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Baby Creations • 子供用、手作

Making full good use of my $100 sewing machine, I SEW ALOT! *smugs*

I've made a couple of baby bibs! 2-sided~

A few pairs of mitttens 🐱🐱🐱

Knee pad protector for baby rei~

The little one's bean pillow with 2 pillow cases!!
Just in case he spill he milk and needs to change for laundry~

Matching cover for his sleeping pillow~ Because his blanket is marine too!

Sewing up his head cushion for pram and carrier with my starry cloth!
Because it's a cheap one so the original material is kind of horrendous~
Now it looks so much more decent 🙊🙊🙊

A couple of teething pads!
Which probably still has half a year more before he needs them~

And other then baby stuffs, I've made a tissue holder for my mum!

Sanitary Pad Pouch for the girls~ 👯👯

Altering my pre-wed shoot gown into my maternity shoot dress!
And with plans, to make a fluffy red skirt too!

Anyway, enough of my sewing~ le grandma (my mum)'s first present for baby!
One piece of apparel is more expensive the. My one dress from taobao!
Parent's money are so easy to earn these days~ hahaha 😂😂😂
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ETC • いろいろ

I have finally passed le bestie the Yukata for little rei~
And she tried it on on the spot!! 👘👘👘

Little rei looks so cute in it!!! *spazzes*
I am so happy and proud of myself! A sense of achievement!
We're gonna bring her out somewhere to do a shoot! Looking forward to it!

Speaking of which, I am currently making her a knee pad guard!
With daiso socks and fabric from taobao!!

Also made the girls some xmas present with my left over cloth...
It's a sanitary pad pouch! Practical right? They would need it~

A while ago, I was making baby bib and mittens for my dad's son~
These bib are super easy to make! And looks cuter then traditional ones!
Later on I'll make more for my baby boy! Muahaha!

Here's the mitten (one set) handmade by yours truly too! XD
It was exceptionally easy to made as well! Thou not very good workmanship!

So this was my gift set to my "stepbrother" LOL!!
I personally like that colourful bunny fabric very very much~

Some time ago, I attempted paddlepop nails again but failed too.
I just cannot grasp the hang of making paddlepop / marble nails :(

And recently, I made christmas nails!
Inspired by one of the set Jill & Lovers made these days~
Jill & Lover is a nail salon in Shibuya that I Have been following...
They have very creative and pretty nail designs I must say!
But nail designs in Japan are generally better then those in SG~
And also, doing a gel nail in Japan is generally cheaper then Singapore!
Unbelievable ya?! I did mine in Japan for only $45 (with designs & stones)
Not sure if it's the skill or what, I can never find a good nailist in SG.
Recently I think I found one near the standards of Japanese!
Amellia Nails that is located in Sembawang! But! She is expensive...
So... do it myself :p Decent enough lah, judging I am not skilled.
I like the Snowman drawn by my right hand! The xmas tree is a bit cui thou!

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Done! • ベビー浴衣完成

So after my sewing machine came, I was preparing to start!
And it really doesnt just take a few days :(
The pregnant me gets tired and backaches easily now...
I started with measuring and cutting the fabric I want.
Then I sew the inner sides to make it look pretty on day one!

Day two started with completing the Obi.
The cloth was a free gift from the fabric seller and it is really of good quality!

On day three, the yukata somewhat took shape already!!
I am so happy with my progress, although it's not consecutive days~
With some help from my mother in law who is a professional seamstress.
I think i made it quite fast for an amateur in sewing, wahaha!

Day four was completing the yukata itself and the start of ribbon making~
The ribbon was a challenge! Racked my brains to made it look so~
It has many handsewn parts to do, I am happy with the end product!
I hope little rei looks good on it 😍😍😍

Topping it up with a ribbon hair clip!

And mini uchiwa from DAISO!
My baby yukata project is finally completed!!
Now we are left with putting it on on little rei for photoshoot!
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Free Me • 暇な自分

Last week, my baby yukata cloth is finally here!!!! *spazzes*
I love the prints so much! Le bff and I both fell in love at first sight~
But the seller was so problematic it took a whole freaking month...
From paying to having it on my hands finally! Luckily it still came~
The white cloth is a free gift from the seller which seems pretty~
And good enough to make an Obi for the Yukata!
Originally my plan was to have a mint green sash Obi (floating here)
But this looks good, so the sash will become the ribbon of Obi!

After washing the cloth, it's good to know colour stays!
It is indeed a good quality cloth for yukata! The hard kind~
But my sewing machine has not reach me yet so I did planning!
Doing it reminds me of the pre-work for D&T in secondary sch days!
The drawing, measuring, labelling and ideal conceptualisation~ haha!
I hope everything goes well! *prays*

Meanwhile, while waiting for my sewing machine to come~
The free me did some kira kira decorating! On my old cover...
I know it's all not on trend anymore, but who cares!!
Passing off time and not everyone can manage to complete a deco!!
My aim was to complete it before my machine comes but then...

It came!!! My early birthday present from le husband~
Although my main motive buying it is to make my baby yukata...
But le husband sees this as an investment! How clever of him~
You know it cost $8 per alteration now if you bring to a seamstress?
And alterations are inevitable in life especially with children!
So, it's good that I take my free time now to learn how to sew~
I'm so happy with my new toy! (=゚ω゚)ノ♡
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Magic Pencils💖

There, there, again~
The free me has done an update of a makeup post!
I remember doing my first showing half half face in 2009~
And in 2011, I had a post showing my before & after makeup face~
Last year, I did a byoujyaku face post! So here is the 2015 version!

Total naked "before" face
I have many pimple outbreaks recently due to pregnancy hormones~
They left some pretty obvious scar at the chin :(
Before pregnancy, I have a pimple-free complexion!! Arghhh!
The sacrifices of a woman
Also, I have very serious dark circles which I think may be genetic!
No matter how much I sleep it doesn't really gets better~
I sleep an average of 10 hours per day for the past one month ya!
And no eyecream or however amount of tomato-lemon juice helps~
Came to read about it on google, and it says some people are genetically like this!
And and~ my scarred eyebrow! They are kinda troublesome

My make up routine now starts from this bottle of miracle water!
Not ALBION but works like it and is 10 times more economical~
HATOMUGI KESHOUSUI, Skin Conditioner is a COSME No.1 product!
Skin conditioners works like moisturisers lotions toners all in one!
I would use it as a mask and as a wipe to clear pores~
Realised it helps accelerate my hadalabo moisturiser to settle into my skin!
This keshousui can be found in Guardians I think, for $10 or so~
I bought it for 650yen (appx. $7) so I think it's worth refilling from Guardian!

肌プルプルンになったわぁ~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡
After my new love, I would still put on my usual Hadalabo moisturiser~
I never realised the importance of moisturising your face before make~
Until I joined Waston's tv program in 2010 introducing the then new Hadalabo!
That day of my life has changed my skin for good! Lol~ 陈年往事!
Until then, I would just cake my face with foundation (don't know how to use BB cream yet)
Now, I wouldn't be able to carry on makeup without these lotions!
It makes the whole look dewy and glowy and whatever you call it~
Personally, with or without makeup base and primer does no difference to me.
So I think makeup has no one right way to go by, it's customised to each individual!

Meet my another new love, BCL Skin Flat CC Gel!!! *throws confetti*
Not gel exactly, it is just CC foundation cream with sunscreen & primer~
It topped the recent COSME foundation cream rankings so I wanted to get it!
Searched for it like hell in Hokkaido! Only to find it in Tokyo my last day!
So thankful right?! So I thought~ but coming home to find Waston selling it too!
I so remember there wasn't before I flew to Hokkaido *grumps*
And apparently this drugstore baby appeared on 女人我最大 recently too~

This is my first tube of CC cream, which I have no tries on others yet~
But of my 10 years of make-up experience, I think I found my favourite!
Although I always say so when I am using it, but it's really better then KATE!
These two tiny bits can cover my entire face with ample coverage!
Yes, I apply to all the areas on my face~ I think it looks more natural~
All because I am naturally dark skinned so to apply on only certain area....
And after applying it becomes a matte finish, totally natural~
Not forgetting, it smells really good and doesn't dry my skin up!

Right after CC cream, I would conceal~
My favourite concealer is still KATE's stick concealer! 変わらずに♡
Concealer is also another item that only came in half way my makeup journey!
I used to not care and think that concealing is time wasting~ how silly!
But with practice, I am proud to say I can conceal to perfect skin now!
Bwahahaha! Cosmetic is really a girl's life saving jacket! so deceiving!

My concealing journey started from a Canmake liquid one~
It is often too thick and requires alot of dabbing using fingers!
Then I changed to using gel-like concealer it solves that problem but!!
They dry up really quickly even in the bottle and it's difficult to dig them~
All my problem got solved when I found KATE's Stick Concealer (also gel-like)
Using brush to apply & only dab with fingers very lightly~ Fast and easy!
The usual spot to conceal for me are T-zone, dark circles and scars~
Concealing T-zone would allow me to skip the bronzers contouring part! Lol~
Yes, I'm a lazybumbum

After my base is done, I would pat some Hadalabo over again!
I've started Hadalabo since 2010 and has never stopped using it~
Only changing from the white super moisturising series to the blue one~
I'm more into whitening nowadays, I hope this really helps! Lol~ 垂死挣扎(・・;)
So sometimes, I really wonder how girls can have 4829273 brands of skin care~
Using them all at the same time and still know which is really effective~ haaa!

Next step, Foundation Powder!
I know some girls thinks this is so redundant but I just cannot get rid of it~
Mainly I feel, this item can cover up more flaws and leave porcelain like skin!
At good complexion times, I'll skip this and go directly for loose powder~
But patting a little of foundation at the dark circles part is a MUST!

My favourite is still Canmake's Blessed Natural Foundation cake!
I've tried their other series but they doesn't seem to suit my skin as well~
Prior to this, I've tried Majolica Majorca's and I loved it too (still have it's golden case)
But Canmake wins totally hands down in the coverage so... ごめんね、魔女~w

Again, I'll pat some Hadalabo on the powdered face so it stays moisturised~
The nose looks bright because I have used the foundation powder on it too.
Hehe, really does save my money on buying bronzers for contour~
That's the basic concept jyan? You darken a part so another looks bright~
So instead of darkening, I'll just brighten the part that should look bright!
And and and~ my dark circles Orz It is so beyond cure!!

New found love too! Canmake's Glow Fluer Highlighter~
It's cheap and good, probably only $14.90 in Wastons! Or so i think...
Previously using same brand, the plain white highlighter until this came by!
It's said that different colours can cover different symptoms on skin~
Like... Greenish conceals redness, pinkish conceals blue/purple eyebags~
Orange conceals general dark circles and Purple conceals yellow bruising!
So a mixture of these can suit each and every individual's skin colour easily~

When a highlighter gets too matte, it looks "hard" and "fake"
When it gets too shinny, it looks so exaggerating and oily~
The reason I like this is for the glow it creates!
Not too matte not too shinny, it's just right for me~
My usual highlighting spot is heavily at the cheeks and t-zone!!
Occasionally, I would also apply some at the chin, depending on occasions!
A bright cheek is super important, it brightens up your look instantly!

Now comes the drawing part!
Makeup is a skill of art too, I had always believed in that~
It has also been a long long time since I use black as my shadow colour.
Recent years I have been using brown and the shade gets lighter & lighter!
I started with Black, because when I started makeup, I was so into J-rock!!!
That was so 2005! When I was 17! Hahaha! The rebelling age~
Then a couple of years later it became dark chocolate that still looks black~
That was when the J-rock love faded, and I stepped into the society in 2007.
In 2010, I explored shades of brown but never really took a liking to them~
In 2011, I started using dollywink early palettes but always the darkest shade!
Only in 2012, then I grew to like the mocha shade of brown~
Graudually, until now, I can almost make do with any brown shade given to me!
I find this a grow in confidence too because I came to accept who I am~
Lol~ 我的眼影进化史(−_−;‼︎ Hahahaha!

久しぶりな黒シャドウ‼︎ Top, bottom, side of eye and even eyebrows!
Didnt use a eyeliner for this, I just had a line drawn using darkest shade.
My current eyeliner is Dollywink, Heroine Make and SANA Super Quick~
In both black and brown for different look! And they are all pretty good!
I am super lazy and cheapskate to buy and apply too much cosmetic~
Now I would even use eyeshadow as eyebrow powder! It works lah~
Times where I am not lazy, I would still draw a pretty end with my pencil!

Speaking of eyebrow pencils, tadaaaa! Here it is! My poorly abused piece~
I have been using cheap cheap $1 eyebrow pencils from Aries for ages!
Trust me, even mediacorp makeup artist uses and has lots of them!
Don't tell me about counter brand makeup artist, they obviously works ya?
There is truly no much difference unless you sweat even at your brows...
They save you so much money! So many usage on just A DOLLAR!
Other then brows, I use them most frequently to draw my "double eyelid"
I am born single eyelid-ed and no tape, glue or fiber works on my lids~
My single eyelids are just as stubborn as me!
But there's slight creases that has gotten there over my pro-long falsie wearing
So to make it obvious, I would draw on the crease with a brown pencil!
Sometimes, I would draw on the end of my eyes to create a sharper shape~
Or I can draw on the line between my lips & side of my nose...
And then smear it with my fingers to make a contour of face features~

Then comes blusher! I have this love for orange blushers! Hehe~
My new love again, Candydoll's Cheek & Lip cream!

My first time using it as a lip colour~ the effect was not too bad.
Considering I don't really know what is good~ hahahaha!!
As a blusher it is smoother and easier to apply then Canmake's cream.
So 一分钱 一分货 and that's the only conclusion I got

But Canmake's cream blusher is really good for the price you pay! 580yen!
That is like approximately SGD$6 that you cant even buy a Mac Value Meal~
I have stocked up this same shade of pink and a blood red from my trip!
This pink is so essential because somehow, it can brighten my dark circles!
Yes, my pink blusher is patted around my dark circles before I apply blusher~
My dark circles will look extremely outstanding if I don't do so...
Somehow orange and red blushers applied directly at cheeks does that!

Following to lips, on general occasions I dont apply lip colour~
Le husband doesn't like and I dont like define lip shape and colour!
Also because I have different colour lips, top and bottom so it's a hassle!
If I really have to do it, it's either a lazy red or pink tint for convenience~
But I do keep glosses and lipstick (yes I have one) lol~ for what Idk too!
I first had my lip colour adjusted a little with my stick concealer...
Then the candydoll lip colour plus the LB glosses~ which is nice!
I really like this LB lipgloss~ it makes a healthy natural pinkish lip~

After all colouring completes, I'll lightly pat some loose powder.
Generally all over face avoiding the eyes only~ followed by Hadalabo!
Everytime I pat some base powder I feel the need to moisturise it.
And by then, the blusher will look faded again so I'll touch that up~
This Diamond Beauty loose powder is good and affordable!
Works better then a few other brands I have tried, only candydoll's better.
Undeniably I only choose Japanese cosmetics because It's what I believe~
And Canmake being my top favourite also due to it's affordable price!!
Cheap cosmetic doesn't equate to them being less quality worthy~
These drugstore brands can be really effective for asian skin and colour...
It will be good if more woman grow to accept and go less of branded.
Lol~ my twenty cents again...

Last step! FALSIE! つけまつけま付けまつげ~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I remember myself arrogantly discussed with my use-to-be best friend Rika...
That if we can fan out lashes so nicely and long with mascara why flasie?!
How it sounded like a slap on the future me? Hahaha! Eating my words~
But really I used to be really good at mascara! I am so proud of that~
I would heat my curler with a lighter for my lashes to last long curling!
So I can brush them upwards and make them look obvious and pretty~
But the way I curl my lashes is kind of intimidating~ I pull them hard!
I know it's gonna hurt them loads but that's not why I moved on to falsie :p
Obviously, falsie is even prettier lah!! So 101% honest in my change~ lol

I am using Diamond Lash Secret Eye for this makeup~
But my favourite lashes are still Dollywink for it's unbeatable quality!
No matter how many Japanese lashes being tried none feels like Dollywink.
The falsie's texture and the long lasting band that can be cleans easily~
And my favourite glue is still Dollywink as well but the mini glue in flasie~
Those are really "peel-off-at-ease" kind of glue that confirm wont hurt~
Both your eye and the falsie... And your wallet too! Lol~ Dollywink so expensive!
Those mini glue are not easy to get even from taobao (yes, people sells them! And crazy people grabs them too!)
So I had gradually made Eyetalk my first option, it's not too bad either~
All is on par other then the ease in cleaning part...

Now all is done! Wahaha! Please forgive my last chance to "act-cute"
After becoming a mother, I doubt very much to still have the chance to~

I yearn very much to keep being a Shoujo, deep down I don't want to grow up!
But as reluctant as I am, I need to let go of what I have been.
Of course, I will find a way to stay young! But cute is surely gonna leave me :(

Having said, this picture was taken to sell off my newly bought top!
This sweet top I bought in Hokkaido, I've not even had a chance to wear~
And it's time to say goodbye to it...



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Being a stayhome pregnant woman, other then the nauseousness to bear...
Every other minute is actually freeeeee and lazy! Hahaha~
So I thought, why not make use of my time for some meaningful!

I bought a children yukata for my goddaughter little rei during my last trip~

Sweet blue prints with a yellow sash obi~
But it is still too big for little rei :( really is children yukata!
So I want to make her one set of yukata!!! Yesss! Hand make them!
My mother in law is a professional seamstress and also hairdresser, LOL!
I will of course seek her advices and use her sewing machine!! *grins*

But! It's a big project unlike baby mittens and hair accessories I've done before~
So I made a miniature for my shellie may out of my remaining cloth~
And it turns out decent, only the workmanship is poor cause I handsew them!
Luckily I did a test, it was not as easy as I thought it would be...

Since it's almost impossible to find baby yukata in the market~
Making one is the only way to have one!
Many baby regardless of their gender simply wears the baby jinbei~
But Alice and I think that it's so much cuter if it looks like the real yukata!
With the obi and ribbion!!! Of course, I will make it easy wearing for baby~
Cant wait for my fabric to arrive!!
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ネイル( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Updating the nails I've done myself for the past year~
I realised the last time I've post here of my nails was in August 2014!

Using the SERIA 100yen shop's COSME NO.1 nude colour~
With the 'gel-like' top coat & stickers from the same shop!!

Added some shimmer to the french nail part~
My nails are slight purplish since young so I adore pink healthy nails alot!

Then came Christmas! Using the same stickers...
I made bright red nails again!

Merry Christmas 2014!

Had ocean nails for a period of time after chinese new year~
During chinese new year it was the same but with pink, red and orange!
Made from my 68 colour eyeshadow palette~

When Spring came, I had pastel again!
My love for pastel will never die!! They are just adorable<3

And for a long long period, I didnt keep up with doing nails anymore~
Basically due to the hectic workload...

But I had maroon nails for a business trip in August after my hokkaido trip!
Mature colour suits OL trips I guess~ hehehe!
It's a very good polish, 400yen from drugstore in Japan!
Easy to put on, doesn't dry up easily and easy to remove~

The last nail I had last month was nude french again!
Also using my latest hauls from drugstore in my latest trip :3

I think I have the flair in creating things~
Be it doing my own nails, make-up, crafts and many more...
But I never seems to excel in any of it very very well~ maaa maa~
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So le waifu is a good waifu! (ˊo̶̶̷ᴗo̶̶̷`)੭✧
I made zaru soba for dinner today~!!

Naibai Veggie
Fluffy Scramble
Coin Cheese Tofu

Looks like a chinese/jap fusion! ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞♡⃛
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Nails & Nails!

APRIL 2014

JUNE 2014


Leaving glitters behind! Matt is the thing right now...
So are the pastel blue!! With seashells ♥︎ for summer~
Shall try & master DIY gel nails :))
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Recently, The models in magazines and and even some idols~
Started looking pale and sickly (intentional-kind) I realized.
And then someone called it the Byoujaku Face!

Which literally mean Sickly Face, aha Japanese right?
Well, weird as it is, it is kind of in trend now...

The husband actually say I look sickly even without the make~
*rolls eye* Nevertheless, I tried!

On the article that I read, it says brown is the key to the make~
So i chose my palest brown contact lens to go with...

This one-day lens from japan is super comfy<3
I should have stocked up more T_____T

After the basic prep and bb cream~ i drew concealer!

My brushes~ i grew to really like using brushes nowadays...

Using matte highlighter colour, spread even the concealer~

And lastly, apply lightly some powder throughout face...
There goes the pale looking face!

Given brown is the key colour, the eye shadow will of course be brown~
I chose my lightest shade of brown too :)

On the lower part, I tried creating the tear bag...
With pink and white, all matte not shiny~

Pink from the old dollywink series~
Found it selling cheaply in Japan during my honeymoon trip<3

When I applied the brown eyeliner, I swiped a little brown shadow on it.
So it looks lighter then the original dark brown~

Jya~jyannnn!! Sick-eye hahaha!

Pale face, pale looking eyes~ I hope I did it right~

Pale princess pink blusher...

Brown AMO-inspired lashes from taobao!
They are so freaking cheap! Even with shipping fees~
They only cost 40cents per pair!!! *pops confetti*

With brown brows drawn, my byoujaku face is almost done!

Add some summer orange and pale pink to the lip colour...

Yui's version of byoujaku face! :)
So light but its getting more and more fun to wear such makeup~
As compared to 3years ago where I had panda eye! Hahaha!

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一ヶ月にナイルのスタイル4 回を変えてしまいました!



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Winter Nail~

WINTER NAIL! :3 I like how the blue goes with the sliver~


Btw, it feels super good to receive bonus & increment together!
On the first work day of 2014<3

Wahahaha! And a promotion too ;p

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Christmas Nails!

Its the season to be Jolly, fwalalalalalalala~~

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Nails Again*

I am so into doing my own nails recently! I love it~
Bought new polish today, was contemplating deep ocean blue~
But found it rather mature so I got some younger colours...

And TA--DAAA!! kansei!
Took me 40mins for it~ I like what I see! dou deshitaka?

Btw, I have decided to take my JLPT N2 this year...
Will sign up for prepatory course to make sure I pass!
Wish me luck<3

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Repainted Nails~

I had my nails coated with a new layer of polish!!
Actually I have been doing so every weekend to keep it shiny~
And also to cover the new grown nails so as to maintain the prettiness<3

This time, polish from one finger of each hand has completely came off~
So I thought of painting a new colour! GOLD! :)

dou? *feeling happy*

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New Nails!!

I did my own nails again!!! yay!!

Pastel love, PINK & PURPLE~ next, I will try pastel blue and green.
Eventually, I think its more worth doing my own nail~ teehee...

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New Nails!

Not exactly NEW NEW. But I made the cross and the thumb design!
Bwahahaha! And I think I did good~ *prouds*

*GOODNIGHT WORLD ♡(´^ิ∀^ิ`*)ノ*
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Mirror Mirror~

Current mirror has been with me since my KATTUN mirror died~
And I gotten myself a new one, bigger one!!
from my favourite place, DAISO~


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I made ribbons again!! ^ ^




Maybe i could make more and eentually set up a store and sell them LOL!
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NEW FLAVOUR!! takoyaki nyan~
i tried the other flavours before, with the tamaya-ers during 2008 xmas!
the takoyaki one reminds me of the takoyaki sweet ryoko bought from osaka.
LOL! a weird taste... X))

and.... i made another ribbon!! ^ ^*

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today was Long John Silvers!
they are giving away prizes and since i needa food anyways...
i ate LJS! now i have a laptop john and laptop silver, I JUST NEED A LONG! =x

with lotsa cabbage and mayonnise! i felt sinful... MAYO! *-*


i made ribbon again!! >.<

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I have a new book rack!
but i dont have much books D: So two of the level...
one for my bagsss... and one for my clothes! ^-^


I bought cheap nail glue! to glue up the nail i made last week.


JAA-JANGG! *sparkles**



but!! the glue is not very good ne.
little pinky on my right already dropped DEAD.

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It's getting bored staying to home DD: So i made ribbon!

3 more hours to see my armyboy! (≧∇≦)0o
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i painted my nails! they are the bidge-pinkish colour... Was thinking of adding some little stones to it, maybe tomorrow night~ because only my left hand's painted with nail polish. This nail polish is way tooooo chanllenging for me, i've no confidence that i'll do a good job for my right hand D: Will attempt on tuesday night, maybe =/ (LOL~)


and my phone done! i dont think i have enough stones to complete the whole thing so i'll just leave it this way. The time and message alert can be seen this way too. Maa, as long as it covers the LG logo then it's fine :D I can do... XD


Just updated myself of the fandom...

Apparently, yabucchi picked up the courage and spoke about Ya-Ya-yah in one of the interviews recently. It's all more then what they say "awww~ yabucchi is so sweeeeettt", like we didnt knew yabu was/is a sweeettttt little brat. My point is, these people would never realize how much more yabu's brave action meant to a shoon/taiyou's fan :)

And that, shoon's name was gone from J-WEB for a while already. I just hope shoon isnt out of this yet, i'm still anticipating his next event, his stage! D: If there were to be one i'll definetly be present =x やぶっち、ありがとう ♡ 翔央、頑張れ!
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ネイルを *ツ-ク-った*

新しいネイルを作りました!ƒLƒ‰ƒLƒ‰Y *拍手お願いしますぅぅ~!!*



they are made for chloe..! She was telling me she saw a pair of nails in 313 on sales and wanted them, and just nice i had the thoughts of making nails but no idea who to give in mind yet. And so! I made a pair for her! :)) I'm pleased with my speed, i took 2 hours to complete them...


And recently...

I'm reading this book. 银座妈妈桑教你[说话术] ‹êÎ‚¢
Because i think that's quite a worth reading book. Why do people rather open up to karaoke hostess and not their wives? Why some hostess can earn big money without going on bed with the customers? Because they know how to talk properly, to make people feel comfortable communicating with them.

And working in Cuppage Plaza, it's normal that i do meet a few very sucessful hostess and mama-san who are just so darn attractive, not only the looks. But how they carry themselves, how they strike up conversations with you. Even in singapore, there's people like that. So if this books are advices that comes from the ginza district, then it's worth learning.


I'm off to do my salad! I made banana milkshake already and i'm left with luandry to settle :DD Happy off day! I'm actually doing housewife work ok! hohoho... I'm a good wife, very good wife! *promotes promotes*

post piccus laters! じゃあ~ ‚É‚á‚Í
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YAY YAY!! My phone wore it's new clothes!

this was the process... It took me 45mins to finish the whole thing.

the back part was a little chanllenging, because i bought the WHOLE PEICE shinnies so i had to carve out the holes for my lettering to fit in. For the lettering i used the nail accessories i already had, it's 3D so it fits in perfectly well :))

the front part is much easier... Everything is done, i just had to cut a hole for the camera and put back little stones at the side to make it look natural<3

Quote from rika-chan "It doesnt look like a korean phone now!" HAHA! yah, true... But i have this feeling i'll peel this off sooner or later, never more then 3 months i believe... X))

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HERE! is my new ice cream phone. NEW CHEAP KOREA PHONE of mine!! *giggles* I'm so sorry, if i offended any one here but i cant help... I just practically hate the koreans/korea and of course KIMUCHI... Just the sight of them is OKAY but the moment they speak i feel like stabbing their eyeballs.

I bought the decos from cineleisure. I know there are surely plenty of cheap ones online but i'm a very lazy person, that's a statement :D So, for the convienience of myself, i bought them there after meeting fujibe san for coffee on tuesday. And i had been debating with myself ever since... should i or should i not decorate it?

I have the feeling that i would tear them off immediately after i stick them up... Reason one being, it's a sparkling new white phone and i cant bear to do anything to it just YET. Reason two being, it looks not too mature to have decos on the phone, hmmm...


If i eventually did the decos, i'll SHOW! :D

i my 10bucks dress! :))

and i Ashley Greene too!
My new obsession, ALICE CULLEN! :)
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updatesss :)

I'm here!

I need to squeal. MAJOR NEED.
On wednesday, MR KEVIN CHENG (郑嘉颖) came to Kazu with BEN YEO (and family) for dinner! And god, he is so so so so damn attractive! SERIOUS! *deadededed* I mean kevin cheng not ben yeo :)) Thou, ben yeo's baby son is really cute too :) The point is, mr kevin actually did a poliet smile at me at the end because i said arigatou gozaimasu to him. *MELTS* Really... For people who dont know who he is...

THIS IS HIM! :))))
I cant believe he is already 40 years old. Mans, i never thought much about this question "Which celebrity do you want to have a one night stand with" Because i dont fantasize about celebs, serious, not even shoon and i mean it. When i talk about shoon and bed together, the mental image always stops there and no more... But then... after meeting this person, i think i found my answer.

YES! he is THAT VERY attractive! :)))


And ohh, Joanne started work with me! Yay yay! We're working together again! And i'm happy to find someone who can understand what i am going through. I hope, even if it's very very minimal, that we could both slowly slowly try and change them and make it a better place. Really, good food SHOULD go with good service! :)

Speaking of which! There is this group of ridiculous customers, locals, who ordered SHOCHU but throughout their whole dining experience with us, insisted that they are drinking SAKE. For heaven's sake, not that we dont want to educate them but the fact that SHOCHU is spirits doesnt even get into their head even thou i explained. They insist they are right, it's SAKE not SHOCHU. damn. wasted. i feel so fed up i wanna cry, serious. something like this happens EVERYDAY!


and this is a bitching session after so much nonsense! haha! Joanne sure has something to say about the eyes... lol. She wore contact lenses that makes her look like she've got eyes! XDDDD I want it too... but i scare D:


NEW SCRUNCHIES!!!! :) From a nearby market place! hehe. The blue one is soooooooo JAPAN! but it's very expensive too, SGD$4.50 in a marketplace. That is like i can buy 3 normal SG-looking scrunchies, ermms do i make sense? XD The yellow-pink one is cheaper, only SGD$1.90 and i actually had seen the exact same thing in Japan when i was there this march :)))


this is random, i just wanna take a photo of them because i made the decos myself :) And since i took photo of them, i shall post them! It's my PSP and my small mirror :))


and more of my DIY :)))) in my puricho<3


That's all for now... And i found my new motivation at work! Which is, to be able to sell at least ONE fish a day! Not easy ok, dont laugh... X) And seriously, kazu san is really so nice to me, he knew from my working attitude that how lost i was feeling. So he came and talked to me last tuesday night after work and actually made me feel better. To show appreciation to such a good boss, i know i could only work harder!

so, ganbarimaSHOON! :)))
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i'm back :)

Was rather busy these few days...
Thursday night when i come home from work, my little brother to watching gundam on the com so i didnt wanna be nasty and fight for the computer... SO! i made this:

This is chloe's bday pressie! LOL!

it's just to show you how huge this leopard PRINGS one is! XD

YAY! YAY! lol... i'll try to make another smaller one so she could practically use it... LOL! I guess she could only use this in japan or for cosplay festivals here! X))


And then friday night,

I went for supper with my dearest tomo-chan. ate curry rice in XIN WANG and then we headed to STARBUCKS! it's opening 24/7 now! They have this promotion, buy 2 late-night drinks and have the 3rd one on the house! The barrista reccomended us something thirst quenching, it's called SHAKEN LEMON something something.

So we ended up with 3 cups of drink<3
and a bitching session that lasted for 3 hours. Bitch about almost everything! And felt better after bitching about work with her... sometimes, you just need someone to listen, someone who knows and understand. And someone like her, with high self-expectations, high standard of service then i do is the correct person to talk to about work! :))


Today, i have a table of japanese customer (a lady and a man) who happens to be in F&B industry too. They were suprised by my ability to converse in japanese and taking order just a week old at work. So, they took my phone number from me and pass me their namecard. They say they'll contact me asap. LOL! I sense a job offer! :)))

OK! that's all for 3 days!
I need to sleep right now! like really NOW! because i am going to the ZOO with the kids tomorrow! Actually, say... it's LATER LOL! Meeting choochoo at the station 10am! haha! i hope i see penguins tomorrow~ And will be having dinner with alice, lina and shimei tomorrow evening! TANOSHIMINI my off day! :))))

OYASUMI! *hearts*

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sunny's hearts~

Blood Type O people are:

[Fast learners, but lazy, like to find shortcuts, due to their extreme self-confidence. May be arrogant at times, don't fancy being bossed around, like to be in control.]
this whole thing sounds like meiling but the later is like both of us. So, do you see that, this is why two blood type Os cannot work together, we clash like hell and it's proven. LOL.

[Always say what's on their mind, don't like people to beat around the bush, sometimes too straight-forward, rather insensitive to other's feelings. Ambitious, like to compare and compete, may go to the extend of being ruthless, in order to win.]
Quite true too. Straight forward is good. Why beat around the bush? And i know a few blood type O friends of mine would deny this fact that we always like to win and might go ruthless too. They could deny but it's still a fact and i reckon that~


Enough about the blood.
I've made sunny her hearts! Look!



and i wrapped it up like this! :)))))) As usual, the workmanship is lousy but it's done with my love! It will be like working with me! Am i right sunny? X)


Finally it's my turn to off tomorrow!
It's not the physical tireness that worn me out, it's the mental stress and i blame it on my blood type. LOLOL! I am super stressed up. I dont want to care, dont want to make decisions but it bothers me alot to take order and to be bossed around by people of the same authority. It suck. Life sucks right now.

But it's ok, i have my off day tomorrow! And i am going to KARAOKE with chole! then i might have dinner with him in the night! hohoho. Tanoshimini~ lalala...
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