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>>01/03/2014, Saturday, Going Home

So here comes my last moments in Japan~
Going home via Skyliner~ it has always been my first choice of transport!

There was still time after we has our last lunch in Tsukiji~
So we had some afternoon tea in a cafe near the Ueno station...

My last piece (actually 2nd piece only lah) of Strawberry Shortcake!!
I have this huge love for this cake *^*

Lazy to make up on the last day, had the singaporean make!
Which is only eyeliner ;p Singaporean girls in general are lazy in this aspect!

Going home... Byebye Ueno!

Byebye Japan!

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>>28/02/2014, Friday, Shinjuku

Last full day of my honeymoon in Tokyo!
My handsome husband says hi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Our destination is Shinjuku because we wanted a slow paced day :)

So we spent 2 good hours in Calico Cat Cafe!

It occupies 2 level of the building!

And you can buy the cooked chicken breast meat as treats!
Its 300yen (SGD$3.60) per small box of it! Which can last for a good hour!

The cats love them! Probably because they are fed with dry food usually.
Wet food is a total luxury to them! They crowd around you almost immediately!

Some shoppings after the cafe and its evening in Shinjuku already!
We managed to find some good cheap shops and bought some items each~
My best deal was 1000yen for a Dollywink eyeshadow & mascara! ;)

Went back to our hotel area early and have some yakiniku!
GYUKAKU! How can we not have some?! *slurps*

The minimal tables at the side of the small shop~
We were given a counter seat :)

Ordered a meat platter with chicken, pork and of course beef!
And one plate of gyutan to myself! Also a yasai moriawase :3

Ordered some negi rice!! It's so damn nice with soy sauce~
The gyukaku here is only less then 5000yen (SGD$60) a meal!!
In Singapore, that amount of food will actually cost SGD$140!!!!

They served us hot ocha (we have ordered our drinks earlier) in the end~

The who waiter came to us serving the ocha asked which was our fave meat~
We thought it was just a simple survery so we decided on one and told him...
Then he wrote it on this piece of card and pass it to us~
It is actually a free one portion of our fave meat on our next visit!

Such nice gesture~

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>>27/02/2014, Thursday, Asakusa / Shibuya

13th day of Honeymoon! Tired us with sleepy faces in the cold~
Its kind of tiring, even thou cool to be on holidays...
And we are already the relax type of tourist who wakes up at 10am!
Our itinerary normal starts with lunch~ lol!

Itinerary of the day, first stop at Tokyo Sky Tree!

There is this beautiful plum tree outside the mascot store at ground level~

Oh hi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ‼︎

Such a "tourist-ish" photo!

My turn!! Haha, it was... As usual, very cold!!

Tokyo Sky Tree that officially opens in May 2012! Thats very recent!
Is the tallest building in Japan right now~ probably everywhere else too!
It replaces Tokyo Tower as a broadcasting tower for radio & TVs~

Here's our ticket~

We went up to only the main observation deck at 450m up high...
But there really has nothing to see because it's too cloudy :(
And It will not make much difference coming another day because
The weather is just that bad that period of time~

Sora-kara chan! The mascot for Tokyo Skytree~

It was the Valentine's period when we went~

This little pathetic glass floor is... Pathetic.
Seriously, the tokyo tower one is even better! And bigger!

My collection of postcards and special stamps!
Tokyo Skytree edition getto!

Selfie, 450m above the ground!

Heading off very soon...

Off to Sensoji (Asakusa Shrine)~
It a very modern and sleek designed station at the Skytree station.

Underground at the Asakusa Station, we found this small standing sobaya~
And le husband finds it interesting, the vending ticketing order method...

So we settled for some soba!
I had kakiage and a tamago, le husband had something I don't know~
Looks like kamaboko (fish cake) or thin deep fried beancurd?

Either of it, its really good! ^^;
Japan is really a place where I learn new things every trip~

After a good lunch, we came out of the station and walked to the shrine~
Its a good thing le husband is super good at reading maps...
I have never gotten lost if we have a map with us :)

The famous and every tourist will surely visit, Sensoji!

One of it's quieter corner...

We offered some incense 150yen per bundle~
Its said that covering yourself with the incense smoke will bring luck!

Heading out of the shirne...

Some pretty plums along the roadside~

Then we went to Shibuya! Watched the people crossing the junction from far!
And crossed the junctions ourselves too~ haha! Its like j-dramas<3

And I am so impressed by myself~ I bought nothing from Shibuya!
Hohoho! So much self-discipline, cause I am never a shopping person.
I am not a collector nor a fanatic devoter of any big fashion brands~
More like I love fashion but am too cheapo to buy expensive stuffs!
My wallet must be very happy about that *smirks*

That was how my short hours of encounter with Shibuya ended~
Next off, we headed back to Harajuku for some cafe light dinner...

Sandwiches and Pizza Toast~
Set meal comes with a mini garden salad!

Its a cafe in the corner of the Takeshita Dori that we happen to find~
I like the atmosphere there very much<3

And to end the day~ a Strawberry Shortcake with a Ice Milktea!

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>>26/02/2014, Wednesday, IKEBUKURO

12th day of Honeymoon brings us to Ikebukuro!

We headed to J-world at Sunshine City~
Its entrance fee is expensive! 1900yen (SGD$23) per pax!!

The easy-to-understand ticketing machine!

It was honestly, quite a disappointing attraction~
Aside from being able to buy some limited edition anime goods...
The rides and games are pretty much not worth the extra money :(

After a photo with Luffy~ we headed out for lunch!

Had our lunch here, specialty: Omurice!
Also inside of Sunshine City~ there's a variety of choices!
But we settled for some rice ;)

Here's my beef stew omuraisu! ;)

Prior to our day in ikebukuro, I made reservations to have my hair done!
I booked a stylist at Ash Salon, Ikebukuro branch~
And so le husband roams around again! This was what he took!
He says it reminds him of drama/anime scenes... So he took it~

With a coupon, perm/colour/cut at 10,000yen (SGD$120)!!
Its pretty worth I guess since perming at that length will cost $120 already~
I had my bangs cut! And had a brown shade of hair~

Le husband's best find out of his endless roaming in Tokyo is this!
MUTEKIYA RAMEN! Its the best of all the heavenlicious food we had!
I am not a ramen person, and I think Ippudo is fabulous enough...
This... Mutekiya Ramen is wayyyyyyy surpassing that!

How so it is awesome? Starts from the queue!
We were freezing in the cold queueing outside the shop for 30mins~
In a super off-peak weekday afternoon, that is!!!
The crowd just comes! Doesn't stop! Haha!

When we got a seat at the back of opposite counter~
We realized it is a very small shop, but with high turnover rate!
Definitely not a place where you can have a chat over lunch...
Made ourselves some tea from its concentrated tea essence~

This... Has got to be the best ramen on earth!!!!!!!!! *spazzes*
I have no idea why oh why the chashu melts in your mouth!!
Its only chashu but it's texture is like awesome fatty meat! *slurps*

Soup base, pork & chicken simmered for 16hours! The aroma!!!
Noodles made with full-flavoures flour that is produced in Hokkaido...
That is also considered limited quantity in where it's produced!
I dont like yellow noodle's taste in general but this taste so good I can do!

1030yen per bowl (SGD$12) is so worth it!!! And they give free kaedama~
We got a change of this 2000yen note and found it pretty rare! Haha!
Its like getting SGD$20 in Singapore!

After some random roaming together, we decided to head back early~
And have a conbini dinner!! Look at our choices~

Oden is such a luxury food in Singapore, one item can cost $3~
But in Japan! It can be found in almost all conbini (convenience store aka 7/11)!
At a cheap price too!!! One daikon is only 90yen (SGD$1) *cries*
And we had an average of 700yen bentos (SGD$8) because mine is beef!
Hiding behind is beef croquette (koroke) that cost only 60yen (SGD$0.70)!!!
What can 70cent buy you in SG?! Not even a kopi peng (Ice Coffee) alright~

Ahhhhhh!! I want Japan convenience store here!!! *^*

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>>25/02/2014, Tuesday, Tsukiji Market / Akihabara

Wefie in the train on the 11th day of our Honeymoon :)

Our destination is the outer market of Tsukiji :)
As we all know, for 2020 olympics~ the tsujiki market has to move :(
Thou, I am not sure if it's only the inner market (for professionals) or not~
It will just mean a different thing afterall, so I glad we went now!

Shopping around~

Look at the amount of uni (sea urchin) and the size of the hotate! (scallop)

It cost 400yen which is about SGD$5, all so worth!

500yen raw oyster!!!! So fat so juicy so delicious!!! With ponzu *drools*

Then we finally decided on a place to settle our lunch~ Kaiten Sushi!

It looks like there are a few of the same shop in the outer market~
But still, there were queues waiting for a seat no matter which shop you stop at!

When we got our seat, we made ourselves some hot maccha~
Maccha powder just placed at the counter with the chopsticks...
Its meant to be self-serviced :)

My all-time favourite! Negitoro Gunkan!

400yen (SGD$5) for 2pcs of Otoro Nigiri!!! So freaking worth!!!!
It melts in your mouth! And le husband finally understands the hype of it!
You can probably only get a piece of otoro nigiri at SGD$5 here!

Shimesaba Nigiri :) Unlike the ones in SG which are dry and tasteless!

This was such an awesome meal! And very economical~
Only cost us less then 2000yen (SGD$25) for 2 pax!!

Leaving tsukiji~ le husband was smoking while walking...
And came a volunteer who forcefully confiscated his cigarette~
Because its a new law that smoking is prohibited while walking at Tsukiji.
It wasn't too unpleasant a situation because I can understand Japanese~
But! She may appear to be rude if other tourist don't know the language~

The station~

Moving on... We dropped by Akihabara!

Of course, given my love for Meido Cafe, its a must go!
First stop, Maidreamin :) First hour cover charge at 500yen (SGD$6)
And we bought a dessert each at a price I cant remember T____T
*getting old, rusty brain*

Second stop (same day), @home cafe
This meido cafe is super highly raved by many jap-culture lovers!
Not only Otakus love there, even le husband says its a better cafe!
If I have a chance to go to Japan during my birthday, I'll celebrate it there!! :D

Souvenirs I got from them~ Took a checki at both cafe~
I am impressed by all their decorating skills, cute & creative!!

Our puri and the checki~ ^^

We then roamed around Akihabara~
Looked at gadgets, anime merchandise, the otaku's world...
And then realized that we are really like pool of still water! Boring!
Haha, in a good way thou, we are living a simple life!

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>>24/02/2014, Monday, Disneysea Amusement Park.

10th day into the Honeymoon, we chose to visit Disney!!

Its my 2nd visit to Tokyo's Disney Theme Park~
My first visit was in 2008 to Disneyland with the bff~

As usual, its a freezing cold day...

Mickey Train!

Us in the mickey train!!

Le husband says either park is fine...
So I chose Disneysea! Heard so much good reviews about it~

Our ticket bud :)

We went on a Monday afternoon thinking there may be a smaller crowd~
But we were wrong, it was still spring holidays there were so many students!
The queue to take photo with the mickey statue at the gate~
So we did a selfie! ^^;

Its a very pretty place...

Though crowded, still managed to take some decent pictures~

Eating onigiri while waiting for the ride!
Learnt our lesson at USJ, so we brought our lunch along~

Magic carpet ride~


Such pretty scenery :)
So unbelievable that its man-made!

~under the sea~

And as a custom, we sent a postcard home to ourselves :)

Yay! A disneysea stamp!

And we stayed till the end for the fireworks~
But it was kind of disappointing because it wasn't as awesome...

Shellie May :)

Ended our tiring day with some alcohol~

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>>23/02/2014, Sunday, Ueno

Day 9 (tokyo day 2) OOTD ^^;
Top and skirt all new bought! And I decided to french braid my hair!

 photo IMG_4467.jpg
Our Tokyo accommodation has been decided to be fixed at one place...
Because we think it's redundant to move around just for a place to sleep~
And I chose the super convenient UENO! :)

This hotel was recently changed from the name CUBE Hotel~
Its living up to its name because smokers are banned from staying...

 photo IMG_4468.jpg
Its a really comfy (and small - a norm) hotel in a convenient location
It is at the side corner of the few shopping streets~
With the station entrance just 20 steps away!

My room :) Building is a total of 13 levels so 7th floor isn't too bad I think~
The room is really small probably 3/4 of a normal HDB room only...
But they have everything available, from fridge to hair dryer, even air humidifier!
Although, the staff was shockingly rude given the service standard in Japan~
Else, all is good and perfect! :)

 photo IMG_4469.jpg
My view once step out of my room door~

 photo IMG_4472.jpg
Ueno Station~ Our 2nd day in Tokyo is to tour Ueno :)

 photo IMG_4471.jpg
Me in my new bag and new 500yen winter coat!

 photo IMG_4473.jpg
Walking to out destination, the cat cafe!


 photo IMG_4477.jpg
It is my first ever trip to a cat cafe~ I loved it so much!!!

 photo IMG_4479.jpg
And to my surprise, le husband enjoys it very much too :)

 photo IMG_4485.jpg
After our cafe trip, we headed out...

 photo IMG_4481.jpg
To find food at Yoshinoya!!

 photo IMG_4483.jpg
How can one not eat a beef bowl in Yoshinoya once when in Japan?
Not only the taste is different, even the atmosphere is different too~

 photo IMG_4484.jpg
Le husband enjoying it :)

 photo IMG_4486.jpg
Ameyoko!! In short for the full name of the market~
Ameya Yokocho (its like our pasar malam just that its permanently there)

 photo IMG_4487.jpg
You can find practically anything & everything essential here~
Most importantly, almost all things are so cheap here!
One of my best buy is found in a 2nd hand shop here~

 photo IMG_4488.jpg
Despite being listed as one of the most dangerous neighborhood in Tokyo~
I really like Ueno, no matter day time or night :)
And has never find it dangerous!

 photo IMG_4494.jpg
And we tried the kebab! Its my first try!!
The people selling the kebab are honestly, quite intimidating!
I have never dared to queue for it all my trips thou it smells really good~
So with le husband this trip! We made it into the queue~

It is so so so juicy and yummy!!! Awesome kebab!
Totally different from the dry and hard ones in pasar malam!

And... this shop is still there~

 photo IMG_4493.jpg
I bought myself some mixed flavour soft cream~
Ice cream in winter! Is not kidding man, its freezing!

Especially when you eat it in a park! With cold wind breezing thru~ lol~
But anyway, we had a short walk into Ueno park!

 photo IMG_4497.jpg
And the lucky us, one Sakura tree has decided to bloom~

 photo IMG_4499.jpg
Wefie, with the sakura!

 photo IMG_4498.jpg
I'll always tell le husband how beautiful it is at Ueno park when it full blooms~
And its a pity that we are not in the season yet~
Would have been awesome if we could see sakura together~
This one sakura tree seems to have heard my inner voice!
It bloomed! And its the best wedding gift for us :)

 photo IMG_4503.jpg
After our park walk, we headed back to the hotel for some rest~
And that's when I spotted a couple of nail salons just the building beside!
So, I have always wanted to do my nails once a lifetime in Japan!
I finally did and I am so happy with their skills, design and service!

Selfie of the day! Taken in the pretty restaurant for dinner :3

 photo IMG_4508.jpg
Its a restaurant that sells mainly Tsukune (minced chicken meat balls)
Also a Izakaya, they have lots of tsumami (small dishes to go with alcohol)

 photo IMG_4506.jpg
I am so in love with tatami seats, So naturally I asked for it :)

 photo IMG_4511.jpg
FUKUMAME is located beside the arcade opposite IOIO
Its very easy to locate and once you get out of the lift, its the restuarant!

 photo IMG_4509.jpg
Nikijyaga! This is my favourite Japanese dish!
I have attempted to make some for le husband a few years ago~
But failed! Hahaha, like what my ex boss said~ its really not easy!
And le husband normally doesn't like sweet sauced hot dish (like sukiyaki)
But he loves this! *beams*

 photo IMG_4510.jpg
Their tsukune comes in all kind of flavours~ some very creative!
But we only tried the conservative flavours like mentaiko mayo~
Not in for too adventurous flavours yet! Haha~

That pretty much sums up my day in Ueno!
And goodbye my 9th honeymoon day T_____T


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新婚旅行日記「原宿、東京① 」


>>22/02/2014, Friday, Harajuku

 photo IMG_4451.jpg
The 8th day into my honeymoon, we are back in Tokyo!
First thing first, buy ourselves a SUICA! *Japan's Ez-link card*

First day in Tokyo: HARAJUKU the whole day!!!!
We headed to Meiji Shrine, by this time, le husband is bored of shrines already!
There were just too many of it in Kyoto! Hahaha~

 photo IMG_4452.jpg
Not been there for exactly FOUR long years!!!!!!!!!!! *喜极而泣*
I just cannot resist planning Harajuku in front of any other plans!

And also why this post is so short and picture-less :p
I have spent a good and crazy 30,000yen (SGD$360) in 3 hours!!!!
Just in a drugstore alone! *spazzes incoherently*
Japan's drugstore is nothing like Watsons or Gurdian we have here...
It has practically & literally EVERYTHING a girl needs!!
I swept lashes, cosmetics, mask, collagen powder, eyedrops etc etc!!

Then, I spent another short hour speed shopping in Harajuku!
Speeding because le husband is going to turn into a statue at takeshita dori~
He completed one round of Harajuku and Omotesando while I was at it!
And my loots? *ehem* It adds up to a luggage full ;p

While I was shopping away, le husband walked around...
And took pictures of what he found interesting~

And of course, we had the HANAMARU UDON! Its my favourite!!!

It has been my favourite ever since my first trip there!
Became a custom for me to eat at least once whenever I am in Tokyo ;)
You know how TAMOYA UDON in Liang Court has the same concept?
But I think its still fail as comparison, I cannot express its awesomeness!
*le husband agrees*

Aftet lunch, I went speed shopping once again~
And when I am done, it was evening already...
Has some crepes before we head off!

 photo IMG_4457.jpg
BANANA CHOCO! Classic flavor~

久しぶりだわ~~~~!!! Yumms~

Took purikura again! Like spam only! Hahaha!
That is the only time where le husband takes with no complains!! *smugs*

 photo IMG_4459.jpg
Byebye Harajuku!!! That ended my 8th honeymoon day~


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>>21/02/2014, Thursday, Yokohama

 photo IMG_4022.jpg
Day 7 into the honeymoon marks the end of travelling around...
After leaving Hakone, we headed straight to Yokohama for the day!

 photo IMG_4023.jpg
First stop, Chinatown!

I have been there before but le husband haven't so we were there!
Have warned him its a boring place but well, since we are there~
It's worth walking down the street ;)

 photo IMG_4025.jpg
Saw some cute buns and decided to have one on the cold street~

 photo IMG_4026.jpg
Piping hot "kong ba bao" alike pork bun...
And we also had some different flavoured siew mai before we left~

 photo IMG_4027.jpg
Next, headed to the bay area...

 photo IMG_4028.jpg
A little walk from the station to our destination...

 photo IMG_4029.jpg
Doesnt it look like an artist impression drawing? :D
The structural of the building made it easy to photograph~

 photo IMG_4030.jpg

The little chicky mascot of the museum

 photo IMG_4032.jpg
All the tourist are queuing for a picture with it :)

 photo IMG_4034.jpg
le husband likes it :)

 photo IMG_4035.jpg
We bought admission tickets
and also tickets to make our own cup noodles!
They had special timings so it will not be overcrowded...

 photo IMG_4036.jpg
Ta-daa! Our empty plain cups to draw on!
There is no limit to how many cups of cup noodles you want to make.
You just have to buy the empty cups from a vending machine before entering
And each cup cost 300yen (SDG$3.60)

 photo IMG_4037.jpg
After buying our cups, we had our hands sterilized before entering...
They have a dozens of round tables that could sit about 8pax...
And plenty of colourful markers placed in the middle.

 photo IMG_4049.jpg
How the drawing area looked like...

Me starting on designing my cup noodle!

 photo IMG_4038.jpg
Also, in front of us, were menu for the ingredients/ soup base!
That is a wise choice so people will not have to only decide on the spot
Which seriously nay cause congestion at each station~
I spent sometime looking at it deciding mine while I drew...

- photo IMG_4041.jpg
le husband concentrating on his "art"

This is le husband's piece of art~
LOL! The stick figures!!

And mine :)

 photo IMG_4042.jpg
So after we are all done on the drawing...
Station one is to fill in the dry noodles! By turning them in!

 photo IMG_4044.jpg
Station two, choose your ingrediants!
Every cup could have 1 soup base (powder) & 3 items
I chose the pink heart kamaboko, spring onions and eggs!

 photo IMG_4045.jpg

 photo IMG_4046.jpg
Station three, sealing the cup noodle!
The station staffs are all with so much smiles<3

Last station, bubble warp them up!

And here is our very own customized cup noodle :)

The cups that I painfully forgotten to bring home! *cries*
Although, we had the noodles already, so it's not too big a loss~lol~

 photo IMG_4050.jpg
We went up one level after cup noodle making...
Into the display of history of Instant/Cup noodles from Nissin~
Did you know, the first instant noodle was invented in 1958?
And it's sold at 100yen per portion~

 photo IMG_4051.jpg
And it's wide variety from then till now~

 photo IMG_4052.jpg
Look! the Singapore corner, thou I wonder why they listed Tom Yam

 photo IMG_4053.jpg
Creative piece of artwork along in the museum...

 photo IMG_4054.jpg
And this is the little hut where the inventor, Ando Momofuku
lived and studied the invention of the incredible instant noodle!

The facade from a al-fresco area outside...

 photo IMG_4057.jpg
That is facing the sea!

 photo IMG_4056.jpg
This place totally reminds me of Marina Bay~
Somewhat made me feel like I am not in Japan...

 photo IMG_4060.jpg
Here's when we are ready to leave...
It's a very cute idea for them to design the packaging like it is!

 photo IMG_4061.jpg
We headed just opposite to the Cosmoworld Amusement Park!
The night lights of Yokohama should be seen since we are already here~

 photo IMG_4062.jpg
Up we go!

 photo IMG_4064.jpg
Selfie<3 I was pretty scared (a very timid person) up there...
The wind was strong and the cabin was shaking!! ;p

 photo IMG_4063.jpg
Looking down from our cabin, doesn't it looks like Clarke Quay?

Leaving Yokohama marks the start of our Tokyo adventures...
As well as the hard fact that half of my honeymoon trip is over :(

 photo IMG_6776.jpg
We were so hungry by the time the sky became dark...
It was only 6:30pm Japan time though~ we went back to Tokyo!

 photo IMG_6777.jpg
And this is Ameyoko Cho, Ueno on a thursday night~

 photo IMG_6775.jpg
Settled for some Yakiniku nearby~ that was not awesome but cheap!
So there's nothing to complain about... Haha!

Hello 7days of Tokyo! ( ๑*╹౪╹*)(╹౪╹*๑)

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>>20/02/2014, Wednesday, Hakone

 photo IMG_3708.jpg
Day 5 into my Honeymoon Trip, we left Kyoto early in the morning~

 photo IMG_3710.jpg
And bought our breakfast from a LAWSON nearby...
It was a perfect picture of le husband standing in the middle
Until this lady walked out and it was freezing outside (opposite road)
So I made do with only this :(


 photo IMG_3711.jpg
Our 31inches luggages, I offered my help to him...
But le husband says no need! wahaha (it's still light)
The thing about Japan is there is alot of stairs & walking to do!

 photo IMG_3715.jpg
So, we made our way onto our last ride of shinkansen...
From Kyoto to Odawara and changing another line into Hakone

 photo IMG_3714.jpg
Our breakfast bento~

 photo IMG_3716.jpg
HIKARI Shinkansen~

In the midst of changing train at the platform...
It was freezing, kairo doesnt seems to be warm enough T^T

 photo IMG_3720.jpg
Reaching soon!

 photo IMG_3719.jpg
Maybe it's about the age or maybe it's a change of preference...
I have had only ONE bottle of milktea throughout my whole Japan trip
Instead, all I wanted and craved for were the unsweetened teas~
Combini bottled milktea used to be my favourite, I can drink them all day!

 photo IMG_3721.jpg
Anyway, this is the Tozan Railway that brings people up to Hakone
Tozan practically means "going upthe mountain"

 photo H0000048578.jpg
Checking in into our ryokan [HAKONE SUIMESOU] after we alight.
It was a easy way there, with the ryokan just 3mins walk away from the station
We alighted at Hakone Yumoto station and just a turn out of the lift...

 photo IMG_3722.jpg
Our room :) I chose this ryokan after much plannings...
Because they have private onsen for rent! Which is good for couples~

 photo IMG_3723.jpg
Our 6 tatami room seems small when I made the booking.
But when we got there, it seems kind of spacious<3

 photo IMG_3724.jpg
Window space~

 photo IMG_3730.jpg
That has a nice view down there...

 photo IMG_3728.jpg
A little stream and some green view~

Pretty little dressing table and it's mirror~

 photo IMG_3726.jpg
Teaset that I loved<3

 photo IMG_3727.jpg
Amd our bathrobes! It's sweet that they have red & blue.
Red for females and it's smaller size to fit us well!
Unlike other ryokans that has unisex size~

 photo IMG_3732.jpg
We booked an hour of onsen at 16:00 in this little private space...
It's outdoor onsen, so the view was good! Though opposite can see us too
An hour of thiswould cost 2,000yen (SGD$25) which is not cheap but!
It is so so worth it!

We had a session 23:00 in the night as well and we brought some sake in!
My first experience of winter onsen was awesome!

We went roaming around the ryokan after onsen~

 photo IMG_3734.jpg
They have a rather spacious lobby...

And WII! for people like us trying to pass an hour's time...
We were waiting for our kaiseki dinner that will be served in our room~

 photo IMG_3735.jpg
It has a pretty little walkway just right outside...

 photo IMG_3739.jpg
We ended our game and moved back up for our dinner...
Itadakimasuuu (*__/|__*)

 photo IMG_3737.jpg
They are really fast in setting up our food! I love kaiseki~
We had this 12 dishes including dessert and a cup of sake too...

 photo IMG_3738.jpg
The lovely fruits, japan's melon are always the best!

Playing around with the mirror with selfie<3

Selfie again! And right after le husband finishes his food...
We tried to head out to walk the street we saw in the afternoon.
It was pretty crowded, so we think it may be so too in the night...
But when we got out, it's like a ghost town!
All the shop closed before the the sun sets~

 photo IMG_3743.jpg
So we bought some sake from the combini and headed back to...
The staff awaiting for us to set our futons!

Look at his professional service! All of their staffs are awesome!
They serve really fast and neat and with warm smiles...

 photo IMG_3744.jpg
The sake we brought along with us to our night session onsen<3
It is indeed life, enjoying sake in winter onsen before bedtime!

 photo DSC01110.jpg
The next morning, we woke up at 7am for breakfast...
Again, served in our room! :)

 photo DSC01111.jpg
After breakfast, the lazybum me had to go back to sleep!
I WAS SO TIRED!!! Maybe it's the sake, maybe it's the onsen? :p
Le husband took a walk around the area alone... and took pictures!

 photo DSC01126.jpg
It was nice rivers that he saw, he even attempted a selfie!

As much as I want to laze around this serene place...
Reality is we had to go :( Checked-out at 10am and off to tokyo!
I will surely visit Hakone again!

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新婚旅行日記「祇園、京都 ②」


>>19/02/2014, Tuesday, Kyoto Day 2

I had my 1000yen navy coat on! With the new ankle fur boots~
Black ribbon, my 4 year old ZARA sweater inside and a black mini skirt!
I always thought girls who wear mini skirt in winter are crazy~ look who's crazy! ;p

 photo IMG_3400.jpg
First thing we did, we walked the higashiyama street, it was quiet in the day!
There were more people in the night thou, but still...
it is kind of not for young people, in my opinion~
It is nevertheless a nice place to see once in your lifetime.
Its the traditional street of Japan!

 photo IMG_3401.jpg
Some nice places to see along the way...

 photo IMG_3402.jpg
And there were trishaws everywhere!
They will ride the tourist around the places of interest in Gion~
Acting as a tour guide too, explaining the cultures along the way.
Of course, nothing comes free, but we didn't consider so we didn't ask.
I am pretty sure that is a good way of getting around for local tourist!

Right after getting out to the main street, we found lunch!
We love Ohsho! That was where our story starts *beams*
Anyway, this ohsho was located conveniently just beside Yasuka Shrine.

 photo IMG_3407.jpg
My share of gyoza! *gobbles*
I just love places like ohsho, so homey and cheap! It was a freaking 1400yen!
For 6pcs of gyoza, one bowl of noodle & chahan plus a plate of tori karaage!
Approximately SGD$18!!

 photo IMG_3408.jpg
Randomly, again, I realize I like taking photos of train tickets! ;p

 photo IMG_3409.jpg
We headed off to Fushimi Inari Shrine after lunch as planned.
The famous place for Senbon Torii~

 photo IMG_3410.jpg
On our way there, I saw these kids at the opposite platform~
Laughing care-freely! Nice mood-lifting sight :)

Transportation in Japan is just so convenient~
The shrine is just right outside of the JR Inari Station...

 photo IMG_3413.jpg
Just like dramas! Wahaha!

 photo IMG_3415.jpg
Here, we arrived at the Temizuya (place to cleanse)
It is considered a indispensable ritual to purify oneself before entering...
And that includes rinsing your mouth and your fingers removing evil!
But! It has been obvious that many Japanese themselves do not do so :(

 photo IMG_3416.jpg

 photo IMG_3418.jpg
One of the best part going on a trip with your loved ones is this...
Seeing yourself in his eyes! Haha, not exactly, he was forced to (at first)
Take pictures with the compact digital camera of what he likes seeing~
But when we got home and sort out photos, I realized I was in half of them!

Sometimes I say he is the least romantic guy I ever know...
Yet he surprises me with little things as we grow~ ♥︎

 photo IMG_3419.jpg
Walking around in the Shrine~

 photo IMG_3420.jpg
Torii Ema~ We skipped writing one...

 photo IMG_3421.jpg
There we are, the start of the Senbon Torii Gates!

As the name suggests, you may think there are 1000 block of them...
But no, there are over 20,000 of them along this path way up!
It got too cold to continue going up! We gave up after these mini torii...
And these are the exact torii that appeared in the Memoirs of a Geisha~
Where little sayuri ran and ran and ran... Lol~

Stalls inside the shrine~

 photo IMG_3426.jpg
Having snowed the day before, it was really cold!
We happen to passby this little shop that sells traditional snacks~
And having the weather, selling some hot porridge, hot tea & coffee too!

We both had hot coffee~
*and missed our kopi siew dai in singapore so badly!*

 photo IMG_3430.jpg
They have these heaters that can also boil water placed at every corner~
Keeping their customers warm at their tatami seats...
There were no tables only tatami seats by the wall and at the center of shop!

View from the inside of shop~

And just round the corner of the snack house...
There is this railroad crossing!!!!! Like in a drama!!!! *spazzes*
I adore j-dramas and I have always wanted to see these!
I did in Tokyo 7 years ago, but it was at night in a very small town~
It felt so different, this looks so real and dreamy!! *smiles sheepily*

Leaving the Fushimi Inari Shrine...

 photo IMG_3434.jpg
We alighted at metro line Shijo station (our ryokan is at Gion-Shijo)
And tried to walk back... Luckily we did~

We walked past this place at the shijo dori filled with shops...

We got curious at the long queue there! So we checked out the shop~
You know lah, being Singaporeans, queue does have this natural pull~ haa!

 photo IMG_3437.jpg
[Saryo TSUJIRI] which I believe to be a tea house~
Shijo-dori shop is their honten (main shop) they have one in tokyo too~
They serve all kinds of maccha products you can ever think of!
Even Maccha Udon! In hot soup! Goodness, so exotic!

 photo IMG_3438.jpg
After braving the chilling wind for more then 30mins~
We got ourselves a seat at the eating area upstairs, level 2

The maccha they use are from Uji, which is the famous place for
Good quality maccha! Also one of the oldest place for producing tea leaf~
Uji is a small town located in between Kyoto & Nara anyway...
So you get all the food Uji macchas in kyoto too!

Just an info: Uji Maccha is not a breed of maccha like most Singaporean think.
They are called that because it is produced in the town, Uji (Kyoto, Japan)
And there is Uji Hojicha too, the hojicha leaves harvested in Uji~

 photo IMG_3439.jpg
I had a osusume Zenzai set that includes a super tasty seaweed!
And a cup of real maccha! That goes so well with the Zenzai & seaweed~
To be very honest, it felt normal, it does taste good! Dont get me wrong~
But maybe the Japanese cuisine standard in Singapore is growing...
So much so that we could almost (Almost, ya) taste Japan here~

After the desserts, we went down to their shop...
And bought my bosses some tea leaves! They love tea~
It wasnt exactly cheap, one box cost 1000yen (SGD$12.50)
And there is only 6 teabags in it, nevertheless, IT IS SO WORTH!!!!!

I bought myself a box of sencha greentea~
There is almost no awkward aftertaste when you drink them...
Aroma max and taste a little salty~ I like♥︎

 photo IMG_3441.jpg
So when we are done with desserts, we headed back to our ryokan~
Not had dinner yet but being cold and hungry, we walked into this Izakaya!
Just right opposite our ryokan~

 photo IMG_3443.jpg
Ordered some cold side dishes right away!
My all-time favourite, Mentaiko! It goes so well with beer *huggles*
And such rarely (eaten cheap) Ankimo Ponzu! Le husband hates this ;p
Ankimo is Monkfish's liver eaten raw with Oroshi Ponzu (grated raddish)

Oh hi! Kampai~

 photo IMG_3444.jpg
More fooooooooood~

 photo IMG_3446.jpg
I love, LOVE kaki furai (fried oysters)~

 photo IMG_3445.jpg
Cheap sushi! *slurps*

Me trying to take a picture of le husband taking a picture of me!

 photo IMG_3449.jpg
And vice versus~ lol!

 photo IMG_3452.jpg
Having a fun time! I really enjoy his companion so so much ♥︎

 photo IMG_3453.jpg
Returning to our warm and comfy rooms with futon well laid~
We saw they put in new snacks beside our tea box!
Hmmm, talk about service, Singapore should look up to Japanese!

 photo IMG_3454.jpg
My first Kyoto trip has just came to an end~
I do look forward to come again!

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新婚旅行日記「祇園、京都 ①」


>>18/02/2014, Tuesday, Kyoto Day 1

 photo IMG_3357.jpg
Dragging our luggages, we had two 31" ones by the way~ hehe!
We left Osaka after checking out at Remm Hotel...
Headed straight to kyoto via the Shinkansen, took us 30mins~
And we had to change another line to get to the famous Gion!
We also had breakie on it! Menu's Takoyaki & Gyozas! ;)

 photo IMG_3360.jpg
We arrived at Gion-Shijo station about 15mins later...
And started to walk in search of our ryokan, walk again! Hahaha~
There were lots of walking to do in Japan! And while we walked, it snowed!
Just very lightly and briefly thou, it was awesome & meaningful for us :)

It wasn't an easy search, the ryokan on map looks easier to locate~
We asked for help from a nurse from a clinic nearby and she is so nice!!
With her kind and really generous help (in the snow too) we found it!

 photo IMG_3358.jpg
Our ryokan [GION SHINMONSO] was the cheaper choice around Gion.
Why do I insisted to live inside Gion? Well, there's said to be Geishas!
But we only got to catch a glimpse of one maiko sending her client off~ lol~
Neverthless, it was all worth living there! Actually anywhere in japan :(

We arrived at 11am and the check in is only allowed at 4pm (typical of ryokans)
Left our luggages at the counter where they will move into our rooms later~
I just love ryokans! All the etiquettes of kimono wearing staffs!!! *hearts*

 photo IMG_3361.jpg
So, having nothing to do except for looking for lunch~
We explore Gion! There is this beautiful Shirakawa river right behind the ryokan!
Photos sometimes really doesnt do the beauty justice! :(

Kyoto, is a place of traditions... Beautiful traditional Japan~

And a nice little shrine in the middle of the road~

 photo IMG_3362.jpg
Pretty edo-era buildings whole of the street!

 photo IMG_3363.jpg
Oh, hello! Its a quiet morning anyway~
We were the only few couple of people walking around...
Which is good! No crowds! But freezing cold! Haha~

 photo IMG_3369.jpg
Camellia Japonica blooming on the streets!
-camellia are often seen on yukata!-

Old willow tree~

 photo IMG_3364.jpg

 photo IMG_3367.jpg
I wished I was in a kimono and had a picture with this as background~

 photo IMG_3368.jpg
As we walked, we came to a stop at this Teppanyaki shop~
Because it already smells good from the outside!! So we went in~

It was a cosy little homey shop with two local obasan running it...

 photo IMG_3373.jpg
The exact place I will love to drink some hot maccha and chill in the winter~

 photo IMG_3372.jpg
While we were drinking hot ocha, our feet with socks on were still freezing!

 photo IMG_3375.jpg
We ordered some okonomiyaki that's supposed to be self-made~
It was half cooked in the kitchen and then brought onto the teppan (metal)
For us to continue cooking and also keeps the food warm!

 photo IMG_3374.jpg
And we had this enormous osusume okonomiyaki (chef's recommendation)
It has all ingredients in it! Beef, pork, prawn, veggie, egg~
It was so so so good!! *spazzes* We ordered yakisoba too...

Thou its only 3 items, its very filling for that amount of flour! Haha~
It cost us only approximately 2,000yen (SGD$25), which is kind of reasonable~

 photo IMG_3376.jpg
While wearing our shoes, ready to leave...
Le husband is amused by the traditionally working shoe locker!

 photo IMG_3377.jpg
You unlock it by dropping the wooden piece down.

 photo IMG_3378.jpg
After lunch, we walked our way to the Yasaka Shrine...
It was a 10mins walk, good like an exercise!

 photo IMG_3379.jpg
Attempted selfie at the entrance~ haha!

Like most shrine, they have beautiful sceneries~ and trees~ haha!

And then we both took a Omikuji read~
Its like our chinese qian(1) that people get in our chinese temple~

Mine wasn't good, so I had it tied up to avoid bad lucks come true...

 photo IMG_3384.jpg
Le husband got a good one, he kept it and still has it now~

 photo IMG_3385.jpg
This shrine has a very pretty lake in the middle of the place~

Le husband likes the quietness and peaceful feeling you get at shrines~

 photo IMG_3387.jpg
Kyoto is truly beautiful, even just at Gion~

 photo IMG_3388.jpg
Before we left, we wrote a enma~ we hope it blesses our marriage!

 photo IMG_3390.jpg
Enough of walking Gion, we went back to the hotel right around 4pm~
Another thing I love about ryokans, their keys!

 photo IMG_3391.jpg
And also the fact that there free endless maccha in the room~ with okashi ♥︎
They change it everyday when they make your beds (futon)~

 photo IMG_3393.jpg
Playing around in the room, le husband acting the Japanese man~

And there is our futon! The staff will come in everyday after dinner...
Just to help you make your futon, and they keep it every morning after breakie!
Oh, ryokans~ if you have never lived in a ryokan before when you visit Japan...
It's almost like you have never been there before!

 photo IMG_3395.jpg
Dinner came pretty late, the teppan okonomiyaki was extremely filling~
We walked around Ponto cho at night, the street of geisha house!
Found ourselves some Yakitori after countless of tempting food~
Along the stretch, good food is an understatement~ they are lavishly good!

 photo IMG_3396.jpg
This Yakitori shop, in my honest was not fantastic~ it was only average.
But that's in the rate of Japanese standards~ if you compare to SG...
It's still good ;)

 photo IMG_3397.jpg
But it's ambience was a 10/10 for sure!
It was romantically dim and quiet, it made a good dating place!

 photo IMG_3398.jpg
After dinner was a late night karaoke! How can we not do one in Japan~
And so... the fourth day in my favourite island ended again :(
Was counting down my little time left there, I remembered being emo :(

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>>17/02/2014, Monday, Universal Studio Japan
Osaka Day 2

Third day morning, we woke up early for Universal Studio!
LOTD~ I had twintail and my only wore once beanie~
Really has no use of it in Singapore, lol!

*I realized that I take a longer time to do my make-up in Japan then at home
Probably due to the fact that almost all Japanese women make up properly...
Like has everything essential on their faces, I wouldn't skip any routine!
I wouldnt want to look anything less then my best on the streets of Japan~

So... le husband always get prepared faster then I do... haha!
He went down to the shopping street and bought some famous HORAI Gyoza & BAO
Apparently, 551 Horai Gryoza is a chain and you get to see them almost everywhere!
Their gyoza is damn cheap and for the taste and quality, it's extremely worth~
Bao for breakie is the norm, but with gyoza~ haha! Certainly the first!

OOTD! New Navy Coat, Maroon Skater Skirt, Knee-high boots, Beanie!
And I haven been in Japan for so long, I only realized that knee-high is OUT!
The cute little ankled height boots seems to be more preferred in Japanese Fashion~
*yes, I got myself one in the end, hahahaha*

Hey~ Meet my handsome husband, Shawn! hahaha!
Heading out, it took us less then 30mins to reach the USJ train station.
And that is by the normal JR train, it was kind of squeezy thou...
We had thought we're clever by going to these amusement parks on monday~
But then! It happened to be the spring holiday there, people were everywhere!

 photo IMG_3135.jpg
But all thanks to the crowd, it was all very easy to get our way there...
It's basically just following the crowd~ almost everyone on that train goes to USJ!

 photo IMG_3137.jpg
And so... Here we are!!
Selfie with the must-take-photo-of Universal Studio globe.

 photo IMG_6287.jpg
Here's the ticket... Spiderman on cover~
We are 5 months early, if not, I CAN BE IN HARRY POTTER's WORLD!!!
Haha! At least le husband promises me a next trip for it! *beams*

Off we go~ The ticket gantry staffs are so smiley!
I do understand that may not be real, but at the very least they bother...
To put a smile when they put on their uniforms, it's responsibility~
*unlike service staffs in Singapore, i wanna roll my eyes on them*

Park Guide~ To be honest I am more of a Disney person then Universal.
It was undeniably less interesting for me, but still, it's a place that I will like to
go once in my life just because it is a tourist attraction in my favourite country!

 photo IMG_3101.jpg
Inside of the theme park...

 photo IMG_3105.jpg
As compared to USS, USJ has a wider space to work on these....
And is of course, prettier in my honest (maybe biased) opinion~

Inside of the theme park...

Inside of the theme park...

 photo IMG_3102.jpg
One thing USJ definitely win hands down is the Sesame Street/Snoopy park
It is very family friendly, with parks specially made for children!

 photo IMG_3103.jpg
See! Every child's heaven probably looks like this~
In USS, I will not even consider bring my children in before they turn 12?

 photo IMG_3108.jpg
Us with our 3D specs in some attraction...

Selfie again! The legendary toilet selfie! ahaha!

It was a short USJ trip and I got hungry! Hungry me = grumpy me~
So we head out to find food at the Namba Station, Dotonbori~
le husband's first buy at the train ticketing machine! that's where we realized...

The machine is rather clever because if you insert a 5,000yen note (SGD$62.50)
It will not drop 4,800yen of change in coins to you instead....
Its NOTES and COINS!!!!! *amazed* the suaku us nearly went to counter
And ask for small 1,000yen change with our 5,000yen note... Haha!
Luckily we didn't!

The hungry pair of us could not even wait for searching of good food~
We just randomly went into a Yakiniku shop right out of the station...
And to our surprise! This little obscured shop was the best of our trip!

Although the menu was a little more expensive then the usual yakiniku place~
Its still not too bad (as compared to eating yakiniku in Singapore)
We only ordered the most common wagyu (not the high marbling graded ones)
And it already taste heavenly!!!!! Really really really awesome!! *drools*

 photo IMG_3114.jpg
For such good food, the place was kind of quiet for a monday evening~
Especially they have a great location, just the first turn out of station...
Oh! They have a chinese speaking staff too!

These plus another 2 portions of wagyu and a plate of onions/mix veggie...
Was really all we had ( with okawari gohan thou, lol)
It looks like a light portion but it was very filling! and...
Oh, onions in Japan!! I can eat them all day! So sweet & not tearing you at all!!

Our dinner cost about 4,800yen (SGD$60) in total...
That is so cheap for the kind of quality of food you get!!!!
It was even better then the best we can get in Singapore, which is Gyu Kaku~

So totally worth! :)

We decided to go for a walk at Dotonbori, another famous street in osaka~
Also what we came for, haha! On the way there...
Le husband was amused by the marketing strategies in Japan !
This is a host club building with their faces in banner hanging outside~
Cool sight! Host club in Singapore are all hiding themselves~

 photo IMG_3116.jpg
And... Tadaaa! The famous Glico man at Namba's Dotonbori!
You see every single tourist taking photos of/with it!

Of course, as kiasu Singaporeans, we asked for help for this too! XD

 photo IMG_3118.jpg
My loot of the day, a pair of 1,000yen (SGD$12.50) ankle boots!!
I went to a few outlet to find my right size & this favourite colour! :)


Next up! 19/02/2014 at KYOTO!
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There was this day, I read through my entire blog~
And realized how nice it is to re-live the emotions years ago...
Those memories, those feeling still vivid running through my mind!

So, I have decided to pen down my honeymoon trip before memories blurs out...
In years to come, I would be able to feel my honeymoon trip again!


>>15/02/2014, Sunday, Singapore/Osaka
Traveling Day, Osaka Day 1

 photo IMG_3048.jpg
Right after our solemnization on Valentines...
We are on the way to our 10K / 16DAYS Japan Honeymoon!
5am early wee hours, we arrived at the Changi Airport for our flight
Flying delta, is always this early T_____T our plane's flying at 6am!
and I think I saw ryouko on the same flight

 photo IMG_3049.jpg
After 6/half hours of flight, I am back to the land of rising sun!!!!!! *spazzes*
No one will ever understand my love for this country and culture!
I cannot even express through any medium how thrilled & elated I am being there!

 photo IMG_3051.jpg
We had gotten our JR Passes in Singapore way before our trip~
All we had to do was to exchange for this with an ticket issued to us.
It cost us approximately 24,000yen per pass, but it's totally worth because
we have been travelling so much place during the first 7 days...
-though, only on JR trains, as widely known-

When we arrived at the ticketing office to exchange our passes in Narita Airport
There were notices saying train schedules are not estimable due to the snow
Yes, it was the exact heavy snow period, we worried as we queue~
But eventually, we were lucky maybe, we got on a train 20 mins later!
The Narita Express brings us from airport to Tokyo station in 60mins~

 photo IMG_3050.jpg
While we waited, le hungry husband eats onigiri! First food<3

 photo IMG_3054.jpg
HELLO JAPAN!!!!!!!! *spazzes incoherently*
It has been 4 years apart from this trip and the one before.
That is why I am especially excited, and it feels so different...
Probably because I am with my soulmate! So glad he loves Japan too!
It was his virgin trip to my favourite country and I hope he enjoyed~

Anyway, here's a picture of le vainpot waifu doing makeup on train~
Yes, I know it is considered rude to do so in Japanese culture but...
I cannot bear to be suppin in Japan, NO, NO, JUST NO. haha!
At least, I was quick! makeup done in 10mins~ Well trained already ;p
I'm experienced drawing eyeliner on racing buses in Singapore hor! LOL~

Then came the train pushcart!
Has food (Ekiben), snacks, beverages & even JR mascot goods!

Then came the ticket officer, to check on your tickets~ I always adore them!
Like in Japan, you can almost make a professional in any line of career~ hahaha!

So, we were on Shinkansen Hikari, going to Osaka from Tokyo.
Shinkansen has reserved/non-reserved seats, so he is checking on them.
Having a pass does not guarantee you a nice comfy seat, unfortunately...
It was easy to reserve thou, follow the signs and find the JR Pass ticket office
Show them your pass and tell them where you are going, they will arrange you a train!
Especially for Shinkansen, they dont come every 5~10mins or so, it's wise to reserve.

 photo IMG_3125.jpg
I realized I have stopped the habits of taking photos of train station ;p
After 3 hours, we arrived at Osaka Station... HELLO OSAKA! (first visit)
Our hotel [REMM SHIN-OSAKA], as name suggests, is located in Shin-Osaka
We had to change a train to get there, it took approximately only 10 mins!
Our hotel is just above the station! It's convenient max!!

REMM Hotel has very small western rooms, the norm because it's rare...
Or rather expensive to find big international hotels in Japan (space constrain ne)
But for the SGD$100++ per night we paid, this hotel was great~
It's clean (most impt point), it's cheap, has good location & quite a view too...
Only thing not so awesome is the kinda less smiley staff, but still acceptable :)

After we checked in, the hungry us went out to search for comfort food~
-red coat borrowed from the sis-in-law, camera borrowed from my awesome boss-

We both had some hot udon to warm us up!
It was freezing, for us who live in this tropical island, 5 degree is COLD!

So, after a day of traveling (total travelling + waiting time = 11hours)
We bought some alcohol back to our hotel room and called it a day...
Btw, it's so freaking cheap to buy beer/cigarettes in Japan! Oh, Japan!

>>16/02/2014, Sunday, Osaka/Nara

Second day in my favourite island, we woke up early...
Me in the LIZ-LISA inspired coat! Cost me only SGD$40! Damn cheap!
But I think I am petite much it looks like a bathrobe on me instead T^T

We traveled to Nara by Shinkansen (making full use of the JR pass!)
It takes only 25mins by the bullet train...

 photo IMG_3064.jpg
Le husband is so eager to try out all the weird/amusing things in Japan!
And Ekiben (Station Bentos) became the first! Eating food in trains leh...
Dont get to do so in Singapore, hahaha!

 photo IMG_3066.jpg
HELLO NARA!!! (Yui's first visit...)
After reaching Nara station, we try to make our way to a park...

Even le husband is feeling cold! It was 5 degree too like the night before~
I commented that he looks like a terrorist! w

 photo IMG_3067.jpg
There was quite a distance (maybe 15mins) of walking to do...
But it was too cold that every step we took seems like forever~~

We just had to hide in buildings for warmth! HAHA! Noob us!
So we jumped into the next building that was an acarde! HOHO! PURI!
Almost every arcade in Japan has purikura machines, of course.....
Took our first purikura in Japan!!

Then le husband spotted the legendary cigarette vending machine!!
I had always talked about it at home, tehee ;p
We wanted to try a purchase but TASPO card was required...
It's a card to identify whether you are of the legal age to smoke (18)
So we gave up and decided we're warm enough to head out~

 photo IMG_3071.jpg
After warming up, we are ready to continue conquering the cold~
On the way there, le husband spotted senbei shop with crowd, so we try!
-le SG spirit! Anywhere with queue is good!-

 photo IMG_3072.jpg
Arriving at the park, Nara Kouen~

 photo IMG_3077.jpg
The park with lots and lots of deer! Yes!!! I looked forward to this so much!
Deer are deem as sacred in Japanese traditions so they are important~
They can roam freely around the park and we are not supposed to disturb them...

 photo IMG_3074.jpg
But we could feed them! *spazzes*
These deer are accustomed to people feeding them so much that...
They come crowding around once you turn your back, close your purse,
from the deer-biscuit selling obasan, looking at you eagerly with shiny eyes!

 photo IMG_3076.jpg
Such clever creatures<3

 photo IMG_3075.jpg
We also read online that these deer does headbutting to people holding food!
True enough, le husband received one! LOL! It was interesting~ he said!

 photo IMG_3078.jpg
After feeding 4 portions (one portion was 150yen with 6 palm-sized biscuit)
We had enough of our share of cutesy deer & doe (they were really adorable!)
So we walked around the park, typically, there were lots of shrines!
And it was a tranquil atmosphere, enjoying such peace and scenery...
with my soulmate is just... so fortunate!

We were also lucky enough, to still see clumps of snow like this...
Far cry from the fairy tale, these snow were dirty because it's on the road.

 photo IMG_3079.jpg
Using this map we got from the tourist info counter at the Nara Station.
It was pretty useful because le husband is good at map reading!
While I am better at recognizing directions~ LOL, we're a perfect match<3
Heading out of Nara because deer park is the only thing we came here for...

The hungry us took the trains back and alighted at JR. Temma Station...
For the Tenjinbashi-suji Shotengai! (Shopping Street 2.6km long!) OH! SHOP!

 photo IMG_3082.jpg
But first! FOOD! We randomly walked into a gyoza shop...
It was a small but cosy and clean place with a relatively cheap menu.
Not to mention their popular gyoza was really good *slurps*

And what I really like was the chatty & smiley boss!
It is pretty obvious from his working aura that he loves what he does!
We even had a chat... he congratulated us on our marriage<3

After pampering our stomach, it's pampering the wife time!
But I am keeping my funds for Tokyo, so we window shopped only :)

And my only buy was this 1,000yen (SGD$12.50) coat!
SO CHEAP LAH! Good quality & pretty buttons, I love it~

Then we spotted some oden along the way...
HOW TO NOT GET FAT?! Just an hour ago we had our lunch T^T
But oden is to die for, cannot dont eat in Japan! hahaha...

 photo IMG_3085.jpg
Le husband buying them, I was just taking photos...
He can survive there with his couple of recently picked-up japanese vocab!
I mean... without his beautiful translator waifu lah ;p

 photo IMG_3087.jpg
I love Daikon (white raddish) like how I love Japan...Indescribable!

Shortly afterwards, we headed back to our hotel (for a nap before dinner)
It was really tiring to be on the go for most of the time, it's just exhausting~
On our way back we saw people queuing for what's in this bag!!

 photo IMG_3090.jpg
Its Takoyaki from KUKURU! (food before nap)
How to not get fat again??! Haha! I ate 3 times in 6 hours!
Kind of a record for myself~ but it was so heavenly!
Having ate these, no one will be interested in those selling in singapore!

 photo IMG_6263.jpg
After reenergizing ourselves from the power nap, our legs are most happy! w
We headed out to the night of Shin-Osaka!! To Yodobashi-Umeya~
We were trying to buy some prepaid sim cards with data plans~
But they cost about 4,000yen (SGD$50) for a week's usage per card per pax!
Too expensive! We can eat a good meal with that amount of yens~
So we decided to stick to our hotel / Starbucks wifi...
Glad that we did because we really didn't get to use much :)

So we went back to the hotel right after a simple hamburg dinner~
Rested early because... We are going to USJ the next day! :D

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