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[新婚旅行3回目] 北海道 ー 登別 ② 温泉/足湯

Day 2: 02/08/2015, Sunday, Uphill Noboribetsu Onsen!

Second morning in Hokkaido! We had our breakfast at a sharing hall~
Also serving style, not the buffet kind (i dont like buffet, btw)

Breakfast! I love natto with rice for breakfast! Never fails!
There's two portion of mentaiko here! One seared one raw~
Only realised at the later part it's for our ochazuke!
Surprisingly, le husband like mentai chazuke! Shall try making at home!

After breakie, I went to the onsen while le husband went backyard!
He's going out to smoke and so damn suay, got some mosquito bites back!

Dress up after onsen in like 10mins! Cause the car is waiting for us~
They are sending us back to the Noboribetsu station...

So here we are~ waiting for the roundtrip bus uphill!
There is a famous onsen place uphill called Noboribetsu Onsen.
It's a little onsen town with shops and ryokan and a bear park!

That is the Oni (demon) of Jigokudani (Hell Valley)~
And the Bou (demon stick) he's holding, diff colours has diff meaning!

Pretty wild flowers everywhere! It's a good flower season there~

We took the roundtrip bus up and missed our stop! www
Our ryokan is at the second last stop and we didnt press the bell >.<
So we walked back, down a slope with little streams and greens!


It was too early to check in, we had our luggage rest and headed out!

Heading back to the way we came down from, up a slope again~
Because that's where one of the attraction is located at...

Along the way~ another oni statue spotted! Oyako Oni!

Our destination: Taisho Jigoku, Oyunuma Tennen Ashiyuu

And the walkway inside is exactly like walking a forest~

3 mins of walking and tadaaa! We're here!

There were so many people! Taking up all the spaces~
So we took selfies first! And took photo of the surrounding!

This ashiyuu (foot bath) river is the source of Oyunuma Onsen
And the temperature of the onsen depends on the season~

Awhile later, a big group of chinese tourist left so we had a good seat~

Imo, that seat could take the best photos of this place! Hehe~

The water is grey in colour and has a very heavy sulphur smell~
It was difficult to get use at first but all got better a while later~
You can feel your body warming up just ten mins into the foot bath!


Such a pretty place! Like commercial ad scene!

I was glad I wore such short dress!
Looked troublesome for those who wore jeans~

And le husband attempts to walk to the middle of the river~

For a photo! Hahahaha~

Last selfie before we leave~ i took a similar one in Chiang Mai!~

Walking out of the forest~

Bought this pink frilly wedge specially for this Hokkaido trip!
Because I expected tons of walking!

After passing by our ryokan, out to the main road~
We have come near to the shopping town (turn left from this photo)
But our next destination is the Jigokudani (Hell Valley)~ heading straight!

Getting near! And more Oni statues as expected! Lol~
They are the Hell Valley Demon mah~ wahahaha!

Jigokudani~ the sulphur smell is so many times heavier then ashiyuu!
It's an active volcano and the very source of the Oyunuma Onsen~
That flows to the Oyunuma Tennen Ashiyuu...

Of course, as tourist, we must take wefie!!! Hehe
All thanks to le husband's superior for the selfie stick last Xmas!
But in the end we lost it somewhere on a bus~ lol! the short life of it!

Last photo of it!
And we headed back, I cant stand the smell anymore! Lol~

At the entrance, there is a pretty small hut selling souvenirs~

And milk!!! Hokkaido is famous for their dairy products!
Milk, Ice Creams, Puddings, Cheese!! I wanna try all!

They have two vending machine selling only milk!
Different brand different flavor of milk to choose from!~

In the end, le husband's choice was a better milk brand~
You dont get this good quality of milk in Singapore :(
Not even Meiji or Farmhouse can taste the same!

Walking out of the Hell Valley, you find many pretty Ajisai (Hydrangea)!

All shades of Blue and Purple! All so pretty!

We have walked into town to find food~

The town is more crowded in the night with more restaurants opened~
so given a late afternoon we have no much choice...
Settle for this Onsen Ichiba seafood resturant~

It is pretty busy inside~ we nearly had to wait for tables!

They had live seafood in two huge tubs and a few big aquarium!

Settled for some Salmon Sashimi first while we think of main!
Salmon is a super cheap & unpopular fish in Japan unlike Singapore~

While waiting for our food, le husband read manga~
He can read his manga anywhere anytime! Lol~ otaku jyan?
He had settled for Yakisoba (expecting the taste we had in kyoto)
But then it was a disappointment as well~ www

I had a Negitoro Don! It's so yummy with raw egg and shoyu!!
Something I cannot eat now :( I miss Japanese food :(

After lunch we had their homemade Ice Cream!

Yums yums! Ice cream in Hokkaido is very rich!
Macdonald's soft serve on good days can taste like that too! Lol~

While I enjoy my Ice Cream softserve, le husband eats~
He doesnt like sweet stuffs so he only taste mine a little always.

Munching his all time favourite Korokke (Croquette) from Combini~

Just a min walk away, there is this little park (really small one)~
With huge Oni Bou (demon stick), each colour has one meaning...
Of which there's good luck, for studies, for fertility etc~
And all souvenir shops sells the mini version plushie!
Or keychains, decorative, prints of it on note books or hanky!

We took a photo with the red stick cause it's for fertility!

Then we headed back up to our ryokan~ pass by this little cottage.

The ryokan we booked is called [雅亭, MIYABITEI]
Checked-in at about 4pm! It's a big scale ryokan!
Almost being hotel like, unlike the usual ryokan we often go to~
But it's not too bad cause it is very comfy! And cheap among all!

Our room at the highest level! Level 10~

Room view! Mountains and little streams down there~

It's so difficult to take photos that do justice to the view we see~
The little stream down there is really clear and pretty in real life!

The smoking area beside window has a full length mirror!
Just nice for my selfies~ wahahaha!

Our room's teaset! Looks more luxurious then the previous ryokan~


Changing up to their yukata~

The lightings at the window is just so damn good!!

Hehe, my le hunsum husband in his yukata too~
Headed out for onsen first since we have ample time before dinner.

Dinner at miyabitei is buffet style~ which is not my favourite kind.
But then the food they provide was quite good~
Look at the amount of salmon we took! That's only 1st round!
The yuzu udon was so super good! But I'm not the udon person~
Soba was good too!! And the little black bowl is Mozukusu~

What's more... SNOW CRAB BUFFET! Legs only thou~

We had three mountain full plates of it! Lol~

Had some melon too~ it's so sweet and nice!

Oni statue outside of the dining hall Shiki~

When we are back at the room, they had our futon laid out nicely!
Headed to onsen again, thou sadly they dont have private bath~
Previously I always make an effort to book ryokan with it...
Cause it's not fun to go into onsen alone! With friends are ok~

Ended my day with the Noboribetsu Pudding!
And a packet of veggie juice! Taste more like tomato juice to me~

But it's healthy and to make sure I dont constipate~ (erm, pardon me)
So I drink at least a packet everyday! :3

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Last Days, 29 & 30/11/2014, Saturday & Sunday
Ueno Zoo & Going Home

Our last day in Tokyo for my birthday trip is spent super randomly~

Headed to Ueno and had some starbucks coffee...
Le husband want to have some kebab so we went into ameyoko!

After which we thought of visiting the zoo since we are nearby~
Walking through the Ueno Kouen, the autumn scenery is still there!

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo!

It's so cheap to go to the zoo in Japan! $6.60 SGD like only 1/3 of our price!
Though I have to admit, our zoo is so so much cleaner but's that's about all~

Monkey baby!

Meeeeeeeh! The goat likes to brush it's head on people!

Had some dinner at gyukaku again and the day is going to end :(

Went into a random cafe before going home~

Bought my favourite milktea and bidded my farewell to my favourite place~~

The birthday trip was planned in less then 10 days!
And I am happy enough it turned out this well~ hehe!
Nothing more I could ask for
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Day7, 28/11/2014, Friday, Odaiba

LOTD for the Odaiba day! Twin braids!!

Train selfie!

First we had our lunch at Akibahara after a quick walk around...
Curry rice! It's our first time having curry rice in Japan~

It's my second time to Odaiba, my first was for a junior con! *shoon sama*
And upon reaching we randomly walk the shopping malls~

And I dont even know which is which mall now~ haha

But the malls all have interesting little themed area~ it was interesting to past time!

Had some Takoyaki cause we're hungry! But it wasn't fantastic~
I miss the Takoyaki we had in Osaka! :(

They had this area all selling Takoyaki~

Entered this old school snacks and toys shop!
Like a big old mama shop!! And I picked some sweets!

Sweet tooth!

When dinner time comes, the craving for yakiniku sets in!
And we thought we were lucky to find this Yakiniku place in one of the mall~
But we were wrong! It was the worse Yakiniku we ever had in Japan!
Not to mention, its also our most expensive Yakiniku too~

Lol, most young tourist will take a photo of this...

And with this... Haha!

We then took a stroll to the Ooedo Onsen Monogatari~
It's quite some walk but it's a good season to walk in so it's pretty nice!

The pretty Onsen Theme Park interior~

After entrance, taking off shoes we get to choose the yukata we want!

Us in our chosen yukata!

It has both the full body onsen and an open ashiyuu (foot onsen).
Also food selling stores, game stores and souvenir stores inside too~

As usual, no photography in the full body onsen so there's only these~

Ashiyuu in the mid autum!

Had my favourite ramune after the onsen!

I love popping it

The dining area around~

Another selfie before we leave...

Back to Tokyo to satisfy our Yakiniku craving at Gyukaku!
I love love the gyukaku salad but it's no longer available now :(
They do have a similar version of this salad but it taste different already!

To end our day...
After getting home, we saw this notebook hanging at our door~
It's our landlord Kaori's checkout notebook, she wants us to leave a message!
And so we did! I am thankful we booked her room because it's awesome!

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Day5, 26/11/2014, Wednesday, Kegon Waterfall / Birthday!

The nice OKAMI from Kojoen Ryokan sent us to the Waterfall!

 photo IMG_7912.jpg
We claimed the free Ice Cream and Amazake (barley-like drink)

Taaa-daaa~ The sick looking husband, poor him!

Kegon Waterfall

Kegon Waterfall

It was so super cold!!!*brrrrr*

We are lucky cause there is a couple who needed help to take photo.
So we help them and in returned got help too :)

 photo IMG_7924.jpg
It is a scenery near the national heritage park nikko~
And it's along the way so we visited...
Probably will not come all the way to see this waterfall~

 photo IMG_7927.jpg
The air is pretty fresh yo!

 photo IMG_7929.jpg
Then, we walked our way back to the bus terminal

And hid inside of the heater room~

Happy 26th Birthday to meeeee~

 photo IMG_7940.jpg
Hopped on the bus that brings us back here, Nikko Station

 photo IMG_7941.jpg
And we waited about half an hour for our train back to Asakusa~

Lemon Milk! It says a Tochigi ken special only!

Quite yummy!

After another long 3 hours of travelling....
We're back at Ikebukuro and le husband wants to buy me a cake!

I've been eyeing on Chocoholic for the longest time~
Their cakes are absolutely to die for!! Cute and Cheap!

 photo IMG_8180.jpg
We then headed home first...
Our first night in Kaori san's another room

It's alot better then the previous room, with more stuffs~

A little kitchen and fridge...

A Queen sized bed (thou, I would prefer futon)

A dining area with chairs that has cushion on
And it's toilet is so much presentable :))
So pretty worth for $50/night stay!

 photo IMG_8192.jpg
After fridge-ing my birthday cake...
We headed out to Johnathan's for a quick dinner

 photo IMG_8193.jpg
My Nanban Chicken with Hamburg

 photo IMG_8194.jpg
Le husband's Meat Platter~
To be honest, I was quite disappointed with their food!
Didnt think it was this bad a few years ago :(

Headed to the 24hour departmental store beside Johnathan's
And then we head home after some light shoppings...
We bought some MIO Sparkling Sake! Super nice! Otonappoi~

And we decided to eat my Milktea flavoured Neko Cake!

 photo IMG_8184.jpg
It's a sister company of SWIMMER, the super duper cute brand!
And guess what, only SGD$5.50!! Thou small, but good for 3pax...

 photo IMG_8196.jpg
To end the day... I sorted out my loots of the day.
We did a quick shopping at SERIA 100yen Shop in Asakusa station.
And this are what I swept! hohohohoho!!

Super good to use nail polishes from SERIA!

 photo IMG_8195.jpg
My beauty loots from the departmental store!

 photo IMG_8199.jpg
Ending the night! MUAHAHA! Disneyland the next day!

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Day4, 25/11/2014, Tuesday
Tochigi-ken, Chuuzenji Lake, Hotel Kojoen

Day4, we headed off down the mountain a litte~

 photo IMG_7770.jpg
Before we board the train, we had 45mins...
So why not make use of the free leg onsen!

Yunishigawa Onsen is the only station in Japan that has a onsen in it.

Bath Ducks~ hehe

Ashi onsen~ (foot onsen)

 photo IMG_7778.jpg
Wanted to take a picture of our legs with with steams...

The KAPPA mascot of the duck tour they have.

On the way to Tobu Nikko station~

 photo IMG_7785.jpg
Nice scenery along the way...

Bought the bus ticket to Chuuzenji Lake

 photo IMG_7788.jpg
It is so cold that the background is white because of the mist!

 photo IMG_7790.jpg
Attempted to take a wefie of the mist, but failed~

I am so proud of myself, for wearing no stocking and a mini skirt!
The temperature was said to be 3deg!! Wakaka!

Warning of Monkeys~ Nikko's famous for that~

Walking towards our ryokan beside the lake...

Many beautiful sights along the way~

Just a 10mins walk...

 photo IMG_7797.jpg
And we are there!

 photo IMG_7798.jpg
It's extremely beautiful, so unjustifiable on photos~

 photo IMG_7799.jpg
The room view! that's the balcony that is open to the lake!
We even saw a whole family of monkeys moving around in the morning~

 photo IMG_7801.jpg
My favourite ryokan teaset, they gave very yummy senbei!
And I bought few packets back to Singapore!

Their little room of private onsen<3

We had one round of onsen and then got ready for dinner!

Momiji is our room name!

 photo IMG_7806.jpg
The kaiseki dinner has very innovative menu~
Nacho-like deep fried lotus!

 photo IMG_7807.jpg
Orange sauce grilled fish~

 photo IMG_7808.jpg
Red-wine steak<3

 photo IMG_7810.jpg
An attempt to make a beer mustache...

 photo IMG_7811.jpg
The dessert, vanilla with home-made mango syrup~
Ice-cream itself is enough to make you want a second one!

Our beds are comfortably done when we came back after dinner~

 photo IMG_7813.jpg
And the sick husband, fevering, slept super early...

While I watch some Japanese variety program :)

Waking up to such scenery is awesome!

It snowed a little, look at the top!

 photo IMG_7900.jpg
Had our breakfast at the dining hall again...

 photo IMG_7901.jpg
Our food<3

The sick looking husband~ hahaha

Wanted to take a picture of the lake, it was too misty~
Only if the mist wasnt this thick, it would be awesome!

The dining room :)

This okami-san is a very very friendly and warm person...
Knowing that le husband is sick, she drove us to our next destination.
Which is just 15mins walk, 3mins by drive, Kegon Waterfall~

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Day3, 24/11/2014, Monday
Tochigi-ken, Yunishigawa Onsen, Heike no Sho

Day3 into our trip, we moved out of Tokyo

With a little handcarry luggage for our 3D2N onsen trip!

Before the long trip up to tochigi, we had some Mutekiya Ramen again~

Negi tappuri ramen<3

Oh my hunsum husband~ hohoho...

We took a train to Asakusa for the SPACIA express train

This fastest train even has to take 2 and a half hours to get to half way up!

Our final destination is Yunishigawa Onsen~

But SPACIA only stopped at Kinugawa Onsen Station.

Had to change 2 more trains and a bus to get there :(

Meanwhile while waiting for connecting trains...

We explored around the station~

It's end of AUTUMN, I love the leaves (collected 1 in 2010 too)

Look at the mountain!

We finally reached Yunishigawa Onsen station!
After like 4 hours of travelling, but! It's not the final stop yet :(

Changed a bus, and the whole trip cost SGD$50.00 to get here!

Heike no Sho, it's the ryokan that has been voted No.1 in 2014

I had been here before with my bestie in 2008, it wasn't too popular then.
The okami-san tended to us personally, she is very pretty!
And speaks very good english too...

Cheapest pretty room plan, but without a window & toilet.

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty exterior~

it's pretty exterior~

it's pretty exterior~

We changed out immediately and rushed to the private onsen.

They have 6 private little huts with lock for family use~

And so, given it's popularity after the TV voting...
The private onsens are so difficult to queue for, we had to station outside.

It's 4:30pm in the afternoon and it looks like 7pm in SG!

One challenge of winter onsen is the moment you strip off everything~
Too cold to stand still, water too hot to dip in! T_____________T

But it's super good when you finally get use to the temperature<3

They had lights lighting on the forest surround the ryokan
So the scenery at night is special too :))

After a good session in the onsen~ it's dinner!

It used to be kaiseki meals when I went for the first time.
And I love the experience that's why we chose this ryokan again...

But this time, it became BUFFET style

Walking around the ryokan after dinner~

And we found TORA, the resident cat that lapsits anyone seated!

Everything is so exquisite in the ryokan, so detailed in the decor

There's bar that's said to serve alcohol but it never opened~

Smoking room!

The teaset in our room, with the azuki sweets~

One round of night onsen before we sleep~
I went to the public bath too, and there is no one else
Was not supposed to take photo in the changing room of bath
But I am the only one, so... here's the changing room<3
They have all kinds of beauty products for testing!
There's also weighing machine, ice water, leg massage...

Our futon made nicely~

Breakfast the next day!

Also BUFFET style~

Overall, it is a nice tranquil place to be in.

Going off, heading to the next onsen ryokan!

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Day2, 23/11/2014, Sunday
Shimokitazawa / Harajuku / Akihabara

So... My attemt to live report my trip failed...
It is so tiring to travel I just want to sleep as much as possible in trains!
HAHAHAHAHA! Late for a month, but finally I have time~

I wanna show you the amazing place we found through Airbnb!!
This is the living room from my first room of the trip.

And Kaori san's amazing Cafe!!

Entrance of Patina...

Narimasu, is a quiet and convenient neighborhood...
It has everything you need to live, there's a 24 hour departmental store!
One stop by rapid train, 10mins to Ikebukuro

This super pretty walkway we cross everyday to the station.

I really fell in love with this place the very first day I arrive!

Anyway, here's a rare OOTD from le husband! hahaha~

Our breakie from the convenient store just 2 mins walk away!
The egg-in-the-center one is so yummy!!!

First stop of the day, Shimokitazawa~

Everyone has been saying it's a hippie area youngsters love!

Lots of unique shops~

Lots of second-hand clothing shops (furugiya)

Lots of second-hand clothing shops (furugiya)

Lots of second-hand clothing shops (furugiya)

This NATTO specilist shop! Didnt go in thou...
I love love love natto and can just eat it with white rice for a meal!
But le husband hates the smell, it's like durian, if you love you love~

Freshness burger! The one that failed in Singapore ;p

And lots of pretty nice cafes around too!

We also saw some charity even going on, seeling mochi for funds~

Bumped into this egg-pudding store...
I guess it's actually promoting their high-quality egg made pudding.
Main star is still the egg, but anyway, we tryied the pudding!!

Ta-daaa! It's texture taste like Ice-creams!

After a good long walk... we settled for some coffee

カフェドーパルファン (Café de PARFUN)

It has very nice interior and a cosy slow pace in it~

Cappuccino le husband had~ It came with a cinnamon stick!
Made a very unique taste out of the coffee<3

My Royal Milktea~
They serve very good quality drinks!

wefie! my best husband<3

Its pretty garden stairs~

After coffee, we went shopping at Harajuku!
But first, fill our hungry stomach with Hanamaru Udon!
The guy who prepared my udon is a PRC, apparently new~
And so it tasted... really... bad... :(

When you see this green background... It means PURIKURA!

I am proud to say this is our ONLY puri this trip!
Hohoho, I can be a budget queen too!

Our next stop after a short Harajuku shopping trip is stopping by Akibahara!
Only took a photo outside AKB Cafe~ didnt patronize~
AKB48 plays a crucial part of growing up for me, such memories~

And with Christmas around the corner~
Everywhere has illumination, small, big, grand and simple~ all kinds of them!

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21/11/2014 & 22/11/2014 Friday & Saturday, Going to Tokyo

An attempt to live-report!! wahaha!
No lah, to pen down asap before my memory fails me :3

The very hard working me, put on a few mask consecutively before flying!!
Its stressful to be less in best shape when you are in Japan~
The girls mostly look like dolls! And I dont want to lose! w

My mum came sending us off~ had some tea with her before flight :)

Selfie at the departure hall terminal 3~
First time flying from there ^^

Flying off! Via Vietnam Airlines transiting Ho Ching Min~

Our in-flight food, wasnt too bad but the tv was broken and...
A couple of pretty rude looking stewardess we meet :p

After 5 hours of wait at the boring transit area in Ho Ching Min airport~
7 hours of flight from Singapore to Narita Japan, finally here!!!

Breathing my favourite air again!!

Selfie in process because the husband is sleeping beside~
And I am toooooooo free! :3

I want to talk about my accommodation so badly~
But all I have is a picture of the landlord's cafe sign board!
Wait till I take more of it! This is truly an awesome neighborhood!
Very quiet, tranquil and there is a stylish secondary school beside too!

We rushed out almost immediately to meet dear lina!
I have never thought I could meet my little junior in Japan!
They brought us to a very special vegan cafe, which was good!!
In Shibuya, like 10 mins walk from the station named Nagi Shokudo~

And Joe, our little junior's handsome boyfriend who is in Todai~
Brought us along to their university organized Komaba Festival!
Its like the seiransai in Singapore, but classier and larger in scale!
Never thought I would have a chance to go into Tokyo Uni even just to see~

After a while, we left and changed trains at Shibuya~
The crossroad :)

Queuing for our favourite ramen!

Its a 20mins queue, not too bad for a weekend~

Mutekiya really has melts in the mouth chashu!! Such awesome ramen!

Then we headed home for an early night :3
Our futon in Kaori's apartment is a good quality one!!
Too tired on the first day as always~

Its superrrrrrrr cold in the night!
Then we realised its because I didnt close the window properly :p
Thats all for day one!! *waves bye*

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countdown: 3 days

Another good shot from the talented Boon Eng, KyudotSG :)
Shot at Boat Quay where I risked falling and drown!! Wahaha!
No lah, we just sat at the steep steps and kept blowing all kinds of bubbles~

3 more days to my birthday trip

Everything still feels pretty much surreal at this very moment.
Even with flights & accommodation booked, nothing feels real :)
I am very blessed to have married such a partner this life!
Although we may have moments where hurting's unavoidable... yes, we do!

I did not think that my husband will arrange for such a gift...
Because he is a practical & logical guy who never believes in romance.
But one morning, I receive a message from him saying I can book a flight!
He says that a birthday present for me and I literally jump out of my bed!!!!
This... Is... Super duper romantic cans!!!

I am blessed, Yes I am

Being so last min, I had a tough time trying to find basically, everything~
But lucky as I am, I managed to book a room in the recently voted No.1 ryokan!
Its called Heike no Sho, with 10 private outdoor onsen room (lockable)...
2 indoor 1 outdoor public baths & newly renovated traditional tatami rooms!
It cost $170 (cheapest)/night and $50/pax for transport, just to get there!

Also managed to book a ryokan room right beside the Chuzenji Lake~
At the cheapest price too SGD$200 per room per night that includes 2 meal
The lake view from its onsen bath is awesome! (from internet pictures)
So I am pretty looking forward to this onsen trip!!

As for Tokyo, I've finally planned Shimokitazawa!
The neighborhood highly raved about among youngsters nowadays~
Shoppings as usual, a halfday disneyland and some cafe meguri...
Up till now, all plans are well given that i only had 10 days to prepare~
From flight to accommodation to itinerary to packing of luggage...

Gyaaaaa! I want to like, just fly off immediately~~~~

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countdown: 4 days

4 more days till I fly! Got ready some toiletries :)
Because we rented an apartment not a hotel room so its good to prepare~
I had my towel, toothbrushes and toothpaste ready too!! Haha!

And to not look like a pudding head in my photos like at honeymoon :(
I used the cheap HOYU hair dye that I used before my hong king trip!
But this time, to touch on the roots only :) The colour's nice!!

Again, something unrelated to my trip~
I love the photos kyudot makes! ;)

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countdown: 6 days

Look at the amount of bags stacked in my room!!
Counting down: 6 more days to my Birthday Trip to Japan!

We are bringing the blue and red small luggage only~
This trip is going to be relaxed and no shoppings! *disciplines*
My clothes also went down in numbers, I am impressed by myself!
I only have one coat, one jacket adding up to 10pcs of apparel this trip~

Itinerary finally finalized!
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countdown: 7 days

Trying to pack my stuffs and coordinate my clothes!
Not sure if I did well, I wanted to look and feel mature~
Yet I didn't want to look boring and old... Haha!

Anyway... Something not related to my upcoming trip~

I have always wondered how will I look with lash extension~
Probably like this? Has been considering for sometime already~
But it can only last 2-3months, kind of feel like its not worth :(

Countdown: 7 days more!!!
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countdown: 8 days

It has been such crazy days trying to plan a last min trip!
Not that I am complaining~ I love planning especially to Japan!
But!!! Thats the thing about last min trips~ NO ACCOMMODATION! :(

Lucky for us, I found ourself an apartment!
At a decent loction, with a decent pricing!
Through this platform named Airbnb!

This is the one-room, one small kitchen/bathroom typical Japanese house!
It is located 3mins to the nearest train station that is 9mins to Ikebukuro~
Le husband loves that because his favourite ramen is just near!

And it only cost us an average of SGD$80 per night! For a whole apartment!
The house owner has 2 other rooms & a cafe in the same building~
She could offer breakfast at 800yen for 2pax and some free coffee!!
Sounds good ya?

Their concept of business, which is wayy too awesome for young tourist!
Have seen Singaporeans hosting at Airbnb and I wonder if its legal~
So I checked and it's not for HDB :( If not I could put up a room soon! Haha!

Flight settled!
Accommodation settled!
Itinerary up next!!

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*spazzes incoherently!!!*

Le husband gave me this news this morning!
Early birthday present received! And I love it<3
It is a birthday trip to Japan! Autumn onsen in Nikko!
Now, allow me to go jump around in joy first and plan my itinerary!

*continues to spazz*
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Me ish very KIASU, i know... buttt butttt!!!
It is super cheap so who cares! I am now confirmed plus chop
going for a 16days Japan Honeymoon trip!!!!! *spazzes*

*spazzes incoherrently*
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コノ旅館の名前???…… 大正屋でゴザイマス!(≧∇≦)
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more piccus!

and this time, i got photos from amelia's camera! :D



The first day, where we went to this shirne and shi-san bought us manjyuu!

This was the day where i left my camera in dai-san's car and i had no camera at all. Amelia and them went out to the shopping mall after dinner and i was preparing to go for another onsen bath so i just hang around with them at the hotel lobby/entrance until everyone gathered...

Umi Jigoku! eating thumb-sized bun!

Climbing up Kumamoto Castle... it's freaking 7 storey high!


Geisha-san! *-*


1) Need to paint my nails (right hand)
2) Need to calculate my allowance and debts
3) Need to arrange my bed sheet that just came out dry from washing.


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there was this day...
where we went to the FARM! :D


DUCKIES... city kids dont see them often kays. There was a baby bear, peacock, rabbits, goats, sheeps, kurobuta, donkey and horsey! :DD But it was frigging COLD *-*

this is a funny cow. It was licking the woods... X)

I had AISU! in winter<3 MOOOO~

and this was where we saw SNOW! it was a farm located at the top of the mountains and the snow aren't thick ones, they dont get to the ground. But still, we see a few flakes floats by time to time..!

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my cup! XD

it says "KAZU KYUSHU TRIP 2010" with my name and date on it! :D
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i've ran out of titles D:

Today, was a bad day at work bad day interracting with people.
sometimes i think... i shouldnt even exist in the first place.


More japan trip photo! Shall post some photos from dion and shawn's camera!

This, is the first photo i had with them! :D

with dai-san! :D finally a normal looking photo with him...


Us, making/drawing our own ceremic cup! They'll send them to us next month! I'm so looking forward to the real exact product! And this is my cup! Dion took a picture of it, thou i took a video of it... maybe i'll upload :D


That day, we did nothing much but going around different ceremic workshop/shop to see/buy/make the ceremics. To be very honest... it was quite boring. And so, the three of us were cam whoring so much... I was saying, shawn's look cuter then dion's! LOL! Dion is the one where i stood beside him... They are linda-san's kids btw :))

Dion found this angle good. took this using the timer...

Shawn took these... I like both! :D

Dion took these... I love the one on the right. Shawn is tall enough and we're in winter wear with a very pretty background and so i think it looks like a photoshoot then a normal holiday photo! Of course, need to praise the cameraman too. LOL!


Now, i shall attempt to finish my blings on my phone. Planning to wake up early tomorrow and cut my hair! hoho. No lah, TRIM MY HAIR. XD Wanna buy new nail polish and walk around town before work... Hopefully i get to wake up as i planned...

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Yesterday night, i finally started on my decorations for phoney. I bought stones from japan! The quality difference is obvious from those you get in singapore/taiwan/korea (quoted from the salesgirl who sold me their blings the other time) The stones are really really sparkling. LOL! And the glue is super good, it's clear so it doesnt affect the shiney-ness of the stones.

started my first piece at 4am... at 5am, a quater done!

at 6am, HALF DONE! :DDD

Will try to complete the whole phone tonight! After i eat my mac delivery... lol. Was supposed to meet misa chan for dinner but she wasn't feeling well, we had to cancel our dinner date... Maaa, it's ok. My macdonals are here! :D


a group photo of all the ladies at the IICHIKO FACTORY!

dinner at 大正屋!! :D

and a group photo with the geisha after the dinner... They were amazing. The way they move, the way they talk the way they dance and the way they entertain us. One of them asked me if i were interested to become a geisha or not, she welcomes me to stay with her! LOL! Can consider deshou? XD

OK, i shall go have my dinner!
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Before i forget again... this is my FAVOURITE photo from this trip! Apart from my profile picture in facebnbook now which is this~

Self-taken! LOL! They were all impressed by my 自拍 skill yo! XD

Another nice photo... taken by fei-san~

This is fei-san's wifey! Elieen :D She was being naughty and chased dai-san out of the driver seat because she wanted this shot! X))

we all love taking piccus with yukata on! XD


I'm starting to think, maybe i'm the one with too much flaws that the society couldnt accept me for who i am. Just like how they couldnt accpet linda san, whereas i'm starting to think linda san is actually easier to relate then anyone else in the working environment recently.


I couldnt overcome this feeling. It's too disturbing, the thought that your help and thoughtfulness are not beig appreciated. The fact that i seems to be the only one who couldn't get along well with most of the people there... The problem might just be me.


Mouuu! headache.
i shall go to lalaland first. OYASUMI! :D

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Period are Emo-periods

Like the title said.
I'm having my period and today (that already past) was the very very first day. I had been super emo, super irritated by small little things and the muscles cramp is like hell. Plus the fact that i'm coughing so hard that my diaphragm screams pain, it was, really a bad day for me.

That is all before i add in negative happenings.


I've decided to post a few random pictures of my kyushu trip here day by day!
for the whole of them, go to my facebook :D

Firstly, on the 2nd day of the trip we had a group photo at the UMI JIGOKU. It's basically a hot spring formed after the eruption of a volcano named Tsurumi Takashi (鶴見岳) 1200years ago and the iron sulpate is why it looked like ocean blue~


Also, 2nd day of the trip, we had free time at dinner!! And of course, even thou no one's there with me, I FEEL THE NEED TO TAKE PURI! :D How can i not take when i'm in the motherland of purikura!? haaa... It was fun too but i seriously am getting old? I run out of poses so easily nowadays! DD:

This was taken by shawn, Linda san's younger son, at the last full day of the trip where we went to no where other then ceremic ceremic and MORE CEREMIC shops in one afternoon. I'm so glad they were there this trip... they are fun people :D


Tomorrow is my raburi granny's birthday!
I hope i am well enough to get my ass over early. Shall take my medicine and go to bed now! :DD OYASUMI MINNA SAMA~
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in the morning of day2!

i am paying 100yen to do this, LOL!
while waiting for the onsen place to open! hoho...
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before i blog about my day ...

this is from a retarted morimosquito fanboy:
`But I’m done with it. Ya-Ya-yah still have, and will forever have, their very own great big place in my heart, but honestly, their fans, at least the ones who can’t seem to let go and move on, have finally succeeded in making me want to disassociate myself from their fandom.`

i wasnt very interested in his fight with my dearest irea at first. Because i know how retarted this person can get and maybe call me bias, how wrong can a shoon fan get? lol... BUT! when i finally go flip his nonsense, THIS made me wanna voodoo him. like, FUCK YOU. Is there a law in the world somewhere saying its illegal to NOT MOVE ON? stupid.

and then...
`spent roughly US$10,000 to go to Japan five times just to see Ya-Ya-yah. I saw them 8 times, right in front of me with my own eyes. And you never will. Eat this.`

Oh god. I dont understand him. What is there to be so proud of? I`ve been there 6 times seen shoon for like 116144646461 times (LOLOL!), i have friends who have seen HSJ like more then 8 times and spent like way much more then USD$10,000. He is sooooooo funny i wanna cry.

I thought only girls in the fandom gets so retarted. So apparently fanboys do so too... Irea chan, he is just being stupid. veryveryvery stupid. One day, we`ll see shoon together! And we`ll shake his hand, talk to him for a min everyday for 2 weeks or so, we`ll pass letters to him face to face. He`ll never ever gonna have the chance to do that with his precious mosquito in his entire life, he should eat this. XDD Whatever he say is shit! lol, Pardon me, but i feel angry for you.

This is definetly not what we call FRIEND.


Back to my day... :)

i have decided not to go get my nickname today.

There surely will be loads of people, the first day i went there`s only 10 people and yesterday there were 19. Today finale surely will have more and one more person meant that other first-timers will have lesser time to talk to shoon.

I had a fair share of conversations with him this time round.
(...and im glad i recorded them too *beams* am happy)

Other fans should feel the happiness too! x) I will come back and ask for my nickname the next event!! Which i sincerely hope its gonna be a warmer season the next time... XD He has more then months to think about it (IF he doesnt forget, which i think he will, lol) hehe.

Another reason is... i think we, fans, queueing up to talk to him is what we WANT. He is not obligated to come out and entertain us anyway. He is not paid to do it, he`s being nice to us, knowing that we really wanna see him. But the weather is really cold and plus after finale the cast normally goes for a meal together.

The more fans waits there, the longer he will have to stand outside the cold and he might be late for the meal which will not leave a good impression for the senior casts in the play... Since i said my byebyes already, i shall leave it the way it is. I`ll claim my nickname next time!

i said `翔央くんがだ~~い好きです!!` to him!

Its another FINALLY kind of thing. I had never been able to say it face to face to him before... X)) hahahaha!


Should be going for karaoke later... should be. lol.
will update again if i have a chance. XD
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day 6

I SHOOK SHOON`s HAND!!!!! like finally. lol

played janken with him today again and i won! hoho... so i used it as a chance to ask him to give me a nickname (ry`s idea) When i won, i said I WON! and he was laughing at me, THAT is the biggest reaction i`ve ever seen from shoon like... of all the times i was there as well as the biggest reaction i think he gives to a fan. He seems to be more smiley with foreign fans btw.

he ask what`s my name and what normally my friends call me as. I just replied YUI and he went `darou na~` He said he`s gonna think until tomorrow and will give me one by then. So tomorrow, I NEED TO GO! actually planned not to since tomorrow will be lots of people in the queue because its the last show and we might not even get a chance to talk to shoon. And not to mention that its frigging cold here.

nickname because, it will reflects impression he has of me so. yeah... lol. And then, i told him im going back to singapore soon, i will surely come back the next time he has something on. then i shook his hand (he shook with both hands) FINALLY and waved byebye to him. HE WAVED BYEBYE WITH BOTH HANDS TOO!! *squeals* hes toooooooo cute. dammit.

btw, his acting in romeo juliet was somewhat like FULLHOUSE`S... Nothing much i could comment, he is doing his best of course. And his eyeliner was LOL cool. He is just so amazing, full of surprises everytime i see him. X)

i am very very sure shoon is less then 170cm,
andrea went today to give him a letter and he is shorter then andrea! andrea is 170 yo. YOU IDIOT! you lied about your height! lololol... ohh wells, kimutaku does that too so you*re forgiven... X)))
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day 5

its always 5~8 degrees in the night when we wait for shoon, And i always nearly froze myself to death *whines* i wore like 3 layers and a coat today, 2 layers of socks and a shawl too. I STILL NEARLY FROZE TO DEATH.

i misssss my sunny island.
but ill take back my words when im back there so...
ignore me,

2ndly... I FORGOT TO SHAKE SHOON`s HAND AGAIN. A G A I N. periods. It was really cold this afternoon too and i was cold that i didnt think much of what to say to him. When it was my turn, i was so excited about playing janken with him again i forgot about handshake.


Then, we went to ueno to HANAMI! but according to andrea, it`s all like dead sakura. LOOKS like dead sakura because it`s in the night DDD: We`ll go again one morning... i hope. Ry says we should all go for karaoke on a sunday night, like sing thru the night and we leave for the airport in the morning~ I MUST GO KARAOKE WITH RY! no one sings morning musume with me in the sunny island DD:

okays... i shall go write letter and plan how to make shoon give me a nickname tml or at least make himshake my little pinky finger while i promise him i will come again the next time he has event. OR JUST REMEMBER TO SIMPLY SHAKE HIS HAND D:

Goodnight people! pray for me! to rmb. LOL!
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day3 day4

day3 was with misa chan in asakusa.
we went to temple, went for karaoke and purikura!

day4 was... simple.
ONLY STAGEPLAY! our first and last show. Today, i played janken with shoon!! LOL! ihe was so nice because he let me win at janken and then the acchi mite hoii part, he won! X))) and he said the merlion we bought him was CUTE! lol, he is so kind!!!!! that merlion was so FUGLY but he kept saying it looked cute! XDD

im so tired now i wanna sleep...
will update more someday!

need to coplete my letter
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day 2

i saw 2 JE boys~


and forgot to shake shoon`s hand
nevermind, i`ll go meet him everynight! lol

BUT! we saw ito takumi on the streets, harajuku.
lee choo and i saw, we stopped to take a look and then we told andrea ry we saw a JE boy. Andrea got so excited, despite that i told her it`s a junior and she prolly dont know who, we ran like half the street to let andrea SEE who is he. In the end, yes, she dont know who takumi is...


i prolly should have gone up and say hi to him... X)

OHHH! IREA!! if youre reading this, SHOON KNOWS YOU! but he didnt received his bday photobook, I think mabel will tell you :) Yes, i met her just now.

And today i did clothes shopping an im very very poor now. Prolly no more money to buy omiyage for peeps back at home, SORRRRRRRYYYYY! haha.

gotta sleep, meeting misa at asakusa 12nn tml~
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Day 1

is all about flying...
and apparently, some cargo plane crashed in narita this morning.
didnt know it until ryoko told me just now...

8 degrees damn damn cold.

luckily i brought all my thick clothings and socks and...
BOOTS! hoho!

frigging cold frigging cold...................
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