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I want to start blogging on my lastest Japan trip to Hokkaido!
But I know my 2014 November trip hasnt been completed yet :,(
That nice shot was taken by le husband, surprisingly good shot!

Few days ago, when I shamelessly bug le bff for two hours over whatsapp...
We were talking about breastfeeding and the 101 must-know of it.
She just randomly offered to come with me to the hospital on my c-sec day!!!


She wants to be the photographer and capture my newborn's rare moments!
But just her presence alone will ease the paranoid me alot I believe~
Cannot express how loved I feel and how happy I am to hear that!
THANK YOU, ALICE(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

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The 14mm Pea

This is going to be a long long diary post.
My feeble attempt to keep track of my pregnancy :p

On the 15th September, we went for our 2nd gynae check~
"You'll see your baby in the waterbag, not a bean bag anymore!" says my Doctor!
And true, we can see his little head and little legs (not fully formed thou)
It has a heartbeat now and the doctor played it for us~ wahaha!
The red part you see in that scan is the blood flowing inside of it~
It is now 14.14mm big! Like my 3 weeks of hell has seen its worth finally!

I said 3 weeks of hell? Hell yes! Since the 22nd of August~
Within the time span of 12 hours that day we had 4 tests!! www
When the first double line showed in the first kit, my reaction was totally cool~

My first thought was "spoil already ah?" www
To be honest, we have stopped all contraceptive methods since we got married.
But good news never came, we tested for my ovulation and shockingly to know...
I do not ovulate every month! T_______T

This baby may have gathered all our luck in this life to come into this world.
Like winning a jackpot! Lol! And it's made-in-japan! Bwahahaha!

Our last self-test was on the 23rd August morning~ using a digital one.
It's so advance now that they can show how long the baby has been conceived!!
At that point, I was still feeling well physically but the mood was a very mixed one.

Since we are certain of the little one's existence, le husband seems genuinely elated!
Happier then I am it may seems, I was scared and shocked and lots of random feelings

There was fear because I know changes ahead are unknown and I hate it.
There was shocked because we weren't expecting it so much now.
There was joy because we hit the jackpot! Despite not ovulating as per norm.
There was a part of sadness to let go of the shoujo me because I need to grow up
There was excitement because there is a new life inside of me now!
There was anticipation because I want to know its gender like right away!
There was worried because financially it clashes with our new home reno.

The shoujo me, hahahha, seems the most difficult to let go~

Before my complicated emotions are being sort out, comes the hell!
Morning sickness started gradually coming at me at the end of august!
First, it was the mild nauseous feeling after meals...
Then, the giddiness started in the morning when I wake up...
At that point of time I thought, ok lah, never vomit yet still ok right?

Just a few days time, I vomited my first meal.
Following with no more comfy days until this present moment typing this post.
At good times, I just feel unwell and nauseous, well enough to not throw up.
At the worse times, I throw up every single edible stuffs that goes in!
Including plain water! You cannot imagine how much I hate plain water now.
I cant take milk but I can take soy milk, fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Water? Yucks!

Everyone has been asking me if I am having cravings yet.
The answer is no, totally no! In fact the thought of eating can make me nauseous.
But then there are indeed some food that the baby deem worthy!
Like Macdonals, Mos Burger, Starbucks Cheesecake, Instant Milk Cereal...

Yeah, expensive baby right?

No doubt what you see there is a caffeine drink, judge me, I dont really care!
I have specifically asked my gynae what to not take and what to take more.
And I like his answer "Just eat anything you want" Lovely...

Like how most Chinese are superstitious on the disclosure of pregnancy after first trimester...
I don't really care, I don't really care, I really don't care. Hahaha~
Mainly anything not scientifically proven are not going to be input into me.
But I do take well meant advices by simply nodding and not arguing.
It is a blessing to have people giving you advices and their concerns.
Just, being convinced is another thing.

I do avoid caffeine as much as possible but not totally abstracting it.
I still drink only cold water because that is the only plain water that doesn't make me puke.
I started eating fish despite having a constant dislike of having them before preg.
I totally threw my 15cm high heels in one corner because I don't want to fall.

So I do have my baby's interest at heart

And, even though I have yet to talk to my gynae about it (only able to after first trimester)
I have long ago, even before pregnancy, decided that I will go for caesarian.
Not the orthodox kind of mother who thinks only natural birth is worthy *snorts*
Thou, it is really the pain that scares the hell of me about natural birth.
Yes I am the coward here, but seriously, I dont care how other thinks about this decision.
I do support breastfeeding and will try my 200% in supplying :p

Speaking of the gynae, I am going to Dr Hii from the Hii Woman Clinic in Khatib.
He is the bff's gynae and le bff recommends him so much of course I trust!!
Dr Hii gives off the kind elderly aura that calms and ease your negative feelings~
I have decided to let him do my caesarian section.

One thing good about pregnancy, you naturally become queen!
Meet my handsome butler, Shawn! Hahahaha!

Actually, more like the husband naturally treats you like a queen.
I can imagine how helpless he is seeing me vomit and being grumpy feeling unwell.
There is practically nothing he can do to ease the hell I am going through.
So I guess, he started being super (he already is) attentive of my every detail.
I think he is genuinely excited and happy about this baby!

But then, I think the most excited person is my bff, Alice~
She was the first person I thought of breaking the news to even in the middle of the night.
She has been all supportive, giving me all the pregnancy advices to ease me.
I generally in the first two weeks bombarded her with 101 questions randomly...
And she is always patience and answers all my question<3
It's so good to have her around, makes lesser fear in my pregnancy journey!

Okay, thats all for now.
While I go deal with my nauseousness

Cannot wait till the day I wake up and feel totally alright!
3 more weeks! I am 8weeks and 5days now!

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Hello little one! 5 weeks old, 5.29mm big (maybe small lah)
553th day into our marriage, we knew of your existence!!


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I have always been a sucker for romance drama~
Just like shojo manga is the ultimate weakness of some girls!


So crazy about this story now! Journey of Flower
I am reading its novel because the drama is way too slow~
4 episodes a week is too heart wrenching for the crazy me!
So I read the novel crazily! Slept at 3am last night :p

And because I quite like both the female and male lead~
I think they both fit perfectly into the role given!
Bless me with tissues and a pair of no-cure dark circles... Lol!
I am only at the 600th page of 2000 over pages now!

But it makes me happy
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Can I just for once be this vainpot whi spams her photo with no words?!

YESSSS! I am done!
MUAHAHAHAHHAA! *echoes the evil laugh*

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Earl Grey Tea!

I really do love this tea, much!
Some people cannot stand its aroma~
Le husband says it smells like some indian tea! Hahaha!

And say hello to my new cup! In mint green!
Bought it from taobao too~ only $5!

Then again... From Taobao... My new case!
Gudegude tamatama~ ぐでたま!

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Impromptu Date^^

Last weekend, le husband and I had this impromptu dating again!
Yes, almost all our dates are impromptu because my mood swings

I had this crazy urge to doll up and do a proper gyaru makeup!
And so out we go! Hehe, it has been long since I did~
Both a good makeup and get out of house in weekend, hahaha!

Say hello to the lower falsie!
Cannot remember when was the last time I had them on~

We first walked the Haji Lane...

Vainpot me took some pictures like a tourist! Muahaha!

More vain photos!

Then we decided to visit Meomi Cafe cause it was pretty empty~
I like the cats in there but I really disapprove of their customers!
They literally harass the nyans!! Why stalk them when they hide into their comfort zone?
Can I pull you off your blanket because you are so cute and I wanna see you?!
Singaporeans kind of need some real education on compassion.

We met OREO who is so sweet!

This fellow here likes to chill at the door~

And I think this snowy little gut here is the prettiest of all!

!!! Goodness there actually is one hashtag in ig for this word!
My love for cats will probably never die~ umumu~

Then come dinner, it is always a hassle to think of what to eat~
Especially when both me and le husband ain't picky on food!
After much brain cells dying, we settled for Tonkatsu~

Maybe I am visiting Japan too much~
I find the Japanese food here dropping its standard much~ le sighs

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ODEN! *slurps*

There is frozen oden selling in the supermarket!!! *spazzes*
Of course, the expensive Cold Storage~ lol~

After cooking for an afternoon and chilling it in the fridge~
And then heat up again!!! We added our own daikon and tamago.
Also bought our own shirataki and konyaku *hearts*
The frozen pack is $8.50 enough for two person~
But only has those fishcake stuffs like chikuwa, hanpen, ganmo, gobou~
I love love love daikon in oden so much!!

Then... I started researching on how to make our own oden!
And realised it was hell easy! Lol! Will make one soooooon!
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My grandma was admitted into hospital out of a sudden fever.
I cant help but want to and feels I had to be there at the instant~
So I went out during lunch time called a cab there and back...

That lasted for 3 days~
Lucikly it was nothing serious.

Thou, saw some really annoying relative that I want to stab so so hard!!
Seriously, if you have the money to buy your mum birdnest...
Why is it so hard to give her $50 more for living?
It is truly beyond me to apprehend this way of filial~

But my poor stomach had to go hungry.
There was basically no time for lunch~ only beancurd!
Cause there's one Mr Bean at KTPH :)

Contemplating, like for the 29473948329th time~
Whether or not to cut my fringe!! Thou I love bangs...
But I am starting to face the reality that I am 3 more years to 30!
Long parted fringe sometimes makes the hair looks flat, the cons
Haiya~ how?

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hello, again~

Life has been busy these days... Over the same old things~

But but! Good things does happen~
Like my super god-daughter model debuted!
She is too cute, my eyeballs are dropping hearts out of it!


There was this day where I wore my long kept tartan dress~
It was too short and I never like the idea of safety pants...
But I bought this sheer coat from Taobao! Only $4 and my problems are solved!!
Think it goes well with the white teeth heels~

This... Picture... Looks kind of wrong like we're naked but no~
I have my floral dress on :)
And the whole point of this photo is...
No point, I just want to show off my handsome husband

Some vain selfie when the makeup is on a good makeup day~

Vain selfie #2

And hello again, the OL mode me~
Some days, I just feel like an old hag growing out of cuteness
On some days, I feel like I can be cute even at the age of 40!
Is this some disorder? Lolol!

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Takizawa Hideaki, 滝沢秀明

The name that every girl in my class 15 years ago would know!
He was the "in" idol when the j-wave swiped us in my schooldays~
One drama 魔女の条件 and he is the prince of so many girls of my age!

I had never been very much into takki, honestly...
Because my level of "into" an idol is damn high!! Lol~
But if TAKIZAWA KABUKI is coming to Singapore, I WILL GO!
Hahahaha~ no lah, already buy ticket so I'm confirm going!!

Weeeeeee! I am going with my nyu-sama!!!

In February when they announce the show to be staged here~
I was praying hard that he will bring Yabu here!!!!!!!!! *nosebleeds*
Then, I got to know HSJ is hosting 27hr TV (charity) along that date!
Am quite sure Yabu is not coming now, yabucchi T___T.
Thou I am quite a kisumai fan but kitayama is my least favourite *hides*

Well well, I am still going to see takki so~
Oh, tickets are selling crazily fast!!!! I checked sistic at 6pm just now
Almost all the VIP seats and all the center seats are GONE!
It's only the first day selling!!! :(

Like aint all you fangirls on the kpop boat already?!
Why come back and snatch tickets with us T_____T
Still still, I think I got quite a good seat~ high high up first row!

I am so excited!!! Cant wait!!!
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yacchatta by Bored4Lyfe

Busaiku makes people happy!
Work is very hectic recently and I keep falling sick...

So I am a lazy person who just watches whatever I can find online.
And given that Kisumai is hot and popular, there's much I can find!

Watching Japanese variety does has it's magic!
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Chiang Mai, Last Day

OOTD! Causal casual...
I fell sick on the last day :( Totally no voice.
But luckily the last day is a slack day...

I slept through 2 hours on the bus while the rest shopped.
They brought us to Honey farm, Leather factory & Paper brolly place.
This is our pretty tour guide, Natchuda~

Then came lunch!! Our last lunch before home!

My best buddy at work, Anjoe

Coconut juice again, yeah I dont look sick.
I felt better after some sleep and panadol.

Last lunch... Last thai lunch in Chiang Mai.

Had the MUST-TRY sticky mango rice!!

Didnt understand the wooha about it before this trip.
But now I know... It's really really awesome!

After lunch is a 2 hour shopping free time~
At the mall just 10mins to airport~ Central Plaza!

Given me, lazy me, we found a starbucks and settled down.

I like going to starbucks in different countries, somehow.

Waiting for flight, going home...!
I miss my little red dot so much~
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Chiang Mai, Day 3

3rd day started with a good cooling mask! OHAYO!

And finally a OOTD! I missed taking previous days...

We had a gem gallery tour before lunching.

At the palace place we had our first dinner, they have buffet lunch!

Pretty restaurant with full flavours of Thailand!

From decorations to the food served~

I had some traditional noodles, taste like laksa to me

Group photo again! :)

Vain me selfie-ing with pretty things I see!

Vain pot me :p

With the nice people in the company<3

Heading off... to Elephant camp!

Our big bus! It's not the cleanest of all... but it's big!
40 seater, we only have 15 pax so it is comfy!

Here we are at MAESA Elephant Camp!

It was an additional activity Elephant Trekking!
Added on at the very last minute before our trip~

Me and my partner in crime on the elephant!

It was fun!!! More then I expected!

15mins trekking is really fast... but a good experience!

We saw a bathing elephant~

And some of them bathing in the river...

Took picture with one of the zou-san! 20bhat for it!
It knows how to take money from you after you take picture!

Then we watched a elephant show before leaving....

They can really draw~ Maybe better then me!

Our next stop! Long neck heritage village~

Villagers still lives here, they are descendants from China.

This is their school, it's so heartbreaking to see.
We all gave some donations, hopefully could help a little.

The village...

The stalls set-up by the villagers.

Very happy granny who is also very friendly!

And also the long neck village women....
That's a fake ring that weighs less then a kilogram.
The rings they put on their necks are about 4-5kgs!!
Longer thier neck represent more beauty, and I dont understand.

Our company trip has a 2 hour massage included too!

Hey yeah! All 15 pax in a room... both men & women! LOLOL!
Thai massage! I told my masseur to not do my back (scared)
My last thai full body massage went really bad...

Had some chinese dinner again... and then!

Yumms yumms~

Night Market!

There's a starbucks building nearby...
And one right beside the hotel we stayed in.

Walking by the old castle wall to the night market~

It's a weekend market so there's plenty of people!

Had a 30cents yam ice cream stick!<3

Nothing much that is too interesting, I would say.
And the price is not exactly cheap so...

But! Look at le husband's souvenir! LOL!

And I bought myself some pastel bracelet<3

Took a tuktuk back to our hotel, cost us 120bhat (SGD$4)
Ended our day, feeling tired again... Holiday can be so tiring?!

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Chiang Mai, Day 2

OHAYO! Sunny Chiang Mai is sunny...HOT DIE ME!
Second day is all about travelling, to Chiang Rai...
The boarder town of Chiang Mai, and takes about 3 hours one way!

First spot of the second day, HOT SPRING!

Sound so crazy right? Onsen at 38 degress sunny morning!
But but... it's ashiyuu (foot hot spring) so... worth trying~

ALOHA! it is exceptionally comfyyyyy<3

We all sat by the little drain of hot spring (near bottom stream)
SPOT ME! Hahahaha!

With the mother-like HR & Accounts,Yujie

And the always kind Purchaser, Yiping
Though they are all PRC but they are the best PRC I ever met!

Hi, my pastel shoe~

Selfie time after foot spring!

It's quite a nice tourist spot actually...

Next stop! Wat Rong Khun White temple!

Self-funded by an artist, privately owned.
There are many staff all around the area guarding the art piece.

It's indeed worth seeing, but the white and sliver used...
Plus the sun, I've never felt this much love for sunglasses before!

Really cannot open your eye without a sunglass!

Our stay was short, I spent half the time waiting for a toilet.
Their toilet has no flushing system, you just keep pouring water!

Then then, we had lunch in a resort hotel half way to Golden Triangle!

Everywhere you see elephant statues!

This resort hotel has nice beef noodles!!! *slurps*

Stopping by at Mae Sai, the border of Myanmar & Thailand.
We had 40mins to queue for toilet and shop!
Always rushing for time everywhere we go, cons of tour grp!

Nevertheless, little time we have, we shop!!
Here's the shopping street of Mae Sai, SGD$2 for a UV Brolly!

Found a cute coffeeshop!

Selfie while waiting for our big bus after shopping~

Another 30mins ride took us here...
The Golden Triangle of Thailand, home of opium poppy~

LOL! we watched a historical documentary about this on bus.
It is called golden triangle because it is the border of 3 countries.
Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, by a boat you can visit 3 countries!

While the rest of the company went for a river ride to Laos~
The remaining people who has no passport with them walked around.

Bought and ate some bananas~

Walked 3 rounds around the elephant for good luck

Ate some ice cream under the hot blaring sun!

And a group photo when everyone is back~

Then we had dinner half way on the road back to city.

By the river at a chinese restaurant...

Day ended with a birthday cake for our staff!
And 3 more hours of ride back to the town!
The riding part can be super tiring :(
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Company Trip, Day 1

Finally, this day has come! Its a mixed feeling I have~
Especially being planner, the toughest part is constant worrying~
Constant fear of unhappy colleagues ranting about the trip.
We are going to Chiang Mai Thailand! It's doesn't sound fun~
But then, it's freeee! Somewhere I wouldn't choose to spend my money
And my precious annual leave on, so I kind if anticipate the trip alot~

Me and my partner in crime (LOL) Anjoe~
We are like a pair of chopstick at work...
everyone knows we cannot be separated!

Sunflower garden before flying off!

My new pastel shoe thats gonna walk me through the trip~

First stop at Chiang Mai, is lunch in garden hotel!

The place is indeed pretty~ But the food...

Nice decorations~

With the colleagues~ Huibin & Lily...

Heading to the Wat Prathat Doi Suthep temple
Going via the little vans with opposite seatings...

It's a special experience I would say... in 38deg afternoon~

Here we are! After 30mins of ride.
Going up uneven little roads and way high up!

Shiny shiny bling bling... LOL!

Chiang Mai is a very slow paced place I think.

A group photo at the famouse photo spot!

And taken with a selfie stick in the tram that goes up!
The temple is high up in a mountain thats why.

The little town at the foot of temple...

Boarding back to our big bus!

They brought us to their Fruits market before heading to hotel.
And the bosses bought everyone coconut juice!!!
The durian there is like damn cheap! SGD$2 one durian!

First thing upon checking in... find a space for her!

Had a shower and all ready to head out for dinner!

My manmaru megane! $3 from taobao! Hehe!

This is like a palace place that serves traditional royal dinner~

Dancers to welcome tour groups.

Lemongrass welcome drink!

Another group photo before dinner~

Quite a nice place!

Pretty thailand girls doing their traditional skills.
Also there for people to take photos with them...


Our eating hall... that's a center stage.

Khantoke Dinner!The Royal Dinner, awesome fried pig skin!

And the long day finally ended after dinner...
We managed to bargain for shawls!! From 120bhat to 80bhat! Haha~
Like almost everyone got one!!! Even guys for their wives!

I showed le husband my shellie may on the hotel bed photo~
And he returned me a duffy on our bed!! So cute!!

The first day was super tiring cause it started from 7am at Changi Airport!
More tiring days are gonna come! XD
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Random updates!

The colour of my hair is getting lighter after wash!
And I really like it alot! It was said to be yellow beige but it looks more like ash~

A karaoke night on a weekday~

Bought some taobao again, got myself a shoe for the coming company retreat!
Our company is going to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a company trip from 1st May~
And I have no flats at all to comfortably wear through the trip~ hehe
This mint pink sneakers is only SGD$8! and fits me very well :D

And also cases for my new phone!!
Momojiri~ And peko-chan! All rubber cases~

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Hairmake & Dinner

Look at this pudding hair! At first, I was feeling ok with it~
But then it really got on my nerves whenever I see myself in photos like this!

So I dropped by Naoki Yoshihara by Ash yesterday~
Right before a wedding dinner with the family~
Initially I wanted a Japanese stylist, because I had a good session previously.
Sometime back in 2013, I done some colouring and cut with them too.

Although I had a female local stylist this time, the end result is awesome.
But I must say, the process is very tiring and painful.............
The difference between Jap stylist and local stylist, I'll still opt for Jap stylist the next time!

I really the love the colour thou! Hehe~

All ready for the wedding dinner, we're in couple wear again!
I don't care if it is too mushy to always be in couple wear, I find it fun!

Do we look good? Hehe~

The wedding dinner with the family~

And I realized I didn't take a photo of my pretty crossback dress :(
It's pretty expensive, $14 sgd for a dress is not cheap but the quality is awesome!

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I'm sick

I fell sick... After much tiredness I think.
And no, its not that I drink too little water because I gulped 2litres a day~

*sighs* Why cant all medicine be in liquid form?! I really do hate pills!

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Being so busy, I haven seen the little rei in a month!
Met up with the bestie and the little rei for a quick lunch~
The word invented by le creative junior shimei fits so well~ REIDRAWALS!

She is such a joyful baby! Always laughing!
I hope if I am pregnant one day, I'll be able to have a happy pregnancy.
So that my baby is so joyful like the little rei!

Stealing le bestie's photo, the rei is wayyyyyy tooooooo cute!
She needs to be scouted to be a baby model!

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Busy Bee Busy Mee!

Work is so busy recently I have no time for lunch!
It has been a long time since I lunch-in and have such junk food~

Even my make-up is a 10mins no falsie no blusher lazy singaporean style...
I try not to be so lazy cause I always believe women has to be groomed! Try lah~ ahaha!

No falsie eyemake~ so happy with the crease!
But I only allow myself to do the simple make up once a week~ hehe!

One of my OOTD! The skirt I bought from Taobao is so thick.
I thought I wont be able to wear it in this crazy weather! But I did~
And it looks really pretty! Like so mature OL style~ hehehe

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New phone~

This, is my new phone wallpaper~
I've sold away my iphone5 because my contract is up!
Le husband says it's worth so I bought a iphone6~ Not that I want a new phone~
They actually seems all the same to me... Ahahaha~

Also contemplating using this~ hehe, usagi-chan!
I'm also watching the Crystal Anime now, it is so lame! Like a summary of the old anime~
But then, its the childhood hero, so it's still very enjoyable!

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Chilling, with love ❤︎

Recently, I received members exclusive promotion offer from Starbucks.
So I have a Caramel Macchiato or White Chocolate Mocha to choose from~
Since it's one for one, le husband is more then willing to join me for a chilling afternoon.

Anyway, I like the look I created last week :)

Doesnt look like me~ wahaha! Cause the fringe is growing out again~

So I had it cut today!! Hello bangs, we meet again!

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ODEN! *slurps*

There is frozen oden selling in the supermarket!!! *spazzes*
Of course, the expensive Cold Storage~ lol~

After cooking for an afternoon and chilling it in the fridge~
And then heat up again!!! We added our own daikon and tamago.
Also bought our own shirataki and konyaku *hearts*
The frozen pack is $8.50 enough for two person~
But only has those fishcake stuffs like chikuwa, hanpen, ganmo, gobou~
I love love love daikon in oden so much!!

Then... I started researching on how to make our own oden!
And realised it was hell easy! Lol! Will make one soooooon!
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ODEN! *slurps*

There is frozen oden selling in the supermarket!!! *spazzes*
Of course, the expensive Cold Storage~ lol~

After cooking for an afternoon and chilling it in the fridge~
And then heat up again!!! We added our own daikon and tamago.
Also bought our own shirataki and konyaku *hearts*
The frozen pack is $8.50 enough for two person~
But only has those fishcake stuffs like chikuwa, hanpen, ganmo, gobou~
I love love love daikon in oden so much!!

Then... I started researching on how to make our own oden!
And realised it was hell easy! Lol! Will make one soooooon!
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Hi, Mr Sun!

Yes, yes, and YESSSSSSS!

Seriously, how can someone be deemed as 'successful' by people around~
Always take advantages of others and makes everyone revolves around them?!
World revolves around the sun, didn't know you were the sun!

I am just bewildered on actions like these.
Especially from someone who is supposedly more mature then I am~

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Cafe Meguri ❤ ︎②

Our second stop for the cafe meguri was The Tiramisu Hero!

For a while, I noticed if you click on the hashtag #シンガポール~
The Tiramisu Hero will appear! And its all about jar-cake like tiramisu!

So I googled about this and found out it's a Singapore brand sweets (スイーツ)~
Le husband and I then decided to visit and have dinner one day!

The counter~

One of their seats~

It was a full house day and we waited for 20mins before we got a seat.
And the waitress was kind of overwhelmingly straight forward, the awkward kind!

We had our dinner first, I ordered the meat platter~ with mashed potatoes.
The mashed potato was so super good!! And the chilli pork sausage too!

Le husband's bake curry rice, not looking good but taste good! The taste of indian spices~

While waiting for our dessert, which was the reason we went there for~

We walked around the cafe...

It is a nice place if you have a big group of friends who wants to chatter away.
But not the most ideal place for a quiet coffee break~

Here comes the star! The Tiramisu Hero original flavoured in the size of Momma Hero!

It taste exactly like it looks, like a cake-in-a-jar!

We had some other flavours take-away to try at home!
The purple one is Lavender Lemon! I liked this the best! Better then the original~
And the green one, of course, Maccha! Which was so-so~

The cute chops!

And the cute packaging!
No wonder it created a wave in Japan~

Given the inaccessible location, unless needed like a sudden craving, else I wont consider~
Thou the food was good, I didn't like the Saturday night ambience :(

Le husband Hero says hi~ hahahaha!

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Cafe Meguri ❤ ︎①

Yesterday, after work we had this impromptu cafe date!

Dolled up myself in a black little dress, and my new choker from Taobao~
Did a make up with colours I don't usually use~ turned out quite well!

Blue metallic eye shadow with Prism Mercury Blue lameliner~
It was kind of weird seeing myself in colours at first, but its surprisingly better then I expected!

Located in the middle of Haji Lane, the so called Harajuku of Singapore!

Its a dreamy place with super good ambience!

We opted for the second level seats at first cause it was full at level 1~
Then we realised only paper cups and utensils are served there due to the steep steps!
Quite clever! But will be less fun for us so we headed down again.

It was a cosy space if you book it for a private event, not sure if it's even allowed~
But having many different groups of people there is quite distracting!

After settling down for a seat by the window~ le husband went to place our order~

We were served the Clam Chowder Soup first~ With a big basket of bread!

Its the best clam chowder I've had so far~
Le husband agrees too, since he's not a big fan of soup, it must be good! Hehe!

Then came our coffee, I had latte and the husband had some cuppuccino.

The coffee definitely has its nice aroma, however, it really wasn't awesome.

I love the colorful ribbons on the ceiling~ Makes the cafe special!
Only afterwards that I found out, this cafe conducts flower arrangement classes!
As well as calligraphy for wedding invitations!

Left slightly after an hour's stay in the cafe... It was a great experience there!
Will definitely be back! *beams*

Second cafe blogging in progress!
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Random Stuffs~

One of my OOTD! I love that sexy top!
SGD$8 including shipping from taobao~ call me taobao queen!

Wore this formal looking top because I had to interview someone.
My bosses are hiring me an assistant and thought I should talk to them first~
It is a certainly a new and interesting experience!

And one of the days, I wore like a sweet 16!
Hahahaha, I love that wego top~

Doing light makeup recently because I am too lazy for falsie!

Randomly, I hear my name being called on radio today.
So I went to search for the exact meaning of it!
Apparently it meant a pure heart~ teehee!

It can also be this flower, 佩兰花
Thou interesting but I dont think my mum thought of that when naming me~

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JK: High School Girl Shoot

Transformed into a 17 year old again!
Thanks to the always awesome, Kyudotsg~

And the senpai, Priscilla chan!

Also big big thanks to the assistant Justin~
The shoot was done possible on efforts of the team!

Hey! I dont know who is reading...
But if you ever want a Japanese idol styled photoshoot (and a cute one)
Do talk to them: HERE!!!!

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