somewhere nice and have a drink with him before...

and after walking around nearly the whole of clarke quay...
I decided, i'm still a more JYAPAN person who appreciates japanese alcohol more
We settled down at IPPUDO TAO which is just nearby in UE Square :)

I had some white wine and YUZU UMESHU!!<3 WORTH trying!
the YUZU UMESHU is super feminine, suits female customer alot.
it taste like juice and a perfect balanced fragrance of yuzu and ume.

Lastly, to end the day... of course RAMEN is a must try!
Baby likes katamen! We had IPPUDO SHIRO with tamago! :D

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