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Day3, 24/11/2014, Monday
Tochigi-ken, Yunishigawa Onsen, Heike no Sho

Day3 into our trip, we moved out of Tokyo

With a little handcarry luggage for our 3D2N onsen trip!

Before the long trip up to tochigi, we had some Mutekiya Ramen again~

Negi tappuri ramen<3

Oh my hunsum husband~ hohoho...

We took a train to Asakusa for the SPACIA express train

This fastest train even has to take 2 and a half hours to get to half way up!

Our final destination is Yunishigawa Onsen~

But SPACIA only stopped at Kinugawa Onsen Station.

Had to change 2 more trains and a bus to get there :(

Meanwhile while waiting for connecting trains...

We explored around the station~

It's end of AUTUMN, I love the leaves (collected 1 in 2010 too)

Look at the mountain!

We finally reached Yunishigawa Onsen station!
After like 4 hours of travelling, but! It's not the final stop yet :(

Changed a bus, and the whole trip cost SGD$50.00 to get here!

Heike no Sho, it's the ryokan that has been voted No.1 in 2014

I had been here before with my bestie in 2008, it wasn't too popular then.
The okami-san tended to us personally, she is very pretty!
And speaks very good english too...

Cheapest pretty room plan, but without a window & toilet.

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty interior~

it's pretty exterior~

it's pretty exterior~

it's pretty exterior~

We changed out immediately and rushed to the private onsen.

They have 6 private little huts with lock for family use~

And so, given it's popularity after the TV voting...
The private onsens are so difficult to queue for, we had to station outside.

It's 4:30pm in the afternoon and it looks like 7pm in SG!

One challenge of winter onsen is the moment you strip off everything~
Too cold to stand still, water too hot to dip in! T_____________T

But it's super good when you finally get use to the temperature<3

They had lights lighting on the forest surround the ryokan
So the scenery at night is special too :))

After a good session in the onsen~ it's dinner!

It used to be kaiseki meals when I went for the first time.
And I love the experience that's why we chose this ryokan again...

But this time, it became BUFFET style

Walking around the ryokan after dinner~

And we found TORA, the resident cat that lapsits anyone seated!

Everything is so exquisite in the ryokan, so detailed in the decor

There's bar that's said to serve alcohol but it never opened~

Smoking room!

The teaset in our room, with the azuki sweets~

One round of night onsen before we sleep~
I went to the public bath too, and there is no one else
Was not supposed to take photo in the changing room of bath
But I am the only one, so... here's the changing room<3
They have all kinds of beauty products for testing!
There's also weighing machine, ice water, leg massage...

Our futon made nicely~

Breakfast the next day!

Also BUFFET style~

Overall, it is a nice tranquil place to be in.

Going off, heading to the next onsen ryokan!

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LEFT. ME. T_______T

I had forgotten to feed my coffrettchi for one day...
She left me a mail and then POOOF! GONE! T__________T

Got to reset now :(
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Meet up with my MISA-chan~

After like 3 months, we finally get to meet again!
But honestly, this is the year that we met up the most frequent!
We two are like half taitais now... LOL!!

We went for late lunch at the Soup Stock in 313 Somerset.
The ambience was great and the food was good! That branch is new too!
I ordered the butter chicken curry + soup + drink set, S$17.80
If you only want to soup, which seems filling too, it's cheaper!

Then we headed for some window shopping, ended up buying snacks!
The cracker from MUJI taste exactly like the one I love from Japan!!

Had the Earl Grey Tea cookie with some hot milktea~

I never knew they had such yummy plum!!
Will sweep more of these the next time I visit a MUJI!
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Yesterday, I went for a photoshoot!

Hello! I became a joshikosei (女子高生) with twin braids!

It's a collaboration with, the usual, KYUDOT!
And the pretty SENPAI, Priscilla ♥ ♥ ♥

It was fun, with assistant Justin joining us~
The only times you feel younger! Is when you join young people!

And thank you guys, for the pressies!!! I love them all so much!!
It's really warm to have received them!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Looking forward to the end photos! <3
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Falsie testing (*^^*)

I've been trying to wear natural falsie...
Ever since I fell in love with Dollywink No.9 after the competition.
But you know, Dollywink is luxury, it's like the LV/Guccic of bags!


So I use substitution from Taobao (yeah, I don't hide the fact)
But! Taobao lashes are less comfy then dollywink that's for sure...

My most recent trip to Japan, I managed to find a cheap good one!
Looking like No.9 (just shorter in the horizontal length...
It's from Seria 100yen shop, and so, its only 100YEN!
Quite comfy too, it says COSME No.1 so I bought and try~

And! Even if Dollywink is luxury, it's a girl's dream to own Dollywink...
So, I bought only one in the same trip, just one lonely packet! haha!
New design, No.23 Sweet Girl! It looks so natural!
Suitable for work days!! :)

Yeah to no more panda eyes!!! *beams*
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Little Sweet Potato~

First Day of work in 2015!

I met up with the bff and little rei for lunch before work!

She is growing so well, growing so cute!! Hamburger Face!

Look at her expression! "Don't touch my burger cheeks please" XD
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Christmas 2014!

Hello from the little Santa Rei! Hehe~
Just stealing a cute photo of my lovely goddaughter from the bff!
Wants to blog about my 2014 christmas~

The company had the annual christmas party as usual~
I am very lucky to be a part of this awesome family...
There are bitchy people, as like everywhere else that is~
But the bosses are really *thumbs up* they make attempt to treat
For every occasion like xmas, new year eve, cny we all have free meals!

Reindeer says hi! XD

I prepared little christmas goodie bag for all~

Such pretty bags from Daiso right? 20pkts for 2 bucks~

And its the custom to exchange presents with colleagues!

My present! Box from Daiso too!

Contents of my pressie~ vouchers are always practical :)

Me and sisterly Anjoe~

Christmas card from the bosses kids~ I am still 姐姐 (sister)!
Thats young! Hahaha, not aunty! ;p

The lady boss with her emptied wine bottle because she kept going around~
Pouring red wine for everyone~ lol~

LOVE x XMAS Christmas nails made with stickers from Seria 100¥ Shop!

Xmas present from the husband!

Its a TAMAGOTCHI! Friends~
I was eyeing for one during my birthday trip because there's a official shop
In Harajuku, newly open at the new building just at the road side facing station!
Given that we are not heading anywhere for staycation~
Le husband thinks its ok to buy me this little pet<3

Prior to the pressie, a nice xmas brunch at the cosy roycemary cafe!

We don't normally spend like this...
We are the couple who eats chicken rice everyday~ lol with Ice Teh~
So once in a while, its ok to buy presents and eat brunch!


That concludes my boring christmas this year :3
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What's up?

This is such a cute Happy New Year illustration from SWIMMER!

Didnt do much on the first day of the new year~
We ate 一品锅 with the parents! Hahaha!
It was supposed to be steamboat hotpot but this was... easier~


So, I have been missing ever since I came back from Japan.
I went back to work, and became a Secretary!! Yup, that's right!

Back to this familiar place but as a different person~
In a different position and of course, different pay (& work time)
Alot more challenges but thats alright~ I'm up for it!

Also, I went with le husband to a wedding lunch of his ex-colleague~
It was a good occasion to dress up! Put on pink lips! Hehe~
I am really happy to see more and more hotels banning shark's fin!
Am not the active environmentalist but I have my set of morals to follow~
Oh, I am anti "tissue-chop-seat" too! ;p

Also went for tea after wedding lunch!
First time le husband accompanied me to Antoinette!

We had a full family dinner one of the days too~
To celebrate the mum's birthday! At a restaurant in town...

In couple wear too! Tehehehe~

There was this day~ where the nyunyu met up with me!
And we headed to the company of cats! The best cat cafe imo~

Somewhere near christmas, we met up with the bff and family!
For a meal at aston and some desserts at roycemary cafe!
Look at that chubby potato! Sweet potato~ ;p

The great mastermind behind kyudot dated me for lunch~
And his virgin solo car ride after having his license!! Which was... *phew* close~

First time going to the saddle club, Riders Cafe~
Had some fried oyster for lunch! The food was good!
And its a nice new place for me~


So actually, I've done pretty much load of things in one month! :D
Happy 2015 people! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡
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31st December 2014

Here comes the end of another year,
It's indeed a life changing year for me, I would say...
Before I get emotional and start on my resolutions

Dug out from the depths of 1700 over entries in this blog :p

Resolutions for Year 2007
Resolutions for Year 2008
Resolutions for Year 2009
Resolutions for Year 2010
Resolutions for Year 2011
Resolutions for Year 2012
Resolutions for Year 2013
Resolutions for Year 2014

HAHA! Yeah, I used to die for a chance to study in Japan.
And I am happily contented that Shoon shook my hands~


2014 has been oh-so-good to me, truly.
It is the only year (looking back at all my resolutions)
ever that everything revolving around me were positive!

- Got married to a loving husband
- I met the most awesome bosses ever!
- Achieved another level of work (career)
- Travelled to Japan twice (yes, you jelly?)
- Explored 6 more places on the map

The serenity of life comes with a price, GROWING UP.
I became less aggressively vocal on the online social platforms
Maybe a healthy dose of thoughts contributed this peaceful year too~


And my resolution for 2015?

- To continue be the happy Yui
- Have a baby! Yeah! Baby!
- Health and Peace for loved ones

2014年は人生の最高だと思います‼︎ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Blogger? Not.

我冷眼旁觀霧中風景, 不偏不倚 一鏡到底
我開始用第三人稱的口氣, 不疾不徐 全事不關己
第三人稱 - 蔡依林

Before I start on my post...
Allow me to say, I think this is very meaningful song!
Given that I really don't like her but, music is music<3
And JJ wrote the tunes *plays on loop*


So recently, the war in the blogosphere is like the event of the year.
Everyone is talking about it, everyone knows it! I am not the one who takes side,
But I genuinely feel that Xiaxue takes on her haters pretty well~
Quite something to learn out of that whole saga jyan?

That brings me to my topic, Am I a blogger?
No. I just pen my thoughts and I am not a writer too.

Just thought it would be good to clarify to whoever is left here.
I have always been writing diaries since I was 12!
This space has been my diary since I was 18 :)

This blog started as a communication medium between a group of fangirls~
Where we used to read each other's blog and rant/squeal/dies for pretty boys
But as I grew out of the johnnys fandom, I wrote lesser of that.

This blog became a ranting space for my anger and emotions.
Especially during that darkest period of my life, this blog saved me.

And then, when I met the right guy who walked me out of that darkness.
The next interesting thing in my life is there was beauty and fashion,
that is when I started to take good beauty care and fashion checks :p
Also the point where I learnt about the way online reviews works in a blog.

At any of this blog's existence, it never garner that much of a reader.
And I have no idea where my messages here get to and to who~
However, I write reviews, I write emotions, I write my boring day.
I write about the happiest days in my life with my soulmate
I write about all the pretentious people I dislike
I write about what I want to write about.

Never considered myself to be a blogger, such small existance doesn't count.
I never pretend to be a blogger, but I do get products to review on.
I never pretend to have sponsors, I am just luckily sponsored.

All in all, I still am and always will be this Japanophile as I was 17 years ago.
And I will continue penning my thoughts here (yes, in FC2) as I always do...
It's going into the 9th year of my FC2 journey, this is an awesome space!
FC2's layout is simple and just the right place for me.


Oh wait, why am I explaining these! XD
*rolls off to blog resolution*
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[KANEBO] Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Today's product is a gift from my colleague!
Knowing I am a Japanese lover, she bought me some of these!
So touched, to have these nice people around me<3

Suisai is a line under the big player in cosmetic scene, KANEBO
This product here is a powder facial wash in small little capsule.

SUISAI Beauty Clear Powder, 0.4g per capsule
15 capsule per trial pack (which was what I received), 1000JPY

It is so small!! Like a miniature...
That sends you thinking what can it actually do!
As said in it's official website, it can:

1. Clear blackheads
2. Clear dead skin
3. Cleans pores for a smoother skin
4. Moisturizing effect
5. Prevents adult acne
6. Gives a fresh clear feel

The blue series was launched in 2009 targeting women in 30s
To help them achieve better skin clarity and it's suppleness!!
This series is called うるおい保湿, directly translating to Moisturize
And there is a pink series called PREMIOLITY for ladies in 40s

Proteinase & the sebum degrading enzyme is the main star of product!
It is said to remove pore-clogging dead skin & excessive sebum
to create translucent, firm and lustrous skin after use.

Product is colour free, fragrance free in form of powder!
Mixing water into the powder and lather them into foams~
The instruction is to use a capsule per wash but I beg to differ...
It certainly depends on your the size of your face and preference~

I am currently using half a capsule per wash and it's working well!
30s of circular motion will be sufficient to cleanse enough!
Followed by 30s of rinsing with warm water for best effect it says...

The SUISAI Beauty Clear Powder has clinched not once but TWICE~
COSME NO.1 for Year 2011 and Year 2014 in the facial wash category!

I am currently done with 4 washes only (2 capsules),
It's hard to say if it's good or not, because I am naturally acne-proof.
But what I know is the fresh clear feeling is surely there!!
And the instant you are done with your wash, it's like baby skin!
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Day2, 23/11/2014, Sunday
Shimokitazawa / Harajuku / Akihabara

So... My attemt to live report my trip failed...
It is so tiring to travel I just want to sleep as much as possible in trains!
HAHAHAHAHA! Late for a month, but finally I have time~

I wanna show you the amazing place we found through Airbnb!!
This is the living room from my first room of the trip.

And Kaori san's amazing Cafe!!

Entrance of Patina...

Narimasu, is a quiet and convenient neighborhood...
It has everything you need to live, there's a 24 hour departmental store!
One stop by rapid train, 10mins to Ikebukuro

This super pretty walkway we cross everyday to the station.

I really fell in love with this place the very first day I arrive!

Anyway, here's a rare OOTD from le husband! hahaha~

Our breakie from the convenient store just 2 mins walk away!
The egg-in-the-center one is so yummy!!!

First stop of the day, Shimokitazawa~

Everyone has been saying it's a hippie area youngsters love!

Lots of unique shops~

Lots of second-hand clothing shops (furugiya)

Lots of second-hand clothing shops (furugiya)

Lots of second-hand clothing shops (furugiya)

This NATTO specilist shop! Didnt go in thou...
I love love love natto and can just eat it with white rice for a meal!
But le husband hates the smell, it's like durian, if you love you love~

Freshness burger! The one that failed in Singapore ;p

And lots of pretty nice cafes around too!

We also saw some charity even going on, seeling mochi for funds~

Bumped into this egg-pudding store...
I guess it's actually promoting their high-quality egg made pudding.
Main star is still the egg, but anyway, we tryied the pudding!!

Ta-daaa! It's texture taste like Ice-creams!

After a good long walk... we settled for some coffee

カフェドーパルファン (Café de PARFUN)

It has very nice interior and a cosy slow pace in it~

Cappuccino le husband had~ It came with a cinnamon stick!
Made a very unique taste out of the coffee<3

My Royal Milktea~
They serve very good quality drinks!

wefie! my best husband<3

Its pretty garden stairs~

After coffee, we went shopping at Harajuku!
But first, fill our hungry stomach with Hanamaru Udon!
The guy who prepared my udon is a PRC, apparently new~
And so it tasted... really... bad... :(

When you see this green background... It means PURIKURA!

I am proud to say this is our ONLY puri this trip!
Hohoho, I can be a budget queen too!

Our next stop after a short Harajuku shopping trip is stopping by Akibahara!
Only took a photo outside AKB Cafe~ didnt patronize~
AKB48 plays a crucial part of growing up for me, such memories~

And with Christmas around the corner~
Everywhere has illumination, small, big, grand and simple~ all kinds of them!

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21/11/2014 & 22/11/2014 Friday & Saturday, Going to Tokyo

An attempt to live-report!! wahaha!
No lah, to pen down asap before my memory fails me :3

The very hard working me, put on a few mask consecutively before flying!!
Its stressful to be less in best shape when you are in Japan~
The girls mostly look like dolls! And I dont want to lose! w

My mum came sending us off~ had some tea with her before flight :)

Selfie at the departure hall terminal 3~
First time flying from there ^^

Flying off! Via Vietnam Airlines transiting Ho Ching Min~

Our in-flight food, wasnt too bad but the tv was broken and...
A couple of pretty rude looking stewardess we meet :p

After 5 hours of wait at the boring transit area in Ho Ching Min airport~
7 hours of flight from Singapore to Narita Japan, finally here!!!

Breathing my favourite air again!!

Selfie in process because the husband is sleeping beside~
And I am toooooooo free! :3

I want to talk about my accommodation so badly~
But all I have is a picture of the landlord's cafe sign board!
Wait till I take more of it! This is truly an awesome neighborhood!
Very quiet, tranquil and there is a stylish secondary school beside too!

We rushed out almost immediately to meet dear lina!
I have never thought I could meet my little junior in Japan!
They brought us to a very special vegan cafe, which was good!!
In Shibuya, like 10 mins walk from the station named Nagi Shokudo~

And Joe, our little junior's handsome boyfriend who is in Todai~
Brought us along to their university organized Komaba Festival!
Its like the seiransai in Singapore, but classier and larger in scale!
Never thought I would have a chance to go into Tokyo Uni even just to see~

After a while, we left and changed trains at Shibuya~
The crossroad :)

Queuing for our favourite ramen!

Its a 20mins queue, not too bad for a weekend~

Mutekiya really has melts in the mouth chashu!! Such awesome ramen!

Then we headed home for an early night :3
Our futon in Kaori's apartment is a good quality one!!
Too tired on the first day as always~

Its superrrrrrrr cold in the night!
Then we realised its because I didnt close the window properly :p
Thats all for day one!! *waves bye*

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Birthday treats!

LOTD/OOTD for today's brunch in the garden!
My taitai bestie wanted to celebrate my birthday in advance...
So we decided to go to The Canopy in bishan park!

Nice place in the midst of a neighborhood park~

It's nearly lunch hours so they have started serving lunch menu~
My cold tea came with the set lunch :)

Then came my soup! It was my favourite calm chowder *hearts*

Main dish, I chose a egg benedict classic~ haha!
I just really like egg benedicts somehow and I can't say why!

Alice's little brother came along~ and look! People nowadays...
Me too actually, take pictures of food before you eat!!

Selfie master me! Wahahha! Why need a stick?! *shurgs*


Busy mum busy checking on photos~
Sometimes I think she is a superwoman!
She handles her baby and everything else at the same time so well!!

Selfie with the little rei~
Happy 100 days old little potato!! ;)

Little rei looking all so comfy with mum!

As compared when I carried her! Lol~
Her first look tells shock please! Hahahaha!!!

Thank you for the brunch and a wonderful session with rei~
I cannot express how much I appreciate a friend like you who stays for so long!

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unlucky month~

Earlier this month, my iphone charging cable broke :(
So I thought I should get it changed before my Japan trip!
Today, I wore my favourite pair of brown high wedge out to town~
And the right side one broke right after I alight the train :(
Had to walk barefooted to the nearest shoe shop, got myself a slipper~

Before bringing the cable to a apple service center for exchange,
I bought twice non authentic cables and both failed me in less then a week!!

Then, TAQBIN failed me badly in one of my delivery~
And I got a news from the job agency saying my contract's not approved~

I DON'T EVEN... *inserts meme face*

On a side note, Christmas is coming!!!
I had the chance to walk pass Centerpoint today~
It's decorated so nicely!! Like one of the most exquisite deco ever!
It has a huge huge "bird cage" with a swing and lots of flowers in it~
Placed right at the middle of the main entrance, for photo taking purpose!

Floral, vintage tea sets, high tea in wooden chair... Its really pretty!!

COUNTDOWN: Flying in 2 days!!!
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countdown: 3 days

Another good shot from the talented Boon Eng, KyudotSG :)
Shot at Boat Quay where I risked falling and drown!! Wahaha!
No lah, we just sat at the steep steps and kept blowing all kinds of bubbles~

3 more days to my birthday trip

Everything still feels pretty much surreal at this very moment.
Even with flights & accommodation booked, nothing feels real :)
I am very blessed to have married such a partner this life!
Although we may have moments where hurting's unavoidable... yes, we do!

I did not think that my husband will arrange for such a gift...
Because he is a practical & logical guy who never believes in romance.
But one morning, I receive a message from him saying I can book a flight!
He says that a birthday present for me and I literally jump out of my bed!!!!
This... Is... Super duper romantic cans!!!

I am blessed, Yes I am

Being so last min, I had a tough time trying to find basically, everything~
But lucky as I am, I managed to book a room in the recently voted No.1 ryokan!
Its called Heike no Sho, with 10 private outdoor onsen room (lockable)...
2 indoor 1 outdoor public baths & newly renovated traditional tatami rooms!
It cost $170 (cheapest)/night and $50/pax for transport, just to get there!

Also managed to book a ryokan room right beside the Chuzenji Lake~
At the cheapest price too SGD$200 per room per night that includes 2 meal
The lake view from its onsen bath is awesome! (from internet pictures)
So I am pretty looking forward to this onsen trip!!

As for Tokyo, I've finally planned Shimokitazawa!
The neighborhood highly raved about among youngsters nowadays~
Shoppings as usual, a halfday disneyland and some cafe meguri...
Up till now, all plans are well given that i only had 10 days to prepare~
From flight to accommodation to itinerary to packing of luggage...

Gyaaaaa! I want to like, just fly off immediately~~~~

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countdown: 4 days

4 more days till I fly! Got ready some toiletries :)
Because we rented an apartment not a hotel room so its good to prepare~
I had my towel, toothbrushes and toothpaste ready too!! Haha!

And to not look like a pudding head in my photos like at honeymoon :(
I used the cheap HOYU hair dye that I used before my hong king trip!
But this time, to touch on the roots only :) The colour's nice!!

Again, something unrelated to my trip~
I love the photos kyudot makes! ;)

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countdown: 6 days

Look at the amount of bags stacked in my room!!
Counting down: 6 more days to my Birthday Trip to Japan!

We are bringing the blue and red small luggage only~
This trip is going to be relaxed and no shoppings! *disciplines*
My clothes also went down in numbers, I am impressed by myself!
I only have one coat, one jacket adding up to 10pcs of apparel this trip~

Itinerary finally finalized!
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countdown: 7 days

Trying to pack my stuffs and coordinate my clothes!
Not sure if I did well, I wanted to look and feel mature~
Yet I didn't want to look boring and old... Haha!

Anyway... Something not related to my upcoming trip~

I have always wondered how will I look with lash extension~
Probably like this? Has been considering for sometime already~
But it can only last 2-3months, kind of feel like its not worth :(

Countdown: 7 days more!!!
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countdown: 8 days

It has been such crazy days trying to plan a last min trip!
Not that I am complaining~ I love planning especially to Japan!
But!!! Thats the thing about last min trips~ NO ACCOMMODATION! :(

Lucky for us, I found ourself an apartment!
At a decent loction, with a decent pricing!
Through this platform named Airbnb!

This is the one-room, one small kitchen/bathroom typical Japanese house!
It is located 3mins to the nearest train station that is 9mins to Ikebukuro~
Le husband loves that because his favourite ramen is just near!

And it only cost us an average of SGD$80 per night! For a whole apartment!
The house owner has 2 other rooms & a cafe in the same building~
She could offer breakfast at 800yen for 2pax and some free coffee!!
Sounds good ya?

Their concept of business, which is wayy too awesome for young tourist!
Have seen Singaporeans hosting at Airbnb and I wonder if its legal~
So I checked and it's not for HDB :( If not I could put up a room soon! Haha!

Flight settled!
Accommodation settled!
Itinerary up next!!

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>>01/03/2014, Saturday, Going Home

So here comes my last moments in Japan~
Going home via Skyliner~ it has always been my first choice of transport!

There was still time after we has our last lunch in Tsukiji~
So we had some afternoon tea in a cafe near the Ueno station...

My last piece (actually 2nd piece only lah) of Strawberry Shortcake!!
I have this huge love for this cake *^*

Lazy to make up on the last day, had the singaporean make!
Which is only eyeliner ;p Singaporean girls in general are lazy in this aspect!

Going home... Byebye Ueno!

Byebye Japan!

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*spazzes incoherently!!!*

Le husband gave me this news this morning!
Early birthday present received! And I love it<3
It is a birthday trip to Japan! Autumn onsen in Nikko!
Now, allow me to go jump around in joy first and plan my itinerary!

*continues to spazz*
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>>28/02/2014, Friday, Shinjuku

Last full day of my honeymoon in Tokyo!
My handsome husband says hi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Our destination is Shinjuku because we wanted a slow paced day :)

So we spent 2 good hours in Calico Cat Cafe!

It occupies 2 level of the building!

And you can buy the cooked chicken breast meat as treats!
Its 300yen (SGD$3.60) per small box of it! Which can last for a good hour!

The cats love them! Probably because they are fed with dry food usually.
Wet food is a total luxury to them! They crowd around you almost immediately!

Some shoppings after the cafe and its evening in Shinjuku already!
We managed to find some good cheap shops and bought some items each~
My best deal was 1000yen for a Dollywink eyeshadow & mascara! ;)

Went back to our hotel area early and have some yakiniku!
GYUKAKU! How can we not have some?! *slurps*

The minimal tables at the side of the small shop~
We were given a counter seat :)

Ordered a meat platter with chicken, pork and of course beef!
And one plate of gyutan to myself! Also a yasai moriawase :3

Ordered some negi rice!! It's so damn nice with soy sauce~
The gyukaku here is only less then 5000yen (SGD$60) a meal!!
In Singapore, that amount of food will actually cost SGD$140!!!!

They served us hot ocha (we have ordered our drinks earlier) in the end~

The who waiter came to us serving the ocha asked which was our fave meat~
We thought it was just a simple survery so we decided on one and told him...
Then he wrote it on this piece of card and pass it to us~
It is actually a free one portion of our fave meat on our next visit!

Such nice gesture~

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>>27/02/2014, Thursday, Asakusa / Shibuya

13th day of Honeymoon! Tired us with sleepy faces in the cold~
Its kind of tiring, even thou cool to be on holidays...
And we are already the relax type of tourist who wakes up at 10am!
Our itinerary normal starts with lunch~ lol!

Itinerary of the day, first stop at Tokyo Sky Tree!

There is this beautiful plum tree outside the mascot store at ground level~

Oh hi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ‼︎

Such a "tourist-ish" photo!

My turn!! Haha, it was... As usual, very cold!!

Tokyo Sky Tree that officially opens in May 2012! Thats very recent!
Is the tallest building in Japan right now~ probably everywhere else too!
It replaces Tokyo Tower as a broadcasting tower for radio & TVs~

Here's our ticket~

We went up to only the main observation deck at 450m up high...
But there really has nothing to see because it's too cloudy :(
And It will not make much difference coming another day because
The weather is just that bad that period of time~

Sora-kara chan! The mascot for Tokyo Skytree~

It was the Valentine's period when we went~

This little pathetic glass floor is... Pathetic.
Seriously, the tokyo tower one is even better! And bigger!

My collection of postcards and special stamps!
Tokyo Skytree edition getto!

Selfie, 450m above the ground!

Heading off very soon...

Off to Sensoji (Asakusa Shrine)~
It a very modern and sleek designed station at the Skytree station.

Underground at the Asakusa Station, we found this small standing sobaya~
And le husband finds it interesting, the vending ticketing order method...

So we settled for some soba!
I had kakiage and a tamago, le husband had something I don't know~
Looks like kamaboko (fish cake) or thin deep fried beancurd?

Either of it, its really good! ^^;
Japan is really a place where I learn new things every trip~

After a good lunch, we came out of the station and walked to the shrine~
Its a good thing le husband is super good at reading maps...
I have never gotten lost if we have a map with us :)

The famous and every tourist will surely visit, Sensoji!

One of it's quieter corner...

We offered some incense 150yen per bundle~
Its said that covering yourself with the incense smoke will bring luck!

Heading out of the shirne...

Some pretty plums along the roadside~

Then we went to Shibuya! Watched the people crossing the junction from far!
And crossed the junctions ourselves too~ haha! Its like j-dramas<3

And I am so impressed by myself~ I bought nothing from Shibuya!
Hohoho! So much self-discipline, cause I am never a shopping person.
I am not a collector nor a fanatic devoter of any big fashion brands~
More like I love fashion but am too cheapo to buy expensive stuffs!
My wallet must be very happy about that *smirks*

That was how my short hours of encounter with Shibuya ended~
Next off, we headed back to Harajuku for some cafe light dinner...

Sandwiches and Pizza Toast~
Set meal comes with a mini garden salad!

Its a cafe in the corner of the Takeshita Dori that we happen to find~
I like the atmosphere there very much<3

And to end the day~ a Strawberry Shortcake with a Ice Milktea!

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>>26/02/2014, Wednesday, IKEBUKURO

12th day of Honeymoon brings us to Ikebukuro!

We headed to J-world at Sunshine City~
Its entrance fee is expensive! 1900yen (SGD$23) per pax!!

The easy-to-understand ticketing machine!

It was honestly, quite a disappointing attraction~
Aside from being able to buy some limited edition anime goods...
The rides and games are pretty much not worth the extra money :(

After a photo with Luffy~ we headed out for lunch!

Had our lunch here, specialty: Omurice!
Also inside of Sunshine City~ there's a variety of choices!
But we settled for some rice ;)

Here's my beef stew omuraisu! ;)

Prior to our day in ikebukuro, I made reservations to have my hair done!
I booked a stylist at Ash Salon, Ikebukuro branch~
And so le husband roams around again! This was what he took!
He says it reminds him of drama/anime scenes... So he took it~

With a coupon, perm/colour/cut at 10,000yen (SGD$120)!!
Its pretty worth I guess since perming at that length will cost $120 already~
I had my bangs cut! And had a brown shade of hair~

Le husband's best find out of his endless roaming in Tokyo is this!
MUTEKIYA RAMEN! Its the best of all the heavenlicious food we had!
I am not a ramen person, and I think Ippudo is fabulous enough...
This... Mutekiya Ramen is wayyyyyyy surpassing that!

How so it is awesome? Starts from the queue!
We were freezing in the cold queueing outside the shop for 30mins~
In a super off-peak weekday afternoon, that is!!!
The crowd just comes! Doesn't stop! Haha!

When we got a seat at the back of opposite counter~
We realized it is a very small shop, but with high turnover rate!
Definitely not a place where you can have a chat over lunch...
Made ourselves some tea from its concentrated tea essence~

This... Has got to be the best ramen on earth!!!!!!!!! *spazzes*
I have no idea why oh why the chashu melts in your mouth!!
Its only chashu but it's texture is like awesome fatty meat! *slurps*

Soup base, pork & chicken simmered for 16hours! The aroma!!!
Noodles made with full-flavoures flour that is produced in Hokkaido...
That is also considered limited quantity in where it's produced!
I dont like yellow noodle's taste in general but this taste so good I can do!

1030yen per bowl (SGD$12) is so worth it!!! And they give free kaedama~
We got a change of this 2000yen note and found it pretty rare! Haha!
Its like getting SGD$20 in Singapore!

After some random roaming together, we decided to head back early~
And have a conbini dinner!! Look at our choices~

Oden is such a luxury food in Singapore, one item can cost $3~
But in Japan! It can be found in almost all conbini (convenience store aka 7/11)!
At a cheap price too!!! One daikon is only 90yen (SGD$1) *cries*
And we had an average of 700yen bentos (SGD$8) because mine is beef!
Hiding behind is beef croquette (koroke) that cost only 60yen (SGD$0.70)!!!
What can 70cent buy you in SG?! Not even a kopi peng (Ice Coffee) alright~

Ahhhhhh!! I want Japan convenience store here!!! *^*

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>>25/02/2014, Tuesday, Tsukiji Market / Akihabara

Wefie in the train on the 11th day of our Honeymoon :)

Our destination is the outer market of Tsukiji :)
As we all know, for 2020 olympics~ the tsujiki market has to move :(
Thou, I am not sure if it's only the inner market (for professionals) or not~
It will just mean a different thing afterall, so I glad we went now!

Shopping around~

Look at the amount of uni (sea urchin) and the size of the hotate! (scallop)

It cost 400yen which is about SGD$5, all so worth!

500yen raw oyster!!!! So fat so juicy so delicious!!! With ponzu *drools*

Then we finally decided on a place to settle our lunch~ Kaiten Sushi!

It looks like there are a few of the same shop in the outer market~
But still, there were queues waiting for a seat no matter which shop you stop at!

When we got our seat, we made ourselves some hot maccha~
Maccha powder just placed at the counter with the chopsticks...
Its meant to be self-serviced :)

My all-time favourite! Negitoro Gunkan!

400yen (SGD$5) for 2pcs of Otoro Nigiri!!! So freaking worth!!!!
It melts in your mouth! And le husband finally understands the hype of it!
You can probably only get a piece of otoro nigiri at SGD$5 here!

Shimesaba Nigiri :) Unlike the ones in SG which are dry and tasteless!

This was such an awesome meal! And very economical~
Only cost us less then 2000yen (SGD$25) for 2 pax!!

Leaving tsukiji~ le husband was smoking while walking...
And came a volunteer who forcefully confiscated his cigarette~
Because its a new law that smoking is prohibited while walking at Tsukiji.
It wasn't too unpleasant a situation because I can understand Japanese~
But! She may appear to be rude if other tourist don't know the language~

The station~

Moving on... We dropped by Akihabara!

Of course, given my love for Meido Cafe, its a must go!
First stop, Maidreamin :) First hour cover charge at 500yen (SGD$6)
And we bought a dessert each at a price I cant remember T____T
*getting old, rusty brain*

Second stop (same day), @home cafe
This meido cafe is super highly raved by many jap-culture lovers!
Not only Otakus love there, even le husband says its a better cafe!
If I have a chance to go to Japan during my birthday, I'll celebrate it there!! :D

Souvenirs I got from them~ Took a checki at both cafe~
I am impressed by all their decorating skills, cute & creative!!

Our puri and the checki~ ^^

We then roamed around Akihabara~
Looked at gadgets, anime merchandise, the otaku's world...
And then realized that we are really like pool of still water! Boring!
Haha, in a good way thou, we are living a simple life!

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>>24/02/2014, Monday, Disneysea Amusement Park.

10th day into the Honeymoon, we chose to visit Disney!!

Its my 2nd visit to Tokyo's Disney Theme Park~
My first visit was in 2008 to Disneyland with the bff~

As usual, its a freezing cold day...

Mickey Train!

Us in the mickey train!!

Le husband says either park is fine...
So I chose Disneysea! Heard so much good reviews about it~

Our ticket bud :)

We went on a Monday afternoon thinking there may be a smaller crowd~
But we were wrong, it was still spring holidays there were so many students!
The queue to take photo with the mickey statue at the gate~
So we did a selfie! ^^;

Its a very pretty place...

Though crowded, still managed to take some decent pictures~

Eating onigiri while waiting for the ride!
Learnt our lesson at USJ, so we brought our lunch along~

Magic carpet ride~


Such pretty scenery :)
So unbelievable that its man-made!

~under the sea~

And as a custom, we sent a postcard home to ourselves :)

Yay! A disneysea stamp!

And we stayed till the end for the fireworks~
But it was kind of disappointing because it wasn't as awesome...

Shellie May :)

Ended our tiring day with some alcohol~

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>>23/02/2014, Sunday, Ueno

Day 9 (tokyo day 2) OOTD ^^;
Top and skirt all new bought! And I decided to french braid my hair!

 photo IMG_4467.jpg
Our Tokyo accommodation has been decided to be fixed at one place...
Because we think it's redundant to move around just for a place to sleep~
And I chose the super convenient UENO! :)

This hotel was recently changed from the name CUBE Hotel~
Its living up to its name because smokers are banned from staying...

 photo IMG_4468.jpg
Its a really comfy (and small - a norm) hotel in a convenient location
It is at the side corner of the few shopping streets~
With the station entrance just 20 steps away!

My room :) Building is a total of 13 levels so 7th floor isn't too bad I think~
The room is really small probably 3/4 of a normal HDB room only...
But they have everything available, from fridge to hair dryer, even air humidifier!
Although, the staff was shockingly rude given the service standard in Japan~
Else, all is good and perfect! :)

 photo IMG_4469.jpg
My view once step out of my room door~

 photo IMG_4472.jpg
Ueno Station~ Our 2nd day in Tokyo is to tour Ueno :)

 photo IMG_4471.jpg
Me in my new bag and new 500yen winter coat!

 photo IMG_4473.jpg
Walking to out destination, the cat cafe!


 photo IMG_4477.jpg
It is my first ever trip to a cat cafe~ I loved it so much!!!

 photo IMG_4479.jpg
And to my surprise, le husband enjoys it very much too :)

 photo IMG_4485.jpg
After our cafe trip, we headed out...

 photo IMG_4481.jpg
To find food at Yoshinoya!!

 photo IMG_4483.jpg
How can one not eat a beef bowl in Yoshinoya once when in Japan?
Not only the taste is different, even the atmosphere is different too~

 photo IMG_4484.jpg
Le husband enjoying it :)

 photo IMG_4486.jpg
Ameyoko!! In short for the full name of the market~
Ameya Yokocho (its like our pasar malam just that its permanently there)

 photo IMG_4487.jpg
You can find practically anything & everything essential here~
Most importantly, almost all things are so cheap here!
One of my best buy is found in a 2nd hand shop here~

 photo IMG_4488.jpg
Despite being listed as one of the most dangerous neighborhood in Tokyo~
I really like Ueno, no matter day time or night :)
And has never find it dangerous!

 photo IMG_4494.jpg
And we tried the kebab! Its my first try!!
The people selling the kebab are honestly, quite intimidating!
I have never dared to queue for it all my trips thou it smells really good~
So with le husband this trip! We made it into the queue~

It is so so so juicy and yummy!!! Awesome kebab!
Totally different from the dry and hard ones in pasar malam!

And... this shop is still there~

 photo IMG_4493.jpg
I bought myself some mixed flavour soft cream~
Ice cream in winter! Is not kidding man, its freezing!

Especially when you eat it in a park! With cold wind breezing thru~ lol~
But anyway, we had a short walk into Ueno park!

 photo IMG_4497.jpg
And the lucky us, one Sakura tree has decided to bloom~

 photo IMG_4499.jpg
Wefie, with the sakura!

 photo IMG_4498.jpg
I'll always tell le husband how beautiful it is at Ueno park when it full blooms~
And its a pity that we are not in the season yet~
Would have been awesome if we could see sakura together~
This one sakura tree seems to have heard my inner voice!
It bloomed! And its the best wedding gift for us :)

 photo IMG_4503.jpg
After our park walk, we headed back to the hotel for some rest~
And that's when I spotted a couple of nail salons just the building beside!
So, I have always wanted to do my nails once a lifetime in Japan!
I finally did and I am so happy with their skills, design and service!

Selfie of the day! Taken in the pretty restaurant for dinner :3

 photo IMG_4508.jpg
Its a restaurant that sells mainly Tsukune (minced chicken meat balls)
Also a Izakaya, they have lots of tsumami (small dishes to go with alcohol)

 photo IMG_4506.jpg
I am so in love with tatami seats, So naturally I asked for it :)

 photo IMG_4511.jpg
FUKUMAME is located beside the arcade opposite IOIO
Its very easy to locate and once you get out of the lift, its the restuarant!

 photo IMG_4509.jpg
Nikijyaga! This is my favourite Japanese dish!
I have attempted to make some for le husband a few years ago~
But failed! Hahaha, like what my ex boss said~ its really not easy!
And le husband normally doesn't like sweet sauced hot dish (like sukiyaki)
But he loves this! *beams*

 photo IMG_4510.jpg
Their tsukune comes in all kind of flavours~ some very creative!
But we only tried the conservative flavours like mentaiko mayo~
Not in for too adventurous flavours yet! Haha~

That pretty much sums up my day in Ueno!
And goodbye my 9th honeymoon day T_____T


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So, the craze is everywhere (3rd time I said it here, LOL)
You just don't know how attractive all the 20th anniversary goods are!!

I bought myself 2 phone casings!

Hehe, I'll punish you in the name of moon!
I love this case so much! Wanted a black one but its OOS :(
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新婚旅行日記「原宿、東京① 」


>>22/02/2014, Friday, Harajuku

 photo IMG_4451.jpg
The 8th day into my honeymoon, we are back in Tokyo!
First thing first, buy ourselves a SUICA! *Japan's Ez-link card*

First day in Tokyo: HARAJUKU the whole day!!!!
We headed to Meiji Shrine, by this time, le husband is bored of shrines already!
There were just too many of it in Kyoto! Hahaha~

 photo IMG_4452.jpg
Not been there for exactly FOUR long years!!!!!!!!!!! *喜极而泣*
I just cannot resist planning Harajuku in front of any other plans!

And also why this post is so short and picture-less :p
I have spent a good and crazy 30,000yen (SGD$360) in 3 hours!!!!
Just in a drugstore alone! *spazzes incoherently*
Japan's drugstore is nothing like Watsons or Gurdian we have here...
It has practically & literally EVERYTHING a girl needs!!
I swept lashes, cosmetics, mask, collagen powder, eyedrops etc etc!!

Then, I spent another short hour speed shopping in Harajuku!
Speeding because le husband is going to turn into a statue at takeshita dori~
He completed one round of Harajuku and Omotesando while I was at it!
And my loots? *ehem* It adds up to a luggage full ;p

While I was shopping away, le husband walked around...
And took pictures of what he found interesting~

And of course, we had the HANAMARU UDON! Its my favourite!!!

It has been my favourite ever since my first trip there!
Became a custom for me to eat at least once whenever I am in Tokyo ;)
You know how TAMOYA UDON in Liang Court has the same concept?
But I think its still fail as comparison, I cannot express its awesomeness!
*le husband agrees*

Aftet lunch, I went speed shopping once again~
And when I am done, it was evening already...
Has some crepes before we head off!

 photo IMG_4457.jpg
BANANA CHOCO! Classic flavor~

久しぶりだわ~~~~!!! Yumms~

Took purikura again! Like spam only! Hahaha!
That is the only time where le husband takes with no complains!! *smugs*

 photo IMG_4459.jpg
Byebye Harajuku!!! That ended my 8th honeymoon day~


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