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- Nail Artist certificate (Japan)
- Certificate in Professional Makeup
- Register for JLPT DEC 2014 (N2)

FC2 Management
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The Last...

Business Trip as an Executive in Estron Marketing!

2014 June, my bosses and I came to KLCC once again~

The most awesome superior and lady boss!!
She has given so much opportunities & trust to me<3

The Red Lip OL!

I think I still look 18 in my formal OL attire~ haha!

The husband came to accompany me as usual! *thankful*

As well as Shellie May~ haha!

I may miss working overseas someday~
And I know chances as such doesn't just come by so easily!
But for now, its time for a good rest until I get well soon ;p

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2014 Manila Trip~

During the National Day week~
I accompanied le husband to Manila for his business trip!

The first meal there was Japanese!

Followed by every meal of Japanese that we can find in the mall! Haha!
Oh, UCC cafe was kind of cool you know~

I was, sadly, down with fever before the trip and was doing nothing...
Other then resting in the hotel T_____T
But we did some research before the trip and other then historical POI~
There are no other tourist sites in the city we went to! :(

Luckily Shangri La was awesome! It is a nice hotel to rest in~

Has quite a view at level 26!

And has Japanese Breakfast!!! Hahaha!

When I got better a couple of days later~
I went to the malls around the hotel and found a nail salon!
Did some gel manicure at only SGD$18!!!!! *spazzes*

Bought some clothes too! They are not cheap in general~
Because it is still a mall in the city but!! given Yui is Yui~ she digs!
And so got a couple of pretty picks! This 2pcs set is only $12!

Jacket at only SGD$7!!! *pops confetti*

This cat head printed dress for SGD$8! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Its not too bad a trip, its business trip after all~
But unless you appreciate the beauty of historical sites, else its a little boring...

Our 7th destination in a year and a half! - Makati City, Manila, Phillipines~
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Words cannot express how thankful I am right now.
I have officially left Estron (with much complex feelings)

My lady boss actually gave me a farewell party and a diamond necklace!

I am shocked and feel so overwhlemed with loved and appreciation (as always)
And its truly my blessings that I can meet such awesome bosses in my life~
Not because of the presents, but of how nice they are...
The chances & lessons given to me are truly precious!
I am sad that I leave but well, 天下无不散之宴席!How true...

Thank you, Lynn ♥︎
Thank you, Boss ♥︎
Thank you, Estron Marketing!
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little thoughts...

A little heavy post...

It has been on my mind the whole day today.
Some people we meet in life are toxic, like dementors!
Sucking away your happiness, drains your emotions and leaves you hopeless~
These creatures should be locked away! At all cost!!

But, I think... I used to be one.
I was, negative, always depressed, neglects the people who care~
I was, paranoid (still am, and changing), always blaming and maybe selfish.

So, people left.
I see them the same, I left too...
I turn them away, making sure I dont see them anymore.
I felt better and better each day.

Until this very day, I've never regretted my choice~
If these people who labeled me toxic didnt walk out of my life, I wouldnt be me.

Through these years, I have made peace with myself~
I know and accept my flaws but I am not all flawed!
If these people who walked away didnt see a point like this,
Then... why should I care that they left?

I learnt from these years of being, hmm, abandoned...
People turn their backs against each other when they deem one as 'different'
Opening your heart to one person doesnt guarantee they treat you the same.
No warranty, sorry~


I stay firm in my beliefs that those who walked away from me...
Will walk away from each other one day, somehow~
And I am right... Because real friends dont leave!

Everyone will grow to realized the only people who will never walk away,
Are their parents, and if lucky, your soulmate...

Where I have found mine, I need almost no one else.
My soulmate has given me so much positive energy in life, its shocking!
He changed me, my life values, my character and even my life habits!
He is my everything :)

And having the couple of heartwarming friendships (I have four of them)...
None of them walked away when I am in my direst state<3
Overflowing of appreciation~ words cannot express how thankful I am!

Life like this is serenity, like a cup of earl grey tea!
I had come the hard way learning how to love this life...
So would very much treasure the way it is now ♥︎
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So le waifu is a good waifu! (ˊo̶̶̷ᴗo̶̶̷`)੭✧
I made zaru soba for dinner today~!!

Naibai Veggie
Fluffy Scramble
Coin Cheese Tofu

Looks like a chinese/jap fusion! ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞♡⃛
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Neko no Niwa - Cafe Review

PS: Am not a food blogger, the only reason for these penned thoughts
Purely goes to the love I have for cats *:ஐ(●˘͈ ᵕ˘͈)人(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●)ஐ:*


In April earlier this year, Bestie & I set foot into this amazing place!
First of the first~ A CAT CAFE IN SINGAPORE!!!!! *spazzes*

Shoe storage area~

Cake/beverage counter~

Nice place to start with...

It was decent with more resident cats then TCOC has.
And these two cafe seems to be in a great relationship~

Us in the cafe~

They do not have tags like TCOC to keep track proof of your stay~
But they issued every group a handbook with cat details & house rule!
A very clever idea! Good for customers to keep track of their cats too~
In TCOC there is a staff situated in the cat room to talk to you...
But some people just do not wish to strike conversations you see~

And also, our teas are served with wooden covers~
So thoughtful!! (to prevent furs from falling in)
Thou, the tea was not as nice as what TCOC served (had ordered same tea)
The drink is not included in the 1st hour charge of $12.00
Subsequently, every block of 3mins chargeable at $5.00

Hi Sleeping Meowie! ( ⋆•ิ ᴈ-ิᵕ⁎)

If there has been no comparison, I would really love Neko no Niwa
(its cafe name literally means Cat's Garden in Japanese)

Kitty's play room~

All is good (except the tea ⁽⁽(ཀ д ཀ)⁾⁾้)
Nice ambience, good services and adorable cats!!
Still a place worth your time especially cat lovers~

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Summer Blue!

Today my theme is Coral Summer! With orange lips!
Accompanied my mum for her medical check up...
So I was looking at dressing a little more matured yet not dull so~

OOTD ✧ً☬ཻैั້͈◡ً☬ཻैั້͈✩ೄ

Blue in Pastel & Coral~

And the eye colour comes from this lovely shade of blue shadow...
Only $2 from DAISO ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱
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The Company of Cats - Cafe Review

Gokigen yo! LOTD~ i hearts my yellow ribbon :3

OOTD~ my checkered babydoll dress with the mori-kei socks & shoes!

The husband & I decided on an impromptu dating weekend!
So we dressed up and headed out to...

The Company of Cats! A cat cafe in chinatown~

With all the cat cafes surfacing out all of a sudden~ there are lots of comparison!

TCOC has been the best so far :)

Reception at the shoe storage area~ 癒し感じ♥︎

Unlike the Japanese cat cafes where beverages are chargeable~
TCOC has included a drink in it's 1st hour coverage ($14.00)!
Choices of Tea & Coffee made possible by topping up $1.50 :)
Oh and there's free wifi in the cafe which is less relevant to me because...
I dont even have enough time for the cats!! Haha!
Good for tourist thou~ *thumbs up*

Everyone will be issued a tag just like in Japan~
They would put your receipt in the tag first but you dont pay.
It is just for recording purposes and you pay only at the end of your stay~

Not sure if they are Japanese affiliated but~
There is a corner of manga and japanese magazines!!
*the fangirl in me spotted a POPOLO*

All over the cafe you can see cat related posters with funny quotes!
And also lots of plushies and cat toys, everywhere...

NYA!! Although TCOC only has 8 resident cats...
Each and every of them has a cool character that makes you remember them!
A few of them are extremely adorable & playful!! *which makes a cat cafe fun*

Belle, Meowketing Director of TCOC
Read their cats here: http://www.thecompanyofcats.sg

We stayed for an hour & half instead of the reserved one hour...
Every half an hour addition is chargeable at $5.00 per pax~
Which is quite the norm rates even in Japan.
They serve some finger food as well, so hungry people cant complain~
Decor and ambience is surely a perfect 10/10 score!

All in all, it is the better cat cafe in Singapore!
Every cat lover should visit TCOC at least once! It's worth!
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Nails & Nails!

APRIL 2014

JUNE 2014


Leaving glitters behind! Matt is the thing right now...
So are the pastel blue!! With seashells ♥︎ for summer~
Shall try & master DIY gel nails :))
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The God-daughter♥︎

This is bestie with her baby bump a month ago!

And today, Baby Chloe is out with us!
The mittens I hand made on baby chloe! *beams*

I am so excited that bestie has safely gave birth to a baby girl!
She is such a nice baby with no tantrums no troubles!
I say, my bestie is blessed very much with a family like this~

Little Chloe will be the most fortunate girl with our love! ^^
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Kind of unbelievable with 15years of love for the culture~
This, is my 1st set of YUKATA :)

Thank you KYUDOT SG as always!
For these lovely photos~

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Importance of Health~

As a weak child, sickness has never been far from me.
But as I grow older, it gets tougher each time I fall sick :(

Recent years, it has been hitting on me how important it is to be healthy~
How wonderful it could be if one doesnt fall sick so often :(

I hate being sick especially when meds dont even work anymore.
The only thing I can do is suffering from the pain and discomfort on my bed~
Waiting for recovery T________T

Gahhh, I wanna be healthy~~~

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Recently, The models in magazines and and even some idols~
Started looking pale and sickly (intentional-kind) I realized.
And then someone called it the Byoujaku Face!

Which literally mean Sickly Face, aha Japanese right?
Well, weird as it is, it is kind of in trend now...

The husband actually say I look sickly even without the make~
*rolls eye* Nevertheless, I tried!

On the article that I read, it says brown is the key to the make~
So i chose my palest brown contact lens to go with...

This one-day lens from japan is super comfy<3
I should have stocked up more T_____T

After the basic prep and bb cream~ i drew concealer!

My brushes~ i grew to really like using brushes nowadays...

Using matte highlighter colour, spread even the concealer~

And lastly, apply lightly some powder throughout face...
There goes the pale looking face!

Given brown is the key colour, the eye shadow will of course be brown~
I chose my lightest shade of brown too :)

On the lower part, I tried creating the tear bag...
With pink and white, all matte not shiny~

Pink from the old dollywink series~
Found it selling cheaply in Japan during my honeymoon trip<3

When I applied the brown eyeliner, I swiped a little brown shadow on it.
So it looks lighter then the original dark brown~

Jya~jyannnn!! Sick-eye hahaha!

Pale face, pale looking eyes~ I hope I did it right~

Pale princess pink blusher...

Brown AMO-inspired lashes from taobao!
They are so freaking cheap! Even with shipping fees~
They only cost 40cents per pair!!! *pops confetti*

With brown brows drawn, my byoujaku face is almost done!

Add some summer orange and pale pink to the lip colour...

Yui's version of byoujaku face! :)
So light but its getting more and more fun to wear such makeup~
As compared to 3years ago where I had panda eye! Hahaha!

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For you, yes you, who is still reading this...
*probably it's myself, ten years later*

I have been offline here for half a year.
And this 6months has been more then just great.

1. I got Married... #besthusbandofthecentury
Living the life of two as one, it is such a joy I never imagined.

2. Japan Honeymoon! #AWESOME
Do I even have to express my overflown shiawase-ness? haha!

3. I got a promotion (like kind of, LOL!)
The reality of being an OL has settled down in me, I love it.

I realised facebook is the root of all evil, as is the World Wide Web.
When I get lesser & lesser online presence and poof! I grew happier!!

5. Chopped off my hair again.
There, Singapore is hot and long hair is too mainstream.

Moving on to the next phrase of life...
A new home, a new life, a new dream (two new dreams)
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Happy CNY!

I ended work for the year of snake on Wednesday...
With my awesome lady boss giving us a big big red packet each!!

Then I went for dinner with le boyfriend in town~
My first mouth of rice in weeeeeeeks!!
Monster Curry wasnt too bad :)

And we received our last ang bao of our life from mum!

Going to Bintan tomorrow...
Short trip out, I hope all will be fine :3

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Counting Down!! 17!

its 17 more daysssssss!!

I should start on my shopping list now :3

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Light Eye Make~

An attempt to look fresh... light eye-makeup!
どうどう?? w

Going for a short trip to bintan during Chinese New Year hols!
I look forward much :3 Its gonna be relaxing~~~ massage! pool! sleep!

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Everything has an expiry date/period.
Yes, Everything and I hope my friendships and marraige has not :)

Samplestore has reposted this in facebook and I thought...
All girls should know about this!

I throw my cosmetics that has been kept for 3 years often.
Even if they are still 90% full~ thou not much of them...
I dont stock up cosmetics so I dont feel the pinch of throwing expired ones~

This chart is pretty detailed!!
It really is bad for your face/skin to use cosmetics stored too long~
Start throwing now! :)

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Counting down: 21days

Counting down 21DAYS to Japan ♥ Honeymoon

Need to get the tokyo itinerary done~ Have been procrasinating!

*rolls away*
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V.DAY Card~

Valentines is coming!! *willbeinjapan* wakakaka!
Anyway, starbucks came out with these heart shaped cards~
le boyfriend got me [WONDERFUL YOU] ♥

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Sheet Mask~

Bought some sheet mask to last me until my japan trip...
When I am there, I swear to sweep cheap yet awesome mask back!!
Its so expensive to buy beauty mask here~ OHWHY?!? *pouts*

And I cannot afford to look dry & dull in Japan :(
Need to stay pretty, take pretty pictures cause its HONEYMOON!!
Oh mai, getting so near!!!!!!!! *spazzes*

And work is very relaxed these days... since new year is coming!
Just the right time, I could plan my trip during lunch time :3

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一ヶ月にナイルのスタイル4 回を変えてしまいました!



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Happy Sunday~

OHAYOOO! its a sunday... and I am in the slacking mood.


Sitting in STARBUCKS~ I tried to plan a tokyo itinerary!
But got sucked away by a variety show... orz
I need more determination!! 26 more days only!!

PS: [我是歌手] is a nice variety~

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SUGARPLUS - Japanese Advertising & Cosmetics Company

Kelly Konomi~ Famous gyaru fashion blogger in Singapore...
whom I have known for quite a while, she emailed me one day!
Introducing SUGARPLUS & kindly inviting me to have my profile there~

It is basically a online talent portal~
And companies who are looking for dokumo could pick from there!

**DOKU-MO in-short for 読者モデル
In Japan, there are lot of reader models, readers of magazines~
In Singapore, probably it's equivalent to blogger models (IMO)

My profile picture! hehe~ Le boyfriend chose this for me~
He says this looks sweeeet<3

I am honoured and happy to have been approached by Kelly.
Thank you so much Kelly! :3

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[GoodSkin Labs] Firm-365 Serum

[Sponsored Review]

Samplestore & Goodskin Labs has generously sponsored!
A Serum for facial firming! SANKYUU LOVES<3

New FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum with V-Technology

GoodSkin Labs is a targeted problem/solution, clinically-proven
skincare line who delivers real results instantly and in long term.
Established by BeautyBank in 2007, the brand is sold in 20 countries!

*BTW - GoodSkin Lab is a company under ESTEE LAUDER BRANDS :)

Facial firming is not only for mature ladies~
One should start the anti-aging regime as young as 20!
With me stepping into my 26th year, this should come handy~
*thou, I have yet to find train tracks or sagging signs*

Upon opening... I like, immediately, the pump and cap.
Hygiene yeah~ keep it close always :3
And the pump makes application easy~


Sensory Study Results
o 91% of women noticed skin was moisturized
o 83% of women felt skin looked more healthy

After 4 Weeks
o 91% of women noticed skin looked more radiant
o 88% of women felt skin looked firmer
o 86% of women felt skin looked lifted

It smells really good and leaves no greasy feel~
Instantly there is slight radiance change in skin for me.
It's like putting on very very extremely thin bb cream! haha!
Or maybe to be exact, like a primer! :D

What is in it that makes it work the way it does?

o Blend of pearls for instant radiance upon application
o Glucosamine to gently slough away dead skin cells~

V-Face Firming?
o CME, Vitamin C & E complex that helps support
skin’s natural collagen production - lifts and firms skin
o Photozomes, a photo activated enzymes with plankton extract
helps support collagen and elastin - makes skin youthful
o Argireline that supports natural collagen production to helps
diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Trehalose
helps your skin absorb water and retain the moisture.

Retailed at SGD$68.00 per tube (50ml)
FIRM-365 is available exclusively in all SASA outlets
Eyliplex-2 at only $49 (UP: $68) with purchase of Firm-365

COME JOIN!! 365 “V” Poses Contest NOW~

1. LIKE SASA's Facebook Page

2. Strike a “V” pose just like I did, post it on SASA Facebook

3.“Posers” can redeem a FIRM-365 sample from any SASA outlet
or at Samplestore.com

4. FIVE lucky “posers" will each win a $200 GSL product hamper
AND $200 worth of SASA Gift Certificates!!

5. Contest period: 13 Jan to 9 Feb 14


It can make your after make super radiant!! :3
just spread a little on palm and tap on after make-up face!
Simple and good results for dry dull skin people<3
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Office Lady~


I have become a full fledged OL in just two years... w
Well, there are perks of being an OL too~
Stable income, routined worklife (different challenges thou)
It gives security to one (like makes you feel warm & comfy)
And alot alot of morning coffees! bwahahaha!
But idk if thats all good in the long run, hahahaha! ;p
I am happy with being an OL for the moment :)


btw, I realised I grew to write lesser recently...
I wonder if its the change of character after changing my career?

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Countdown: ONE MONTH!

Counting down ONE MONTH to Japan ♥ Honeymoon

OMGOMGOMGOMG *squeals incoherrently*

*fans self*
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Very randomly...

Chilling to a sunday night with umeshu! *oh-i-love*
But i like sake way much more~~

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Urgent Review! :3

Did this urgent review of some eye make-ups for EK Media yesterday~

Photo taken in my office toilet! Oh-I-love-the-lights~
Its a Mascara, eyemake remover wipes and some eyemask!!

Eyemask that looks like batman!!! :3

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