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- Nail Artist certificate
- Certificate in Professional Makeup
FC2 Management
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LB Gel Pencil (Shiny Purple No.04)

[Sponsored Review]
All review & opinion of product remains true and honest :)

This new cosmetics brand from Japan, LB cosmetics
endorsed by the lovely Lena Fujii, has reached our stores in Singapore!

I was generously sent some products for review...
Thank you M.O.S.S (S) Pte Ltd!!

LB Creamy Waterproof Gel pencil (Shiny Purple No.04)

This Japan Cosme #1 multipurpose product's highlight is being:
A waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof eyeliner after 10s of application
that also doubles as a vibrant eye shadow, trust me, it's really glittery!

The easy & smooth application credit goes to the creamy gel texture...
Formulated to glide on effortlessly and withstand the most extreme conditions~
Maybe like sweating after gym, sweating on a hot dayor running to hide from rain?
It'll stay on without melting and remains an intense color throughout the day.

One precise stroke of the purple liner on skin... (eyeliner)

Colouring lightly on the skin... (creating eye shadow)

And to test out the water/sweat proof theory~
I swiped at the pigment with a wet tissue and my fingers as well...
And I swear I rubbed it with all my strength~ This is the result :)

Did I mention how pretty this glitter purple looks like? ♥︎♥︎♥︎

-A Dream Comes True, bringing HAPPINESS by the magical touch of
LB cosmetics and debut the true beauty within you-

And here's the liner with & without false lashes on under room light...

And it's a pencil because, it can be sharpened!
This sharpener is attached right at the end of the pencil.

Look, it's as easy as ABC :)

JP Site: http://lb-cosmetics.com/
SG Site: LB Cosmetic Singapore
Instagram: #lbcosmeticssg

Bestseller, Japan Cosme #1
LB Creamy Waterproof Gel Pencil is retailed at $16.90
and LB Cosmetics are exclusively available in all Watsons store!
It will be wise to follow closely on their Facebook page as they constantly
pull contests and campaigns that may win you LB products!
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Sailormoon Series [PEACH JOHN]

There is the Sailormoon Craze all over again...
I remember I had a couple of booklets of sailormoon collection cards!
That was like 17 years ago!! Everygirl has one booklet of it!

So, Peach John, the young & sweet lingerie brand in Japan~
Collaborated to celebrate Sailormoon's 20th anniversary!

Not surprised that they got kojiharu to endorse it since they always had AKS to~
But!! How can god be so unfair!? She is... So....
She is 26 and still look so moe in that pyjamas!!


On a side note, it cost SGD$90 for the bikini set and
SGD$65 for that pyjamas, before adding shipping! T^T
And will only be released in March 2015!! Such... Cruelty you PJ!

Speaking of which, in my coming HongKong Trip first week of October~
I look forward to visit those Japanese Brand's outlet very much!
Hopefully, I can successfully pick something I like<3
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New specs says HI!~
I literally fell in love with this pair of specs within 5 mins into the shop!
They are just so cute! *spazzes* I knew it's the one for me...

And HUGE! I know, my frame is getting bigger & bigger~
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新婚旅行日記「祇園、京都 ②」


>>19/02/2014, Tuesday, Kyoto Day 2

I had my 1000yen navy coat on! With the new ankle fur boots~
Black ribbon, my 4 year old ZARA sweater inside and a black mini skirt!
I always thought girls who wear mini skirt in winter are crazy~ look who's crazy! ;p

 photo IMG_3400.jpg
First thing we did, we walked the higashiyama street, it was quiet in the day!
There were more people in the night thou, but still...
it is kind of not for young people, in my opinion~
It is nevertheless a nice place to see once in your lifetime.
Its the traditional street of Japan!

 photo IMG_3401.jpg
Some nice places to see along the way...

 photo IMG_3402.jpg
And there were trishaws everywhere!
They will ride the tourist around the places of interest in Gion~
Acting as a tour guide too, explaining the cultures along the way.
Of course, nothing comes free, but we didn't consider so we didn't ask.
I am pretty sure that is a good way of getting around for local tourist!

Right after getting out to the main street, we found lunch!
We love Ohsho! That was where our story starts *beams*
Anyway, this ohsho was located conveniently just beside Yasuka Shrine.

 photo IMG_3407.jpg
My share of gyoza! *gobbles*
I just love places like ohsho, so homey and cheap! It was a freaking 1400yen!
For 6pcs of gyoza, one bowl of noodle & chahan plus a plate of tori karaage!
Approximately SGD$18!!

 photo IMG_3408.jpg
Randomly, again, I realize I like taking photos of train tickets! ;p

 photo IMG_3409.jpg
We headed off to Fushimi Inari Shrine after lunch as planned.
The famous place for Senbon Torii~

 photo IMG_3410.jpg
On our way there, I saw these kids at the opposite platform~
Laughing care-freely! Nice mood-lifting sight :)

Transportation in Japan is just so convenient~
The shrine is just right outside of the JR Inari Station...

 photo IMG_3413.jpg
Just like dramas! Wahaha!

 photo IMG_3415.jpg
Here, we arrived at the Temizuya (place to cleanse)
It is considered a indispensable ritual to purify oneself before entering...
And that includes rinsing your mouth and your fingers removing evil!
But! It has been obvious that many Japanese themselves do not do so :(

 photo IMG_3416.jpg

 photo IMG_3418.jpg
One of the best part going on a trip with your loved ones is this...
Seeing yourself in his eyes! Haha, not exactly, he was forced to (at first)
Take pictures with the compact digital camera of what he likes seeing~
But when we got home and sort out photos, I realized I was in half of them!

Sometimes I say he is the least romantic guy I ever know...
Yet he surprises me with little things as we grow~ ♥︎

 photo IMG_3419.jpg
Walking around in the Shrine~

 photo IMG_3420.jpg
Torii Ema~ We skipped writing one...

 photo IMG_3421.jpg
There we are, the start of the Senbon Torii Gates!

As the name suggests, you may think there are 1000 block of them...
But no, there are over 20,000 of them along this path way up!
It got too cold to continue going up! We gave up after these mini torii...
And these are the exact torii that appeared in the Memoirs of a Geisha~
Where little sayuri ran and ran and ran... Lol~

Stalls inside the shrine~

 photo IMG_3426.jpg
Having snowed the day before, it was really cold!
We happen to passby this little shop that sells traditional snacks~
And having the weather, selling some hot porridge, hot tea & coffee too!

We both had hot coffee~
*and missed our kopi siew dai in singapore so badly!*

 photo IMG_3430.jpg
They have these heaters that can also boil water placed at every corner~
Keeping their customers warm at their tatami seats...
There were no tables only tatami seats by the wall and at the center of shop!

View from the inside of shop~

And just round the corner of the snack house...
There is this railroad crossing!!!!! Like in a drama!!!! *spazzes*
I adore j-dramas and I have always wanted to see these!
I did in Tokyo 7 years ago, but it was at night in a very small town~
It felt so different, this looks so real and dreamy!! *smiles sheepily*

Leaving the Fushimi Inari Shrine...

 photo IMG_3434.jpg
We alighted at metro line Shijo station (our ryokan is at Gion-Shijo)
And tried to walk back... Luckily we did~

We walked past this place at the shijo dori filled with shops...

We got curious at the long queue there! So we checked out the shop~
You know lah, being Singaporeans, queue does have this natural pull~ haa!

 photo IMG_3437.jpg
[Saryo TSUJIRI] which I believe to be a tea house~
Shijo-dori shop is their honten (main shop) they have one in tokyo too~
They serve all kinds of maccha products you can ever think of!
Even Maccha Udon! In hot soup! Goodness, so exotic!

 photo IMG_3438.jpg
After braving the chilling wind for more then 30mins~
We got ourselves a seat at the eating area upstairs, level 2

The maccha they use are from Uji, which is the famous place for
Good quality maccha! Also one of the oldest place for producing tea leaf~
Uji is a small town located in between Kyoto & Nara anyway...
So you get all the food Uji macchas in kyoto too!

Just an info: Uji Maccha is not a breed of maccha like most Singaporean think.
They are called that because it is produced in the town, Uji (Kyoto, Japan)
And there is Uji Hojicha too, the hojicha leaves harvested in Uji~

 photo IMG_3439.jpg
I had a osusume Zenzai set that includes a super tasty seaweed!
And a cup of real maccha! That goes so well with the Zenzai & seaweed~
To be very honest, it felt normal, it does taste good! Dont get me wrong~
But maybe the Japanese cuisine standard in Singapore is growing...
So much so that we could almost (Almost, ya) taste Japan here~

After the desserts, we went down to their shop...
And bought my bosses some tea leaves! They love tea~
It wasnt exactly cheap, one box cost 1000yen (SGD$12.50)
And there is only 6 teabags in it, nevertheless, IT IS SO WORTH!!!!!

I bought myself a box of sencha greentea~
There is almost no awkward aftertaste when you drink them...
Aroma max and taste a little salty~ I like♥︎

 photo IMG_3441.jpg
So when we are done with desserts, we headed back to our ryokan~
Not had dinner yet but being cold and hungry, we walked into this Izakaya!
Just right opposite our ryokan~

 photo IMG_3443.jpg
Ordered some cold side dishes right away!
My all-time favourite, Mentaiko! It goes so well with beer *huggles*
And such rarely (eaten cheap) Ankimo Ponzu! Le husband hates this ;p
Ankimo is Monkfish's liver eaten raw with Oroshi Ponzu (grated raddish)

Oh hi! Kampai~

 photo IMG_3444.jpg
More fooooooooood~

 photo IMG_3446.jpg
I love, LOVE kaki furai (fried oysters)~

 photo IMG_3445.jpg
Cheap sushi! *slurps*

Me trying to take a picture of le husband taking a picture of me!

 photo IMG_3449.jpg
And vice versus~ lol!

 photo IMG_3452.jpg
Having a fun time! I really enjoy his companion so so much ♥︎

 photo IMG_3453.jpg
Returning to our warm and comfy rooms with futon well laid~
We saw they put in new snacks beside our tea box!
Hmmm, talk about service, Singapore should look up to Japanese!

 photo IMG_3454.jpg
My first Kyoto trip has just came to an end~
I do look forward to come again!

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LB Glamorous Dual Lipgloss

[Sponsored Review]
All review & opinion of product remains true and honest :)

This new cosmetics brand from Japan, LB cosmetics
endorsed by the lovely Lena Fujii, has reached our stores in Singapore!
Products are well made in Korea, keeping up well with the market trend.

I was generously sent some products for review...
Thank you MOSS Marketing :)

LB Dual Lipgloss in Peach Punch & Snow Peach
Peach Punch is glittery in common sponge tip & Snow Peach is matt in brush
On the product itself, there is a How-To-Apply tip although in Japanese.

The pinkier colour gloss (snow peach) will be used as base
And the orange glittery gloss (punch) is the final touch on your lip make~

The colour under sunlight (outdoors)

The colour under light in a room (indoors)
Thou it's peach pink that looked orange much, it turns out pretty pink!
Like the baby colour lusciously glossed<3

What I really like about the dual lipgloss is the great quality!
As compared to other lipglosses I've tried, they last a longer time
Also, it doesn't dry my lip at the end of the day! Pretty moisturizing~
This colour sent to me kind of really suits me well too :)
Especially when I have dull & different coloured lips, this worked well for me...

-A Dream Comes True, bringing HAPPINESS by the magical touch of
LB cosmetics and debut the true beauty within you-

JP Site: http://lb-cosmetics.com/
SG Site: LB Cosmetic Singapore
Instagram: #lbcosmeticssg

LB Glamorous Dual Lipgloss is retailed at SGD$16.90
and LB Cosmetics are exclusively available in all Watsons store!
It will be wise to follow closely on their Facebook page as they constantly
pull contests and campaigns that may win you LB products!
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満月♪( ´▽`)



Handmade Mitten #2

We celebrated early for this little sweetie pie~

Her cake and cupcakes!

And us taking photos with her~
Le husband says I am the overly obsessed godmother! Haha!

Nevertheless, Happy Full Month!! ♥︎♥︎♥︎
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Old friends~

Today, I made a big step that requires some courage~
I dated evenie out, yes I did... Haha~

After all these years, it is so nice to just sit down and talk to people who...
Have moved on, grown and is capable of being forgiving.
It made me felt good, surprisingly, instead of awkward!!

Thank you dear friend, for all ;)
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I am a fan of the variety program [UTAGE!] hosted by Nakai & Mayuyu~
The real reason I watch is for eriko, who used to be my childhood idol!!
But it's so hard to find uploaders uploading the videos frequently :(

Anyway, it's a program that invites artistes to come on and sing other artiste's song!
Every episode has either a ranking of the year or a theme (like summer best etc...)
This episode has been the best for me so far~

It's best 10 songs of Year 2005!
That was the year (actually mid 2004) where I focused back on JPOP!
I was for a while, not following on JPOP as everyone around was into CPOP
And in 2005 was the happiest days in my entire life, the carefree happy days!
With the johnnys fandom, fangirl friends, good epic j-dramas & such nice songs~

Side note... BUSAIKU, you are too damn funny!
Nakai is a genius! LOL~

Speaking of johnnys fandom, here's my favourite johnnys era~
Maybe, add kisumai in too~ *fangirls* I miss those days...
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新婚旅行日記「祇園、京都 ①」


>>18/02/2014, Tuesday, Kyoto Day 1

 photo IMG_3357.jpg
Dragging our luggages, we had two 31" ones by the way~ hehe!
We left Osaka after checking out at Remm Hotel...
Headed straight to kyoto via the Shinkansen, took us 30mins~
And we had to change another line to get to the famous Gion!
We also had breakie on it! Menu's Takoyaki & Gyozas! ;)

 photo IMG_3360.jpg
We arrived at Gion-Shijo station about 15mins later...
And started to walk in search of our ryokan, walk again! Hahaha~
There were lots of walking to do in Japan! And while we walked, it snowed!
Just very lightly and briefly thou, it was awesome & meaningful for us :)

It wasn't an easy search, the ryokan on map looks easier to locate~
We asked for help from a nurse from a clinic nearby and she is so nice!!
With her kind and really generous help (in the snow too) we found it!

 photo IMG_3358.jpg
Our ryokan [GION SHINMONSO] was the cheaper choice around Gion.
Why do I insisted to live inside Gion? Well, there's said to be Geishas!
But we only got to catch a glimpse of one maiko sending her client off~ lol~
Neverthless, it was all worth living there! Actually anywhere in japan :(

We arrived at 11am and the check in is only allowed at 4pm (typical of ryokans)
Left our luggages at the counter where they will move into our rooms later~
I just love ryokans! All the etiquettes of kimono wearing staffs!!! *hearts*

 photo IMG_3361.jpg
So, having nothing to do except for looking for lunch~
We explore Gion! There is this beautiful Shirakawa river right behind the ryokan!
Photos sometimes really doesnt do the beauty justice! :(

Kyoto, is a place of traditions... Beautiful traditional Japan~

And a nice little shrine in the middle of the road~

 photo IMG_3362.jpg
Pretty edo-era buildings whole of the street!

 photo IMG_3363.jpg
Oh, hello! Its a quiet morning anyway~
We were the only few couple of people walking around...
Which is good! No crowds! But freezing cold! Haha~

 photo IMG_3369.jpg
Camellia Japonica blooming on the streets!
-camellia are often seen on yukata!-

Old willow tree~

 photo IMG_3364.jpg

 photo IMG_3367.jpg
I wished I was in a kimono and had a picture with this as background~

 photo IMG_3368.jpg
As we walked, we came to a stop at this Teppanyaki shop~
Because it already smells good from the outside!! So we went in~

It was a cosy little homey shop with two local obasan running it...

 photo IMG_3373.jpg
The exact place I will love to drink some hot maccha and chill in the winter~

 photo IMG_3372.jpg
While we were drinking hot ocha, our feet with socks on were still freezing!

 photo IMG_3375.jpg
We ordered some okonomiyaki that's supposed to be self-made~
It was half cooked in the kitchen and then brought onto the teppan (metal)
For us to continue cooking and also keeps the food warm!

 photo IMG_3374.jpg
And we had this enormous osusume okonomiyaki (chef's recommendation)
It has all ingredients in it! Beef, pork, prawn, veggie, egg~
It was so so so good!! *spazzes* We ordered yakisoba too...

Thou its only 3 items, its very filling for that amount of flour! Haha~
It cost us only approximately 2,000yen (SGD$25), which is kind of reasonable~

 photo IMG_3376.jpg
While wearing our shoes, ready to leave...
Le husband is amused by the traditionally working shoe locker!

 photo IMG_3377.jpg
You unlock it by dropping the wooden piece down.

 photo IMG_3378.jpg
After lunch, we walked our way to the Yasaka Shrine...
It was a 10mins walk, good like an exercise!

 photo IMG_3379.jpg
Attempted selfie at the entrance~ haha!

Like most shrine, they have beautiful sceneries~ and trees~ haha!

And then we both took a Omikuji read~
Its like our chinese qian(1) that people get in our chinese temple~

Mine wasn't good, so I had it tied up to avoid bad lucks come true...

 photo IMG_3384.jpg
Le husband got a good one, he kept it and still has it now~

 photo IMG_3385.jpg
This shrine has a very pretty lake in the middle of the place~

Le husband likes the quietness and peaceful feeling you get at shrines~

 photo IMG_3387.jpg
Kyoto is truly beautiful, even just at Gion~

 photo IMG_3388.jpg
Before we left, we wrote a enma~ we hope it blesses our marriage!

 photo IMG_3390.jpg
Enough of walking Gion, we went back to the hotel right around 4pm~
Another thing I love about ryokans, their keys!

 photo IMG_3391.jpg
And also the fact that there free endless maccha in the room~ with okashi ♥︎
They change it everyday when they make your beds (futon)~

 photo IMG_3393.jpg
Playing around in the room, le husband acting the Japanese man~

And there is our futon! The staff will come in everyday after dinner...
Just to help you make your futon, and they keep it every morning after breakie!
Oh, ryokans~ if you have never lived in a ryokan before when you visit Japan...
It's almost like you have never been there before!

 photo IMG_3395.jpg
Dinner came pretty late, the teppan okonomiyaki was extremely filling~
We walked around Ponto cho at night, the street of geisha house!
Found ourselves some Yakitori after countless of tempting food~
Along the stretch, good food is an understatement~ they are lavishly good!

 photo IMG_3396.jpg
This Yakitori shop, in my honest was not fantastic~ it was only average.
But that's in the rate of Japanese standards~ if you compare to SG...
It's still good ;)

 photo IMG_3397.jpg
But it's ambience was a 10/10 for sure!
It was romantically dim and quiet, it made a good dating place!

 photo IMG_3398.jpg
After dinner was a late night karaoke! How can we not do one in Japan~
And so... the fourth day in my favourite island ended again :(
Was counting down my little time left there, I remembered being emo :(

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>>17/02/2014, Monday, Universal Studio Japan
Osaka Day 2

Third day morning, we woke up early for Universal Studio!
LOTD~ I had twintail and my only wore once beanie~
Really has no use of it in Singapore, lol!

*I realized that I take a longer time to do my make-up in Japan then at home
Probably due to the fact that almost all Japanese women make up properly...
Like has everything essential on their faces, I wouldn't skip any routine!
I wouldnt want to look anything less then my best on the streets of Japan~

So... le husband always get prepared faster then I do... haha!
He went down to the shopping street and bought some famous HORAI Gyoza & BAO
Apparently, 551 Horai Gryoza is a chain and you get to see them almost everywhere!
Their gyoza is damn cheap and for the taste and quality, it's extremely worth~
Bao for breakie is the norm, but with gyoza~ haha! Certainly the first!

OOTD! New Navy Coat, Maroon Skater Skirt, Knee-high boots, Beanie!
And I haven been in Japan for so long, I only realized that knee-high is OUT!
The cute little ankled height boots seems to be more preferred in Japanese Fashion~
*yes, I got myself one in the end, hahahaha*

Hey~ Meet my handsome husband, Shawn! hahaha!
Heading out, it took us less then 30mins to reach the USJ train station.
And that is by the normal JR train, it was kind of squeezy thou...
We had thought we're clever by going to these amusement parks on monday~
But then! It happened to be the spring holiday there, people were everywhere!

 photo IMG_3135.jpg
But all thanks to the crowd, it was all very easy to get our way there...
It's basically just following the crowd~ almost everyone on that train goes to USJ!

 photo IMG_3137.jpg
And so... Here we are!!
Selfie with the must-take-photo-of Universal Studio globe.

 photo IMG_6287.jpg
Here's the ticket... Spiderman on cover~
We are 5 months early, if not, I CAN BE IN HARRY POTTER's WORLD!!!
Haha! At least le husband promises me a next trip for it! *beams*

Off we go~ The ticket gantry staffs are so smiley!
I do understand that may not be real, but at the very least they bother...
To put a smile when they put on their uniforms, it's responsibility~
*unlike service staffs in Singapore, i wanna roll my eyes on them*

Park Guide~ To be honest I am more of a Disney person then Universal.
It was undeniably less interesting for me, but still, it's a place that I will like to
go once in my life just because it is a tourist attraction in my favourite country!

 photo IMG_3101.jpg
Inside of the theme park...

 photo IMG_3105.jpg
As compared to USS, USJ has a wider space to work on these....
And is of course, prettier in my honest (maybe biased) opinion~

Inside of the theme park...

Inside of the theme park...

 photo IMG_3102.jpg
One thing USJ definitely win hands down is the Sesame Street/Snoopy park
It is very family friendly, with parks specially made for children!

 photo IMG_3103.jpg
See! Every child's heaven probably looks like this~
In USS, I will not even consider bring my children in before they turn 12?

 photo IMG_3108.jpg
Us with our 3D specs in some attraction...

Selfie again! The legendary toilet selfie! ahaha!

It was a short USJ trip and I got hungry! Hungry me = grumpy me~
So we head out to find food at the Namba Station, Dotonbori~
le husband's first buy at the train ticketing machine! that's where we realized...

The machine is rather clever because if you insert a 5,000yen note (SGD$62.50)
It will not drop 4,800yen of change in coins to you instead....
Its NOTES and COINS!!!!! *amazed* the suaku us nearly went to counter
And ask for small 1,000yen change with our 5,000yen note... Haha!
Luckily we didn't!

The hungry pair of us could not even wait for searching of good food~
We just randomly went into a Yakiniku shop right out of the station...
And to our surprise! This little obscured shop was the best of our trip!

Although the menu was a little more expensive then the usual yakiniku place~
Its still not too bad (as compared to eating yakiniku in Singapore)
We only ordered the most common wagyu (not the high marbling graded ones)
And it already taste heavenly!!!!! Really really really awesome!! *drools*

 photo IMG_3114.jpg
For such good food, the place was kind of quiet for a monday evening~
Especially they have a great location, just the first turn out of station...
Oh! They have a chinese speaking staff too!

These plus another 2 portions of wagyu and a plate of onions/mix veggie...
Was really all we had ( with okawari gohan thou, lol)
It looks like a light portion but it was very filling! and...
Oh, onions in Japan!! I can eat them all day! So sweet & not tearing you at all!!

Our dinner cost about 4,800yen (SGD$60) in total...
That is so cheap for the kind of quality of food you get!!!!
It was even better then the best we can get in Singapore, which is Gyu Kaku~

So totally worth! :)

We decided to go for a walk at Dotonbori, another famous street in osaka~
Also what we came for, haha! On the way there...
Le husband was amused by the marketing strategies in Japan !
This is a host club building with their faces in banner hanging outside~
Cool sight! Host club in Singapore are all hiding themselves~

 photo IMG_3116.jpg
And... Tadaaa! The famous Glico man at Namba's Dotonbori!
You see every single tourist taking photos of/with it!

Of course, as kiasu Singaporeans, we asked for help for this too! XD

 photo IMG_3118.jpg
My loot of the day, a pair of 1,000yen (SGD$12.50) ankle boots!!
I went to a few outlet to find my right size & this favourite colour! :)


Next up! 19/02/2014 at KYOTO!
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There was this day, I read through my entire blog~
And realized how nice it is to re-live the emotions years ago...
Those memories, those feeling still vivid running through my mind!

So, I have decided to pen down my honeymoon trip before memories blurs out...
In years to come, I would be able to feel my honeymoon trip again!


>>15/02/2014, Sunday, Singapore/Osaka
Traveling Day, Osaka Day 1

 photo IMG_3048.jpg
Right after our solemnization on Valentines...
We are on the way to our 10K / 16DAYS Japan Honeymoon!
5am early wee hours, we arrived at the Changi Airport for our flight
Flying delta, is always this early T_____T our plane's flying at 6am!
and I think I saw ryouko on the same flight

 photo IMG_3049.jpg
After 6/half hours of flight, I am back to the land of rising sun!!!!!! *spazzes*
No one will ever understand my love for this country and culture!
I cannot even express through any medium how thrilled & elated I am being there!

 photo IMG_3051.jpg
We had gotten our JR Passes in Singapore way before our trip~
All we had to do was to exchange for this with an ticket issued to us.
It cost us approximately 24,000yen per pass, but it's totally worth because
we have been travelling so much place during the first 7 days...
-though, only on JR trains, as widely known-

When we arrived at the ticketing office to exchange our passes in Narita Airport
There were notices saying train schedules are not estimable due to the snow
Yes, it was the exact heavy snow period, we worried as we queue~
But eventually, we were lucky maybe, we got on a train 20 mins later!
The Narita Express brings us from airport to Tokyo station in 60mins~

 photo IMG_3050.jpg
While we waited, le hungry husband eats onigiri! First food<3

 photo IMG_3054.jpg
HELLO JAPAN!!!!!!!! *spazzes incoherently*
It has been 4 years apart from this trip and the one before.
That is why I am especially excited, and it feels so different...
Probably because I am with my soulmate! So glad he loves Japan too!
It was his virgin trip to my favourite country and I hope he enjoyed~

Anyway, here's a picture of le vainpot waifu doing makeup on train~
Yes, I know it is considered rude to do so in Japanese culture but...
I cannot bear to be suppin in Japan, NO, NO, JUST NO. haha!
At least, I was quick! makeup done in 10mins~ Well trained already ;p
I'm experienced drawing eyeliner on racing buses in Singapore hor! LOL~

Then came the train pushcart!
Has food (Ekiben), snacks, beverages & even JR mascot goods!

Then came the ticket officer, to check on your tickets~ I always adore them!
Like in Japan, you can almost make a professional in any line of career~ hahaha!

So, we were on Shinkansen Hikari, going to Osaka from Tokyo.
Shinkansen has reserved/non-reserved seats, so he is checking on them.
Having a pass does not guarantee you a nice comfy seat, unfortunately...
It was easy to reserve thou, follow the signs and find the JR Pass ticket office
Show them your pass and tell them where you are going, they will arrange you a train!
Especially for Shinkansen, they dont come every 5~10mins or so, it's wise to reserve.

 photo IMG_3125.jpg
I realized I have stopped the habits of taking photos of train station ;p
After 3 hours, we arrived at Osaka Station... HELLO OSAKA! (first visit)
Our hotel [REMM SHIN-OSAKA], as name suggests, is located in Shin-Osaka
We had to change a train to get there, it took approximately only 10 mins!
Our hotel is just above the station! It's convenient max!!

REMM Hotel has very small western rooms, the norm because it's rare...
Or rather expensive to find big international hotels in Japan (space constrain ne)
But for the SGD$100++ per night we paid, this hotel was great~
It's clean (most impt point), it's cheap, has good location & quite a view too...
Only thing not so awesome is the kinda less smiley staff, but still acceptable :)

After we checked in, the hungry us went out to search for comfort food~
-red coat borrowed from the sis-in-law, camera borrowed from my awesome boss-

We both had some hot udon to warm us up!
It was freezing, for us who live in this tropical island, 5 degree is COLD!

So, after a day of traveling (total travelling + waiting time = 11hours)
We bought some alcohol back to our hotel room and called it a day...
Btw, it's so freaking cheap to buy beer/cigarettes in Japan! Oh, Japan!

>>16/02/2014, Sunday, Osaka/Nara

Second day in my favourite island, we woke up early...
Me in the LIZ-LISA inspired coat! Cost me only SGD$40! Damn cheap!
But I think I am petite much it looks like a bathrobe on me instead T^T

We traveled to Nara by Shinkansen (making full use of the JR pass!)
It takes only 25mins by the bullet train...

 photo IMG_3064.jpg
Le husband is so eager to try out all the weird/amusing things in Japan!
And Ekiben (Station Bentos) became the first! Eating food in trains leh...
Dont get to do so in Singapore, hahaha!

 photo IMG_3066.jpg
HELLO NARA!!! (Yui's first visit...)
After reaching Nara station, we try to make our way to a park...

Even le husband is feeling cold! It was 5 degree too like the night before~
I commented that he looks like a terrorist! w

 photo IMG_3067.jpg
There was quite a distance (maybe 15mins) of walking to do...
But it was too cold that every step we took seems like forever~~

We just had to hide in buildings for warmth! HAHA! Noob us!
So we jumped into the next building that was an acarde! HOHO! PURI!
Almost every arcade in Japan has purikura machines, of course.....
Took our first purikura in Japan!!

Then le husband spotted the legendary cigarette vending machine!!
I had always talked about it at home, tehee ;p
We wanted to try a purchase but TASPO card was required...
It's a card to identify whether you are of the legal age to smoke (18)
So we gave up and decided we're warm enough to head out~

 photo IMG_3071.jpg
After warming up, we are ready to continue conquering the cold~
On the way there, le husband spotted senbei shop with crowd, so we try!
-le SG spirit! Anywhere with queue is good!-

 photo IMG_3072.jpg
Arriving at the park, Nara Kouen~

 photo IMG_3077.jpg
The park with lots and lots of deer! Yes!!! I looked forward to this so much!
Deer are deem as sacred in Japanese traditions so they are important~
They can roam freely around the park and we are not supposed to disturb them...

 photo IMG_3074.jpg
But we could feed them! *spazzes*
These deer are accustomed to people feeding them so much that...
They come crowding around once you turn your back, close your purse,
from the deer-biscuit selling obasan, looking at you eagerly with shiny eyes!

 photo IMG_3076.jpg
Such clever creatures<3

 photo IMG_3075.jpg
We also read online that these deer does headbutting to people holding food!
True enough, le husband received one! LOL! It was interesting~ he said!

 photo IMG_3078.jpg
After feeding 4 portions (one portion was 150yen with 6 palm-sized biscuit)
We had enough of our share of cutesy deer & doe (they were really adorable!)
So we walked around the park, typically, there were lots of shrines!
And it was a tranquil atmosphere, enjoying such peace and scenery...
with my soulmate is just... so fortunate!

We were also lucky enough, to still see clumps of snow like this...
Far cry from the fairy tale, these snow were dirty because it's on the road.

 photo IMG_3079.jpg
Using this map we got from the tourist info counter at the Nara Station.
It was pretty useful because le husband is good at map reading!
While I am better at recognizing directions~ LOL, we're a perfect match<3
Heading out of Nara because deer park is the only thing we came here for...

The hungry us took the trains back and alighted at JR. Temma Station...
For the Tenjinbashi-suji Shotengai! (Shopping Street 2.6km long!) OH! SHOP!

 photo IMG_3082.jpg
But first! FOOD! We randomly walked into a gyoza shop...
It was a small but cosy and clean place with a relatively cheap menu.
Not to mention their popular gyoza was really good *slurps*

And what I really like was the chatty & smiley boss!
It is pretty obvious from his working aura that he loves what he does!
We even had a chat... he congratulated us on our marriage<3

After pampering our stomach, it's pampering the wife time!
But I am keeping my funds for Tokyo, so we window shopped only :)

And my only buy was this 1,000yen (SGD$12.50) coat!
SO CHEAP LAH! Good quality & pretty buttons, I love it~

Then we spotted some oden along the way...
HOW TO NOT GET FAT?! Just an hour ago we had our lunch T^T
But oden is to die for, cannot dont eat in Japan! hahaha...

 photo IMG_3085.jpg
Le husband buying them, I was just taking photos...
He can survive there with his couple of recently picked-up japanese vocab!
I mean... without his beautiful translator waifu lah ;p

 photo IMG_3087.jpg
I love Daikon (white raddish) like how I love Japan...Indescribable!

Shortly afterwards, we headed back to our hotel (for a nap before dinner)
It was really tiring to be on the go for most of the time, it's just exhausting~
On our way back we saw people queuing for what's in this bag!!

 photo IMG_3090.jpg
Its Takoyaki from KUKURU! (food before nap)
How to not get fat again??! Haha! I ate 3 times in 6 hours!
Kind of a record for myself~ but it was so heavenly!
Having ate these, no one will be interested in those selling in singapore!

 photo IMG_6263.jpg
After reenergizing ourselves from the power nap, our legs are most happy! w
We headed out to the night of Shin-Osaka!! To Yodobashi-Umeya~
We were trying to buy some prepaid sim cards with data plans~
But they cost about 4,000yen (SGD$50) for a week's usage per card per pax!
Too expensive! We can eat a good meal with that amount of yens~
So we decided to stick to our hotel / Starbucks wifi...
Glad that we did because we really didn't get to use much :)

So we went back to the hotel right after a simple hamburg dinner~
Rested early because... We are going to USJ the next day! :D

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Ever since I downloaded Lovelive! Jp version from Japan's appstore~
I have been downloading many japanese games and...
Alot of them are so lame! I rarely use this vocab so they are really lame!

Lovelive! is purely addictive!!
Cant seems to stop once starting the game~

And I play the english version too~ le husband says I am crazy!! w

One of the game I tried, is like a practice to learn what to say in a go-con
Another practices how to check your partner's phone in seconds!
There's this game that you make takoyaki to unlock takoyaki pets
Also trying to pack osaka ojisans into a train cabin in the fastest speed! Lol!!

Well, Japanese being Japanese~ ヾ(◍'౪`◍)ノ゛

But I found this cute "LINE PLAY" alike game「ポケコロ」

Instead of a room, it is a treepot that the characters lives in~
You can change the treepot's exterior, interior and the character's clothes & style~
The tree grow fruits and they could be made into food! Haha~
POKEKORO works like LINE PLAY, you can visit random people...
Make friends with them all over the world~

And then, you have this studyroom-like treepot to throw message bottles~
You can write & throw or just read what people writes or reply them!
If someone likes your comment, they give you flower...
And they are planted beside the bottle tree on the treepot top!

My pokecoro character! I realised it looks like nyannyan (kojiharu)!!

It has so many pattern ok! Hahaha!

Its fun because people will come and press your doorbell...
When they want to make friends with you!
And the corner that people throw message bottles... is... hilarious~

*runs off to play game*
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The Last...

Business Trip as an Executive in Estron Marketing!

2014 June, my bosses and I came to KLCC once again~

The most awesome superior and lady boss!!
She has given so much opportunities & trust to me<3

The Red Lip OL!

I think I still look 18 in my formal OL attire~ haha!

The husband came to accompany me as usual! *thankful*

As well as Shellie May~ haha!

I may miss working overseas someday~
And I know chances as such doesn't just come by so easily!
But for now, its time for a good rest until I get well soon ;p

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2014 Manila Trip~

During the National Day week~
I accompanied le husband to Manila for his business trip!

The first meal there was Japanese!

Followed by every meal of Japanese that we can find in the mall! Haha!
Oh, UCC cafe was kind of cool you know~

I was, sadly, down with fever before the trip and was doing nothing...
Other then resting in the hotel T_____T
But we did some research before the trip and other then historical POI~
There are no other tourist sites in the city we went to! :(

Luckily Shangri La was awesome! It is a nice hotel to rest in~

Has quite a view at level 26!

And has Japanese Breakfast!!! Hahaha!

When I got better a couple of days later~
I went to the malls around the hotel and found a nail salon!
Did some gel manicure at only SGD$18!!!!! *spazzes*

Bought some clothes too! They are not cheap in general~
Because it is still a mall in the city but!! given Yui is Yui~ she digs!
And so got a couple of pretty picks! This 2pcs set is only $12!

Jacket at only SGD$7!!! *pops confetti*

This cat head printed dress for SGD$8! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Its not too bad a trip, its business trip after all~
But unless you appreciate the beauty of historical sites, else its a little boring...

Our 7th destination in a year and a half! - Makati City, Manila, Phillipines~
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Words cannot express how thankful I am right now.
I have officially left Estron (with much complex feelings)

My lady boss actually gave me a farewell party and a diamond necklace!

I am shocked and feel so overwhlemed with loved and appreciation (as always)
And its truly my blessings that I can meet such awesome bosses in my life~
Not because of the presents, but of how nice they are...
The chances & lessons given to me are truly precious!
I am sad that I leave but well, 天下无不散之宴席!How true...

Thank you, Lynn ♥︎
Thank you, Boss ♥︎
Thank you, Estron Marketing!
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little thoughts...

A little heavy post...

It has been on my mind the whole day today.
Some people we meet in life are toxic, like dementors!
Sucking away your happiness, drains your emotions and leaves you hopeless~
These creatures should be locked away! At all cost!!

But, I think... I used to be one.
I was, negative, always depressed, neglects the people who care~
I was, paranoid (still am, and changing), always blaming and maybe selfish.

So, people left.
I see them the same, I left too...
I turn them away, making sure I dont see them anymore.
I felt better and better each day.

Until this very day, I've never regretted my choice~
If these people who labeled me toxic didnt walk out of my life, I wouldnt be me.

Through these years, I have made peace with myself~
I know and accept my flaws but I am not all flawed!
If these people who walked away didnt see a point like this,
Then... why should I care that they left?

I learnt from these years of being, hmm, abandoned...
People turn their backs against each other when they deem one as 'different'
Opening your heart to one person doesnt guarantee they treat you the same.
No warranty, sorry~


I stay firm in my beliefs that those who walked away from me...
Will walk away from each other one day, somehow~
And I am right... Because real friends dont leave!

Everyone will grow to realized the only people who will never walk away,
Are their parents, and if lucky, your soulmate...

Where I have found mine, I need almost no one else.
My soulmate has given me so much positive energy in life, its shocking!
He changed me, my life values, my character and even my life habits!
He is my everything :)

And having the couple of heartwarming friendships (I have four of them)...
None of them walked away when I am in my direst state<3
Overflowing of appreciation~ words cannot express how thankful I am!

Life like this is serenity, like a cup of earl grey tea!
I had come the hard way learning how to love this life...
So would very much treasure the way it is now ♥︎
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So le waifu is a good waifu! (ˊo̶̶̷ᴗo̶̶̷`)੭✧
I made zaru soba for dinner today~!!

Naibai Veggie
Fluffy Scramble
Coin Cheese Tofu

Looks like a chinese/jap fusion! ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞♡⃛
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Neko no Niwa - Cafe Review

PS: Am not a food blogger, the only reason for these penned thoughts
Purely goes to the love I have for cats *:ஐ(●˘͈ ᵕ˘͈)人(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●)ஐ:*


In April earlier this year, Bestie & I set foot into this amazing place!
First of the first~ A CAT CAFE IN SINGAPORE!!!!! *spazzes*

Shoe storage area~

Cake/beverage counter~

Nice place to start with...

It was decent with more resident cats then TCOC has.
And these two cafe seems to be in a great relationship~

Us in the cafe~

They do not have tags like TCOC to keep track proof of your stay~
But they issued every group a handbook with cat details & house rule!
A very clever idea! Good for customers to keep track of their cats too~
In TCOC there is a staff situated in the cat room to talk to you...
But some people just do not wish to strike conversations you see~

And also, our teas are served with wooden covers~
So thoughtful!! (to prevent furs from falling in)
Thou, the tea was not as nice as what TCOC served (had ordered same tea)
The drink is not included in the 1st hour charge of $12.00
Subsequently, every block of 3mins chargeable at $5.00

Hi Sleeping Meowie! ( ⋆•ิ ᴈ-ิᵕ⁎)

If there has been no comparison, I would really love Neko no Niwa
(its cafe name literally means Cat's Garden in Japanese)

Kitty's play room~

All is good (except the tea ⁽⁽(ཀ д ཀ)⁾⁾้)
Nice ambience, good services and adorable cats!!
Still a place worth your time especially cat lovers~

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Summer Blue!

Today my theme is Coral Summer! With orange lips!
Accompanied my mum for her medical check up...
So I was looking at dressing a little more matured yet not dull so~

OOTD ✧ً☬ཻैั້͈◡ً☬ཻैั້͈✩ೄ

Blue in Pastel & Coral~

And the eye colour comes from this lovely shade of blue shadow...
Only $2 from DAISO ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱
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The Company of Cats - Cafe Review

Gokigen yo! LOTD~ i hearts my yellow ribbon :3

OOTD~ my checkered babydoll dress with the mori-kei socks & shoes!

The husband & I decided on an impromptu dating weekend!
So we dressed up and headed out to...

The Company of Cats! A cat cafe in chinatown~

With all the cat cafes surfacing out all of a sudden~ there are lots of comparison!

TCOC has been the best so far :)

Reception at the shoe storage area~ 癒し感じ♥︎

Unlike the Japanese cat cafes where beverages are chargeable~
TCOC has included a drink in it's 1st hour coverage ($14.00)!
Choices of Tea & Coffee made possible by topping up $1.50 :)
Oh and there's free wifi in the cafe which is less relevant to me because...
I dont even have enough time for the cats!! Haha!
Good for tourist thou~ *thumbs up*

Everyone will be issued a tag just like in Japan~
They would put your receipt in the tag first but you dont pay.
It is just for recording purposes and you pay only at the end of your stay~

Not sure if they are Japanese affiliated but~
There is a corner of manga and japanese magazines!!
*the fangirl in me spotted a POPOLO*

All over the cafe you can see cat related posters with funny quotes!
And also lots of plushies and cat toys, everywhere...

NYA!! Although TCOC only has 8 resident cats...
Each and every of them has a cool character that makes you remember them!
A few of them are extremely adorable & playful!! *which makes a cat cafe fun*

Belle, Meowketing Director of TCOC
Read their cats here: http://www.thecompanyofcats.sg

We stayed for an hour & half instead of the reserved one hour...
Every half an hour addition is chargeable at $5.00 per pax~
Which is quite the norm rates even in Japan.
They serve some finger food as well, so hungry people cant complain~
Decor and ambience is surely a perfect 10/10 score!

All in all, it is the better cat cafe in Singapore!
Every cat lover should visit TCOC at least once! It's worth!
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Nails & Nails!

APRIL 2014

JUNE 2014


Leaving glitters behind! Matt is the thing right now...
So are the pastel blue!! With seashells ♥︎ for summer~
Shall try & master DIY gel nails :))
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The God-daughter♥︎

This is bestie with her baby bump a month ago!

And today, Baby Chloe is out with us!
The mittens I hand made on baby chloe! *beams*

I am so excited that bestie has safely gave birth to a baby girl!
She is such a nice baby with no tantrums no troubles!
I say, my bestie is blessed very much with a family like this~

Little Chloe will be the most fortunate girl with our love! ^^
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Kind of unbelievable with 15years of love for the culture~
This, is my 1st set of YUKATA :)

Thank you KYUDOT SG as always!
For these lovely photos~

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Importance of Health~

As a weak child, sickness has never been far from me.
But as I grow older, it gets tougher each time I fall sick :(

Recent years, it has been hitting on me how important it is to be healthy~
How wonderful it could be if one doesnt fall sick so often :(

I hate being sick especially when meds dont even work anymore.
The only thing I can do is suffering from the pain and discomfort on my bed~
Waiting for recovery T________T

Gahhh, I wanna be healthy~~~

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Recently, The models in magazines and and even some idols~
Started looking pale and sickly (intentional-kind) I realized.
And then someone called it the Byoujaku Face!

Which literally mean Sickly Face, aha Japanese right?
Well, weird as it is, it is kind of in trend now...

The husband actually say I look sickly even without the make~
*rolls eye* Nevertheless, I tried!

On the article that I read, it says brown is the key to the make~
So i chose my palest brown contact lens to go with...

This one-day lens from japan is super comfy<3
I should have stocked up more T_____T

After the basic prep and bb cream~ i drew concealer!

My brushes~ i grew to really like using brushes nowadays...

Using matte highlighter colour, spread even the concealer~

And lastly, apply lightly some powder throughout face...
There goes the pale looking face!

Given brown is the key colour, the eye shadow will of course be brown~
I chose my lightest shade of brown too :)

On the lower part, I tried creating the tear bag...
With pink and white, all matte not shiny~

Pink from the old dollywink series~
Found it selling cheaply in Japan during my honeymoon trip<3

When I applied the brown eyeliner, I swiped a little brown shadow on it.
So it looks lighter then the original dark brown~

Jya~jyannnn!! Sick-eye hahaha!

Pale face, pale looking eyes~ I hope I did it right~

Pale princess pink blusher...

Brown AMO-inspired lashes from taobao!
They are so freaking cheap! Even with shipping fees~
They only cost 40cents per pair!!! *pops confetti*

With brown brows drawn, my byoujaku face is almost done!

Add some summer orange and pale pink to the lip colour...

Yui's version of byoujaku face! :)
So light but its getting more and more fun to wear such makeup~
As compared to 3years ago where I had panda eye! Hahaha!

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For you, yes you, who is still reading this...
*probably it's myself, ten years later*

I have been offline here for half a year.
And this 6months has been more then just great.

1. I got Married... #besthusbandofthecentury
Living the life of two as one, it is such a joy I never imagined.

2. Japan Honeymoon! #AWESOME
Do I even have to express my overflown shiawase-ness? haha!

3. I got a promotion (like kind of, LOL!)
The reality of being an OL has settled down in me, I love it.

I realised facebook is the root of all evil, as is the World Wide Web.
When I get lesser & lesser online presence and poof! I grew happier!!

5. Chopped off my hair again.
There, Singapore is hot and long hair is too mainstream.

Moving on to the next phrase of life...
A new home, a new life, a new dream (two new dreams)
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Hadalabo Gel Moisturizer

[Sponsored Review]

Long long overdue review because I was off in the land of rising sun~
Sometime ago, I received the new product from Hadalabo...
And its lucky that I received it before I go to Japan because it saved me!
It was winter and so dry, this little bottle of gel moisturizer is all I needed~

3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Gel Moisturizer

I have always been a big fan of Hadalabo and still am~
My usual skin care routine still has them in it :)
In this little bottle of magic contains the 3 main ingredients:

Natural Arbutin
Extracted from bearberry, with great effects of whitening, is highly concentrated. It enhances skin fairness and targets dark spots.

Vitamin C
It is an anti-oxidant that enhances collagen production, inhibits the appearance of dark spots and rectifies dull skin.

Hyaluronic acid
The nano hyaluronic acid molecules in it does instantly hydrate and lock-in moisture, keeping skin soft, smooth & elastic!

What I really like about most of their line of product is the moisturizing power...
And the non-sticky feeling on your skin after applying the product~

As much as it worked in Japan, for a humid place like Singapore...
It has been a little "sticky" as compared to the Hadalabo lotions
Which would bring me biased towards the lotion instead~
Nevertheless, the moisturizing power is still great! Fast absorbing too!

Hada Labo 3-in-1 Whitening Perfect Gel retails at $38.90
And it's available at all major pharmacy :)

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Happy CNY!

I ended work for the year of snake on Wednesday...
With my awesome lady boss giving us a big big red packet each!!

Then I went for dinner with le boyfriend in town~
My first mouth of rice in weeeeeeeks!!
Monster Curry wasnt too bad :)

And we received our last ang bao of our life from mum!

Going to Bintan tomorrow...
Short trip out, I hope all will be fine :3

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Counting Down!! 17!

its 17 more daysssssss!!

I should start on my shopping list now :3

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