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Chiang Mai, Last Day

OOTD! Causal casual...
I fell sick on the last day :( Totally no voice.
But luckily the last day is a slack day...

I slept through 2 hours on the bus while the rest shopped.
They brought us to Honey farm, Leather factory & Paper brolly place.
This is our pretty tour guide, Natchuda~

Then came lunch!! Our last lunch before home!

My best buddy at work, Anjoe

Coconut juice again, yeah I dont look sick.
I felt better after some sleep and panadol.

Last lunch... Last thai lunch in Chiang Mai.

Had the MUST-TRY sticky mango rice!!

Didnt understand the wooha about it before this trip.
But now I know... It's really really awesome!

After lunch is a 2 hour shopping free time~
At the mall just 10mins to airport~ Central Plaza!

Given me, lazy me, we found a starbucks and settled down.

I like going to starbucks in different countries, somehow.

Waiting for flight, going home...!
I miss my little red dot so much~
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Chiang Mai, Day 3

3rd day started with a good cooling mask! OHAYO!

And finally a OOTD! I missed taking previous days...

We had a gem gallery tour before lunching.

At the palace place we had our first dinner, they have buffet lunch!

Pretty restaurant with full flavours of Thailand!

From decorations to the food served~

I had some traditional noodles, taste like laksa to me

Group photo again! :)

Vain me selfie-ing with pretty things I see!

Vain pot me :p

With the nice people in the company<3

Heading off... to Elephant camp!

Our big bus! It's not the cleanest of all... but it's big!
40 seater, we only have 15 pax so it is comfy!

Here we are at MAESA Elephant Camp!

It was an additional activity Elephant Trekking!
Added on at the very last minute before our trip~

Me and my partner in crime on the elephant!

It was fun!!! More then I expected!

15mins trekking is really fast... but a good experience!

We saw a bathing elephant~

And some of them bathing in the river...

Took picture with one of the zou-san! 20bhat for it!
It knows how to take money from you after you take picture!

Then we watched a elephant show before leaving....

They can really draw~ Maybe better then me!

Our next stop! Long neck heritage village~

Villagers still lives here, they are descendants from China.

This is their school, it's so heartbreaking to see.
We all gave some donations, hopefully could help a little.

The village...

The stalls set-up by the villagers.

Very happy granny who is also very friendly!

And also the long neck village women....
That's a fake ring that weighs less then a kilogram.
The rings they put on their necks are about 4-5kgs!!
Longer thier neck represent more beauty, and I dont understand.

Our company trip has a 2 hour massage included too!

Hey yeah! All 15 pax in a room... both men & women! LOLOL!
Thai massage! I told my masseur to not do my back (scared)
My last thai full body massage went really bad...

Had some chinese dinner again... and then!

Yumms yumms~

Night Market!

There's a starbucks building nearby...
And one right beside the hotel we stayed in.

Walking by the old castle wall to the night market~

It's a weekend market so there's plenty of people!

Had a 30cents yam ice cream stick!<3

Nothing much that is too interesting, I would say.
And the price is not exactly cheap so...

But! Look at le husband's souvenir! LOL!

And I bought myself some pastel bracelet<3

Took a tuktuk back to our hotel, cost us 120bhat (SGD$4)
Ended our day, feeling tired again... Holiday can be so tiring?!

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Chiang Mai, Day 2

OHAYO! Sunny Chiang Mai is sunny...HOT DIE ME!
Second day is all about travelling, to Chiang Rai...
The boarder town of Chiang Mai, and takes about 3 hours one way!

First spot of the second day, HOT SPRING!

Sound so crazy right? Onsen at 38 degress sunny morning!
But but... it's ashiyuu (foot hot spring) so... worth trying~

ALOHA! it is exceptionally comfyyyyy<3

We all sat by the little drain of hot spring (near bottom stream)
SPOT ME! Hahahaha!

With the mother-like HR & Accounts,Yujie

And the always kind Purchaser, Yiping
Though they are all PRC but they are the best PRC I ever met!

Hi, my pastel shoe~

Selfie time after foot spring!

It's quite a nice tourist spot actually...

Next stop! Wat Rong Khun White temple!

Self-funded by an artist, privately owned.
There are many staff all around the area guarding the art piece.

It's indeed worth seeing, but the white and sliver used...
Plus the sun, I've never felt this much love for sunglasses before!

Really cannot open your eye without a sunglass!

Our stay was short, I spent half the time waiting for a toilet.
Their toilet has no flushing system, you just keep pouring water!

Then then, we had lunch in a resort hotel half way to Golden Triangle!

Everywhere you see elephant statues!

This resort hotel has nice beef noodles!!! *slurps*

Stopping by at Mae Sai, the border of Myanmar & Thailand.
We had 40mins to queue for toilet and shop!
Always rushing for time everywhere we go, cons of tour grp!

Nevertheless, little time we have, we shop!!
Here's the shopping street of Mae Sai, SGD$2 for a UV Brolly!

Found a cute coffeeshop!

Selfie while waiting for our big bus after shopping~

Another 30mins ride took us here...
The Golden Triangle of Thailand, home of opium poppy~

LOL! we watched a historical documentary about this on bus.
It is called golden triangle because it is the border of 3 countries.
Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, by a boat you can visit 3 countries!

While the rest of the company went for a river ride to Laos~
The remaining people who has no passport with them walked around.

Bought and ate some bananas~

Walked 3 rounds around the elephant for good luck

Ate some ice cream under the hot blaring sun!

And a group photo when everyone is back~

Then we had dinner half way on the road back to city.

By the river at a chinese restaurant...

Day ended with a birthday cake for our staff!
And 3 more hours of ride back to the town!
The riding part can be super tiring :(
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Company Trip, Day 1

Finally, this day has come! Its a mixed feeling I have~
Especially being planner, the toughest part is constant worrying~
Constant fear of unhappy colleagues ranting about the trip.
We are going to Chiang Mai Thailand! It's doesn't sound fun~
But then, it's freeee! Somewhere I wouldn't choose to spend my money
And my precious annual leave on, so I kind if anticipate the trip alot~

Me and my partner in crime (LOL) Anjoe~
We are like a pair of chopstick at work...
everyone knows we cannot be separated!

Sunflower garden before flying off!

My new pastel shoe thats gonna walk me through the trip~

First stop at Chiang Mai, is lunch in garden hotel!

The place is indeed pretty~ But the food...

Nice decorations~

With the colleagues~ Huibin & Lily...

Heading to the Wat Prathat Doi Suthep temple
Going via the little vans with opposite seatings...

It's a special experience I would say... in 38deg afternoon~

Here we are! After 30mins of ride.
Going up uneven little roads and way high up!

Shiny shiny bling bling... LOL!

Chiang Mai is a very slow paced place I think.

A group photo at the famouse photo spot!

And taken with a selfie stick in the tram that goes up!
The temple is high up in a mountain thats why.

The little town at the foot of temple...

Boarding back to our big bus!

They brought us to their Fruits market before heading to hotel.
And the bosses bought everyone coconut juice!!!
The durian there is like damn cheap! SGD$2 one durian!

First thing upon checking in... find a space for her!

Had a shower and all ready to head out for dinner!

My manmaru megane! $3 from taobao! Hehe!

This is like a palace place that serves traditional royal dinner~

Dancers to welcome tour groups.

Lemongrass welcome drink!

Another group photo before dinner~

Quite a nice place!

Pretty thailand girls doing their traditional skills.
Also there for people to take photos with them...


Our eating hall... that's a center stage.

Khantoke Dinner!The Royal Dinner, awesome fried pig skin!

And the long day finally ended after dinner...
We managed to bargain for shawls!! From 120bhat to 80bhat! Haha~
Like almost everyone got one!!! Even guys for their wives!

I showed le husband my shellie may on the hotel bed photo~
And he returned me a duffy on our bed!! So cute!!

The first day was super tiring cause it started from 7am at Changi Airport!
More tiring days are gonna come! XD
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I received my Hongkong Postcard today!!!
It took some time but I am glad it came :)

We made it a practice to send ourselves postcards whenever we go out!
Either pen to each other or we would send one to ourselves~
Our manila one never reach us :( Others all did!
One board full now! I'll start another one soon!

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Hong Kong Day #4

>>06/10/2014, Monday, DAY 4

 photo IMG_5535.jpg
Day 4 started with breakfast that le husband went out searching for!
He totally can go all out for good food~ HAHA! I was of course, sleeping :)

 photo IMG_5539.jpg
It's our check-out day already so I finally took a photo with the piano!
We have decided to save the money and spend our last night in Airport~
Which was quite a disappointment in my honest opinion...
-talk about it later-

On our way~

 photo IMG_5547.jpg
And finally, I found starbucks in a SG-alike shopping mall!

They have nicer counters then in Singapore~

Ice Hojicha Latte<3

 photo IMG_5552.jpg
Food Republic found! lol~

 photo IMG_5553.jpg
Hello Cable Car Ngong Ping 360~

Our tickets to go to the big buddha! SDG$ 25

They have a crystal cabin that is transparent on the ground~
Sounds cool, but it cost SGD$12 more dollars so no thanks! XD

View, way up!

^ ^v

 photo IMG_5565.jpg
Magnificent mountains that photos don't do justice to!
You practically go into the mountain!

 photo IMG_5569.jpg
View of the big buddha after about 20mins of Cable Car ride~

 photo IMG_5574.jpg
Reached the Ngong Ping Village, which is now tourist attraction~

 photo IMG_5575.jpg
And there is so many beancurd shops around~

 photo IMG_5576.jpg
Since it's a hot day... We had some too :)

 photo IMG_5581.jpg
Continue our way up to the big buddha~

 photo IMG_5577.jpg
Finally there! Took us an hour :)

 photo IMG_5584.jpg
Heading off to Disneyland!

 photo IMG_5586.jpg
The disney train! Now I have 2 more disney to go! :3

Disneyland is the best part of the trip in my opinion~
We went on a normal monday afternoon, so theres no crowd!
The longest waiting time of the ride is probably only 30mins!!! :D
We have tried almost all the rides!

 photo IMG_5604.jpg
Our ticket buds :)
And Disneyland just has the miraculous magic aura!
Even le husband agrees! The fun mood just gets to you :)

 photo IMG_5605.jpg
I would rather have a Disneyland here then Universal Studio :(
But well, I know we have USS and its good enough... Shouldn't complain ;p

OOTD DAY 4: Disneyland
The marie cat ears was a present to me 7 years ago!
But in HK lesser people would wear these as compared to Japan~

Having fun! ^^

 photo IMG_5653.jpg
Byebye Disneyland!

My best husband of the century~

Chauffeuring me at the airport! Lol~
Because le wife has painful feet after so much walk!

Speaking of which, we had come to a mutual decision that we will...
Save money and sleep at the aiport for the last night (flight at 6am)
Thinking that Hongkong is such a vibrant city alike to us~
Their airport should be nothing too far cry from out airport as well?
But then, I realized we were so wrong zzZ

Young people these days should really go out and see the world~
And will then appreciate what a nice country we are living in :)

 photo IMG_5665.jpg
Anyway, Byebye HongKong~
I found my Shellie May a Duffy :)

9th Destination: Hong Kong deshita!

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Hong Kong Day #3

>>05/10/2014, Sunday, DAY 3

OOTD DAY 4: Shenzhen!
Its the cheap checkered romper I bought in JB!

 photo IMG_5456.jpg
We took an hour's train to the immigration custom~
Really, i have never thought I would step into the china land...
But well, since we are already there, might as well! Haha~

 photo IMG_5469.jpg
We did some research and decided to head two stops away from custom!
That is where they call Dongmen Laojie, said to be with great shoppings!

Look of the day! Tried to dress mature~ ;p

 photo IMG_5458.jpg
Train token~ and the token dispensing machine is terrible!
Why do they limit to only either a dollar coin or five dollar note?!
The queue there just to change into the requirement is damn long!!
*note: RMB$5 is only SGD$1.10 at most*

But its okay, we are on a holiday and time is all we have! Haha~

Shenzhen, here we are!!!

Oh, coincidentally, we are in couple wear! :)

Hungry after window shopping, couldnt wait til back in HK~
We settled for some chinese noodles...

I am impressed with myself! I only bought one single crop top~
That cost SGD$4 from one of the bugis-street-alike shops!
The style of clothes in there doesn't suit me, too korean to suit me...
And they are not exactly cheap either, ranging from $4-$8 SGD~

*self-discipline restored*

Surprisingly, the "bee hoon" is actually my favourite "thin kway tiao"
And is really really delicious!! *slurps* But super oily!
The 梅菜扣肉 at the side is practically soaked in oil only~

First class cabin for the Shenzhen line that takes an hour!
We were just curious how much it would cost so we tapped and hop in!
And the price was double the norm, SGD$12 approximate~

Going back to Hongkong! We headed to Causeway Bay~

 photo IMG_5480.jpg
Protesters again... Lol~

Le husband wanted to lie down on the barricaded road!
Lol, we end up deciding its not worth being arrested instead...
So, just sit ;p

 photo IMG_5481.jpg
Visited all the Japanese brands in SOGO and ended up empty handed!
Ahahaha! So happy with my self-discipline!

Never buy excessive! *aims*

And by fate, we found a cat's cafe!
Its called Cats Planet, at level 4 of a building~

WEFIE!! :)

My favourite of all!! So pretty~ T^T

 photo IMG_5498.jpg
The house rule board and out drinks~
Charges are SGD$17 for 2hours and 2drinks of your choice~
I think its kind of a good offer!

She has been eyeing on my drink for a long time!

Cats in the cone! First time seeing~

 photo IMG_5503.jpg
Garfield! So adorable!

 photo IMG_5520.jpg
Hello, Sweetheart!

 photo IMG_5482.jpg
Streetsnack right after cafe!

 photo IMG_5522.jpg
Still hungry so grabbed a bite near our hotel!

 photo IMG_5526.jpg
Very yummy butter bun with condensed milk!

Queues of taxi outside of Lan Kwai Fong~

A potato lover like me will not miss the chance to trip their chips!
But chips right before bed is.... Lol, fattening!

Hongkong Day 3: 8th destination, Shenzhen deshita!

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Hong Kong Day #2

>>04/10/2014, Saturday, DAY 2

OOTD :) aiming to tour half of Hongkong!

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Again, we climbed stairs after stairs and slopes to find breakfast!

 photo IMG_5375.jpg
Here we are~ (did some real homework at home)

And this was sooooooo good (and salty) Just A little expensive thou~
Both our roasted geese noodle/rice is approximately SGD$8
And the milktea was SGD$2.50~

Then we bought omiyage for family~
Which the pineapple tarts they sell taste heavenly!!

古惑仔sia! LOL!

And the very "hk drama" back alley!!

Took a train to Yau Ma Tai where the Ladies Market is~

 photo IMG_5388.jpg
First try of Curry Fishball! Which they call 鱼蛋~

 photo IMG_5392.jpg
Ladies Market!

Our favourite drink of the trip! Oolong Tea!!!
Maybe we are getting old and the preference starts to age too!

 photo IMG_5396.jpg
The peaceful protesters~ with their banners...
But honestly speaking, I don't really care what all these are about :/

 photo IMG_5397.jpg
Oh hello Breadtalk!! We saw some SG brands too!

ONE DIM SUM, dinner at Prince Edward~
Which was the best meal of the trip!

Temple Street, night market after dinner~

Tried the 鸡蛋仔 that every single person...
Who visited hongkong, will eventually spazz about~

 photo IMG_5419.jpg
Then we ended up at Victoria Harbour~

 photo IMG_5427.jpg
Nice night view too~

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Us, resting under the clock tower feeling drained~

Just beside the harbour, the Clock Tower!

After such long walking day, we headed back to hotel for shower~
And out again for foot massage!!! It feels like a droning person meeting a float!

Parlour just located beside our hotel, in Century Square, Lv.14

 photo IMG_5433.jpg
The nice reception lady gave us a private room~
But the two masseur who came in were so awkwardly quiet...
We had no choice but to only use our phones :p

After a good but expensive massage~
We went for a drink, its saturday night afterall!!

 photo IMG_5437.jpg
Lan Kwai Fong, the famous nightlife spot in Central~
Is actually just conveniently located behind our hotel...

Bought some drinks and a pizza (thou not hungry)
And enjoyed looking at the wild crazy crowd of people walking by~

 photo IMG_5448.jpg
Ended the night with a Jello Shot~ its SGD$8 per shot~
And its kind of interesting so we bought one!

 photo IMG_5444.jpg
Day 2 in Hongkong deshita! :)

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Hong Kong Day #1

>>03/10/2014, Friday, DAY 1

I'll try to talk less, photos more! *rawrss!*

 photo IMG_5257.jpg
First time taking a bus for our overseas trip!

Hello ♥︎ 2am flight departs from Singapore!

Toured our Changi Airport!
And we are definitely the best~

Hello Hongkong! 6am arrival~

 photo IMG_5269.jpg
Train tickets to town and out "ez-link" card (OCTOPUS)

 photo IMG_5270.jpg
Airport Express~
24mins to Hongkong Station~ Cost only SGD$15!
Transportation there is very economical, like Singapore

Peaceful street near hotel with no protesters...

High rise like in Singapore~
The whole trip was so sg-ish, it doesn't feel like holiday :(

The killer stairs!! If I dont climb I cant get home :(

 photo IMG_5369.jpg
So, I climb it everyday :)

Mini Hotel Central, was not satisfactory.
The rooms are dirty (note: I am not a fussy traveller... so if I say so...)
There were visible algae on the toilet bowl flushbox cover!
The bed is full of little particles, the towels with holes looking grey!
Fresh towels smells of smoke, bedside space for belongings are dusty!

And it was SGD$140 per night :(
I think our airport is cleaner then the room!

Really don't think I am being fussy :/
Buy anyway, I will never go back to that hotel ever again~

Room is small but small rooms has never been an issue to me~
Le sighs, I made a wrong choice of hotel T^T

Though, it has a nice lobby with a gtand piano~

Cosy sitting areas~ lots of cosy sofa~

They dont supply even toothbrush so you have to buy...
And it drops out from this vending machine (all toiletries)

 photo IMG_5368.jpg
Anyway... Enough if rants, heading out!

 photo IMG_5288.jpg
Nice view of pretty historical building opposite~
Which is also our room view :)

 photo IMG_5290.jpg
First meal! Le husband walked into a typical drama scene eatery~
And we ordered what they call "traditional teahouse breakie"

 photo IMG_5299.jpg
First attraction: Ocean Park~

 photo IMG_5301.jpg
Ticket buds...

 photo IMG_5304.jpg
Everywhere getting ready for halloween!

 photo IMG_5311.jpg
But we didnt enjoy~ because of a few points:

1. Amusement park is old and getting dirty
2. Chinese golden week, humans everywhere
3. PRC are seriously a uncivilized bunch of people
4. No queue is less then an hour :(

The only worth thing of the whole Ocean Park was probably this...

The cable car ride!

Which we queued for an hour as expected... Haha!
Just because it was necessary to, to get to the other side of park~

 photo IMG_5327.jpg
Dinner time after a hell of queues~ Tim Ho Wan~

We ate like hungry caveman~

 photo IMG_5329.jpg
Compare it with Singapore's, this so so much more heavenly~
But! This is actually our least outstanding meal of the trip!

Walked out way to take a tram to The Peak!
This trip is also all about walking! Lol~

 photo IMG_5336.jpg
Ticket buds...

The Peak Tram~

 photo IMG_5344.jpg
Pardon my shag face, it was burrrrr cold! And windy!

 photo IMG_5340.jpg
Nightview of Hongkong at its highest point is *thumb up*

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Saturday over shores~

Today, our weekend date brings us to Johor Bahru, Malaysia~
One good thing a out living in the north is being accessible to cheap stuffs!
Just cross the shores! Takes about an hour to get there thou :)

We were so hungry, upon reaching City Square, the mall just out of immigration~
Found ourselves some Japanese ramen at the seemingly new restuarant!
Kurotoumon, a hakata ramenya, has a similar ramen concept as Ipuddo.
But they sell sumiyaki (charcoal grills) menu too...

I had a Karubi Teishoku that cost only SGD$18 (teishoku are set meals)
And le husband had a Chashu Tonkotsu Ramen that is SGD$14 in price.
We were impressed by the young waiter who is very knowledgable...
He knows the menu well, serves well, polite and pretty professional~
He was able to tell me their noodles are cooked for 20s when I asked about it!
That was something I wasn't expecting from a Japanese restaurant in Malaysia!

Braided my hair for the day, but it wasn't obvious :(
And it made me look like a kid~

After our lunch, we headed to Holiday Plaza that is famous for cheap stuffs!
Le husband went to get his contact lens which price is cheaper by half!!
And I did my nails! SGD$18 for two colour gelish express manicure~
Cheaper then Manila!!! *spazzes*

Then I ended up shopping! Always shopping! ;p
I keep ranting that I have nothing to wear but my wardrobe is bursting full~
I keep selling off untouched / neglected clothes on carousell yet I keep buying~

Oh, WOMEN ( ◞・౪・)◞

Pastel blue & green bangles ♥︎

2 Top, 2 Dresses and 2 Bangles for only SGD $32
(average per item = SGD$5.33)

And all of it fits me well!!
So happy, I think I am awesome at cheap shopping!
Oh yes, the luggage in the back of photos...

Yes!! Hong Kong in 4 days!!! ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶
Starting to feel excited ♥︎
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The Last...

Business Trip as an Executive in Estron Marketing!

2014 June, my bosses and I came to KLCC once again~

The most awesome superior and lady boss!!
She has given so much opportunities & trust to me<3

The Red Lip OL!

I think I still look 18 in my formal OL attire~ haha!

The husband came to accompany me as usual! *thankful*

As well as Shellie May~ haha!

I may miss working overseas someday~
And I know chances as such doesn't just come by so easily!
But for now, its time for a good rest until I get well soon ;p

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2014 Manila Trip~

During the National Day week~
I accompanied le husband to Manila for his business trip!

The first meal there was Japanese!

Followed by every meal of Japanese that we can find in the mall! Haha!
Oh, UCC cafe was kind of cool you know~

I was, sadly, down with fever before the trip and was doing nothing...
Other then resting in the hotel T_____T
But we did some research before the trip and other then historical POI~
There are no other tourist sites in the city we went to! :(

Luckily Shangri La was awesome! It is a nice hotel to rest in~

Has quite a view at level 26!

And has Japanese Breakfast!!! Hahaha!

When I got better a couple of days later~
I went to the malls around the hotel and found a nail salon!
Did some gel manicure at only SGD$18!!!!! *spazzes*

Bought some clothes too! They are not cheap in general~
Because it is still a mall in the city but!! given Yui is Yui~ she digs!
And so got a couple of pretty picks! This 2pcs set is only $12!

Jacket at only SGD$7!!! *pops confetti*

This cat head printed dress for SGD$8! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Its not too bad a trip, its business trip after all~
But unless you appreciate the beauty of historical sites, else its a little boring...

Our 7th destination in a year and a half! - Makati City, Manila, Phillipines~
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Staycation at Studio M

The boyfriend and I had a mini staycation at the Studio M Hotel!
Xmas Staycation! its a mini loft like room~~ i love it!

Located in Robinson Quay~ How can we resist going to MEDIYA!?
But I didnt have my slippers with me so I...

Wore our room slippers, walked to Mediya on a Christmas Eve!!
TO BUY SUSHI! awesomeness ;p

It was a great stay and I will be back :3

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KL Business Trip!

Aloha!!! *swipes dust off blog*

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