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A little 幸せ💖

Life isnt just a smooth sailing journey.
It is especially stressful for me since October!

But today! I had some free time so I practically did nothing other then lie in my bed with coffee and watching the jyannizu!
Watched 2 episodes of countdown that I missed watching for 2 years. And felt quite happy and energetic after!!

There is just this happiness in Idol Chasing! I am sure not everyone understands.

I cried when I listen to KAT-TUN's 10th year anniversary medley. I still feel sour when I listen to Hey Say Jump's 10th year anniversary medley... all these emotions were penned down in this blog 10 years ago too...

10 YEARS...

What will I become of 10 years later?

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Little Dress up Dates

After having a baby... it was almost impossible to have dates!
All down to earth SAHM will know, it's impossible to dress up your baby...
and yourself as well in a short time span of 1 hours before the baby fusses...
without having to leave the baby in lurch for your own vain measures to dress up!
And even more impossible to go out nearby dolled up to just grab coffee for?
For some instagram worthy photos! Ha, maybe sour grapes, but nopes, not possible! *nods*

The first time I truly get away from baby duties was last July...
For a dear friend's wedding lunch, for less then half a day, only 4 hours!

The second time was this March when I had to dye my hair for Japan!
My mum again, came over to take care of my koala bear...

My pretty curls that Sone san did!!
Anyway, hubs and I even had late lunch outside and it was a good 6 hours off time!

The third time was also the last time that was recent, we were out for half a day!
My mother in law offered to help us take care of the koala bear so we date!

Went for lunch and then karaoke!!

I think, as the baby grows older, it gets easier for the care taker.
And I feel less guilty of having help for half a day or so...

Other days where we go on dates with the baby! This was when baby was 1mo!
We went out simply just for dinner at Paragon~

Taiwan holiday! Hahahaha

One of the days, we went to town for dinner and visited Misa!

Then came my birthday! Le hubs took leave from work and we went out strolling!

I lugged the baby with me to pokemon cafe and met up with Nyu-sama~

One of the days when we head to town with my in laws~

Some "taitai" dates, playdate for the kids!

Good rare days of motherhood when I am not tired!
Dressed up and went out for walks, and waited for le hubs to end work!

Valentine's Day date with my boys!

CNY dress up! Cant say it's a date thou... haha!

And and... taadaa! Our recent Japan holiday!

On normal days, there's nothing as near as what I just posted.
It's hectic day with messy hair, loose PJs, dark circles and poor complexion!
Slowly, all self worth and confidence really does drain off as time passes...

Sometimes... I find effort to try and go somewhere in town for weekends.
So I could dress up, make up, doll up and stay connected to the world!
In the life of a SAHM, what people cannot see is that social isolation is real.
My feeble attempt to keep myself sane is to feel confidence thru dolling up :(
Is that too shallow? I dont really care for now, hahaha~

My aim is to stay sane and happy while sahm-hood last!
I am happy that I might be able to find back some self-values very soon!
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Baby Food Stage 1 ・離乳食初期

Ello Hello!!! *dust blog*

I've been wanting to record my baby's growth here but...
A SAHM with no helper basically has no luxury time to even poo in peace.
Less say, penning down thoughts!
So, after much procrastination, le baby is already 14months old!
And his journey into solid food has already passed by 9months!
To summarise it all, I think it should be categorised into a few parts:

First Foods: Puree Stage

Sho-chan's first ever food out of milk is very lightly mixed veggie rice cereal!
And it is so diluted that we can almost feed him through a bottle! Haha!
He was barely 4months old that day he had it and reacted fine.
In Japan, most mama start their babies on solid food from 4mo.
However, in the SG community, many mums are skeptical about it...
As for me, my heart and soul is on Japan so.... you know~ hahahaha!
But a bigger part of deciding factor is that he seems already ready for it as well!
He was able to open his mouth to spoon, support his head straight
And also his milk feeds are no longer filling him up enough to last more then 2hrs!
So I read that these are signs, but that was the only time I tried cereal.
Solely because I didnt want to break his routine since 2 weeks later we're travelling.

Le baby was a week to 5months old when we sat him into our Ikea highchair!
I started him off puree one meal a day once we came back from Taiwan!

First ever meal substituting one milk feed!! *milestone*
Starting with a total of 4 or 5 teaspoons of puree per day~
He had the same veggie rice cereal but this time, a little thicker.
Some Gerber's carrot puree we got from SQ flight (haha, very kiam siap parents)
And Pigeon's baby mugi (roasted wheat) tea I got from Taiwan, sho loves it!
Speaking of which, this is what SG mums in general cannot accept too~
But why? They don't even know the benefits of Mugi Tea you see!
Thou it's named TEA but it's for baby consumption so it is totally caffeine free!
And it helps with constipation which is a nightmare for most new mums!!
I wished more SG mums becomes acceptive of baby teas~ it's good!
We're currently on Wakodo's baby mugi tea and it's a part of sho's regular diet~

After almost a week's of commercial purees, I felt like I needed to change it!
Commercial purees are good as starters and convenient for travel~
But if my baby's diet comprises fully of them, it does make me wonder...
Just how much avoidable chemicals gets into his little tummy yo!
So... I did some reading online and decided to mass make my own puree!

Blend, cube and freeze them!
Each cube is approximately 3 teaspoons so I just have to take it out and warm when needed!
I know the process of blending and freezing causes nutrients losses~
But however it may be, it is gonna be ever healthier then commercial ones.
And the best part is the variety of food my baby could try in a month!
Yes, that lot of stuffs lasted me for a good whole month! I was so happy :)
And there suddenly was so much accomplishment filled up in me!
First time I felt like I'm doing it right in motherhood!

Gradually, increasing the quantity and it became 2 feeds by the 3rd week~
I follow the rule of introducing new food one by one on a 2 day gap to test for allergy.
We are lucky that sho-chan is allergy to basically nothing!
Here's a couple of combination I do...

Yes, I made him fruit juices too! Hehe

On a side note, I am sad that this plate broke :(
This was bought specially for him while I shopped for household items...
When he is still in my tummy! Haha

And did he like his first foods? YESSSSS!

The only food he showed strong dislike is avocado! Haha well, yucks!
Both me and hubs thinks it sucks too! So it's ok baby... we understand! Haha!

His puree days didnt last that long... only for a month!
One of the reason being, he has many teeth at 6months old for stage 2 food.
And I thought one month is a good enough transition period...
For his little tummy to get use to solid food instead of only liquid intakes.
Also it is a painstaking process to churn out your very self made purees!
Especially clearing up of the kitchen mess is... erm... annoying haha!

So we took him to stage 2 of baby food that is porridge and small chunks veggie!
Oh and! SNACKS! yay to baby biscuits!!

Okays! 1:25am time to sleep before baby wakes for milk!
I think the next post is gonna be a whole lot longwinded then this! Wahaha!

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Going to Japan!!

Yesss!!! We are going to Japan!
First time as a family of 3! Challenge accepted!!

So the first thing is to... SHOP FOR WINTER CLOTHES!
We are going on the 1st week of april for sakura, so its not exactly winter but!
For the baby, warmer is better then cold so shop yui shoppppp!
And me being me, it has to be taobao! Hehe! I am pleased with my buy!
Spent $200 inlcusive of shipping for a total of 21 baby items for the cold~
5 tops, 4 pants, 3 jumpsuits, 1 fur coat, 5 sock, 1 uggs, legging & beanie!

Also got a light weight bone looking stroller for convenience!
I dont really think we could enjoy if we are gonna babywear him thru-out~
And I strongly believe we are still responsible parents even if we dont!
So I guess a stroller could really save our holiday, let everyone stay sane!!
Guess what, 2 mac spicy meal upsized is even more expensive than it!!
Wahahahahaha!! Self proclaimed Taobao Queen here!
Wait till I do a post on how many stuffs in my new home came from taobao lol!


Ok, baby = settled


For me, I am bringing old clothes.
But I did spent $20 having a new pair of shoe and new coat in that photo!
Totally love the colour! And its knitted so it would fit spring weather just nice!

Baby's uggs and my new shoe!!

I got my hair dyed for the trip!!! Ashy tone without bleaching!
Want to look decently pretty even thou fat now mother of a baby :(
So, I guess the $144 on hair is well spent cause I feeeeeel good!!!

Hair done at Bump Hair Design River Valley by Manager Stylist Sone san.
He is a very friendly and warm young Japanese imo! And a little humorous!
I love the whole ambience, service and of course the end colour of my hair!!

Colour under sunlight!


Okaysss, me = settled!


Now, le hubs manages himself~ (he so picky I cannot help him plan!)
So, I would start planning TO BRING LIST! It's one of the most fufilling part!
Before each trip, I would always mentally picture what I need to bring and note it.
This time round, I had it down over a couple of days when the baby naps~
And yesterday, I found some really good chance (having a baby at home, everything now is about the right timing! zzZ)
I had my list packed into luggages! Hehe!! We have a 32inch & 24inch~
Hubs and I each a backpack, thou mine is totally just mummy bag *cries*
Sounds like alot of space? But there's just so much to bring now with a kid!!
Diapers, wet wipes, meds, toiletries, oral care, thermal flask milk powder, snacks......
And the list goes on and on... oh gosh, how did people manage *sweats*

But then, anyways, we have to make it so... I did quite some homework!
How to pack, what to pack so as to keep everyone sane from holiday mess!
Hehe, bought some travel organising pouches, from taobao too!!
And that was a very wise decision to make, just look at my neat luggage!
I also tried to konmari after seeing how Cheesie managed so well!
She definitely is a mother I would look up to! Like a superwoman!!
Now, I am pleased with my packing!

This is how my Note list in my iphone looks like now.
I guess we're just left with Itinerary which I am 3/4 done!!
A lineup of our trip:

1. Two Nights at Hakone
2. Self drive to Lake Ashi
3. Self drive to Fuji Safari Park
4. Sakura photoshoot
5. Disney! with baby
6. Meet up with a dear friend

Totally cant wait!! Getting excited!
But it's 12am now so excuse me, I shall sleep! Count down: 11 more dayssss!


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The Dilemma

Recently I've met a situation that caught me in huge dilemma.
And worse is I have no one who has a neutral view on it to talk with.
Thats why I am penning my thoughts here, which hopefully helps T___T

First, a selfie of my little monster and me!
He is now coming to 9 months old in another week or so.
And it has come to the cross junction for me to make a decision.
To send him to childcare or not to?

So here's the story,
Initially, before we got married, I was certain that I can care for my own baby.
So we planned and worked towards sustaining life with only one income.
And I am proud to say, we are doing very well so far, we even managed to save!

My first 3 months of being a SAHM (stay at home mum) was horrific.
I almost broke down, but picked myself up with great helps around me.
Now everything (especially physical stuffs) has gone on track, new problem arise.

My little monster now sticks to me like glue!
Everyone tells me that's because I am his main care taker, ok I agree.
He is extremely insecure, he cries like he's being abused if I just turn my back.
He can be happily playing with his toys when le hubs put him to play area...
But cries so hard the moment he spots me! And what everyone says?
Babies are like that... that... doesnt really solve anything I think.
Because he behaves like this and only to me! I have a really hard time doing chores.
Now, people will tell me chores arent important and the baby is, but but...
I have a husband working hard enough outside and I would be this lazy shit
if I even leave plates and pots for him to clear for me or wash the laundry.
I am not the lucky person who's husband is the favourite son to have help from MIL
Nor am I lucky enough to hold a job that could pay my 4k earning mum to take care of him.
Also no luck with threatening my MIL to quit her 20years job just to help me like some thick skinned selfish human did.

I need to do chores
I need to at least cook for my baby
I need to pee and shit

But I cant because my baby relies on me way too much then normal.
Look at his frantic crying just because he was left to play in his cot for 5mins?
I am starting to feel it's not good for him because my time for him is not quality.
We had SIL's helper over for a week last month and my baby learnt how to crawl with helper's guidance.
I was surprised because with me, my son only wants to be on me and refuses to even sit beside me on his playmat.
Then on a few occasions I found him enjoying his toys with another companion as long as it is not me.

So I guessed that maybe going to an infant care would do him good.
I know this is gravely debatable and I would just lose my point cause you know...
Some parents (esp mums on forums) nowadays are crazy!
Like really cray cray! :(

But infant care was not only thought of now~
When he was this tiny, 2 months old, I had already put him on waiting list.
Back then was only because I couldnt handle this whole new life in general.
Now that I think of IFC again, is based on a thought that it will be better for my baby.
I have no idea how this little monster develop such insecurities.
I don't think it's normal to cry like going into fits just because I dont carry him.
Thou, I agree that my care for him is the best I can ever give, but is that truly enough?

I am also aware of the cons of sending my baby to an IFC.
He would fall sick often, he would have divided attention, he might get bullied.
But I am determined to not raise my child into the new durian generation.
And so my husband says I should overlook these and 既来之则安之!
Which is, we'll deal with it when it comes, the problems~
So now what is bothering me? I guess the comments that I would get~
How should I justify myself and be proud of my decision to send him into IFC?
Hais, I am just this stubborn pool of shit, I always feel the need to justify!
Just like my decision for elective csec! I die die dont wanna lie to outsiders
who doesn't support elective csec and want to stand up for my decision!
End up I had myself feeling stressful about how to counter
every negative comments that came straight at me about this decision~

Then, I am also slightly reluctant to wean my baby off latching for breastmilk.
No fathers would understand this thou, it's a bond only mums would feel for.
It would be hard and tiring to change and adapt all over again too.

I am in such dilemma.
What should I do that is best? Hmmm.

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The Caesarean Joy!

Hello World, little shane is more then 150 days old now!
And I seriously dont even have ample time to sleep, less say blog :(
But I really wanna document my elective caesarian section process!
So here we go!! ..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。

On the 10th April evening, we decided to have a good meal to end our last alone time!
We went to SHINJUKU at Cuppage Plaza for some authentic Japanese food.
Afterwhich we chilled at a Starbucks to pass time!

We checked in at 11pm, admission took us 30mins in a room behind reception.
Think it's considered fast, middle of the night and 2 more couples were with us.
Thought we had many barangs but sorry hor! We weren't the most kiasu one!
We had two bags, one backpack and one side carried but!!
Another couple had a luggage, a backpack and a handcarry!! Lol~
Paid in full of $5850 of the estimated amount as deposit! Oh my moolahs~

We were led to ward by the administration staff and handed over to a nurse.
The nurse on duty then took my weight before I headed into my room.
I was 65kg! OMG! That is like a 20kg weight gain for the pregnancy~
But it's okay... we can worry about losing those fats & weight later on.
My room was right beside the nursery! Which initially I didn't like!
Thought it might be too noisy because of the traffic but then, it turned out good~
I guess the room is extremely sound proof! Didnt hear much footsteps.
And it is very convenient for us cause we keep sending baby back!

The nurse who came in and took my blood pressure gave hubs an ipad to order food!
We paid $97 (inclusive of gst) for 5 meals a day and +1 accommodation~
Which according the le hubs, food good sofa bed also good! Haha!
That marks the start of our 4D3N staycation with Mt. Elizabeth Novena!
Really... Is... So.... FIVE STAR HOTEL-ISH! hahahaha!

There's a wall mounted television~ and a mini fridge underneath.

A wardrobe with drawers and a safe box!
Just like a hotel ya?

I changed up a while after and settled down but cant get to sleep until 3am!
The reason why we came as early as it is opened for admission is just this
I know no matter where we stay thru, it is going to be a sleepless night.
So I'd rather come early and not have to rush in the wee wee morning!

My safe delivery amulet from Asakusa Shrine! Tied onto my ward bed :)
Woke up at 6:30am and had my last shower but not because of superstition.
I was just unsure if I could take the pain and go for shower after ops.

At 7am sharp as per told the previous night, the nurse came in to give enema.
That is to clear the bowels fyi! Lol! And its effects almost immediate! Lol!
My mum then came and shortly there after alice came too~
We chit chatted for a couple of mins and the ops team came in around 8:30am!!
The lady from the operation theatre team checked on my medical condition.
Took about 5mins before I was pushed out of my room, down to ops floor.

Hehe, Shawn changed into suit that looks like astronaut at the wait area too.
We were chatting, giggling totally enjoying the wait!

Shortly I was briefed by the anaesthetist on the what is going to happen next!
My feelings? Excitement was topping all of the mixed emotions then.
Fear was really minimal at that point, I trust Singapore's medical advancement!
Le hubs was not allowed to come along until after the ops started.
So yes, I was alone the whole of my epidural process :(

Why did I chose epidural over GA (general anaesthesia)??
I don't know why but I begin to fear waking up in pain after the ops!
And I would actually like to have le hubs with me witnessing the birth~
But then, little did I know he wasn't allowed during the injection of epidural.

When I was wheeled into the ops theatre away from them~
The nurses informed me that the system was down, things are going manual!
I don't really understand how manual but it did create some nervousness!!
Then the next moment I am inside and under the ops table~
The nurses were all really kind and encouraging which is so important.
It was rather painful when the anaesthetist insert the needle for drip on my hand. But I survived!

I was then held to sit up and given a pillow to hug, bending downwards.
And I was told umpteen times to not move an inch during the jab!
By this time, I was already shivering so much I couldn't keep my teeth close!
May be the cold temperature or I was just very scared already~ haha~
The needle went into my spine and it was OMG PAINNNNNNNFUL!
My anaesthetist, Sean was super encouraging that I appreciate so much!
He gave me a hell lot of emotional support when le hubs is not around.
It took 2 go and about 10s to finish inserting the jab *sweats*

When we were done, with what seems like forever epidural process~
It was pretty fast that the meds worked on me, soon I couldn't feel my legs!
Then I hear my gynae Dr Hii's fatherly voice coming over my head.
Next thing I know he is probably cutting me up cause he asked if I could feel!
Soon enough, I saw le hubs beside me, it was all blurred~
The epidural made me a little dizzy a little sleepy and weak...
But the mind is very very conscious! I can hear the team chit chatting!

A little while later, the team of nurses started pushing my tummy~
Le hubs and I were in the midst of a conversation when they start pushing!
It was sounding like some commotion going on, noisy and tense!

Then yes! Next moment we hear our little boy crying, kicking well too.
According to the nurses, it was a good first cry and he was kicking all over~
He looks like a piglet ya! Lol!!

Skin to skin time! Le hubs carried him to me from the nurses who wrapped him up.
We were given a good 5mins to have some family time.
Then the baby was sent away to the nursery, hubs had to go!
From there, I can only remember being really tired! I even dozed off!
After Dr Hii done with stitching me up, I was sent to the recovery room.
Was in the recovery room for an hour! And all I know is it is coooold!
I shivered so hard I had 2 warm blankets on me! But still feeling cold!
Then later part I realised it was probably the side effect of the epidural~

While I was in the recovery room, le baby was cleaning up in the nursery!
Weighing 2.975kg, 52cm long, kicking like a kungfu panda! Lolol!!

The little piglet boy! Muahaha! This is his favourite pose now too~
Before he came out, he was a small baby and I was kinda worried.
But turn out still has 3kg, still small on graph but normal for a healthy boy!

Freshly done up! Pushed into the room once I return from recovery room~
It's feeding time! OMG, talk about breastfeeding is another whole chapter!

This little guy here managed to latch properly at the beginning...
But from the second and third day on, lol, the engorgement nightmare comes!
Lets save the breastfeeding drama for another post! Lolol~
I can write another 10000 words essay post on that! Hahahaha!

Papa Shawn's first few photos with his son! Hehe.

Some photos of le tiny baby the bff took!
Alice took half a day leave to come accompany me! So grateful!!

The grandma who doesnt bear to go home!

My dad seems happy too :)

My grandma with her great grandson!
It's a blessing to live to see your great grand children i think :)

My in laws, one new family member added!

The girls who came!

And brought me some pretty flowers plus balloon!
Btw, the flowers are dried in my living room now~ hahaha!
See, I look fine ya? I really am quite fine by the first night~

After the first feed, which was guided by a nurse, the baby was left with us.
As for me, I am starting to feel my feet!

The nurses keep telling me to wriggle my feet and legs~ I did it diligently ok!
Wanna prove to people all around that cesarean mums can recover fast too.
Nurses also gave me some milo saying that I can try to have some if hungry.
Though I am on drips, but the hunger pangs still comes yah~
Somewhere mid noon, I tried the milo!
But I threw them up so nurses say my stomach's not ready for food yet!
Haven had solid food for a good 40 hours! Lol~
By dinner time, I didnt throw up my milo intake already!! YEAY FOOD!
So they grant me some fish veggie soup for the night!
The food there was actually very decent! Some even yummy!!

One thing about caesarian section is the inconvenience to move around.
I was off the drips on 2nd day noon, before that I can only lay in my bed~
So there was the urine cathedral, no poop cause no food so thats ok!
But! You know there are blood flowing after delivery that is called Lochia.
So it's like heaving an extremely heavy period and not able to change yourself!
The nurses will come in every few hours to check and change you!!
Yes, change your pad, wipe your vaginal clean and clear your urine bag! :(
That said, I initially thought it would be quite awkward but... Surprisingly not! :)
Speaking of which, I am so super grateful to the team of nurses who took care of me!

And and!!! OMG, they need to clear excessive blood in my uterus~
So they had to PRESS HARD ON MY WOMB where the wound was!!
That was OMG PAIN! Pain! Very painful! 2nd to engorgement still...
Anyway, I didnt stop them from doing so because I kept telling myself...
They are doing what is good for me and I want to recover ASAP! So yup! Suck it up!

After they removed my urine cathedral after Dr Hii came and check on 2nd day~
I was pretty eager to walk around! I could sit and stand up the night before.
So I tried to GO TO THE TOILET MYSELF! with le hub's supervision!
And I did! I am so proud of myself, I underestimated myself so much!
Not sure if it's a mother's instinct or what, I just somehow managed it~
By the end of second day, my pain was only a mild 6/10 or so~
Because I was on painkillers, I decided to be nice to myself and just eat it!
If they can give it to me and still super encouraging of breastfeeding then...
I am sure it's perfectly fine to eat them and still give my milk to the baby~
So, It was all easy on the wound, but damn hard on the engorgement pain! :(
I guess I'm lucky, I am one of those speedy recoveries cases of c-section!

This is taken on the 3rd day morning after we discharge from Mt.E Novena
We were heading for a tongue-tied release surgery for my baby in town...
If you ask about the pain level, it has gone down to a light 2/10 (with painkillers)

2 weeks after we discharge, I am already doing light housework and fit enough!
My husband did my confinement, he just cooked me confinement foods~
Neither I nor hubs believed in more then having confinement (good nutritious) food.
Like some old chinese saying, cannot shower, cannot this cannot that *sweats*
So I did quite alot during that one month! I am happy to be doing so!
I bathed my baby, cut his nails, cleaned his nose, burped him and washed his clothes!
As if the wound never affected me! Lol, no lah, first two weeks were still tough!
But moving around more rather then just lying down in the bed helps so much!

Now if you ask, if I am to have a 2nd baby would I chose caesarian again?
Totally yes! And I would again choose to have epidural despite the pain!
It was kinda fun to go thru birth in this manner (my honest opinion~)
And if you ask me, would I try out natural birth? Still a firm NO! Hahaha!

8 more days to a 6 month old baby shane!

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Hello dusty blog space! I am back!
Haven been able to post, yes, motherhood is too overwhelming!
Give me 100 more post and I still wouldn't be done telling you about this new life!
And yes, that's my little monster who just turned 5 months old 3 days back!
His name is Shane and we call him 翔翔 or 宝宝 at home *beams*

I have been continuously writing on my caesarian experience ever since my baby was 3mo!
And now it is still saved as draft, incomplete with much more to add :p

So actually, this post is to...... YES! RANT!
But not so much lah. Hahaha! I am just upset that some things had to change.
That, am I thinking too much of somethings that may not be happening~
Or am I just not sensitive to the hints that a dear friend gave indicating the desire to drift.
I want the best for this relationship, I love how we have this relationship.
But I cant help but feel sad that maybe, this thought wasnt mutual to start with.

Please just let it be me... the paranoid me thinking too much 🙏🏻

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Baby Creations • 子供用、手作

Making full good use of my $100 sewing machine, I SEW ALOT! *smugs*

I've made a couple of baby bibs! 2-sided~

A few pairs of mitttens 🐱🐱🐱

Knee pad protector for baby rei~

The little one's bean pillow with 2 pillow cases!!
Just in case he spill he milk and needs to change for laundry~

Matching cover for his sleeping pillow~ Because his blanket is marine too!

Sewing up his head cushion for pram and carrier with my starry cloth!
Because it's a cheap one so the original material is kind of horrendous~
Now it looks so much more decent 🙊🙊🙊

A couple of teething pads!
Which probably still has half a year more before he needs them~

And other then baby stuffs, I've made a tissue holder for my mum!

Sanitary Pad Pouch for the girls~ 👯👯

Altering my pre-wed shoot gown into my maternity shoot dress!
And with plans, to make a fluffy red skirt too!

Anyway, enough of my sewing~ le grandma (my mum)'s first present for baby!
One piece of apparel is more expensive the. My one dress from taobao!
Parent's money are so easy to earn these days~ hahaha 😂😂😂
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Baby Updates • 坊ちゃんの事

Last two weeks, we went to TMC for the FA scan~
The fetal assessment scan was arranged by Dr Hii with a choice of TMC or MNH.
It took a good half an hour and $200 approximate I guess...
It was a very good experience because it's like a live streaming of his life!
Thanks to his activeness ya~ we're like peaking into his life! 🙊🙊🙊
And end up we received a CD with lots of his scans in it...
I'm surprised TMC actually print my name on it!

With him at 5 months old, I am sure of his movements now!
All the fluttering butterflies and hunger pangs, just like what I read on google!
Despite me eating like a cow, the baby is still slightly smaller then usual.
But Dr Hii says he is very healthy, assured us ti worry not 😑

Foodwise, Lots of fibre lots of tofu calcium for the little one~
And my MIL is starting to make chicken essence, black chic soup for me~
I have no specific cravings yet, lucky le husband hor?
Even my previous addiction for coke died down already~ back to healthy plain water!
Now, I have a very good appetite! I can eat 5 small meals a day!
Of course, my weight! I am 10kg heavier then before pregnancy! Orz
I know I shouldn't be bothered by these but seriously? A vainpot like me?
Will definitely run my ass off after delivery, expecting alot of hardwork 😭

Btw, the green beans are still sun drying 🙊
Now in our room instead of the corridors, lolol~
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2016 • あけおめ!🎑

Hello Future Self!
I knew you will pop by to read the yearly resolution written by a younger you!

This year started off with us moving back with my in laws!
Thou we're housed in a balcony converted room with blaring hot sun...
that never fails to wake us up every 9am during weekends without an air-con!
But still, it's a good experience living with the in-laws before our new house comes!

Went on a company trip to Chiang Mai in May!
My first time planning for company overseas excursion!
And it's a damn tough one *sweats*

Chopped off my long hair, shortest ever in 10 years since I was 13!

Visited Hokkaido in August for the first time!! JAPAN ❤️❤️❤️️

Watched Takki in Singapore for the first time!!

Prayed for a baby shawn or baby yui in Hokkaido~
And he came! We got a BABY SHAWN! And it's MIJ 😝😝😝

Bought a sewing machine and learnt a new skill: sewing!
First garment done! Baby Yukata for le baby rei!! *wipes tears*
I'm so proud of myself! Never thought I could do that~

Officially turned 27! 3 more years to 30 😭

2015 was a good year in general~ or that I learnt to appreciate life more.
The best of it is fate bringing the little one to us, after much tries! :p

Wishing 2016 for...

- A healthy baby's arrival in April
- Moving into our new house
- Motherhood! Lol, hahaha!
- Healthy parents, family and friends
- Cheesy-ness to never end btw le husb and myself 😂

Not too much to ask for right? Hehe...
I hope the future me reading this is nodding with approval~
That's all, HAPPY 2016! あけましておめでとう!♡
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XMAS '15 • クリスマス

It's Christmas again! Time really does flies!
I was invited by my very kind boss to the company's Xmas Party!!
Thou no longer working with them, I am glad she thinks of me! 🎉

As usual, The Pressie Exchange!
I bought 2 thermal bottles (500ml) from Taobao which makes exactly $20 :p
Cause we were supposed to buy within range of $20-$30~ Call me taobao queen!

We finally have a christmas tree this year~
And no, I had none of those alcohol 🙊🙊🙊

The best bud at work~ 👯👯👯

The best boss I've ever met~ 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻

My loots from the party! So many presents!!!
It has since became a tradition that most of us will prepare a small gift for everyone~
So in return, everyone has quite some loots to bring home!

I received so many Loccitane products!
Thou I really love this brand but I only have a pair of hands! 🙊

Gave one to le bestie and using the rest as a moisturiser on my belly!
So 奢侈 right? But Singapore really doesnt require handcream~
And I no longer am the OL who stays 8 hours in the air con room so.... Lol~

On the actual christmas day itself~ we had steamboat at home!
When everyone is having turkey 😂

And then in the night, we had a family dinner to celebrate my mil's bday~
So it calls for MAKE UP! Hahahaha~ and selfie!

That pretty much sums up my Christmas for 2015!
🎁🎄 Merry Christmas Peeeeps! 🎄🎁
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JB Trip! • 隣の国へ

Ohayo! It's a JB trip post! Me in JB doesnt need make up! Will kena robbbbb!
At first I was really skeptical about going into JB to source for furnitures.
Although many raved about the super economical price you can find~
One thing for sure, it's not going to be easy for a pregnant me to cross custom!
I cannot take the heat while waiting for bus and the squeezing part 😭
But after much consideration, we decided to do it before my tummy gets bigger!

A few photos of items we got~

A dining set for $530 inclusive of transport and taxes~

Bed set with mattress for $1120 inclusive of transport and taxes!

Other items we got includes 18 lights & 5 fans in total!
8.5ft Sofa, Coffeetable, TV Console for our master bedroom~
And we ended up saving more then 5k as compared if we buy here.
After seeing what the huge savings it makes, I think the trip is worth!
We stayed at the parent's house and drove their car around.
If we didnt had this support, I doubt we could managed this saving!

And and... How can a JB trip be less of good cheap food?!
We had so many dimsum in 2 days!! LOL!✨
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Hospital Tour ②

It's hospital tour day again! 2nd of my pregnancy~
Today, we went to Mt. Elizabeth Novena Hospital!
Located just behind Square2 Mall at Novena MRT station...
Was totally impressed by them and their high price too lol~

Photo of the ward taken from their official website.

Firstly, it was so not easy to get a spot in their maternity tour!
Had to schedule it 2 months in advance, managed to book their last of the year~

When we got there, surprisingly late at 5mins we're the 2nd couple who arrived.
So the warm and friendly receptionist (YES! LIKE A 5-STAR HOTEL RECEPTION OKAYS!)
Guided us to the private blood bank room to wait for other participants.
Meanwhile having the people persuade us to bank our baby's blood cord with them~
I did my homework on that so... I'm not the easily persuaded one!

Then the host of our tour came in after everyone arrived.
Brought us to their delivery suite which is not much of my concern :p
Even so I listened carefully to what they say ya... and imho, Thomson was better~
Thomson has better facilities in the delivery suite then Mt. Elizabeth has.
If I opted for normal delivery, I would probably choose Thomson despite their bad reviews!

After touring the delivery suite, we're sent to the single wards.
Their lowest grade of maternity ward! Which is what I really liked.
Having in mind that this may be my only pregnancy, I want a comfy one!
Will not be able to stand sharing room especially at my weakest state!
Imagine my neighbour's relative and family comes and visit day & night??
And you cannot control elderly from talking like they are in the market right??
I, too cannot control mine from disturbing someone else...
So ya, a single ward is the only pampering I give myself in this pregnancy! *nods*

But having that said, it is going to cost me 6k before deducting medisave...
To have a caesarian section operation, 4 days 3 nights stay (LOL STAYCATION!),
have my husband stay with me (includes his 5 meals a day! STAYCATION!!)
Compared to 5.3k in Thomson, who has pretty high ratio of bad reviews :(
Convincing myself that I pay 700 bucks more to not risk having a bad nurse!! Haha!
But well, we still have time to think it through...

After the tour, hungry me brought le husband to MUJI cafe!!

Tried their curry rice! I like the muji concept!
Le husband tried a 4-deli set meal and I'm glad he like it...
It's really happiness to find someone alike you in little things like this!
Maybe puzzle-like people in this sense are meant to be together 🙊🙊🙊

Random selfie to end because MAKEUP IS SO RARE NOW!!! 😆
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First Swim! • 泳げた🏊🏼

Last weekend, le husband suggest that we head for a swim!
Such impromptu date! Hahaha~

So I dug out my long kept swim wear~ surprisingly, I can still fit!
Everyone says it's good for pregnant woman to swim~
That there is less pressure of the belly felt in the water...
Since we're pretty free over the weekends, we decided to go swimming!
At the sister's new bought condominium~

Look! Haha, still fits! Only difference is my belly!

Still passing off as a shoujo ne? Hahahaha!

Glad that I still have my waistline after a 7kg weight gain~
I am now weighing 52kg! Never before in my entire life~
And the little one is only 400 grams out of the 7kg I gain!! Orz Orz Orz

But but! I still feel good in my bikini~ hahaha!
Not sure where this high self esteem came from~ I just felt good!
It's weird how pregnancy can change some views and beliefs I used to have~

So thankful to the most caring husband! He deserves a best husband award!

He didn't swim and only went down the water to aid me swim~
To be precise, aid me in kicking the water only loh! Hahaha!
It was indeed very comfy to go into the pool, it eased the back stress!
And le baby likes it when I am in the water! He kept tossing around~ lol~

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Revised Drawing • 新築工事②

After some really long wait *rolls eye*
The revised 3D drawings from our contractor is finally out!
I totally cannot apprehend why editing for a handful of drawings...

But anyway, lets be subjective, the drawings turned out pretty well!
So much nearer to what I had pictured in mind, looks much decently like my house!
Thou not exactly but it has more then 80% hitting the jackpot now~

Nice storage wall, just had to change every surface to mirror~

Changing the colours to white and wood for tv storage console~
And we will be all good!! I am so happy with the design!

Made an appointment to choose our laminates and paint colours~
Everything seems to be settling down! I feel so much relieved now!

Some other stuffs I've started looking at online... A low bed frame!
We feel that without a bed frame, the master bedroom doesn't feel official!
Hahaha! Lame theory right? We have a platform many people told us not to~
But I dont really care cause I'd like to have one! :p

A cheap TV console for my master bedroom too~

And some nice single colour bedsheets...

Hopefully we can hear from HDB soon!
And hopefully we can settle everything before March 2016~
Where I'm in my last month of pregnancy~

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There was this day we headed down to IKEA on Tampines~
With intention to source for suitable items for our new home!

Christmas is coming! Everywhere are xmas decorations~

Twintail for the day~ Simple 10mins make up without falsie...
I hope the weight gain never appears but sadly, its a wishful thinking on my part :(
My face now is like a pear shape, like ham ham!! :(
So pardon me for the heavy editing! :p

It is always fun to walk IKEA, i think IKEA boss is a genius~
And now they have delish curry puffs other then the so famous meatballs!
Since young I have fantasised about my future home while walking ard IKEA~
Kind of want to buy every nice stylish stuffs in there!!! :p
I like this dining set! The colours goes perfectly with the house~

Also looking at having IKEA curtains too, they are so damn cheap!
Even getting JB contractors to come in for custom making is not that cheap~
Then again, I know cheap things all has it's down side by nature!
So well, wish me luck!! 🙊

Other stuffs I've seen and will likely buy... Laundry Basket!

Considering Sofa Set! This grey looks so sleek!
And honestly cheap lah, le husband feels it's quality is not as good~
But I really like the colours they have for choice!

And Place Mats! Le husband says this is so redundant~
But I dont really care! Hahahahaha~

Ended the trip with some 50cents Ice Cream Cone!
Now we're only waiting for our revised 3D drawings to make decision!


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ETC • いろいろ

I have finally passed le bestie the Yukata for little rei~
And she tried it on on the spot!! 👘👘👘

Little rei looks so cute in it!!! *spazzes*
I am so happy and proud of myself! A sense of achievement!
We're gonna bring her out somewhere to do a shoot! Looking forward to it!

Speaking of which, I am currently making her a knee pad guard!
With daiso socks and fabric from taobao!!

Also made the girls some xmas present with my left over cloth...
It's a sanitary pad pouch! Practical right? They would need it~

A while ago, I was making baby bib and mittens for my dad's son~
These bib are super easy to make! And looks cuter then traditional ones!
Later on I'll make more for my baby boy! Muahaha!

Here's the mitten (one set) handmade by yours truly too! XD
It was exceptionally easy to made as well! Thou not very good workmanship!

So this was my gift set to my "stepbrother" LOL!!
I personally like that colourful bunny fabric very very much~

Some time ago, I attempted paddlepop nails again but failed too.
I just cannot grasp the hang of making paddlepop / marble nails :(

And recently, I made christmas nails!
Inspired by one of the set Jill & Lovers made these days~
Jill & Lover is a nail salon in Shibuya that I Have been following...
They have very creative and pretty nail designs I must say!
But nail designs in Japan are generally better then those in SG~
And also, doing a gel nail in Japan is generally cheaper then Singapore!
Unbelievable ya?! I did mine in Japan for only $45 (with designs & stones)
Not sure if it's the skill or what, I can never find a good nailist in SG.
Recently I think I found one near the standards of Japanese!
Amellia Nails that is located in Sembawang! But! She is expensive...
So... do it myself :p Decent enough lah, judging I am not skilled.
I like the Snowman drawn by my right hand! The xmas tree is a bit cui thou!

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Gynae Trips • 妊娠検査

It has been a long time since I talked about my pregnancy~
This is gonna be a long post I think 🙊🙉🙈

On 19th November, we went for our routine check up...
The doctor did an ultrasound scan as usual and showed us his little xxx again!
In this scan, we can clearly see his tailbone (cartilage)!!
It's said that he has hands and legs and eyes (thou closed) already~
Doctor also said that he is very active! He kept tossing around while we scan!
He is such a monkey! (It's the year of monkey in 2016!) hahaha~

As for my diet and appetite now, everything got on track!
I have stopped feeling nauseous and started to eat well enough!
Making sure I have green veggie, tomato, onions, cucumber for the greens~
And they appear almost everyday in my either lunch or dinner...

This is how I chew my everyday tomato! Haha~
I grew to really like tomatoes alot nowadays, never think I would~
They are so tasty! Especially when I dip them with ketchup!! 🍅🍅🍅

That's one of our weekend dinner, we made Gyudon! Hehehe~
So I also take chicken, pork-bone soups, red meat and fish for meat intake~
Included in my diet at least once a week not forgetting dairies.
I have a cup of Meiji Milk everyday now and drink lots of plain water~
Also plenty of fruits or fresh fruit juices, my fav is Red Apple with Lemon!
I am indeed feeling better for now, before the baby is big enough~
Thou, going to the toilet every half an hour is a plain nuisance!! Very annoying!
And sleeping flat on my back is a problem now, I can only sleep side ways!

On the 3rd December, we had a routine check up with scans again...
Here's the little one laying sideways too with his elbow at the face!
Little one is now 14cm long, that is bigger then my iphone 6 already!!
And weighing 280grams! Haha, growing well the doctor says...
Though he is still shorter then the chart says he should be~ Maybe is my genes 😛😛😛

Being in the 20th week (5 months) marks the start of many privileges~
Like the obvious baby bump would give me priority to reserved seats LOL!
Thou I dont normal run for it but I feel safer seating there 名正言顺-ly~
And with many nice peeps giving their seats on train to me.
Also when we dine out there are some very kind service crew who take note
They would pull tables out for me to enter or help me when I stand.
Very kind society I would say, Singapore is still not too bad lah afterall~

The doctor also said I have dry skin at the belly! But lucky me, no stretch marks~
I have been using the Olive Oil le bestie got me, not diligently thou :x
But now I will! Haha~ sometime I just spam my hadalabo lotion too~
Hopefully I can be stretch mark freeeeee! Muahaha!

Recently, I have been drinking this caffeine free herb tea Misa bought me~
Adding some sugar and milk to it makes a good milktea! Good for rainy days!
It's said to revitalise and makes a pregnant woman feel fresh~
But I just plainly find the taste yummy to my likings~ LOL~

Speaking of rainy days... It has been raining so much recently!
I have been trying to sun dry some green beans since a month ago~
Until now it's not dry enough, the colour still looks green :( *le sighs*
Having in mind to make my own bean pillow for the little one~ My fabrics are all ready!
And many said that I should use taugeh (bean sprout) husk cause it's lighter~
But I also heard that older generation uses sun dried green beans~ So I did!
Looking forward to the day my beans are ready for the pillow making... :3
I have 4 more months to sun dry it! Haha~

And what have I done for my little boy?? I have so many plans~
But only his blanket is complete! Hehe~ I am so proud of myself!
It is made of 2 layers of swaddle cloth-like fabric with furry stars~
And the marine printed fabric which both I bought from taobao (cheap cheap)
I also got some other fabric to make teething pad, mattress covers etc...

Then then, since it's my update on my pregnancy...
Here's the load of baby stuffs we already bought, so fast right? Haha!
We already have Baby cot, pram, carrier, breastpump and clothes!!
About 50pcs of new plus hand-me-downs Newborn-3mths clothes~
About a dozen over pairs of mittens, booties and beanie!
All stuffed into the space above our wardrobe! Packed max already~ 😂😂😭
But it's not too early imo, if not it will clash with our new house renovations~

So... This is my pregnancy journey for the past month! 😎😎😎
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New House • 新築工事①

it's gonna be a long spam post because...

Previously in 2013, I blogged about signing my new house lease.

Yes, It is finally going to be done with construction and inspecting!!!
In less then 6 month's time at the very most!!! 🏡🏠
That said~ not until you go through the stage in life do you know that...
It can be so tiring! Planning for a new house is tiring!!!
Both mentally and physically, oh! Making decisions too...

Neither le husband nor I am the kind who leave all up to people~
We hold our fate and decision strong by our own beliefs.
We talked to two Interior Designers and one Renovator (referred)~
Before we decide to let the renovator company take our nest into hands!

For 90% of the same things, the renovator quoted 20% cheaper!
I guess, ID has cost to cover like having on house designers~
Whereas this renovator company seems to work like a coordinator...
He is the point connecting different contractors for the renovations to be done.
They provide "free" 3D drawings, paint and painting service & freebies.
Sounds like a good deal right? But wait...

Let's not talk about any other thing that has not happened yet.
Take a look at my 3D drawings of the first conceptualised stage:

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

View of Living Room from Kitchen over counter
That is my food counter aka dining table after hacking a wall.

View of Kitchen from Living Room over counter

Master Bedroom 1 (bedside)

Master Bedroom 2 (wardrobe)

Master Bedroom WC

Ok, that's all for show thou I have more of my common rooms and wc.
Look nice right? Very well designed with many decorations ya~

But! Here are the problems & questions:

1) Drawings are less then 50% accuracy
I understand that these 3D drawings are and will not be 100% accurate. But less then 50% is rather incredible, in a negative way. I am especially mindful about the colours used.

2) Black window grills? Really?
I know it's the in-thing to use black track lights and have black frames of windows and doors to go with nowadays. But it was not requested on our part, not quoted on how it's going be coated black too (original from hdb is silver) if we don't oppose, will they take it as we are having black frames and charge us after work is done based on drawing?? And most importantly we specified our preference of using normal white lights. Idk how it ended up looking like that.

3) Shelves
Seriously, I dont know why "simple" is so hard to apprehend. I wanted a Muji style kind of look, in their industrialised term "contemporary" mixed with "resort style" design. Well, to each's own imagination, I can close one eye to it.

4) Too much accessories around, everywhere!
It is also understandable that a 3D drawing with the purpose to beautify the image in your mind to have decorations and accessories added. However this is genuinely not just a pinch of colours added, it's all over and so messy! Totally obstructs my view of the house. Again, this is very subjective so... I'll close another eye if they can amend. *nods*

5) WC aka Toilet
Put aside that I have knowledge on shower screens and that it was very badly drawn with wrong hardware used. We paid a deposit for the quotation quoting us a overlaying of our toilet floor and wall titles. However, the wall of this drawing turns out to be like the original given by hdb! It was precisely the mosiac titles inside the shower screen that irks me so much that I am willing to throw in 4k (heartpain) in to have them changed!! And now, I see them in my 3D drawing, idk how am I supposed to be happy with that~


So, there is a reason why we met up for hours for discussion right?
Talking about our preferred style and colour and design beforehand.
So we can see a drawing somewhat near to expectations of the reno~

I mentioned that these drawings he provide is "free" right?
He also did mentioned we can have a couple of changes done...
Let's not take advantage (thou most customers do) of him and say twice?
I feel rightful to claim a two times editing chance in view of these~

But his respond was pretty disappointing!
Nothing specifically saying we "cannot" edit but many excuses were given~
Like, not able to edit the lights because it is not carpentry work under him.
Not able to remove accessories because it's a "design" (oh wow, I am awed)
Adding to these misfortune, we waited for more then 3 weeks for it!
To be exact, a good 20 days excluding weekends for 3D drawing!
Really? I know of people who can use 3D Max, none say it would take this long!
Within 2 weeks promised but mentioned that it was peak period after 2wks
Saying other clients got their keys altogether and needs urgent amendments.

I know we are not his only clients, totally understandable!
But this is not the right attitude to try to put your clients because it's free.
Other places charge for drawing amendments after specifically how many changes.
The only reason I find him reluctant to accept our request is it's free.
He must have been collaborating with either. Freelancer (charge by per drawing)
Or someone who is earn extra out of his/her work time as a ID too.
It's not a big sum that he is earning out of us but neither is it small too~
At the bottom line, it's really not our problem as a client that he has problems!
Especially with his suppliers, it's something he has to work out earning our money!

Le husband has a few rounds of talks with him before he said ok to amend.
And it has been 2 weeks since he agreed to talk to his designers on the changes!
Nothing is back yet, no news from him! How responsible~
Well, I just needed to rant! I know it's inevitable...
Problems with contractors etc... I just hope all turns out well!
Especially when we get our keys and is super urgent in reno to move in!
I hope he puts off his other clients like what he is currently doing to us now...
So as to serve his other "urgent" clients first *rolls eye*


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AFASG2015 • イベント

Le husband and I have been talking about going to AFA for ages~
Ever since we know each other, I have been trying to go with him.
I am so lucky that my husband is a otaku in a way... HAHAHA!
He is literally a manga encyclopaedia, reads manga every free min he has!
He likes Japanese food, culture and me who is crazily in love with Japan~
So this year~ we finally went together!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

One big push for me to decide this is the year mainly due to Kyudotsg!
They had a space in a booth to exhibit some of his amazing works~
And I am hanged on the wall! Wahahaha~ of course must go support!
Since it's such a huge exposure, a great stage to show his photos~

His has one of the few very exquisite Japanese photobook-like works!
Good that many people realising his talents and asking for his service~
Please keep up the decent great job so far!! You'll be famous soon! Haha!

Here's the boss of Kyudotsg~ 🙊🙊🙊

After AFA, we were so hungry we can swallow cows...
So that's us with our already empty plates at Tokyo Soup Stock.
Initially wanted to bring le husband to try Mujicafe at Paragon~
But they ran out of food at 8:30pm! So we had no choice :(

Here's a Makeup of the day!
Photo edited obviously, lolol~ I am too fat now you know!

And my Hair of the day!! French Braids!
It took me 45 mins to complete my hair and make! Thats long!
I used to be able to finish my full gyaru make up in 15mins~
And a simple french braid in 10mins at the very most! Now all rusty!
Especially the make up part, I've slowed down quite abit...

But it's ok! Practice makes perfect! I'll practice harder in future!
When I am ready to head back to the society~ maybe 3 years later?
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27TH • 誕生日


Le husband is 5 days older then me!
But we didnt celebrate much, just a steamboat dinner~


On my birthday, le husband bought me a Strawberry Shortcake!


Got an ang bao from the MIL~

We went to UMA yakitori for a little birthday treat~
Despite me having not yet recovered cold and fever :p

Le BFF got me some macarons from TWG!! My all time favourite!

And Boon Eng'a handwritten birthday message on my print~


It's my 7th birthday spent together with the husband~
And the first that we're no longer just two of us!

So I have turned 27th it still feels surreal that I am old...
And going to become a mother of a child~ haven got use to it :/
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MISA • 仲間

A few days ago~ I met up with my Misa chan!!
It has been a year since I last seen her around~
We went for taitai lunch the last round too :p

Had lunch in newly open MUJIcafe at Paragon~
I had a 3-deli set and ordered a Iced Ryukyu Chai Tea for $18.90
My choice of Veggie Gratin for hot deli is super nice!!! *yums*
I like the Pickles Salad too but the omelette is quite futsu~

There was so much to talk about so lunch was totally not enough.
We bought desserts set slightly after we finished our lunch...
Misa chan can really eat alot for a girl!! Hahaha~
Had the Mugicha Pudding and Earl Grey Chiffon Cake!
Mugicha Pudding is sweet but a very creative dessert imo~
Replacing sweeten mugicha as caramel in normal pudding...

We chatted over a good 3 hours about everything a girl can think of~
It was a good catch up with her, it's good seeing her living well!
Feels great to have a small handful of real quality friendship at this age!
I am thankful for the people who stayed with me *emos*

*wipe tears*
LOL! the pregnancy hormones
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OL for a day(=゚ω゚)ノ

I went back to work for a day~ for a presentation...
Lucky me, I can still fit into my blazer after the 5kg weight gain!
And the secondhand dress I bought in Hokkaido finally came to use~
It hides my baby bump perfectly!! Wahaha!

Rare make up chance calls for selfie!!
I think I look old and aged recently especially with my fat face! :(

This selfie angle looks younger :3

Randomly~ My mum made us a present for our new home!
A crystal puzzle that she handmade, stick on one by one~
It's so much eye power for a 50 year old person! Lol!
I think it's a perfect gift!
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Babymoon • ベビームーン

Wayyyy before we got pregnant, le husband and I discussed alot on babymoon!
We have talked about the responsibility as parents and mutually agreed...
That we will not leave out baby alone in Singapore (with our parents)
While we go out there enjoy life, our parents bearing our part of hard work!
So we both know that of we don't go for a babymoon while I still can~
It's gonna be a long wait, of at least 3 years!

*Photo taken during the end of my Hokkaido Trip in August*

Then we talked about so many destination but I still favor Japan over anywhere else!
There are still so many parts of Japan that I have never been to!
But but but! The over protective husband says NO! T_______T
Because there is radioactive, and he deem it as 100% harmful to baby!
And I am so incapable of talking this through him..........

Le husband suggest Bangkok, but I said NO!
Like if I cant eat street food in bangkok then what is point in going?
I bet le protective husband is not going to allow me to~
He doesnt even allow me to take sashimi from a reputable restaurant.
I think we can totally strike off street food from the list now...
So we end up with no conclusion which silently meant, NO BABYMOON!

In compensation, he bought me many Japanese cakes!!
Strawberry Shortcake is my all time favourite!
We bought it from Isetan in Westgate Mall, and he even bought me milktea!

The expensive-like-drinking-gold Kirin Milktea!
I kind of just tried my luck saying I want that and he just took and paid for it!
We are never folks who spemd money like this, I guess he really wants to make it up~

One of another cake, a cream swiss roll~

We bought these from one of our weekend trip down to Jurong~
Cause le husband wants to go and look at the babyfair at bigbox.
Also to look at some mattress sales and furnitures for the new house~
We walked into Isetan and I literally started to say I want everything on shelve!
And surprisingly le husband says ok to everything single thingy!
You know how Isetan sells these Japanese products at like x3 price~
I know he wants to make me happy through getting me something Japanese.
So it makes me feel a whole lot better about giving up my babymoon.
Which is also my last chance of holiday for a long period of time T___T
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Little Rei 👧🏻

Some long time back, in August after I came back from Hokkaido.
We had a picnic! And the main star was little rei!

She was still wobbling when she ran, she was just a year old!
Now she is no more little, she is a toddler *wipes tear*
Got her own thinking got her own preferences got character!

I love this photo! Three angels!

Last weekend, we met up again! Rei is so grown up now!
She can munch on a sugar bread now! And drink packet milk!
And you know 3 woman makes a market, we have 5! Haha!

I so wish I have a daughter! I can dress her like this!!!
Photo courtesy of the dad who edited her into a little princess~
The dress itself cost $60 from hongkong disneyland!!

Photo courtesy again from the mum~
Aww this little cheeky thingy! I wanna pinch her cheeks!! *punipuni*

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Done! • ベビー浴衣完成

So after my sewing machine came, I was preparing to start!
And it really doesnt just take a few days :(
The pregnant me gets tired and backaches easily now...
I started with measuring and cutting the fabric I want.
Then I sew the inner sides to make it look pretty on day one!

Day two started with completing the Obi.
The cloth was a free gift from the fabric seller and it is really of good quality!

On day three, the yukata somewhat took shape already!!
I am so happy with my progress, although it's not consecutive days~
With some help from my mother in law who is a professional seamstress.
I think i made it quite fast for an amateur in sewing, wahaha!

Day four was completing the yukata itself and the start of ribbon making~
The ribbon was a challenge! Racked my brains to made it look so~
It has many handsewn parts to do, I am happy with the end product!
I hope little rei looks good on it 😍😍😍

Topping it up with a ribbon hair clip!

And mini uchiwa from DAISO!
My baby yukata project is finally completed!!
Now we are left with putting it on on little rei for photoshoot!
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Despite leaving my company, I was still invited to join them!
For a dinner at the Glass Association Annual D&D last weekend~

Le partner in crime! My chopstick at work~

The very caring purchaser, whom is one of the best PRC I ever met~

The little sister who can eat double of a guy!

It was really nice to have met them up!
I was getting so bored at home, chatting with them makes me happy!
And most of them are mothers already they shared quite alot with me!
Maybe of I had been able to endure the toughest first trimester~
I would be happier working now! Haha! But I dont regret my choices.

Rare times now that I put on a make up! So must selfie!!

Selfie with le husband too~
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新しいメガ • New Specs!

I made a new specs!! From the Japanese chainstore, OWNDAYS!

It's the air series that weighs super light!
And said to be bendable, it will not snap into half!
They did tests and there's even warranty for that aspect~

Le husband made a new pair of specs too!
Since it is claimable under his company, it's a good benefit I think~
In total we spent about $440 for two specs and got it 20mins later...
Maa maa~ Japanese can come up with all kinds of concept, haha!
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The little PEANUT~

On the 2/11 we went for our routine check up with Dr Hii~
The little one is now 15 weeks old, 9.4cm long and weighing 121 grams!
All is fine and I got back the physical blood test report...
Dr Hii says I have a high immunity in my body against measles for the baby!
And the Thyroid level of the baby is low too~ thats a relief for me...
Because both my mum and her mum has Thyroid :(
The alien like is his face (HAHA!) and further down his body!
Dr Hii scanned for a good long 5 mins, looking through every parts~
And also, he showed us the little bird bird so we can now confirm his gender!

Prior to that, we went for Thomson Medical's hospital tour last sat!
Since it's free and no harm going to listen to what they have to offer~
The presenter was very nice, warm and welcoming...
Although I would very much not like to choose them for my delivery :p
It is not exactly cheap to have a caesarian section with them!
And especially I insist to have my husband with me for the nights~
I would have to choose single bedded wards, thats my only choice.
So adding those cost up, it's about the same as my first choice MNH!

Recently, I have been researching on cord blood banking too.
I am a believer that my baby has low chances of using his own cord blood.
That is after researching on the topic that I came to conclusion~
So we will for sure, not do private cord blood banking that is super ex!
And probably buying insurance is a better idea and solution...
Throwing it away is such a waste because I am O+ blood type
There may be the chance that my baby is a blood O person too!
His cord blood will then have higher chances to help more people~
So I studied on donating it to our one and only cord blood bank.
Sadly, I very much disagree with the way they work, it feels uncomfy.
Firstly, it's at our expense that we head down to their center to apply.
Secondly, upon applying they interrogate you! Like dubious of you!
Suspect what is your motive to donate the cord blood, like duh?! Really~
I feel a little foolish to go through the trouble of making way down...
To be interrogated for a kind deed that I want to make on behalf!
So, I am reconsidering the whole donation thingy! >.<"

Settling into my second trimester, I am gradually feeling ok!
I am almost, ALMOST, free of the morning sickness~
A week or so ago, I still feel sick mainly after dinner in the evenings.
Now it's only when I eat too much! Thou, I still eat in mini portions :(
Earlier, I couldn't drink plain water but now it became alright!
I am starting on the DHA (fish oil for brain & eye development)
Lucky enough, my body doesn't hate it! I feel fine having them!
Pregnancy makes me study alot! I almost can be a nutritionist now~

And here is my... Erm... Stepbrother? Lolol!!
My dad's wife who is a year younger then me delivered this morning!
I was the one who sent her in to the labour ward yesterday noon~
And listening to her natural birth process today makes me sure!
I am sure I will never have the courage to go thru natural birth!!
But somehow their episode made me more looking forward now~
I am getting more excited to see my baby boy 5 months later!!! :3
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When I first stopped work, I ordered TINGKAT delivery~
Mainly because I was feeling too unwell to move and get lunch...
And then the haze came so suddenly that it became bad to go out!
My choice was 3 dishes with 1 soup (4 in total), skipping rice~
The quantity was sufficient judging that I dont have a big appetite.
But the quality... Hmm, the first week was still not too bad~
Mentally, I guess it was new and interesting so I didnt reject them.
Gradually, the coldness of dishes, not well cooked hardness...
and the repeating menu is making me really turned off by it!
At the last few meals, I nearly threw all away! Rather eat plain bread!
What's more is that a 20 meals cycle is not cheap, $140 per cycle~
That makes each lunch meal a freaking $7!! Expensive caifan... Lol
So now that I am getting better, I've decided to make my own!

This was yesterday's lunch! Salad with dressing!
Dressing was salad cream with lemon & black pepper~
I would add more pepper and salt to the dressing so I'll use less!
Money saving tricks! Lol~ I scrimp and save alot after pregnancy~
Of course, I do eat meat too! And I still eat junk food like Macdonals!
Choose salad because I found out tomato, onions and cucumbers...
Contains lots of various nutrients that the baby needs~

And this is today's jumbo sandwich! Wahahaha!
With all the veggies above and cheese plus egg! It was good!!
Attempted to make it into club sandwich but it was too fat to cut~
At times, I eat sweet potato, steamed cod fish with enoki mushrooms...
Chinese snacks like chee chong fun, char siew bun and lor mai kai~
Various menus decided on sundays, le husband shops with me for it~
We would spend some time in the supermarket to plan my week's lunch!
This saves us quite alot of money too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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