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Babymoon • ベビームーン

Wayyyy before we got pregnant, le husband and I discussed alot on babymoon!
We have talked about the responsibility as parents and mutually agreed...
That we will not leave out baby alone in Singapore (with our parents)
While we go out there enjoy life, our parents bearing our part of hard work!
So we both know that of we don't go for a babymoon while I still can~
It's gonna be a long wait, of at least 3 years!

*Photo taken during the end of my Hokkaido Trip in August*

Then we talked about so many destination but I still favor Japan over anywhere else!
There are still so many parts of Japan that I have never been to!
But but but! The over protective husband says NO! T_______T
Because there is radioactive, and he deem it as 100% harmful to baby!
And I am so incapable of talking this through him..........

Le husband suggest Bangkok, but I said NO!
Like if I cant eat street food in bangkok then what is point in going?
I bet le protective husband is not going to allow me to~
He doesnt even allow me to take sashimi from a reputable restaurant.
I think we can totally strike off street food from the list now...
So we end up with no conclusion which silently meant, NO BABYMOON!

In compensation, he bought me many Japanese cakes!!
Strawberry Shortcake is my all time favourite!
We bought it from Isetan in Westgate Mall, and he even bought me milktea!

The expensive-like-drinking-gold Kirin Milktea!
I kind of just tried my luck saying I want that and he just took and paid for it!
We are never folks who spemd money like this, I guess he really wants to make it up~

One of another cake, a cream swiss roll~

We bought these from one of our weekend trip down to Jurong~
Cause le husband wants to go and look at the babyfair at bigbox.
Also to look at some mattress sales and furnitures for the new house~
We walked into Isetan and I literally started to say I want everything on shelve!
And surprisingly le husband says ok to everything single thingy!
You know how Isetan sells these Japanese products at like x3 price~
I know he wants to make me happy through getting me something Japanese.
So it makes me feel a whole lot better about giving up my babymoon.
Which is also my last chance of holiday for a long period of time T___T
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Little Rei 👧🏻

Some long time back, in August after I came back from Hokkaido.
We had a picnic! And the main star was little rei!

She was still wobbling when she ran, she was just a year old!
Now she is no more little, she is a toddler *wipes tear*
Got her own thinking got her own preferences got character!

I love this photo! Three angels!

Last weekend, we met up again! Rei is so grown up now!
She can munch on a sugar bread now! And drink packet milk!
And you know 3 woman makes a market, we have 5! Haha!

I so wish I have a daughter! I can dress her like this!!!
Photo courtesy of the dad who edited her into a little princess~
The dress itself cost $60 from hongkong disneyland!!

Photo courtesy again from the mum~
Aww this little cheeky thingy! I wanna pinch her cheeks!! *punipuni*

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Done! • ベビー浴衣完成

So after my sewing machine came, I was preparing to start!
And it really doesnt just take a few days :(
The pregnant me gets tired and backaches easily now...
I started with measuring and cutting the fabric I want.
Then I sew the inner sides to make it look pretty on day one!

Day two started with completing the Obi.
The cloth was a free gift from the fabric seller and it is really of good quality!

On day three, the yukata somewhat took shape already!!
I am so happy with my progress, although it's not consecutive days~
With some help from my mother in law who is a professional seamstress.
I think i made it quite fast for an amateur in sewing, wahaha!

Day four was completing the yukata itself and the start of ribbon making~
The ribbon was a challenge! Racked my brains to made it look so~
It has many handsewn parts to do, I am happy with the end product!
I hope little rei looks good on it 😍😍😍

Topping it up with a ribbon hair clip!

And mini uchiwa from DAISO!
My baby yukata project is finally completed!!
Now we are left with putting it on on little rei for photoshoot!
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Despite leaving my company, I was still invited to join them!
For a dinner at the Glass Association Annual D&D last weekend~

Le partner in crime! My chopstick at work~

The very caring purchaser, whom is one of the best PRC I ever met~

The little sister who can eat double of a guy!

It was really nice to have met them up!
I was getting so bored at home, chatting with them makes me happy!
And most of them are mothers already they shared quite alot with me!
Maybe of I had been able to endure the toughest first trimester~
I would be happier working now! Haha! But I dont regret my choices.

Rare times now that I put on a make up! So must selfie!!

Selfie with le husband too~
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新しいメガ • New Specs!

I made a new specs!! From the Japanese chainstore, OWNDAYS!

It's the air series that weighs super light!
And said to be bendable, it will not snap into half!
They did tests and there's even warranty for that aspect~

Le husband made a new pair of specs too!
Since it is claimable under his company, it's a good benefit I think~
In total we spent about $440 for two specs and got it 20mins later...
Maa maa~ Japanese can come up with all kinds of concept, haha!
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The little PEANUT~

On the 2/11 we went for our routine check up with Dr Hii~
The little one is now 15 weeks old, 9.4cm long and weighing 121 grams!
All is fine and I got back the physical blood test report...
Dr Hii says I have a high immunity in my body against measles for the baby!
And the Thyroid level of the baby is low too~ thats a relief for me...
Because both my mum and her mum has Thyroid :(
The alien like is his face (HAHA!) and further down his body!
Dr Hii scanned for a good long 5 mins, looking through every parts~
And also, he showed us the little bird bird so we can now confirm his gender!

Prior to that, we went for Thomson Medical's hospital tour last sat!
Since it's free and no harm going to listen to what they have to offer~
The presenter was very nice, warm and welcoming...
Although I would very much not like to choose them for my delivery :p
It is not exactly cheap to have a caesarian section with them!
And especially I insist to have my husband with me for the nights~
I would have to choose single bedded wards, thats my only choice.
So adding those cost up, it's about the same as my first choice MNH!

Recently, I have been researching on cord blood banking too.
I am a believer that my baby has low chances of using his own cord blood.
That is after researching on the topic that I came to conclusion~
So we will for sure, not do private cord blood banking that is super ex!
And probably buying insurance is a better idea and solution...
Throwing it away is such a waste because I am O+ blood type
There may be the chance that my baby is a blood O person too!
His cord blood will then have higher chances to help more people~
So I studied on donating it to our one and only cord blood bank.
Sadly, I very much disagree with the way they work, it feels uncomfy.
Firstly, it's at our expense that we head down to their center to apply.
Secondly, upon applying they interrogate you! Like dubious of you!
Suspect what is your motive to donate the cord blood, like duh?! Really~
I feel a little foolish to go through the trouble of making way down...
To be interrogated for a kind deed that I want to make on behalf!
So, I am reconsidering the whole donation thingy! >.<"

Settling into my second trimester, I am gradually feeling ok!
I am almost, ALMOST, free of the morning sickness~
A week or so ago, I still feel sick mainly after dinner in the evenings.
Now it's only when I eat too much! Thou, I still eat in mini portions :(
Earlier, I couldn't drink plain water but now it became alright!
I am starting on the DHA (fish oil for brain & eye development)
Lucky enough, my body doesn't hate it! I feel fine having them!
Pregnancy makes me study alot! I almost can be a nutritionist now~

And here is my... Erm... Stepbrother? Lolol!!
My dad's wife who is a year younger then me delivered this morning!
I was the one who sent her in to the labour ward yesterday noon~
And listening to her natural birth process today makes me sure!
I am sure I will never have the courage to go thru natural birth!!
But somehow their episode made me more looking forward now~
I am getting more excited to see my baby boy 5 months later!!! :3
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When I first stopped work, I ordered TINGKAT delivery~
Mainly because I was feeling too unwell to move and get lunch...
And then the haze came so suddenly that it became bad to go out!
My choice was 3 dishes with 1 soup (4 in total), skipping rice~
The quantity was sufficient judging that I dont have a big appetite.
But the quality... Hmm, the first week was still not too bad~
Mentally, I guess it was new and interesting so I didnt reject them.
Gradually, the coldness of dishes, not well cooked hardness...
and the repeating menu is making me really turned off by it!
At the last few meals, I nearly threw all away! Rather eat plain bread!
What's more is that a 20 meals cycle is not cheap, $140 per cycle~
That makes each lunch meal a freaking $7!! Expensive caifan... Lol
So now that I am getting better, I've decided to make my own!

This was yesterday's lunch! Salad with dressing!
Dressing was salad cream with lemon & black pepper~
I would add more pepper and salt to the dressing so I'll use less!
Money saving tricks! Lol~ I scrimp and save alot after pregnancy~
Of course, I do eat meat too! And I still eat junk food like Macdonals!
Choose salad because I found out tomato, onions and cucumbers...
Contains lots of various nutrients that the baby needs~

And this is today's jumbo sandwich! Wahahaha!
With all the veggies above and cheese plus egg! It was good!!
Attempted to make it into club sandwich but it was too fat to cut~
At times, I eat sweet potato, steamed cod fish with enoki mushrooms...
Chinese snacks like chee chong fun, char siew bun and lor mai kai~
Various menus decided on sundays, le husband shops with me for it~
We would spend some time in the supermarket to plan my week's lunch!
This saves us quite alot of money too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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Free Me • 暇な自分

Last week, my baby yukata cloth is finally here!!!! *spazzes*
I love the prints so much! Le bff and I both fell in love at first sight~
But the seller was so problematic it took a whole freaking month...
From paying to having it on my hands finally! Luckily it still came~
The white cloth is a free gift from the seller which seems pretty~
And good enough to make an Obi for the Yukata!
Originally my plan was to have a mint green sash Obi (floating here)
But this looks good, so the sash will become the ribbon of Obi!

After washing the cloth, it's good to know colour stays!
It is indeed a good quality cloth for yukata! The hard kind~
But my sewing machine has not reach me yet so I did planning!
Doing it reminds me of the pre-work for D&T in secondary sch days!
The drawing, measuring, labelling and ideal conceptualisation~ haha!
I hope everything goes well! *prays*

Meanwhile, while waiting for my sewing machine to come~
The free me did some kira kira decorating! On my old cover...
I know it's all not on trend anymore, but who cares!!
Passing off time and not everyone can manage to complete a deco!!
My aim was to complete it before my machine comes but then...

It came!!! My early birthday present from le husband~
Although my main motive buying it is to make my baby yukata...
But le husband sees this as an investment! How clever of him~
You know it cost $8 per alteration now if you bring to a seamstress?
And alterations are inevitable in life especially with children!
So, it's good that I take my free time now to learn how to sew~
I'm so happy with my new toy! (=゚ω゚)ノ♡
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Magic Pencils💖

There, there, again~
The free me has done an update of a makeup post!
I remember doing my first showing half half face in 2009~
And in 2011, I had a post showing my before & after makeup face~
Last year, I did a byoujyaku face post! So here is the 2015 version!

Total naked "before" face
I have many pimple outbreaks recently due to pregnancy hormones~
They left some pretty obvious scar at the chin :(
Before pregnancy, I have a pimple-free complexion!! Arghhh!
The sacrifices of a woman
Also, I have very serious dark circles which I think may be genetic!
No matter how much I sleep it doesn't really gets better~
I sleep an average of 10 hours per day for the past one month ya!
And no eyecream or however amount of tomato-lemon juice helps~
Came to read about it on google, and it says some people are genetically like this!
And and~ my scarred eyebrow! They are kinda troublesome

My make up routine now starts from this bottle of miracle water!
Not ALBION but works like it and is 10 times more economical~
HATOMUGI KESHOUSUI, Skin Conditioner is a COSME No.1 product!
Skin conditioners works like moisturisers lotions toners all in one!
I would use it as a mask and as a wipe to clear pores~
Realised it helps accelerate my hadalabo moisturiser to settle into my skin!
This keshousui can be found in Guardians I think, for $10 or so~
I bought it for 650yen (appx. $7) so I think it's worth refilling from Guardian!

肌プルプルンになったわぁ~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡
After my new love, I would still put on my usual Hadalabo moisturiser~
I never realised the importance of moisturising your face before make~
Until I joined Waston's tv program in 2010 introducing the then new Hadalabo!
That day of my life has changed my skin for good! Lol~ 陈年往事!
Until then, I would just cake my face with foundation (don't know how to use BB cream yet)
Now, I wouldn't be able to carry on makeup without these lotions!
It makes the whole look dewy and glowy and whatever you call it~
Personally, with or without makeup base and primer does no difference to me.
So I think makeup has no one right way to go by, it's customised to each individual!

Meet my another new love, BCL Skin Flat CC Gel!!! *throws confetti*
Not gel exactly, it is just CC foundation cream with sunscreen & primer~
It topped the recent COSME foundation cream rankings so I wanted to get it!
Searched for it like hell in Hokkaido! Only to find it in Tokyo my last day!
So thankful right?! So I thought~ but coming home to find Waston selling it too!
I so remember there wasn't before I flew to Hokkaido *grumps*
And apparently this drugstore baby appeared on 女人我最大 recently too~

This is my first tube of CC cream, which I have no tries on others yet~
But of my 10 years of make-up experience, I think I found my favourite!
Although I always say so when I am using it, but it's really better then KATE!
These two tiny bits can cover my entire face with ample coverage!
Yes, I apply to all the areas on my face~ I think it looks more natural~
All because I am naturally dark skinned so to apply on only certain area....
And after applying it becomes a matte finish, totally natural~
Not forgetting, it smells really good and doesn't dry my skin up!

Right after CC cream, I would conceal~
My favourite concealer is still KATE's stick concealer! 変わらずに♡
Concealer is also another item that only came in half way my makeup journey!
I used to not care and think that concealing is time wasting~ how silly!
But with practice, I am proud to say I can conceal to perfect skin now!
Bwahahaha! Cosmetic is really a girl's life saving jacket! so deceiving!

My concealing journey started from a Canmake liquid one~
It is often too thick and requires alot of dabbing using fingers!
Then I changed to using gel-like concealer it solves that problem but!!
They dry up really quickly even in the bottle and it's difficult to dig them~
All my problem got solved when I found KATE's Stick Concealer (also gel-like)
Using brush to apply & only dab with fingers very lightly~ Fast and easy!
The usual spot to conceal for me are T-zone, dark circles and scars~
Concealing T-zone would allow me to skip the bronzers contouring part! Lol~
Yes, I'm a lazybumbum

After my base is done, I would pat some Hadalabo over again!
I've started Hadalabo since 2010 and has never stopped using it~
Only changing from the white super moisturising series to the blue one~
I'm more into whitening nowadays, I hope this really helps! Lol~ 垂死挣扎(・・;)
So sometimes, I really wonder how girls can have 4829273 brands of skin care~
Using them all at the same time and still know which is really effective~ haaa!

Next step, Foundation Powder!
I know some girls thinks this is so redundant but I just cannot get rid of it~
Mainly I feel, this item can cover up more flaws and leave porcelain like skin!
At good complexion times, I'll skip this and go directly for loose powder~
But patting a little of foundation at the dark circles part is a MUST!

My favourite is still Canmake's Blessed Natural Foundation cake!
I've tried their other series but they doesn't seem to suit my skin as well~
Prior to this, I've tried Majolica Majorca's and I loved it too (still have it's golden case)
But Canmake wins totally hands down in the coverage so... ごめんね、魔女~w

Again, I'll pat some Hadalabo on the powdered face so it stays moisturised~
The nose looks bright because I have used the foundation powder on it too.
Hehe, really does save my money on buying bronzers for contour~
That's the basic concept jyan? You darken a part so another looks bright~
So instead of darkening, I'll just brighten the part that should look bright!
And and and~ my dark circles Orz It is so beyond cure!!

New found love too! Canmake's Glow Fluer Highlighter~
It's cheap and good, probably only $14.90 in Wastons! Or so i think...
Previously using same brand, the plain white highlighter until this came by!
It's said that different colours can cover different symptoms on skin~
Like... Greenish conceals redness, pinkish conceals blue/purple eyebags~
Orange conceals general dark circles and Purple conceals yellow bruising!
So a mixture of these can suit each and every individual's skin colour easily~

When a highlighter gets too matte, it looks "hard" and "fake"
When it gets too shinny, it looks so exaggerating and oily~
The reason I like this is for the glow it creates!
Not too matte not too shinny, it's just right for me~
My usual highlighting spot is heavily at the cheeks and t-zone!!
Occasionally, I would also apply some at the chin, depending on occasions!
A bright cheek is super important, it brightens up your look instantly!

Now comes the drawing part!
Makeup is a skill of art too, I had always believed in that~
It has also been a long long time since I use black as my shadow colour.
Recent years I have been using brown and the shade gets lighter & lighter!
I started with Black, because when I started makeup, I was so into J-rock!!!
That was so 2005! When I was 17! Hahaha! The rebelling age~
Then a couple of years later it became dark chocolate that still looks black~
That was when the J-rock love faded, and I stepped into the society in 2007.
In 2010, I explored shades of brown but never really took a liking to them~
In 2011, I started using dollywink early palettes but always the darkest shade!
Only in 2012, then I grew to like the mocha shade of brown~
Graudually, until now, I can almost make do with any brown shade given to me!
I find this a grow in confidence too because I came to accept who I am~
Lol~ 我的眼影进化史(−_−;‼︎ Hahahaha!

久しぶりな黒シャドウ‼︎ Top, bottom, side of eye and even eyebrows!
Didnt use a eyeliner for this, I just had a line drawn using darkest shade.
My current eyeliner is Dollywink, Heroine Make and SANA Super Quick~
In both black and brown for different look! And they are all pretty good!
I am super lazy and cheapskate to buy and apply too much cosmetic~
Now I would even use eyeshadow as eyebrow powder! It works lah~
Times where I am not lazy, I would still draw a pretty end with my pencil!

Speaking of eyebrow pencils, tadaaaa! Here it is! My poorly abused piece~
I have been using cheap cheap $1 eyebrow pencils from Aries for ages!
Trust me, even mediacorp makeup artist uses and has lots of them!
Don't tell me about counter brand makeup artist, they obviously works ya?
There is truly no much difference unless you sweat even at your brows...
They save you so much money! So many usage on just A DOLLAR!
Other then brows, I use them most frequently to draw my "double eyelid"
I am born single eyelid-ed and no tape, glue or fiber works on my lids~
My single eyelids are just as stubborn as me!
But there's slight creases that has gotten there over my pro-long falsie wearing
So to make it obvious, I would draw on the crease with a brown pencil!
Sometimes, I would draw on the end of my eyes to create a sharper shape~
Or I can draw on the line between my lips & side of my nose...
And then smear it with my fingers to make a contour of face features~

Then comes blusher! I have this love for orange blushers! Hehe~
My new love again, Candydoll's Cheek & Lip cream!

My first time using it as a lip colour~ the effect was not too bad.
Considering I don't really know what is good~ hahahaha!!
As a blusher it is smoother and easier to apply then Canmake's cream.
So 一分钱 一分货 and that's the only conclusion I got

But Canmake's cream blusher is really good for the price you pay! 580yen!
That is like approximately SGD$6 that you cant even buy a Mac Value Meal~
I have stocked up this same shade of pink and a blood red from my trip!
This pink is so essential because somehow, it can brighten my dark circles!
Yes, my pink blusher is patted around my dark circles before I apply blusher~
My dark circles will look extremely outstanding if I don't do so...
Somehow orange and red blushers applied directly at cheeks does that!

Following to lips, on general occasions I dont apply lip colour~
Le husband doesn't like and I dont like define lip shape and colour!
Also because I have different colour lips, top and bottom so it's a hassle!
If I really have to do it, it's either a lazy red or pink tint for convenience~
But I do keep glosses and lipstick (yes I have one) lol~ for what Idk too!
I first had my lip colour adjusted a little with my stick concealer...
Then the candydoll lip colour plus the LB glosses~ which is nice!
I really like this LB lipgloss~ it makes a healthy natural pinkish lip~

After all colouring completes, I'll lightly pat some loose powder.
Generally all over face avoiding the eyes only~ followed by Hadalabo!
Everytime I pat some base powder I feel the need to moisturise it.
And by then, the blusher will look faded again so I'll touch that up~
This Diamond Beauty loose powder is good and affordable!
Works better then a few other brands I have tried, only candydoll's better.
Undeniably I only choose Japanese cosmetics because It's what I believe~
And Canmake being my top favourite also due to it's affordable price!!
Cheap cosmetic doesn't equate to them being less quality worthy~
These drugstore brands can be really effective for asian skin and colour...
It will be good if more woman grow to accept and go less of branded.
Lol~ my twenty cents again...

Last step! FALSIE! つけまつけま付けまつげ~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I remember myself arrogantly discussed with my use-to-be best friend Rika...
That if we can fan out lashes so nicely and long with mascara why flasie?!
How it sounded like a slap on the future me? Hahaha! Eating my words~
But really I used to be really good at mascara! I am so proud of that~
I would heat my curler with a lighter for my lashes to last long curling!
So I can brush them upwards and make them look obvious and pretty~
But the way I curl my lashes is kind of intimidating~ I pull them hard!
I know it's gonna hurt them loads but that's not why I moved on to falsie :p
Obviously, falsie is even prettier lah!! So 101% honest in my change~ lol

I am using Diamond Lash Secret Eye for this makeup~
But my favourite lashes are still Dollywink for it's unbeatable quality!
No matter how many Japanese lashes being tried none feels like Dollywink.
The falsie's texture and the long lasting band that can be cleans easily~
And my favourite glue is still Dollywink as well but the mini glue in flasie~
Those are really "peel-off-at-ease" kind of glue that confirm wont hurt~
Both your eye and the falsie... And your wallet too! Lol~ Dollywink so expensive!
Those mini glue are not easy to get even from taobao (yes, people sells them! And crazy people grabs them too!)
So I had gradually made Eyetalk my first option, it's not too bad either~
All is on par other then the ease in cleaning part...

Now all is done! Wahaha! Please forgive my last chance to "act-cute"
After becoming a mother, I doubt very much to still have the chance to~

I yearn very much to keep being a Shoujo, deep down I don't want to grow up!
But as reluctant as I am, I need to let go of what I have been.
Of course, I will find a way to stay young! But cute is surely gonna leave me :(

Having said, this picture was taken to sell off my newly bought top!
This sweet top I bought in Hokkaido, I've not even had a chance to wear~
And it's time to say goodbye to it...



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[新婚旅行3回目] 北海道 ー 登別 ② 温泉/足湯

Day 2: 02/08/2015, Sunday, Uphill Noboribetsu Onsen!

Second morning in Hokkaido! We had our breakfast at a sharing hall~
Also serving style, not the buffet kind (i dont like buffet, btw)

Breakfast! I love natto with rice for breakfast! Never fails!
There's two portion of mentaiko here! One seared one raw~
Only realised at the later part it's for our ochazuke!
Surprisingly, le husband like mentai chazuke! Shall try making at home!

After breakie, I went to the onsen while le husband went backyard!
He's going out to smoke and so damn suay, got some mosquito bites back!

Dress up after onsen in like 10mins! Cause the car is waiting for us~
They are sending us back to the Noboribetsu station...

So here we are~ waiting for the roundtrip bus uphill!
There is a famous onsen place uphill called Noboribetsu Onsen.
It's a little onsen town with shops and ryokan and a bear park!

That is the Oni (demon) of Jigokudani (Hell Valley)~
And the Bou (demon stick) he's holding, diff colours has diff meaning!

Pretty wild flowers everywhere! It's a good flower season there~

We took the roundtrip bus up and missed our stop! www
Our ryokan is at the second last stop and we didnt press the bell >.<
So we walked back, down a slope with little streams and greens!


It was too early to check in, we had our luggage rest and headed out!

Heading back to the way we came down from, up a slope again~
Because that's where one of the attraction is located at...

Along the way~ another oni statue spotted! Oyako Oni!

Our destination: Taisho Jigoku, Oyunuma Tennen Ashiyuu

And the walkway inside is exactly like walking a forest~

3 mins of walking and tadaaa! We're here!

There were so many people! Taking up all the spaces~
So we took selfies first! And took photo of the surrounding!

This ashiyuu (foot bath) river is the source of Oyunuma Onsen
And the temperature of the onsen depends on the season~

Awhile later, a big group of chinese tourist left so we had a good seat~

Imo, that seat could take the best photos of this place! Hehe~

The water is grey in colour and has a very heavy sulphur smell~
It was difficult to get use at first but all got better a while later~
You can feel your body warming up just ten mins into the foot bath!


Such a pretty place! Like commercial ad scene!

I was glad I wore such short dress!
Looked troublesome for those who wore jeans~

And le husband attempts to walk to the middle of the river~

For a photo! Hahahaha~

Last selfie before we leave~ i took a similar one in Chiang Mai!~

Walking out of the forest~

Bought this pink frilly wedge specially for this Hokkaido trip!
Because I expected tons of walking!

After passing by our ryokan, out to the main road~
We have come near to the shopping town (turn left from this photo)
But our next destination is the Jigokudani (Hell Valley)~ heading straight!

Getting near! And more Oni statues as expected! Lol~
They are the Hell Valley Demon mah~ wahahaha!

Jigokudani~ the sulphur smell is so many times heavier then ashiyuu!
It's an active volcano and the very source of the Oyunuma Onsen~
That flows to the Oyunuma Tennen Ashiyuu...

Of course, as tourist, we must take wefie!!! Hehe
All thanks to le husband's superior for the selfie stick last Xmas!
But in the end we lost it somewhere on a bus~ lol! the short life of it!

Last photo of it!
And we headed back, I cant stand the smell anymore! Lol~

At the entrance, there is a pretty small hut selling souvenirs~

And milk!!! Hokkaido is famous for their dairy products!
Milk, Ice Creams, Puddings, Cheese!! I wanna try all!

They have two vending machine selling only milk!
Different brand different flavor of milk to choose from!~

In the end, le husband's choice was a better milk brand~
You dont get this good quality of milk in Singapore :(
Not even Meiji or Farmhouse can taste the same!

Walking out of the Hell Valley, you find many pretty Ajisai (Hydrangea)!

All shades of Blue and Purple! All so pretty!

We have walked into town to find food~

The town is more crowded in the night with more restaurants opened~
so given a late afternoon we have no much choice...
Settle for this Onsen Ichiba seafood resturant~

It is pretty busy inside~ we nearly had to wait for tables!

They had live seafood in two huge tubs and a few big aquarium!

Settled for some Salmon Sashimi first while we think of main!
Salmon is a super cheap & unpopular fish in Japan unlike Singapore~

While waiting for our food, le husband read manga~
He can read his manga anywhere anytime! Lol~ otaku jyan?
He had settled for Yakisoba (expecting the taste we had in kyoto)
But then it was a disappointment as well~ www

I had a Negitoro Don! It's so yummy with raw egg and shoyu!!
Something I cannot eat now :( I miss Japanese food :(

After lunch we had their homemade Ice Cream!

Yums yums! Ice cream in Hokkaido is very rich!
Macdonald's soft serve on good days can taste like that too! Lol~

While I enjoy my Ice Cream softserve, le husband eats~
He doesnt like sweet stuffs so he only taste mine a little always.

Munching his all time favourite Korokke (Croquette) from Combini~

Just a min walk away, there is this little park (really small one)~
With huge Oni Bou (demon stick), each colour has one meaning...
Of which there's good luck, for studies, for fertility etc~
And all souvenir shops sells the mini version plushie!
Or keychains, decorative, prints of it on note books or hanky!

We took a photo with the red stick cause it's for fertility!

Then we headed back up to our ryokan~ pass by this little cottage.

The ryokan we booked is called [雅亭, MIYABITEI]
Checked-in at about 4pm! It's a big scale ryokan!
Almost being hotel like, unlike the usual ryokan we often go to~
But it's not too bad cause it is very comfy! And cheap among all!

Our room at the highest level! Level 10~

Room view! Mountains and little streams down there~

It's so difficult to take photos that do justice to the view we see~
The little stream down there is really clear and pretty in real life!

The smoking area beside window has a full length mirror!
Just nice for my selfies~ wahahaha!

Our room's teaset! Looks more luxurious then the previous ryokan~


Changing up to their yukata~

The lightings at the window is just so damn good!!

Hehe, my le hunsum husband in his yukata too~
Headed out for onsen first since we have ample time before dinner.

Dinner at miyabitei is buffet style~ which is not my favourite kind.
But then the food they provide was quite good~
Look at the amount of salmon we took! That's only 1st round!
The yuzu udon was so super good! But I'm not the udon person~
Soba was good too!! And the little black bowl is Mozukusu~

What's more... SNOW CRAB BUFFET! Legs only thou~

We had three mountain full plates of it! Lol~

Had some melon too~ it's so sweet and nice!

Oni statue outside of the dining hall Shiki~

When we are back at the room, they had our futon laid out nicely!
Headed to onsen again, thou sadly they dont have private bath~
Previously I always make an effort to book ryokan with it...
Cause it's not fun to go into onsen alone! With friends are ok~

Ended my day with the Noboribetsu Pudding!
And a packet of veggie juice! Taste more like tomato juice to me~

But it's healthy and to make sure I dont constipate~ (erm, pardon me)
So I drink at least a packet everyday! :3

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[新婚旅行3回目] 北海道 ー 登別 ①

Day 1: 01/08/2015, Saturday, Singapore - Hokkaido (Noboribetsu)

ヤッホー!Finally after 8 months, we're on a holiday again!!

And for the first time, we are flying by JAL!
August is summer and most places are really hot~
We came to decision knowing that Hokkaido is still at about 24deg!
But then, it's all lie!!!! It is freaking 29deg so like Singapore!!! :(

It's a long journey too~ 7hours from Singapore to Tokyo Haneda.
With a flight delay and we have to run for our connecting plane!
1 & half more hour from Tokyo to Hokkaido Chitose~

Upon reaching, we waited for an hour at a run-down looking JR station.

It's a connecting station like Bishan called Minami Chitose...
I think less then 10 people are waiting for the same train as ours~

It's a 18 hours journey before we checked-in at our ryokan *sweats*
But we made fun out of the long journey~ I am so used to have him.
I think I cant travel alone now~ ahahaha

Upon reaching Noboribetsu station awaits us staircase!
Which is the norm in Japan anyway, we were not surprised~

We reached the station earlier then expected...
And the ryokan was supposed to send a car to pick up us at 5pm!
So we waited kiasi-ly and didn't dare to walk too far away~

Bear statues at the station entrance~ there's a bear park there up the hill.

Waited and waited after past 5pm!
We were told to wait at this post box! But no one came, no calls, no email!
I was angry that they forgot about this and note to myself to ask later!

So we thought, we might as well walk there~
Before they offered the car service, we already planned to walk~
It's supposed to be a 20mins walk so it's still feasible ya?

And there were nice scenery along the way too so no complains~

No complains I thought, but there's so many slopes to climb!
And many crows on the electric cable above your head!
The crows in Japan are HUGE! like size of an adult cat *eww*
And seeing them in large numbers can be really gross they are super black!
Like seeing couple dozens of cockroaches squirming around! YES! Gross!

And it is surely not 20mins! We walked a 30mins journey!
Japanese people walk really fast!

We are finally here! Upon checking in I questioned them~
I think it's inappropriate for them to take it like nothing has happened!
And they didn't admit they forget until I showed then their email!
They apologised and arranged to send us out to the station the following day~
So I accepted (-___-;) I still cannot believe we find this in Japan!

Upon checking in, my mood hasn't changed for the better!
The yukata they provide has a smoke smell (-__-;) like unclean~
It's a smoking room so I know it's inevitable, didn't have non-smoking.

But my mood got instantly lit up when I opened the window door!
Connected to the backyard, we saw deers! And seagulls passing by!
Like strolling outside our room!!! And the seaview!!!!!

The sky and the sea joined, cant differentiate them anymore!

Our room's teaset :)

Since we didnt have much time for onsen already, I did mask!
Hokkaido limited edition Lavander Lululun Mask! Smell good!

Then we headed for dinner, shared a room with other occupants~

I love Kaiseki meals~ Even looking at it makes me happy!

Menu of our dinner! There's a kurobuta sukiyaki!

Sukiyaki is one of my favourite Japanese food!!!

お造り盛り合わせ!Assorted Sashimi!

I only take nama ebi in Japan~
Duly because I find the ones in Singapore not fresh enough :p

The dinner and the roomview totally lit up my day!
All the little hurdles during the journey suddenly seems all worth~ lol!

Here's my handsome husband


That's how we ended the day, after dinner onsen!!
And we bought some beer from the vending machine outside our room!
We think... Our baby boy... Is made this very day :p


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It's a boy! 男だぞ(*゚▽゚*)v

We're having a healthy little baby shawn!
As much as I was hoping to have a baby girl (i have always wanted a girl)
I knew all along that this is a baby boy! Right from the start~
It's just a woman's intuition and most people say it's always accurate!
To be honest, there was a slight disappointment but gone in a min!

My doctor's nurses called in today to announce my test results~
I had blood taken to test for the baby's DNA for a Harmony Test.
It is a non-invasive test mainly on Trisomy 21 (down syndrome)...
Also, it can test the number of X and Y sex chromosomes in its DNA!!
So we get to confirm the gender earlier then usual! :3
And I was surprised that they took 5 syringes of my blood!
Without me feeling giddy! Since I was always lack of blood~ lol!!
My happy pills after consultation that day~ Iron, Calcium & Folic Acid tablets~
I really hate the calcium tablets it makes me super nauseous!

Say hi to my baby boy! It's 4.5cm big now!
You can see it's head and big tummy and little legs~
My next appointment's on 2nd November and it will be 15 weeks old!

I am gradually feeling better each day also lazier each day!
Some days I just want to lie on the bed and do nothing at all~
Some days I feel good enough to eat more and go out for walks~
I get hungry every two hour or so, but I still cannot eat much!
My cravings are all junk food for now, french fries topping the list~ lol!

My lady boss gave me some bird nest when I left my company~
And now that I dont literally throw up what I eat, I tried making some!
With some pear, red dates, wolfberry, chrysanthemum and rock sugar~
But since it is not scientifically proven that birdnest does good to baby...
I've given them away to my grandma :p 借花献佛! Hahahaha~

And I crave so much for Japanese food recently!!!! :(
I was drooling over the taste of japan's yoshinoya beef bowl~
And so we went to the nearest yoshinoya for it but the taste is..........
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It has been a while since I dress up and did a make up!
I was finally feeling better today, at the exact 12th week day!!
No bad morning sickness, no tantrum from the baby~ hehe~
So we decided to head out and meet our ID and have my hair dyed!
Look at that pudding hair! :(

OOTD: 500yen sweats, 1000yen checkered skirt,
$5 shoe from Taobao, $2 baby blue socks from DAISO

LOTD: Actually it's my same old make up! Lol!!!
Brown shades of eyeshadow, black liner, red blusher, pink lipstain and falsie!

After meeting our ID to confirm some details of our new house renovations~
We headed to Liang Court! For lunch! I was so hungry!
I always wanted to try the Omelette outside Mediya, finally I had the chance!
It's call Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant, lol~ egg specialist it says~

The food was a true disappointment! :(
Not sure if le husband and I had too much authentic good food in Japan
Or that out of all the many many dishes I cannot cook properly,
Japanese omelette rice is actually the one I can cook best!!
I think... I can cook better then this, le husband agrees~ hehehe

And then I had my hair dyed at Ash Salon again!
My stylist was Kelvin again and he is very nice to talk to~
I first requested to have black and he disapprove of that decision...
Saying it will be difficult for me to colour it bright again afterwards~
But well, that's not my main concern right now so I don't really care :p
I just want it black so that I don't look like a pudding anymore~
Anything after pregnancy, can be considered again! Hahahaha!
So then I told him I am pregnant and I don't want the dye to touch my roots~
He was very patience and careful on that, and he chatted about his kid too!
I am happy with the look, with bangs too because I look weird without it~
For a moment I think I look like acchan in Iiwake Maybe~ hahahaha~

We randomly walked around town after my hair was done~
Singapore is indeed boring, everywhere is the same selling the same things!
We settled for dinner pretty fast! Look where we are!!

Ippudo! Luckily we came early, before dinner time!
Even at non peak hours, we queued for half an hour... I was surprised!
Never thought that there would still be queue after so many years~
After so many more Japanese ramen-ya coming into Singapore!
This place holds many memories for me too, I was the opening batch of staff!
I always loved the places I chose to work for<3

I ordered spicy miso tonkotsu with kata-men (hard noodles)...
And negi (spring & chopped onions) topping~ I like Japanese negi more!
Added some mashed garlic too, it's really nice in ramen!!

Bought some violet macarons from Antoinette and headed home!
And I guess my baby either hates Japanese food or that I stuffed myself~
I vomited half a bowl of ramen out! Lol~ too sinful a day~
Even up to now, I still eat only half a portion of my food~ so I wonder why?
Though it's boring in Singapore, I am happy to have come out for a walk!
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Being a stayhome pregnant woman, other then the nauseousness to bear...
Every other minute is actually freeeeee and lazy! Hahaha~
So I thought, why not make use of my time for some meaningful!

I bought a children yukata for my goddaughter little rei during my last trip~

Sweet blue prints with a yellow sash obi~
But it is still too big for little rei :( really is children yukata!
So I want to make her one set of yukata!!! Yesss! Hand make them!
My mother in law is a professional seamstress and also hairdresser, LOL!
I will of course seek her advices and use her sewing machine!! *grins*

But! It's a big project unlike baby mittens and hair accessories I've done before~
So I made a miniature for my shellie may out of my remaining cloth~
And it turns out decent, only the workmanship is poor cause I handsew them!
Luckily I did a test, it was not as easy as I thought it would be...

Since it's almost impossible to find baby yukata in the market~
Making one is the only way to have one!
Many baby regardless of their gender simply wears the baby jinbei~
But Alice and I think that it's so much cuter if it looks like the real yukata!
With the obi and ribbion!!! Of course, I will make it easy wearing for baby~
Cant wait for my fabric to arrive!!
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ネイル( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Updating the nails I've done myself for the past year~
I realised the last time I've post here of my nails was in August 2014!

Using the SERIA 100yen shop's COSME NO.1 nude colour~
With the 'gel-like' top coat & stickers from the same shop!!

Added some shimmer to the french nail part~
My nails are slight purplish since young so I adore pink healthy nails alot!

Then came Christmas! Using the same stickers...
I made bright red nails again!

Merry Christmas 2014!

Had ocean nails for a period of time after chinese new year~
During chinese new year it was the same but with pink, red and orange!
Made from my 68 colour eyeshadow palette~

When Spring came, I had pastel again!
My love for pastel will never die!! They are just adorable<3

And for a long long period, I didnt keep up with doing nails anymore~
Basically due to the hectic workload...

But I had maroon nails for a business trip in August after my hokkaido trip!
Mature colour suits OL trips I guess~ hehehe!
It's a very good polish, 400yen from drugstore in Japan!
Easy to put on, doesn't dry up easily and easy to remove~

The last nail I had last month was nude french again!
Also using my latest hauls from drugstore in my latest trip :3

I think I have the flair in creating things~
Be it doing my own nails, make-up, crafts and many more...
But I never seems to excel in any of it very very well~ maaa maa~
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Last Days, 29 & 30/11/2014, Saturday & Sunday
Ueno Zoo & Going Home

Our last day in Tokyo for my birthday trip is spent super randomly~

Headed to Ueno and had some starbucks coffee...
Le husband want to have some kebab so we went into ameyoko!

After which we thought of visiting the zoo since we are nearby~
Walking through the Ueno Kouen, the autumn scenery is still there!

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo!

It's so cheap to go to the zoo in Japan! $6.60 SGD like only 1/3 of our price!
Though I have to admit, our zoo is so so much cleaner but's that's about all~

Monkey baby!

Meeeeeeeh! The goat likes to brush it's head on people!

Had some dinner at gyukaku again and the day is going to end :(

Went into a random cafe before going home~

Bought my favourite milktea and bidded my farewell to my favourite place~~

The birthday trip was planned in less then 10 days!
And I am happy enough it turned out this well~ hehe!
Nothing more I could ask for
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Mum's Birthday

Yesterday was my mum's birthday and we brought her out for lunch!
Had lunch at a nearby shopping mall and we shopped Daiso together...

Then we brought her to to Roycemary Cafe for some coffee and cakes!

My mum looks so funky she doesn't even look anywhere near 50!
Lol~ just randomly... Oh and I had my first ever rainbow cake!
It's too damn sweet for me
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Day7, 28/11/2014, Friday, Odaiba

LOTD for the Odaiba day! Twin braids!!

Train selfie!

First we had our lunch at Akibahara after a quick walk around...
Curry rice! It's our first time having curry rice in Japan~

It's my second time to Odaiba, my first was for a junior con! *shoon sama*
And upon reaching we randomly walk the shopping malls~

And I dont even know which is which mall now~ haha

But the malls all have interesting little themed area~ it was interesting to past time!

Had some Takoyaki cause we're hungry! But it wasn't fantastic~
I miss the Takoyaki we had in Osaka! :(

They had this area all selling Takoyaki~

Entered this old school snacks and toys shop!
Like a big old mama shop!! And I picked some sweets!

Sweet tooth!

When dinner time comes, the craving for yakiniku sets in!
And we thought we were lucky to find this Yakiniku place in one of the mall~
But we were wrong! It was the worse Yakiniku we ever had in Japan!
Not to mention, its also our most expensive Yakiniku too~

Lol, most young tourist will take a photo of this...

And with this... Haha!

We then took a stroll to the Ooedo Onsen Monogatari~
It's quite some walk but it's a good season to walk in so it's pretty nice!

The pretty Onsen Theme Park interior~

After entrance, taking off shoes we get to choose the yukata we want!

Us in our chosen yukata!

It has both the full body onsen and an open ashiyuu (foot onsen).
Also food selling stores, game stores and souvenir stores inside too~

As usual, no photography in the full body onsen so there's only these~

Ashiyuu in the mid autum!

Had my favourite ramune after the onsen!

I love popping it

The dining area around~

Another selfie before we leave...

Back to Tokyo to satisfy our Yakiniku craving at Gyukaku!
I love love the gyukaku salad but it's no longer available now :(
They do have a similar version of this salad but it taste different already!

To end our day...
After getting home, we saw this notebook hanging at our door~
It's our landlord Kaori's checkout notebook, she wants us to leave a message!
And so we did! I am thankful we booked her room because it's awesome!

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OHA! Back to complete my travel diary!
I hope I can complete all before my baby comes into the world :3

Day6, 27/11/2014, Thursday, Tokyo Disneyland

OOTD for Disneyland! Hehe!

I tried to curl my bangs into those the Japanese girls love to make!
But it was kind of fail because it flatten at the end of the day :(

Headed for a quick lunch at tsukiji market~

Then we burn away the calories by walking from Tsukiji to Tokyo station!
Despite the many trips to Japan, this is my first time seeing it from the outside.
Always get to see the station's pretty exterior from drama and now I finally saw!

Had some coffee & tea in the station's little cafe~ [Le Sun Palm]

Its a cosy little place, we stopped by because we had still plenty of time.
One of the best way to save cost is to buy half-day amusement park tickets!
Honestly, it's not only money saving, saves you the time on queue too~

*winks winks*

Tokyo Disneyland at 6pm!
We chose disneyland because we previously went to disneysea~

Our tickets! :)

It was near Christmas so the atmosphere is so jingle-ly!!!

Selfie with the xmas tree!

Where magic never dies! Its amazing the atmosphere in there!
USS has got so much more to create such atmosphere as a theme park~

We played till the end, it was fun!!

Headed home and ended our day with a cup of yuzu umeshu!
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I want to start blogging on my lastest Japan trip to Hokkaido!
But I know my 2014 November trip hasnt been completed yet :,(
That nice shot was taken by le husband, surprisingly good shot!

Few days ago, when I shamelessly bug le bff for two hours over whatsapp...
We were talking about breastfeeding and the 101 must-know of it.
She just randomly offered to come with me to the hospital on my c-sec day!!!


She wants to be the photographer and capture my newborn's rare moments!
But just her presence alone will ease the paranoid me alot I believe~
Cannot express how loved I feel and how happy I am to hear that!
THANK YOU, ALICE(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

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The 14mm Pea

This is going to be a long long diary post.
My feeble attempt to keep track of my pregnancy :p

On the 15th September, we went for our 2nd gynae check~
"You'll see your baby in the waterbag, not a bean bag anymore!" says my Doctor!
And true, we can see his little head and little legs (not fully formed thou)
It has a heartbeat now and the doctor played it for us~ wahaha!
The red part you see in that scan is the blood flowing inside of it~
It is now 14.14mm big! Like my 3 weeks of hell has seen its worth finally!

I said 3 weeks of hell? Hell yes! Since the 22nd of August~
Within the time span of 12 hours that day we had 4 tests!! www
When the first double line showed in the first kit, my reaction was totally cool~

My first thought was "spoil already ah?" www
To be honest, we have stopped all contraceptive methods since we got married.
But good news never came, we tested for my ovulation and shockingly to know...
I do not ovulate every month! T_______T

This baby may have gathered all our luck in this life to come into this world.
Like winning a jackpot! Lol! And it's made-in-japan! Bwahahaha!

Our last self-test was on the 23rd August morning~ using a digital one.
It's so advance now that they can show how long the baby has been conceived!!
At that point, I was still feeling well physically but the mood was a very mixed one.

Since we are certain of the little one's existence, le husband seems genuinely elated!
Happier then I am it may seems, I was scared and shocked and lots of random feelings

There was fear because I know changes ahead are unknown and I hate it.
There was shocked because we weren't expecting it so much now.
There was joy because we hit the jackpot! Despite not ovulating as per norm.
There was a part of sadness to let go of the shoujo me because I need to grow up
There was excitement because there is a new life inside of me now!
There was anticipation because I want to know its gender like right away!
There was worried because financially it clashes with our new home reno.

The shoujo me, hahahha, seems the most difficult to let go~

Before my complicated emotions are being sort out, comes the hell!
Morning sickness started gradually coming at me at the end of august!
First, it was the mild nauseous feeling after meals...
Then, the giddiness started in the morning when I wake up...
At that point of time I thought, ok lah, never vomit yet still ok right?

Just a few days time, I vomited my first meal.
Following with no more comfy days until this present moment typing this post.
At good times, I just feel unwell and nauseous, well enough to not throw up.
At the worse times, I throw up every single edible stuffs that goes in!
Including plain water! You cannot imagine how much I hate plain water now.
I cant take milk but I can take soy milk, fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Water? Yucks!

Everyone has been asking me if I am having cravings yet.
The answer is no, totally no! In fact the thought of eating can make me nauseous.
But then there are indeed some food that the baby deem worthy!
Like Macdonals, Mos Burger, Starbucks Cheesecake, Instant Milk Cereal...

Yeah, expensive baby right?

No doubt what you see there is a caffeine drink, judge me, I dont really care!
I have specifically asked my gynae what to not take and what to take more.
And I like his answer "Just eat anything you want" Lovely...

Like how most Chinese are superstitious on the disclosure of pregnancy after first trimester...
I don't really care, I don't really care, I really don't care. Hahaha~
Mainly anything not scientifically proven are not going to be input into me.
But I do take well meant advices by simply nodding and not arguing.
It is a blessing to have people giving you advices and their concerns.
Just, being convinced is another thing.

I do avoid caffeine as much as possible but not totally abstracting it.
I still drink only cold water because that is the only plain water that doesn't make me puke.
I started eating fish despite having a constant dislike of having them before preg.
I totally threw my 15cm high heels in one corner because I don't want to fall.

So I do have my baby's interest at heart

And, even though I have yet to talk to my gynae about it (only able to after first trimester)
I have long ago, even before pregnancy, decided that I will go for caesarian.
Not the orthodox kind of mother who thinks only natural birth is worthy *snorts*
Thou, it is really the pain that scares the hell of me about natural birth.
Yes I am the coward here, but seriously, I dont care how other thinks about this decision.
I do support breastfeeding and will try my 200% in supplying :p

Speaking of the gynae, I am going to Dr Hii from the Hii Woman Clinic in Khatib.
He is the bff's gynae and le bff recommends him so much of course I trust!!
Dr Hii gives off the kind elderly aura that calms and ease your negative feelings~
I have decided to let him do my caesarian section.

One thing good about pregnancy, you naturally become queen!
Meet my handsome butler, Shawn! Hahahaha!

Actually, more like the husband naturally treats you like a queen.
I can imagine how helpless he is seeing me vomit and being grumpy feeling unwell.
There is practically nothing he can do to ease the hell I am going through.
So I guess, he started being super (he already is) attentive of my every detail.
I think he is genuinely excited and happy about this baby!

But then, I think the most excited person is my bff, Alice~
She was the first person I thought of breaking the news to even in the middle of the night.
She has been all supportive, giving me all the pregnancy advices to ease me.
I generally in the first two weeks bombarded her with 101 questions randomly...
And she is always patience and answers all my question<3
It's so good to have her around, makes lesser fear in my pregnancy journey!

Okay, thats all for now.
While I go deal with my nauseousness

Cannot wait till the day I wake up and feel totally alright!
3 more weeks! I am 8weeks and 5days now!

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Hello little one! 5 weeks old, 5.29mm big (maybe small lah)
553th day into our marriage, we knew of your existence!!


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I have always been a sucker for romance drama~
Just like shojo manga is the ultimate weakness of some girls!


So crazy about this story now! Journey of Flower
I am reading its novel because the drama is way too slow~
4 episodes a week is too heart wrenching for the crazy me!
So I read the novel crazily! Slept at 3am last night :p

And because I quite like both the female and male lead~
I think they both fit perfectly into the role given!
Bless me with tissues and a pair of no-cure dark circles... Lol!
I am only at the 600th page of 2000 over pages now!

But it makes me happy
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Can I just for once be this vainpot whi spams her photo with no words?!

YESSSS! I am done!
MUAHAHAHAHHAA! *echoes the evil laugh*

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Earl Grey Tea!

I really do love this tea, much!
Some people cannot stand its aroma~
Le husband says it smells like some indian tea! Hahaha!

And say hello to my new cup! In mint green!
Bought it from taobao too~ only $5!

Then again... From Taobao... My new case!
Gudegude tamatama~ ぐでたま!

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Impromptu Date^^

Last weekend, le husband and I had this impromptu dating again!
Yes, almost all our dates are impromptu because my mood swings

I had this crazy urge to doll up and do a proper gyaru makeup!
And so out we go! Hehe, it has been long since I did~
Both a good makeup and get out of house in weekend, hahaha!

Say hello to the lower falsie!
Cannot remember when was the last time I had them on~

We first walked the Haji Lane...

Vainpot me took some pictures like a tourist! Muahaha!

More vain photos!

Then we decided to visit Meomi Cafe cause it was pretty empty~
I like the cats in there but I really disapprove of their customers!
They literally harass the nyans!! Why stalk them when they hide into their comfort zone?
Can I pull you off your blanket because you are so cute and I wanna see you?!
Singaporeans kind of need some real education on compassion.

We met OREO who is so sweet!

This fellow here likes to chill at the door~

And I think this snowy little gut here is the prettiest of all!

!!! Goodness there actually is one hashtag in ig for this word!
My love for cats will probably never die~ umumu~

Then come dinner, it is always a hassle to think of what to eat~
Especially when both me and le husband ain't picky on food!
After much brain cells dying, we settled for Tonkatsu~

Maybe I am visiting Japan too much~
I find the Japanese food here dropping its standard much~ le sighs

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ODEN! *slurps*

There is frozen oden selling in the supermarket!!! *spazzes*
Of course, the expensive Cold Storage~ lol~

After cooking for an afternoon and chilling it in the fridge~
And then heat up again!!! We added our own daikon and tamago.
Also bought our own shirataki and konyaku *hearts*
The frozen pack is $8.50 enough for two person~
But only has those fishcake stuffs like chikuwa, hanpen, ganmo, gobou~
I love love love daikon in oden so much!!

Then... I started researching on how to make our own oden!
And realised it was hell easy! Lol! Will make one soooooon!
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My grandma was admitted into hospital out of a sudden fever.
I cant help but want to and feels I had to be there at the instant~
So I went out during lunch time called a cab there and back...

That lasted for 3 days~
Lucikly it was nothing serious.

Thou, saw some really annoying relative that I want to stab so so hard!!
Seriously, if you have the money to buy your mum birdnest...
Why is it so hard to give her $50 more for living?
It is truly beyond me to apprehend this way of filial~

But my poor stomach had to go hungry.
There was basically no time for lunch~ only beancurd!
Cause there's one Mr Bean at KTPH :)

Contemplating, like for the 29473948329th time~
Whether or not to cut my fringe!! Thou I love bangs...
But I am starting to face the reality that I am 3 more years to 30!
Long parted fringe sometimes makes the hair looks flat, the cons
Haiya~ how?

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hello, again~

Life has been busy these days... Over the same old things~

But but! Good things does happen~
Like my super god-daughter model debuted!
She is too cute, my eyeballs are dropping hearts out of it!


There was this day where I wore my long kept tartan dress~
It was too short and I never like the idea of safety pants...
But I bought this sheer coat from Taobao! Only $4 and my problems are solved!!
Think it goes well with the white teeth heels~

This... Picture... Looks kind of wrong like we're naked but no~
I have my floral dress on :)
And the whole point of this photo is...
No point, I just want to show off my handsome husband

Some vain selfie when the makeup is on a good makeup day~

Vain selfie #2

And hello again, the OL mode me~
Some days, I just feel like an old hag growing out of cuteness
On some days, I feel like I can be cute even at the age of 40!
Is this some disorder? Lolol!

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Takizawa Hideaki, 滝沢秀明

The name that every girl in my class 15 years ago would know!
He was the "in" idol when the j-wave swiped us in my schooldays~
One drama 魔女の条件 and he is the prince of so many girls of my age!

I had never been very much into takki, honestly...
Because my level of "into" an idol is damn high!! Lol~
But if TAKIZAWA KABUKI is coming to Singapore, I WILL GO!
Hahahaha~ no lah, already buy ticket so I'm confirm going!!

Weeeeeee! I am going with my nyu-sama!!!

In February when they announce the show to be staged here~
I was praying hard that he will bring Yabu here!!!!!!!!! *nosebleeds*
Then, I got to know HSJ is hosting 27hr TV (charity) along that date!
Am quite sure Yabu is not coming now, yabucchi T___T.
Thou I am quite a kisumai fan but kitayama is my least favourite *hides*

Well well, I am still going to see takki so~
Oh, tickets are selling crazily fast!!!! I checked sistic at 6pm just now
Almost all the VIP seats and all the center seats are GONE!
It's only the first day selling!!! :(

Like aint all you fangirls on the kpop boat already?!
Why come back and snatch tickets with us T_____T
Still still, I think I got quite a good seat~ high high up first row!

I am so excited!!! Cant wait!!!
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